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  1. oldpilgrim

    How Hard Can a Tractor Pull?

    This started out as a small "corner" of rock sticking out of the ground. Dig before you try yanking it out. (Btw, It's still in the ground)
  2. oldpilgrim

    Grapple Recommendations

    Http:\ Check out this product line. Very well made and considerably less expensive. I looked at all the "popular" brands before getting one of these. VERY happy with it.
  3. oldpilgrim

    Mixing used oil with diesel in the tractor.

    I have a 50 gal barrel with an electric fuel transfer pump that uses one of these. I'm tempted to try mixing a gallon or two of engine/hydraulic oil in my tank. Waddaya think?
  4. oldpilgrim

    No Rotella T6

    as of today Amazon doesn't have it.
  5. oldpilgrim

    hydraulic steering

    Since there is no standard hardware connection between the front wheels and the steering shaft, only a couple of hydraulic cylinders, if one is unable to start the engine and needed to pull it somewhere, how would you steer it?
  6. oldpilgrim

    Tires tire pressure

    Can anyone tell me what pressure the loaded rears on my 3016/1526 should be? R4's they are. Tks.
  7. oldpilgrim

    Runaway diesels

    I've been looking at videos of runaway diesels and noted that I have no fuel shutoff on my 3016. I've been looking at electrically operated valves that would simply require a flip of a switch to stop the fuel coming from the tank. But then I thought, I can't see how this thing could runaway...
  8. oldpilgrim

    I found the limits of my loader

    This is going to be a weird post, but I discovered another use for a fel, besides just moving dirt and rocks. My brother lives next door thru a bunch of woods so we help each other out a lot. He's been restoring a 68 Nova for several years and has a real nice solid car in his barn which has...
  9. oldpilgrim

    Comparison 1526 vs 3016

    Yesterday I got a chance to really look closely at the 1526 with bh. It really is the 3016 in every way, except for the tuned down engine. The loader and the bh are the exceptions. The fel has the joystick mounted on the rear fel mount. And the hoses are wrapped and fed down inside the loader...
  10. oldpilgrim

    KMW loaders/Backhoes

    While doing some machine work at my nearby Sportsmens club, I ran into a member who recently bought a new 1526. He now has about 50 hours on it and likes it but............. He has had problems with the hydro cylinders. An fel lift cylinder leaked past the seals, and both bh stabilizer...
  11. oldpilgrim

    Tractor Music

    I don't know if this has been posted before but I found it cool!
  12. oldpilgrim

    Saw a guy with a Mahindra cap.............

    ....during a trip to NH yesterday. I struck up a conversation with him. He said he has a large full time farm and had a JD for years, but needed something with more power. He got a 'big' Mahindra and when he got it home, he decided he could have saved some money by getting one a bit smaller...
  13. oldpilgrim

    Problem solving with a backhoe

    Over the years I've found a backhoe can be much more useful for things other than just digging holes. I have been doing some renovations for a while and needed a rolloff for the stuff that needed to go away during the reno. The company I rented the rolloff from says I can't put 'appliances' in...
  14. oldpilgrim

    Removing Stickers

    How do you guys remove stickers from vehicles? My dealer put several on various parts of my tractor and honestly, I want to remove some of the seemingly dozens of safety stickers that are plastered all over it. No lectures on the safety stickers please, I already know the dangers of all the...
  15. oldpilgrim

    Why do most tractors with FEL's.........................

    have the lift cylinders mounted so the rod is fixed to the frame and the cylinder goes up to lift the arm instead of being turned around so the cylinder is fixed to the frame and the rod pushes up the arm? This means the hoses have to move to follow the cylinder as it moves up and the system...
  16. oldpilgrim

    Busted cruise control?

    I drove my 3016 down the road about a half mile to do some work at my local shooting range. I've done this many times over the past 2 years I've had my 3016. Always use the cruise control on the road. This time I get up to speed, and lift the cruise lock lever. I let off of the pedal and darn...
  17. oldpilgrim

    3 pt stabilzer question

    that's pretty much what I would achieve by welding this solid: But I like the idea of welding in that 'ball' end.
  18. oldpilgrim

    3 pt stabilzer question

    the 3pt stabilizers that (supposedly) keep the end of the 3pt arms from moving from side to side are sorta bugging me on my Mahindra 3016. I'm posting this here rather than in the Mahindra forum because it's more of a general question that might apply to a variety of brands. The arms I have...
  19. oldpilgrim

    Mirrors for my 3016

    I've been wanting some mirrors on my tractor since I got it. When plowing my driveway, or driving it down the road to do stuff at the neighbor's house, I can't see cars that might be behind me. I wanted something smallish that wouldn't get ripped off in the woods, so I settled on bicycle...
  20. oldpilgrim

    TSC color

    Has anyone discovered a touch up color for the yellow TSC implements?
  21. oldpilgrim

    I CAN see while welding !!!!!!! Try this helmet !!!!

    I started this so others who missed the I can't see thread might pick up on it. In that thread, , I and many others said they had a real hard time seeing much of anything when they are MIG welding. I did some...
  22. oldpilgrim

    John Deere

  23. oldpilgrim

    'Feet' on rear blade

    Does any one have 'feet' on their rear blade? I resurfaced my driveway with crushed dense pack stone just before winter. Spread it, rolled it and vibator packed it and it gave a good hard surface. With the freeze and that cycles we have about daily, after our first snow, I used my rear blade...
  24. oldpilgrim

    Can't see when welding

    I've been stick welding fixing things and hobby stuff for 40 years. Never did it frequently enough to be able to be real proud of my welds, but I never had one break. Until a year or so ago, I always used fixed shade helmets or face shields. Last year I broke down and got a wire welder...
  25. oldpilgrim

    Comcast ---- arrrrggggghhhhhh!

    Recently my 90 yo Dad died. I have been tasked to help my 90 yo mother to get 'things' in order. We had gotten pretty much everything taken care of except for getting a few of her 'auto pay' bills switched over to new bank account we opened in her name only. Her electric bill is one and Comcast...
  26. oldpilgrim

    Lubing treadle shaft - 3016

    Lubing treadle shaft - 3016 HST While doing my 100 complete lube/change, I could find no way to lube the treadle on it's shaft. Any ideas ?
  27. oldpilgrim

    3016 First full hydro change at 100 hours

    I really wasn't looking forward to this, other than a learning experience as how to do it best. Mistake #1: buying hydro fluid in 5 gal pails. Next time they will all be 2 gallon'll cost more but the trouble will be less. Either holding 5 gallon bucket to pour it into a funnel in...
  28. oldpilgrim

    Kids and tractors

    all of my granddaughters love my tractors. They start out on the Cub Cadet lawn tractor then they like to drive the 3016. Here's my 9 yo. I pick her up from the bus at the end of my long driveway and she drives it home. I usually ride with her on the fender but I let her take it for a solo run...
  29. oldpilgrim

    How much hydo fluid is left...........

    How much hydro fluid is left........... in a tractor, still in the cylinders and elsewhere when you drain the system? I'm getting ready to do my first hydro fluid/filter change and remembered that the fel, steering and there's got to be other places where the fluid won't drain from. It would...
  30. oldpilgrim

    first Cub Cadet issue

    I know there is a Cub Cadet forum but I'm posting this here as many people seem to ask what's a good lawn tractor to buy and the Cub is often mentioned with many other brands. I bought my LT1046 in 2012 and have had not a single issue with it. I'm in my 4th season of using it and I'm very glad...
  31. oldpilgrim

    I love a challenge................

    more to come as the situation unfolds. Revised approximate weight.... 22-25,000 lbs.
  32. oldpilgrim

    Backhoe 3016 BH install and a rock removal project

    I've had my BH on and off several times, and left it off all winter. Today I went out to put it back on and it took me nearly an hour to get everything lined up. I was really getting pizzed. Normally it takes about 5 minutes, but the fates were against me today. Once I had it just right, I...
  33. oldpilgrim

    Bucket level indicator on 3016

    It's beyond me why the 3016 doesn't come with one. It seems most tractors have them. I remedied that. After some figuring how to best and easiest make one, I decided on the following approach: 1) drill and tap a 5/16 hole in the end of each of the pins that hold in the tipper hydraulic rams...
  34. oldpilgrim

    Saw a Mahindra commercial

    for the first time last night. Can't remember if it was on Fox or CNN.
  35. oldpilgrim

    Anybody use Napa hydraulic oils in Mahindra?

    Traveller® Universal Tractor Trans/Hydraulic Fluid, 5 gal. - Tractor Supply Co. this is the stuff to get. Not the stuff in the yellow container. This actually mentions Mahindra on the container.
  36. oldpilgrim

    First little problem with my 3016

    I've had it about 7-8 months now with no issues at all. 68 hours on it...about 25 moving snow. I noticed a little puddle under the right FEL lift arm, upper end. Turns out there is an adapter screwed into the hydraulic ram to size down the hole to the el for the hose to connect to. The adapter...
  37. oldpilgrim

    R4 Industrials - a review

    I got my 3016 last July and with a Summer, Fall and now several weeks of real Winter use, I figured some of you might like to know how they perform. I;ve read where R4's are not good in snow, so here's my experience. I preface this with the fact that I have had over 20 years of driving another...
  38. oldpilgrim

    TSC 6 ft rear blade

    CountyLine® Grader Blade, 6 ft. W - Tractor Supply Co. anyone use one of these? I just got one and hope I didn't make a mistake. I'll use it for snow and occasional driveway smoothing out. I went to the dealer where I got my tractor and his 6 foot version was offered to me at $625, list was...
  39. oldpilgrim

    Bucket level indicator 3016

    I want a bucket level indicator on my 3016 and the dealer says there nothing available for a 3016 with the ML115 loader. Has anyone found a source for these or made one?
  40. oldpilgrim

    Simple and handy

    I did some measuring and found that 2 ammo boxes would fit perfectly behind the seat of my tractor. When i took the covers off, I found that the pins on one hinge fit into the holes of the other hinge and the 2 boxes connect together perfectly. I took the can covers off as if they had stayed, I...
  41. oldpilgrim

    Question on wood chemistry

    I have 6 grand daughters, ranging from 8 to 22 years old.....all very smart kids. Today the 14 year old, Emily, asked me a question I couldn't answer. She's in a special honors group in high school. Her classes are set up for just for the super smart and she has an average of about 3-5 kids in...
  42. oldpilgrim

    sometimes the simplest things work the best

    I don't think all makes and models of tractors will be able to use one of these the simple way I was able to on my MAhindra 3016. I got the idea when I set a rake across the ROPS bolts and drove it around. It seemed ok but it could fall off easily unless I bungeeed it there. This is what I...
  43. oldpilgrim

    SSQA for CK20 ?

    My brother has a CK20 and is interested in getting a SSQA setup for it. Does anyone have any idea where he could get the assembly that mounts on the FEL arms that would fit the CK20 ? The loader arms are pretty close together, it's a pretty small tractor so I don't even know if there is such a...
  44. oldpilgrim

    Backhoe hydro question

    I posted a hydro question in the Mahindra section, but it might be better to have posted it here. If you'd check out this link, I'd appreciate it. Thanks
  45. oldpilgrim

    First minor issue with my new 3016

    I've been using my new tractor for about a month and have about 20 hours on it. Everything is fine with the tractor itself but an issue has come up with the BH. The BH was fine until yesterday when it started making a whistling wssssshhh sound thru the hydraulics. It's particularly loud when...
  46. oldpilgrim

    Diesel question

    I find that for my needs (so far), I don't need the power or speed of my tractor running at 2k+ rpms. Max hp is at 2400 rpms. Today I was out back cleaning up my woods and I had it going at 12-1500 rpms and it was providing as much hp and speed as I needed. I ran it about 3 hours that way...
  47. oldpilgrim

    3016 rattling sound when key is on.

    I've had my 3016 for a couple of weeks now and when I bought it, my hearing aids were in the shop getting fixed. Well, I got them back yesterday and I'm hearing things I didn't before. When I turn on the 'ignition' switch to the glow plug setting, I hear a faint rattling sound. Sounds like it's...
  48. oldpilgrim

    rear view mirrors/auxiliary front lighting.

    Does anyone have any pictures as to where they've mounted a rear view mirror and/or front facing lights that will shine over an FEL? This would be for NON cab models. please. I want some mirrors and some additional lighting on mine. I figured the lights I could mount on the top sides of the...
  49. oldpilgrim

    cold weather dieseling

    Having just purchased my first diesel tractor, a Mahindra 3016,, I'm wondering about cold weather use. Living in New England, our typical winter is a teens or low twenties temp with usually a couple of weeks in the single digits or less. Most nights it's from 5 to 20 degrees. It used to be...