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  1. jjp8182

    Pulling apart PTO shaft

    Not sure why/how it happened, but when I went to hook up the PTO shaft on the finishing mower this week the PTO shaft was stuck and wouldn't extend. It's been sitting under cover (inside a carport with the tractor) since late last November. So I used this little set up to pull it apart - as I...
  2. jjp8182

    Another use for ratchet straps

    Went out and started my L3560 for the first time since last fall since the ground was dry enough I could walk across most of it without sinking in myself. Noticed the front left tire looked a little low, but didn't think much of it so I started up the L3560 and started rolling out. Got 3/4th of...
  3. jjp8182

    Views from the Operator's Seat

    Every once in a while there's a view from the tractor seat that's just worth pausing to take a picture. Attached are a few of mine: the first was using pallet forks to move brush that had been hand loaded onto the tines. That one project of tree trimming was enough work (in hot enough weather)...