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    Flail Mower Oversized flail for undersized tractor ok?

    It will work just fine. Probably won't be able to cut very dense stuff without bogging but just go a little bit slower and it should take care of it. It may surprise you as well and take a lot bigger cuts than expected. All depends on what's being cut. EDIT: Also, side shift implements (flail...
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    Looking for a dump trailer like this one for a Kioti DK6010SE.

    Holy crap are those trailers expensive. That Kioti DK6010 would get 5500 kgs (12000 lbs) of towing capacity for braked trailers over here, and would most likely get either a 4 or 5 metric Ton trailer similar to this one in the picture below. Built to last and to take a beating, 3 way dump bed...
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    Parts manual

    Either here: Index of Kubotabooks/ or on the Messicks website. They have an online parts finder.
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    Kubota catastrophic engine failures

    I still can't get over the fact that Kubota cheaped out so much on such a sensitive fuel system. Considering how they overprice their tractors so much, would it hurt them so much if they include a simple water in fuel sensor and a light on the dash or an error code? That simple gadget could've...
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    Who want to chat about plasma cutters?

    Bough one of those cheap 40A plasma cutters (<180€) on Lidl a couple years ago. Lidl is a grocery store but it has its own line of tools called Parkside. Anyway, that thing has been an absolute trooper and has saved me loads and loads of cutting discs for the angle grinders. I'm sure the same...
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    Beware of Catalytic Converter Thefts

    Living on a country where fuel theft is a daily occurrence, I'll say right away, nothing will stop them. If it's locked, they will drill the tank,get it that way and cause you a lot more expense. If you happen to leave a piece of equipment anywhere, the next day you'll find an empty fuel...
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    rear 3pt arms drop overnight?

    My 3 pt also stays up pretty much forever. I'm sure it drops maybe 1 or 2 mm but it's even noticeable. The top link and remote valve only drops a little bit but that related to an used cylinder for the top link that has a tiny rod seal leak.
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    Why isn't anyone talking about the Deutz Fahr 5080d?

    I don't know for sure, but it may have the Hydraulic shuttle on the European models that get either the 15x15 transmission or the 30x30 transmission with Creeper that does 40 km/h. From what I've seen, they don't offer those transmissions options in the US.
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    Yanmar 155 hydraulic pump for loader

    A quick search on Google brought me this pump on Surplus Center. The numbers match, letters don't. EDIT: This one is CW and you need CCW.
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    From what I've seen on Facebook groups, people are very happy with that tractor. If I remember correctly, the very first ones had a slight issue with harsh engagement of the wet clutches but that was quickly fixed with an upgraded transmission control module.
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    It's not a CK2610SE, but it's trying...

    Congrats! That a nice tractor! Go over all the fluids just to make sure. With dealers selling faster than they can have the tractors, you never know if something got overlooked. Also check lug nuts and loader mount bolts since those are typically dealer installed and may have not been torqued...
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    Water in fuel causes $10,000 damage to my Kubota Grand L6060

    Well that really sucks. I would've imagined that such an expensive tractor with such a sensitive fuel system would at least have a Water in fuel sensor that would send a warning on the dash.
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    Load leveler

    Self leveling can also be done hydraulically, using to shorter cylinder mounted above the lift cylinders and then tied into the dump and lower circuit of the loader. This one is a bit harder to recreate than the mechanical linkage. I can't see a reason to have the need to turn off the self...
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    Global Loader Attachment

    Can be also called Euro Quick Attach. 702961
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    BX2200 4WD Click/Clunk noise and feeling

    It could be the roll pins coming out of the u-joint and hitting the cover. I had that happening to me on a an older B7000. It actually pierced a couple holes on the cover and I had to remake the cover.
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    Different Labels

    I noticed too. I kinda missed that when the forum was upgraded.
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    Using And Abusing Your Front End Loader. What is the difference?

    Exactly. And if that wasn't enough, they will slap some oversized and overweight implements on it and keep on pushing.
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    New (used) AGCO Challenger Farm Tractor

    That's very nice and handy. I've been contemplating adding an electric actuator on mine for that same reason. By the way, that tractor is a beast. So much more tractor and loader than the Kubota. I noticed on first picture of post #52 the lower bar on the quick attach seems bent or it's just...
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    Upgrade Kioti DK6010SE 3-point Hitch

    My tractor came standard with it but you'll need to weld the hook ends to the draft arms but it's totally worth it. 708466
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    Remote Hydraulics for Backhoe

    It will work just fine. A bungee cord or something holding similar the lever in place and you're good to go. Just make sure you're feeding the backhoe from the pressure side of the backhoe control valve, since it's easy to reverse with the remotes.
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    Advice for 1980 Kubota L345

    Looks like a nice and clean machine. I say check the basic stuff. Check all the fluids and filters, see how it looks and depending on that, do a full fluid and filter service. Or just do it right away and have the peace of mind. Definitely check the coolant. Depending on where it came from, it...
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    TYM T474 electrical mystery

    I would imagine it has one but I could be wrong. At least almost every tractor has one these days.
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    TYM T474 electrical mystery

    Check the seat safety switch. The brakes won't affect the start but the seat switch does, so jumping on the brakes could move the seat enough that would make it work right.
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    Diagnosing Engine Rattling/Tapping Noise

    I think I would just take the belt off and spin the water pump by hand. Granted if it's bearings, it would make a lot more noise under the tension of the belt but just spinning it by hand should give a good feel too.
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    Comparison Case IH Farmall 75A or Deutz 5080D?

    I forgot to mention this on my previous post. European tractors tend to be a little bit on the tight side for the operator area. People like/need the tractors to be very compact so compromises had to be made.
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    Branson brand to be discontinued?

    Let's see if this video released today by TYM works for everyone as it's only on Facebook:
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    Recurring Oil Leak at Rear Remote Valves

    It may have a cracked valve block, which can be hard to detect but I'm a bit confused with the valve in detent to run the stump grinder part. What kind of stump grinder is this? Doesn't stump grinders have one or two double acting cylinders to move from side to side and up and down?
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    JD 4720 Hydraulics

    This is a common misconception. The HST won't steal any flow from the rest of the hydraulic system. It's just it's own pump and motor tied together and only things shared between the rest of the hydraulic system and the HST is the fluid and the power plant. You'll have roughly 12 GPM on the...
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    What tractor do you think is the quietest ever?

    The noise clearly comes from the implements. Here is a more silent one.
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    What tractor do you think is the quietest ever?

    Tractors with Common Rail injection may be a little bit quieter than the ones with mechanical injection. Other than that, maybe electric?
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    new to me 03 century 2535

    It will most likely have splines with some odd number of splines at least. Typically, tractor manufacturers use some odd combination of shaft and mounting flange on hydraulic pumps that make it hard to find replacement aftermarkets or simply upgraded (bigger) pumps. Simpler and cheaper router...
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    DIY Root Ripper

    The channel is called "Outdoors in the Low Countries". Low Countries include Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg. So he is somewhere in there. And yes, most of the smaller tractors in Europe are used in farming. Typically growing vegetables, flowers, fruits, all kinds of stuff not only for...
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    How agriculture works thread

    Loading alfalfa silage using a slightly different setup:
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    Beware of Catalytic Converter Thefts

    A sad reality of the current times with all the nice cordless tools available being used for the wrong purpose. It's been so bad as well here in what used to be a pacific little corner of Europe. Some will even do it in the day light and have one or two guys as backup ready to hurt whoever...
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    3Pt Hitch will not lift.

    Do you have the backhoe attached? That one from the other thread.
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    3Pt Hitch will not lift.

    You said: "now acts like it's just dead". So, what changed on the tractor between before and now? Do you have remotes, with detent in particular? Maybe you accidentally hit it.
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    Looking at a 2018 John Deere 2025r

    Exactly what I was going to suggest. Heck, he may even be able to sell it for 2 or 3k more if the tractor doesn't fit the needs just right. Market is crazy right now.
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    Backhoe with no power

    Thanks for the update.
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    Which 3rd Function Kit to buy for Kioti DK6010SE?

    Sure looks like an easy fix would be simply flip the cover 180 degrees and run the hoses up instead of down. The point of the cover is to protect from stuff coming the ground, like sticks, branches. Not from an hail storm coming from above.
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    Branson brand to be discontinued?

    Ouch! Talking about expensive grease. Can you find something equivalent at a much more reasonable cost?
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    Branson brand to be discontinued?

    Those are indeed great tractors. The few that pop up for sale used every once in a while tend to have over 8000 hours, mainly working on fruit farms doing all kinds of tasks, like loading trucks with the boxes full of fruit with a 3 pt forklift mast, spraying, mowing, etc. I would've went with...
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    So many "advice givers" want us to declutter.

    Hey, just fixed an old beat up vise and I didn't even need to buy anything even though it was missing the bolts for the jaws. I just went to my stash of bolts and grabbed four 1/4-20 flat head cap screws. Had I not saved those screws, it would've cost me a bunch of wasted time and fuel just to...
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    Branson brand to be discontinued?

    I'm in the same position as you. I'm not a fan of red either, but ended up with a red tractor regardless. And if I didn't go with the Branson, I would've most likely end up with another red tractor as well, an Antonio Carraro. 😅
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    Anyone make a spline alignment tool?

    I just flip my PTO level from either 540 or 540E to Neutral and can free spin the shaft easily. Other tractors may be able to flip the PTO lever to mid PTO (if equipped) and achieve the same result.
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    Branson brand to be discontinued?

    Until new models come out between Branson and TYM, yes, I would imagine they will still sell Branson and call it Branson by TYM or just TYM. Something along those lines. Regarding the wheels, Branson Germany typically sells their Branson tractors with the grey rims and R1 Radial tires unless...
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    How agriculture works thread

    Indeed great scenery. Somehow I find that anywhere you look in Austria, you just get some beautiful views. Unfortunately, I don't know any details on the size of the operation.
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    How agriculture works thread

    Cutting and raking hay on very very steep hills in Austria.
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    My new Massey Fergusson 4707 is here!!!!

    Looks great! Congrats Eddie! This has been a long time coming. Nice to see a proper R1 Radial tire on that unit.
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    Branson brand to be discontinued?

    An official statement has been released by the German importer for Branson regarding the TYM deal. It was translated from German, so some errors may be present. "Dear Customers, As you probably know, Kukje Machinery in 2016 Tong Yang Moolsan Group, which sells its tractors under the name TYM...
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    4707 3 Point adjustment issues

    That did clear things up. Thanks for the pictures.