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  1. rtdiggr

    Anyone build a 6 way blade?

    I did the old search option with no success. Just wondering if anyone has built there own 6 way blade? I have seen a couple of sites but still can't figure out how the angle up and down works. Any ideas? tks Shane
  2. rtdiggr

    Loader Bolts

    Does any one have any issues with the loader bolts loosening, or shearing off? I have a 1433 with almost 700 hrs on it. i have had issues with loose bolts that mound to the engine. Now i have a couple of bolts shear off of course that means the bolts are still in the engine. Has anyone...
  3. rtdiggr

    Has anyone seen this video?

    No this is not me so don't ask. It is funny though. YouTube - Digger incident Shane
  4. rtdiggr

    V8 mini skid steer

    I though this video was pretty neat. Shane YouTube - LARGEST V8 RC SKID LOADER HIGH RPM
  5. rtdiggr

    skid steer high flow

    Just wondering if anyone knows if you can add high flow hydraulics to a skid steer. I don't own a SS yet just wondering if this was possible. Tks Shane
  6. rtdiggr

    Posthole Digger PHD and Hydraulic top link????

    Has anyone put a hydraulic top link on to a standard PHD? Shane
  7. rtdiggr

    Getting Stuck pics

    Okay i am a big enough man to admit when i get stuck. Anybody else?????????????????????????? Yes i did manage on getting the tractor out myself i am lucky the backhoe was on at the time. Shane
  8. rtdiggr

    A steal on steel????????

    I bought some steel to make a hoist in my garage, the inspiration came from this garage.OldCarGuy痴 New Toy Shop - The Garage Journal Board Sit back and grab a beer this is a great read and a great garage. So the deal i got was all the steel you see here plus 2 pieces that are 36' long that he...
  9. rtdiggr

    true price of in floor heating?

    Is there any one with the true price of in floor heating> i will be doing alittle over 1500sq, i know i would need a boiler, alot of tubing insulation under concrete. I heard i could be over $15000 any ideas? Shane
  10. rtdiggr

    How can i do this??????

    I am not even sure if this is possible. I have a MF 1433v it has a power beyond port that is used for my BH. What i would like to do is add a Hydraulic top link. So here is my ??????? Can i take that power beyond and go into a valve that i can use a top link and still have the bh...
  11. rtdiggr

    my turn.....pole barn

    This project took alot longer to do then i thought it would but here it is. Everything except the roof was done by myself and alot of help from friends and family. My wife use to call this pole henge. i still can't figure out how to post these as attached files.
  12. rtdiggr

    TBN "just right"

    I know there is another thread about TBN being to friendly. I though this thread deserved it own title. Wile lurking through another site [about lawn care] i learned something interesting. TBN is a great site, what i mean is the people are supportive, very helpful and yes even nice. This...
  13. rtdiggr

    My couch potato's

    Here are my two dob's, they have alot of energy but the also spend alot of time like this. Does anyone else have couch potato's? Shane
  14. rtdiggr

    Transplanting trees??????

    I would like to transplant some trees, they are about 3-4" in diameter. My question is, is it alright to use a backhoe or should i go rent a tree spade for about $250 a day. Thanks Shane