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  1. EddieWalker

    Rotary Cutter Driveshaft failure. Your suggestions.

    So I just got a bigger tractor that has 70hp. The tractor that I've been using since 2003 was 37hp. My rotary cutter is a light duty 6ft Land Pride. I don't remember what hp it's rated for. I was cutting with it today for several hours and it was working great. Then all of a sudden, it...
  2. EddieWalker

    Why would a mower melt 20 amp fuses?

    I have a Scag Wildcat zero turn with a Kawasaki liquid cooled 26hp engine. All of the wiring diagrams for it leave the engine out. I can't even find anything that says what start is has. One of the odd things is that since this started happening, the water temperature gauge isn't working...
  3. EddieWalker

    My new Massey Fergusson 4707 is here!!!!

    About a year ago I started getting serious about buying a tractor with AC. I started out looking at used tractors big enough to pull a 15 foot batwing. I might have looked at every single brand out there, I went to quite a few places with plenty of used tractors to look at. While I was...
  4. EddieWalker

    Flying Beaver

    Game camera caught this and we thought it was funny.
  5. EddieWalker

    Century 2535 front tire size?

    A dozen years ago, maybe more, I brought my front tire into the shop to get a flat fixed and they suggested foaming them. I liked that idea, so I brought both tires in. They put brand new tires on it and then filled them with foam. The tires are now starting to fall apart and it's become...
  6. EddieWalker

    What does "D" mean?

    I need to buy new front tires for my little tractor. The current tires have 7.16 R1 on them, so I'm guessing that's the same as 7-16. I've been searching online and found a great price for a Carlisle 7-16 D tire for $135. This is an 8 ply tire, where most of the others that I've seen are 6...
  7. EddieWalker

    Hay Delivery Day!!!

    Here in East Texas, I've been able to buy 5 foot round bales for $50 and 6ft bales for $65, for years. With inflation this year being what it is, I expected to pay more for hay. Yesterday, I found out that a 6 ft bale of clean, fertilized, coastal horse quality hay is $85 each. Delivery...
  8. EddieWalker

    Round Bale Fires

    I've heard about square bales spontaneously combusting if they are stored too soon after baling. Does this happen with round bales too?
  9. EddieWalker

    Branson 6530 for $23,500

    I'm not looking for a Branson tractor, but I thought this was a really good price. I've been to this place a bunch of times and bought a few things there. If you are looking, and in the Tyler TX area, it might be a good deal for you. No, I'm not going to go there for you, or help in any way...
  10. EddieWalker

    New Holland/Ford 555E engine oil issues

    I have a 2wd 1998 New Holland/Ford 555E loader backhoe with 8,500 hours on it. It runs strong and works great considering it's age. I've never had any serious issues with it, just small things like dirty fuel and overheating. Yesterday I was using it and it just turned off all of a sudden...
  11. EddieWalker

    Does anybody buy bulk feed?

    With the cost of everything increasing, I'm trying to figure out how to spend less on feed. We started out buying 40 pound sacks of Chicken Scratch for $6 each for the last five years. Now it's $10 each, and I believe it will continue to increase. The price has been jumping every other month...
  12. EddieWalker

    Help. My mom made a huge mistake on FB

    My 80 year old mom knows better, but she just fell for a scammer on FB messanger. They sent her a message pretending to be a friend from church that said that the church was eligible for a large amount of money from a donation. In order to get this money, they needed everyones information, so...
  13. EddieWalker

    4707 comparison chart

    My dealer just posted this on FB. For me, the most significant difference is in the weight of the 4707 compared to the others.
  14. EddieWalker

    Building my Fence

    I've spent years clearing my fence line, and I'm still a long ways from being done, but I'm finally at a place where I can start building it. Since I have horses and goats, I'm going to do it all in 2x4 horse fence that's 4 feet tall. I'm running a strand of barbwire at the bottom for my...
  15. EddieWalker

    Fence Line App for my phone?

    I've seen posts on something like this before, but I can't find anything that does what I'm wanting. Is there a GPS App that you can mark two points on your land and create a line between those points so you know where to place your fence? I have fence posts set at the pins about 2,000 feet...
  16. EddieWalker

    My favorite Sanding Disks

    Sometimes I do a lot of sanding on peoples homes, especially when I'm repairing all their exterior wood. When jobs like this happen, I need a really good five inch sanding disk. In my opinion, most are junk, a few are OK, and 3M is about the best I've come across. They only sell them in the...
  17. EddieWalker

    Recent price for a 4707

    I'm leaning towards buying an older, pre Tier4 cabbed tractor, but if I was to buy new, I think that the 4707 is probably the best one out there right now for what I want to do. In other threads, I've read that they paid around $50,000 for their tractors. A few spent a little less, a few...
  18. EddieWalker

    Your thoughts on this TN75DA

    I saw this tractor online and I'm sort of curious about it. Does anybody have any experience with it? Is there any known issues or things to be concerned about? Can you still get parts for it? Is there a way for the hours to be faked? It says that it only has 539 hours, but the overall look...
  19. EddieWalker

    40 series compared to 60 series and Tier4

    Are the 40 series tractors Tier3 and are all the 60 series tractors Tier4? Would a 2012 7060 Kubota tractor be Tier4 even though it's a 2012 tractor? I'm just assuming that every 60 series Kubota is Tier4. Is there something on the engine to look for to see if it's Tier4? Is there a...
  20. EddieWalker

    Batwing with a single remote?

    I'm just starting to look at getting a bigger tractor so I can pull a batwing mower. There is a Kubota for sale that might interest me with just one single rear remote. It's a 2004 M9000. From the pictures inside the cab, it looks like there really isn't another way to add a second remote...
  21. EddieWalker

    Info on financing a used tractor

    I recently paid off the loan on my wife's mini van and I'm thinking about buying another tractor. I don't really need it right now, so I'm not in any rush, but there are a few out there that kind of interest me. I'm not ready to go and look at them in person, I'm just kind of curious how the...
  22. EddieWalker

    Your thoughts on this DK90

    I'm sorta, kinda, looking for a cabbed tractor. I'm in no rush, but I would like to buy something before everything starts to grow again next year. One of the tractors that caught my eye while searching online is this Kioti DK90. I'm not familiar with Kioti. My impression of them that...
  23. EddieWalker


    This is for sale locally and I was wondering if there is anyway to know if it's Tier 4 or not without actually having to go see it in person or call somebody on the phone? I'll probably do that next week anyway since there have a few tractors there that interest me...
  24. EddieWalker


    There is a 2650 for sale locally that caught my eye. It's not exactly what I want, but it's pretty close. Since I don't know anything about Massy Ferguson tractors, I was hoping for some advice...
  25. EddieWalker

    Does woven wire horse fence exist anymore?

    I've spent years clearing my fence line. I've just had a surveyor here to mark my corners and I've started buying posts. Now I can't find any fencing. I don't care what brand I use, I don't believe there is any difference. What I want is 2x4 woven wire fencing that's 4 feet tall and 200...
  26. EddieWalker

    Bahia grass wears out mower blades

    There was a discussion on here awhile ago about mower blades and a few comments that it was hard to understand how quickly Bahia grass wears out mower blades. I go through 3 sets of blades a year on my Scag zero turn mower. I changed my blades yesterday. This is when I scrape my deck and do...
  27. EddieWalker

    Meat Grinder recommendations

    With the price of meat skyrocketing and inflation getting worse every month, we are wanting to start processing more of our own meat. Most of it would be for making dog food. We have wild hogs on our land that we can hunt year round, and a bunch of roosters every year that turn into the devil...
  28. EddieWalker

    Found a great gas can spout!!

    For years I was able to avoid the new types of gas can spouts that are so awkward to use. But then my 20 year old gas cans started to leak and I had to buy a new one. The threads on the new can wasn't the same, so I couldn't use the spout that worked so well anymore. I knew the new style was...
  29. EddieWalker

    Live Edge Pine from a Sawmill question

    I'm in the early stage of converting my shop into a Great Room. It's 24x30 with 12 foot walls. The way things get done around here, it's probably a 2 year project, so I'm not in a rush for this, but I want to finish the interior walls with flat, live edge pine logs from my land and chink...
  30. EddieWalker

    Creating my 10 1/2 x 30 ft Storage Shed

    When I built my house, I built a lean to onto the side of my shop that has proven to be a good place to store stuff, but it is also an eye sore that I don't care to see every time I look at it. I was going to pour concrete, but that never happened, and I won't make that mistake again. As you...
  31. EddieWalker

    Natural Gas Pipe Sizing question

    I'm in a long, drawn out process of adding on and remodeling my house. One of the things I'm doing is adding Natural Gas to my house. I have the gas line next to my house, but I haven't built my garage yet, which is where the line will come into my house. I plan on having a manifold in the...
  32. EddieWalker

    AC Thermostat question

    I have PRO T855 thermostat for my HVAC system. It's been replaced twice and it's not working again. I'm tired of them replacing it with the exact same thing. The first two times it was under warrantee. Now it's gonna cost me. I might complain enough to get them to do it again for free, but...
  33. EddieWalker

    Tracking App for your Phone

    My wife and I have been thinking that we need a way to be able to find each other if there is an emergency. Might also need this for my parents as they get older too. The main reason for this is that she drives a long way to drop off and pick up our show dogs. If something happened along...
  34. EddieWalker

    Auction price and now it's For Sale Price

    I was looking at some tractors that are for sale on a local website and saw something that I never seen before. A John Deer 85F orchard tractor. They are asking $21,500 for it with 277 hours...
  35. EddieWalker

    HP and Tier 4 question

    I'm sure that I've read that answer to this somewhere, but so far, I haven't found it anywhere. If all goes well, which is never does, I'm sort of, kind of, hoping that I might actually buy a cab tractor later this year. If that happens, the two concerns that I have is Tier 4, and computers...
  36. EddieWalker

    Power Line to my house was broken

    Next door to me is a natural gas line with a tap that the gas company is currently working on. They are in the process of running a new gas line down the road and in the evening, they park the excavator inside the fenced area around the tap. Yesterday I went out front to mow the weeds along...
  37. EddieWalker

    Ring under a Batwing Mower

    I'm not ready to buy a batwing yet, but I enjoy looking at what's out there. One of the things that I don't understand is the ring that goes around the stump jumper. What does it do?
  38. EddieWalker

    We really are being spied on!!!

    Wednesday night, my wife and I are watching a show on Discovery called the Foods that Built America. During a part about Kellogg's and how they invented Granola and then Flake cereal, I told my wife that it would be funny if I started getting adds on FB about Kellogg's cereal. Neither of us...
  39. EddieWalker

    When did Mahindra change their model numbers?

    I'm casually, but not seriously, looking at cab tractors, and there is a used Mahindra MForce 105P for sale that looks really nice. One of the things that I like about it, is that it's made in Korea, not India. Did the stop making the MForce? Are the 8000 and 9000 series the same thing or...
  40. EddieWalker

    Snow in East Texas

    Every couple of years it will snow here. We ended up with 5 inches. The next day it was 50 degrees and the snow was gone by the end of the day. It was fun while it lasted, but we both stayed home and kept the fire going instead of going anywhere. Here are a few pictures that I took of my place.
  41. EddieWalker

    I got the Covid

    Just received the phone call and it's official. I did the nasal swab last Friday. It wasn't too bad, but it's not something that I want to do again. They only tested me, even though my wife was in the car with me. They came out to the car and the RN did it all through the window with me...
  42. EddieWalker

    HVAC and Ionizer advice needed

    Just over 2 years ago we had a new Amana 3 ton, 16 Seer HVAC system installed. Since then, the coils have become plugged up from very fine dog hair and dust. The coils are in an upside down V shape and I'm able to get under them and clean off some of the hair with a wire brush so air flows...
  43. EddieWalker

    Area Light for my Backyard

    I've been replacing my driveway area lights with these LED lights from Amazon. They work really good with a very clear light that we really like. I paid $129 for them and the link is $10 more. I'm guessing that Amazon is adjusting the price to get a little more out of me if I buy another one...
  44. EddieWalker

    My Front Gate Project

    About 15 years ago I cleared the trees, moved a bunch of dirt and created my entrance. I built the columns and installed the white vinyl three rail fence. Over the years I've sort of lost interest in the white vinyl fence to the point that I'm going to remove it and go with wood. But that's...
  45. EddieWalker

    Start your goat business CL ad

    Start your own goat business! - farm & garden - by owner - sale I'm casually looking for a male dwarf pygmy goat for my girls and came across this ad. I admire the creativity of their marketing, but really hate to think of anybody falling for it. $450 for a doe is more then twice what they go...
  46. EddieWalker

    Kids Play Ground

    My grandson will be 4 in a few weeks and he has asked me to build him a playground. He likes to swing and go down a slide and climb the rock wall, so those will be part of it. I'm also thinking about a fort up in the air, maybe attached to a tree in my back yard. Might make the slide go down...
  47. EddieWalker

    Why have a pool filter?

    I have a small 1,700 gallon pool that I fill up in summer and drain in the fall. It takes about 3 hours to fill it up, so I sometimes fill it and drain it several times during summer. I've decided to use Bromine to keep it clear and stop algae. I'm also going to add a Nature2 system to it...
  48. EddieWalker

    Swimming Pool options

    I have a small, in ground pool that I'm building myself. It's only 3 feet deep and 12x16 feet wide. It holds about 1,700 gallons. My original plan was to do salt water because I heard that it's safer for dogs to drink. Recently I've learned that the small amount of salt in a pool is still...
  49. EddieWalker

    Sealing around the Radiator Shroud advice needed

    My 2003 Century tractor is missing some of the foam between the radiator and the shroud. When I touch it, it crumbles, so I'm going to lose a lot more of it fairly soon. What would you use? I might swing by Napa some time this week, but I was hoping to find something online that can handle...
  50. EddieWalker

    weather website or app?

    For awhile I was happy with Accuweather, but then they started hitting me with ads so much that I had to find another site. was pretty good, but now they are pushing to upgrade all the time and I don't want to pay $10s s month to watch the radar. Who do you use and recomend?