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  1. dos0711

    59 Ford 631 Spring at bottom of throttle lever...

    What is the purpose of the spring, washers and cotter pin that I've circled in red? Mine are missing and wonder if I should replace them.
  2. dos0711

    The new 1953 Jubilee!

    The new Ford Tractor 1953 - YouTube
  3. dos0711

    Yanmar 2000 and a subsoiler

    I'm thinking about trenching a line to my shed that's about 300 feet from available power. My question is can the Yanmar 2000 2wd handle a subsoiler? Is it a waste of time and money? Thanks!
  4. dos0711

    2005 Simplicity Prestige

    It's kind of a moot point but did I get a good deal on my Prestige? They are really hard to come by here in the south but one did turn up on Craigslist. I went to look at it and it is in extremely good condition for an older machine. It has 174 hours on the clock. Runs and drives like new. I...
  5. dos0711

    My Yanmar 2000

    I saw this Yanmar on craigslist and it looked like it would fit my needs. I just bought 5 acres and will need to do some clearing. Nothing major mostly brush. Anyway, Probably paid way too much but he did deliver it from half a state away.