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    Went from Iuka to Tupelo the other day and noticed a lot of cable installations going on in that part of the state. On a side note MS apparently forgot to tell Apple maps the Natchez was closed[emoji37]
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    T6 replacement

    Ive been seeing Rotella 5w40 in both Tractor Supply and Rural King lately. Price has gone up.
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    Pumped water from the pond to water the garden. Little 2 cycle pump still humming along fine. I figured it would have died years ago. And yes it rained as we were finishing up. No it wasnt suppose to have rained. [emoji30]
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    Need FIRST HAND information on money scanners used through auto bodies.

    They have to fit tight to work. And the shiny side must be on the outside. 🤪
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    Plumbers in specific, does anyone give a crap any more in general.....?

    There is a program here that partners with businesses. They have a meet n greet sponsored by the college for the students and companies. My son is now a production supervisor for the company that selected him. He is...
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    Fatjay picks up chicks!

    I built multiple nest boxes in my coop then all 8 of my hens only used one of them. They will stand in the doorway and cackle until one gets off the nest then they take their turn. Go figure.
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    ATV Tubeless Tire Repair

    Those thumbtacks are called patch plugs and they come in various sizes. Use them myself...
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    Good Source for Kubota Parts?

    The last two times Ive had Barlows order parts they came in cheaper than Messicks and no shipping charges.
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    I like to be helpful, so . . .

    No squirrel screams huh. Must’ve killed it quick n merciful like. [emoji849] I think I would prefer what you had happen than had a squirrel rocket out towards my face while I looked down the tube. Ive seen Christmas Vacation it aint good. [emoji12]
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    Unicorns do exist.

    Tractor Supply has had them for awhile. Dont know who makes them.
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    Unicorns do exist.

    4 brand new 2.5 gal jugs just a sittin there. Price has gone up. Didnt need any so I left it there.
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    Had a tube of Mobile synthetic grease, that I kept in the basement, leak profusely from my grease gun. I pulled the tube and threw it away. I questioned its lubricating ability after leaking that bad. I am looking at getting a Lube Shuttle system myself.
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    Pouring fuel from cans

    I had some used metal valve stems that I put in mine. Works so much better now.
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    Trans Fluid for a MF Super 90

    The Super 90 I had years ago used standard UTF in the trans.
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    Lawn mowers and projectiles

    I think Kentucky made it illegal to blow grass onto the roadway. Even the highway dept follows the right of way mowing crews, with a blower mounted to the pickup to clear the roads now.
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    ***UPDATE*** Mice ate my light wiring, ques on the wire connectors

    As others have said female cats are the answer. I fought mice in my tractor shed until my daughter in law wanted a cat so I ended up with two fixed girls. The first weeks were terrible. The whole area smelled of decaying carcasses. Mine just kill no eat. Havent saw the first sign of mice...
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    Groan part quatre

    Its called Drugs[emoji14]
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    Gluing PVC Pipe under water/ Pond overflow

    Forgot about Fernco’s. He could use one of those.
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    What are you paying for ground beef

    Unfortunately this is more common than not. Of the handful of slaughter houses, around here, I have heard horror stories from various people about all of them. I have had issues myself with two of them myself.
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    Gluing PVC Pipe under water/ Pond overflow

    If its the water flowing through the pipe that you need to stop so you can dry the pipe and glue go to a plumbing supply house and get an inflatable test bladder. Install it in the pipe, inflate, dry and glue, then deflate and remove the bladder.
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    Questions about geogrid and cinderblock wall

    Never saw geogrid used with masonry block. Have used it quite a bit with actual retaining wall block. Depending on the height of the wall the engineer will specify at what levels to install it. If the engineer wants it at every 5 runs then after the fifth run you backfill with rock level with...
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    One of my sons friends has the rv starlink. He is in an area, a couple of miles west of Danville KY, that shows unavailable. He sent my son this speed test. Its about time for the gonna be another year before we get to ya email. [emoji16] The map does show progress so we wait and hope.
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    Groan part quatre

    Must be a bartender.
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    My wife and I were at the attorney’s office having a deed made when the attorney ask where I had got my shirt. Said he couldn’t find them anymore. The wife started laughing and I had to tell him the shirt was older than my 21 yr old son. So yeah I get my moneys worth outta clothes. My work pants...
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    Seems like that would increase latency. Maybe not enough to matter. But the hold up still isn’t the amount of satellites but ground infrastructure.
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    Everyone keeps talking about more satellites getting launched and that means more areas will be opened up. Those same satellites that are providing service in one area are also orbiting over vast areas without service. The problem is the lack of ground based infrastructure to support It...
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    What happens if a zone, that is not available yet, is oversold with the rv systems. Then when the infrastructure is in place to open the zone will we get degraded performance because more systems are on it than it was designed for or are we forced to wait longer because of the rv sales. Its...
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    I got the same email. Sounds like those of us on the wait list are gonna get shafted.
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    I swear by St Crispin's coaxle, I don't get it

    If they get lucky and die on board are they buried at sea. Do friends n family hafta book a cruise to attend the funeral. [emoji30]
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    Don't like potlucks?

    Got my first taste of hot german potato salad in Allentown PA in the early 80s. My cholesterol hasnt been the same since.
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    To Chicken or not to Chicken?

    Our chickens have a large run which helps on feed cost, they can forage some. Coop and fence have long been paid for. Feed cost about $9 a bag for layer mix at the mill. We can raise our own replacements or swap eggs to incubate with other owners. Wife sells quite a few dozen to family and...
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    Where to buy lye/caustic soda/Sodium hydroxide in bulk?

    Ive seen 50 lb bags for sale at the Amish stores. Will be down that way tomorrow will check on their price.
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    Sump pump time again warranty issues

    I installed a pedestal style sump pump in our church basement in 85 and its still going. Ive had numerous submersible pumps die over the years that I used occasionally for odd jobs.
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    RANT New "safety" gas cans?

    Pulled the springs out of my politically correct cans. I can now slide the mechanism closed or open with my hand and it stays there no pressure required. I then violated them by placing a metal tire valve in them for a vent. All is good now.
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    It usually is[emoji30]
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    My most humble apologies. I could blame it on the meds but hey why bother. All you 4570s look alike to me [emoji23]
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    4570 apparently I missed a post somewhere that told of your move to TN. Or is this your first stop on your westward migration to CO[emoji14]
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    City kids do not leave keys in vehicles. . . It’s different out here...

    There was an old house down the road from us that was constantly rented to meth heads. Every month or so you would see the red label on the door warning of a busted meth lab. After the last bust the house went up in flames one night. Burnt really fast. The fire dept never did a thing until it...
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    Sometimes you have to spend money to save money

    I was wondering what happened to TnAndy. Anybody know?
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    Harbor Freight Tools that don't suck

    Some companies use team drivers. Have drove for one myself. But with the driver shortage its hard enough to get one driver for a truck much less two. Dad was a conductor for Norfolk Southern and many times they would dog and the train would sit until a replacement crew could be rounded up off...
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    A sign of the times

    Yeah my dog gets the liquid thats applied to her back. Works well fer us. Quarry did just raise their price.
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    A sign of the times

    Can still call my Dr’s nurse and she will answer me or get the answer. Buy my tick treatment at Walmart. Quarry loads anybody that wants to buy.
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    Greetings and Salutations

    Welcome Youll not regret the diesel vs gas purchase. Have fun be safe.
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    Groan part quatre

    Probably not. They would have used beer cans. [emoji23]
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    Had to buy a new toy today..

    The Kawasaki Mules are very dependable and tough. We have the JackAss model, yes mine is smaller and slower than everybody elses[emoji30]. I do envy your power steering. Congrats.
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    Transmission Sight Glass Problems

    When I glued this one back in I jacked up the side of the tractor so fluid quit coming out. Then cleaned it with acetone. Original one had been secured with what looked like Moto Seal.
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    Transmission Sight Glass Problems

    My dealer had a similar one in stock but it didnt fit mine. He ordered 5 to have some in stock. Changing one out is easy. They just pop out. A little sealant and push the new one in.
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    Diesel oil shortage ??

    Im glad that Im not the only one that uses spare bedrooms for a little storage. Wife throws a fit. Who needs 3 bedrooms. T6 nowhere to be found. Have not checked the truck stops or Worldwide Equip. Tractor Supply has Delvac 5W-40 at times. Probably start getting a few jugs of this for the...