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  1. Tinhack

    I wept because I had no shoes,

    Great post, but I think I saw that guy operating several implements, including a tractor. He must have a great collection. ;)
  2. Tinhack

    Flail Mower Oversized flail for undersized tractor ok?

    Oh yea! I'd snap that up in and instant--If I had the money. As already mentioned, it should work fine but slightly limited in cutting power. Don't try to mulch tree trunks with it. ;)
  3. Tinhack

    Floating top link on a box blade?

    I have a quick hitch and a stirrup as well as top and tilt cylinders. I put the stirrup on the top cylinder side (right behind the QH) so the "float" is available for all my implements. I'm putting pedal shaft seals on my Ford 3910 and will try to remember to snap a picture of the setup. Works...
  4. Tinhack

    Balancing flail mower rotor

    Unless you've knocked a few flails/weights off the rotor, it should be in balance from the factory. Make sure all your flails are in place and they are the same. Having a mix of flails will throw it out of balance. The balance weights are welded in place so it pretty hard to knock those off...
  5. Tinhack

    TC35D Hydraulic fluid or Oil blowing out hose under engine.

    Also check the coolant level in the radiator. Sounds to me like you may have coolant in the oil. Foaming oil is a sure sign there's water or coolant mixed with it. :eek:
  6. Tinhack

    Road Rage, revisited.

    The inclusion of "theft during the nighttime" is a favored part of the law in these parts. It's discussed often among the morning coffee group around here. I feel sorry for the hundreds of thousands of new "immigrants" that don't know the law. I see most have nothing but the clothes on their...
  7. Tinhack

    Ford 2610 3 pt sway

    I have a quick hitch with stabilizer chain links and turn buckles. I can adjust them as tight or as loose as I want. I don't understand why yours wouldn't work the same way. If you don't have turn buckles, they're missing. :rolleyes:
  8. Tinhack

    Portable work benches?

    That's exactly what I do. (y) On mine, the height is adjustable too. I have a ~500lb. back blade sitting on mine at the moment. They're sturdy as a rock.
  9. Tinhack

    Packaging gone wrong.

    I don't have my pictures transferred to this PC yet so can't post them. However, I use paper plates for targets. I have those spring paper clips attached to my cross rails to hold the plates.
  10. Tinhack

    Guy uses fake check to steal Massey tractor...recognize him?

    That's what I was hoping when I see this thread expanding. Turns out it's just off topic junk. :rolleyes:
  11. Tinhack

    Packaging gone wrong.

    I like getting large boxes like that. I use them as a pad when I need to lay on the ground--For getting under a tractor or vehicle. Lots of "stickers" (burs to you yanks) around here.
  12. Tinhack

    ATV tires on a Zero Turn?

    Those are 2-ply tires! Those wouldn't last a week around here. And there's HUGE difference between a garden tractor and a ZTR. My Bad Boy came with high traction tires. It took me a couple of mows to get used to the "improved traction" to keep from tearing up the lawn--What little lawn I have...
  13. Tinhack

    Pouring fuel from cans

    I use two battery powered pumps. They use AAA batteries. If you can tot a can, you can carry a pump. ;)
  14. Tinhack

    Pouring fuel from cans

    You still have to lift it and hold it there. I don't lift cans any more except to get them in the back of the truck after I fill them--I went electric. I don't care what kind of spout it has now. With my auto shutoff pump, I can even fill a lawnmower tank without spillage.
  15. Tinhack

    House A/C problem due to breaker

    I wouldn't use aluminum wire for anything--Even if the wire was free! I remember back in the 80's when some builders started using aluminum wire. Many of the new homes burned to the ground. GM started using it in autos for the wire that runs to the rear of the vehicle. It was failing there too...
  16. Tinhack

    House A/C problem due to breaker

    The start capacitor(s) in the outside unit is probably bad. My unit has two. One for the compressor and one for the fan motor. I've replaced the fan capacitor twice and the compressor cap once in the last 10 years. If you don't do electric, have it serviced. That cabinet has 240 volts inside.
  17. Tinhack

    Skid steer sprayer for prickly pear

    Watch for Rattlesnakes when you're around cactus!!! They're after the rats and mice that like to burrow under the cactus.
  18. Tinhack

    You really can hear corn growing

    Yeah, I also forgot Popcorn. As long as I don't see the yellow kernels, I'm ok. I'm just sick of seeing it.
  19. Tinhack


    You're probably right. All I now is I could fill my truck for $40 or LESS. Now, the pump kicks off at $100 and it's not even full. The pump limits the purchase.
  20. Tinhack


    You are fortunate. We are fighting inflation and supply problems. Sometimes we have to take what's available at a price we want to pay. :cry: But up until 2020, we could get a gallon of gas for $1.25. Diesel was $1.30.
  21. Tinhack


    The clutch increases the cost of the implement. My Countryline from Tractor Supply didn't have a clutch. It used a sheer bolt but even it came with a clip in front of the U-joint half. I remember having a hard time getting to it. After the first use and a bag full of bolts, I bought the clutch...
  22. Tinhack

    Chain Guards -- What Size Chain?

    Well, if you were closer, we could punch the slots or mill the slots. ;)
  23. Tinhack

    TC 33d shut down when rear/neutral safety switch wires yanked. Reconnect-no start, rear pto light on.

    That diagram shows four "safe start" features. 1. Rear PTO 2. Mid-PTO 3. Transmission Neutral 4. Parking Brake
  24. Tinhack

    RK19 Has this happened to you

    Looks like a poor design for a PTO output shaft. But it probably saves space and metal for manufacturing. 😏 Is the rear housing (with the destroyed bearing mount) removable? A good TIG welder and machine shop could fix that. But yeah, I understand why it's not covered under warranty--User error.
  25. Tinhack

    Chain Guards -- What Size Chain?

    On my flail mower, I used bailer belting. It's pinched between the mower housing and a strip of 3/16x1 flat iron. The blades spin forward and I've never had an issue with uncut weeds/grass. The cut is as good as any finish cut mower. It uses the cup/spoon blades. Before I put the front guard on...
  26. Tinhack

    You really can hear corn growing

    About all I like about corn is Fritos and liquor. :giggle:
  27. Tinhack

    honda gx 390 problem

    Windows 11. :ROFLMAO:
  28. Tinhack

    How to make a 12' to 15' light post?

    Yeah, this is the picture I was looking at.
  29. Tinhack

    Handy little pump

    Yeah, the Amazon pump has more than doubled since I got mine. The $75 is way beyond their worth now. I have two versions of the pump--The one above and the "stick". Both work great for filling small engines/tanks.
  30. Tinhack

    honda gx 390 problem

    No thanks. They've bowed to MS tracking scam too. Besides, I don't see it as being stable. What version are they up to now? 9878649.431?
  31. Tinhack

    Who rides motorcycles?

    I got my first bike when I was 18. A Honda CB750. In later years, I had a Honda Interstate Goldwing. I've maintained the MC endorsement on my drivers license(s) (just in case) but I only have a mini bike now to pick up the mail down front and patrol the property. I'm 71 now but still miss the road.
  32. Tinhack

    How to make a 12' to 15' light post?

    Those lights are nearly four foot long and probably stuffed with batteries. I think you'll need utility poles.
  33. Tinhack

    MF 4700 Top and Tilt

    I got my T&T cylinders with hoses off Amazon. At about half the price of those above with no wait except shipping (less than a week). And mine came with the pilot locks. The blue paint is mine--They came black.
  34. Tinhack

    honda gx 390 problem

    I'm on WIN-7, IE-11. I don't even see an option to play. :( And no, I'm not buying another computer.
  35. Tinhack


    Yes, the clutch must be disassembled and reassembled on the shaft to install the clip. I took mine apart to clean the disks and clutch plate since they looked paint covered. And, oh yeah, I remember measuring the force to compress the springs 1/4". I don't recall any of them being the same or...
  36. Tinhack

    Where to find stencils for tractors and equipment

    I would go to an office supply and buy the self-stick block numbers and letters. They come in different sizes. They used to come in black, white, red and blue. It's been a while but I think they're still available.
  37. Tinhack

    Saving Money as Prices Increase

    Can't do that in Texas. A motorized bike of any kind is considered a vehicle and requires a license and a plate. Besides, the battery would be dead before I could get to a grocery store. I'm old and couldn't peddle that far. I have a mini bike I could ride on the road easements if I had to...
  38. Tinhack


    Don't use grade 2 with the clutch. They won't last. Adjust the clutch.
  39. Tinhack


    The clutch I bought off the Interweb came with the clip and instructions on how to install it. It also mentions how to adjust the clutch for your tractor. If you didn't install the clutch, I'd be talking to the guy that did--He owes you some new parts. If you installed it, it's on you. You got...
  40. Tinhack

    Riding mower RIO (Ridiculous Idea On the Onset)

    What I get is some animated cartoon movie. 😏 Looks like someone wants to control what we read now too. Except for my ZTR I bought last year, I'm glad my machines are old. The ZTR has a "safety sequence" with the parking brake and control levers. I can never remember it so I almost kill the...
  41. Tinhack

    Price Check Wobble sticks for a Case backhoe

    A fair price would be twice what you paid. :ROFLMAO:
  42. Tinhack

    Saving Money as Prices Increase

    And another thing... The price of the air filter for my Kubota went up $3 (~10%) while I was looking at it. :rolleyes:
  43. Tinhack

    Milwaukee cordless Grease gun owners

    I grease more than just my tractors but nearly all require some visual feed back. I guess a remote grease fitting may work for a few but hardly worth the cost. And how do you not waste grease with a remote? I can throttle the DW from 1 pump/second to about 10 pumps/second with a pull of the...
  44. Tinhack

    Milwaukee cordless Grease gun owners

    I got the DeWalt because it's variable speed, not just one or two like the Milkywater :ROFLMAO: Besides, I already had the batteries and could share among my other eight DW tools. ;)
  45. Tinhack

    Looking for a RH axel Shaft for a FX16D. no luck finding one so far. anyone have one or any help locating it would be greatly appreciated.

    You could bore each piece for a small dowel pin to keep them aligned. It might be tough to thread and keep it straight. A lathe is needed here. I'd also turn the matting ends to a short angle cone so that the weld can reach to the pin. After the two pieces are pressed on the pin, fill the void...
  46. Tinhack

    Looking for a RH axel Shaft for a FX16D. no luck finding one so far. anyone have one or any help locating it would be greatly appreciated.

    Still looks straight cut to me. That failed spline end is straight too. The angle on that is from a twisting failure. If it were me, I'd weld it back together. The spline is not needed in the twisted area--Or so it looks.
  47. Tinhack

    10A Relay Fuse

    It must ok for some and not others.
  48. Tinhack

    Looking for a RH axel Shaft for a FX16D. no luck finding one so far. anyone have one or any help locating it would be greatly appreciated.

    Are they actually spiral cut or just cut on an angle. Do you have a picture of the actual axle. The bull gear in the parts drawing looks like it's straight cut on an angle. Any machine shop equipped to cut gears can cut that. Even I can cut gears like that in my sparsely equipped machine shop. ;)
  49. Tinhack

    10A Relay Fuse

    Hey, you can't say that word. I got a 30-day suspension for a similar phrase. I was told there's too many children reading the Tractor Forum. 😏
  50. Tinhack

    Not so quick coupling (stuck)

    Yep, even the drawing in your link shows the locking notch I spoke of. Look for it, it's easy to miss. ;)