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  1. Hiltz

    790 starter will not disengage

    Hey guys, yesterday when I started my 790 I heard a whinning noise after the tractor started. I noticed when I push the clutch in it stopped. Also when I put the tractor in any gear the whinning stops. Only when the tractor is in neutral and running does it happen. Sounds like the starter will...
  2. Hiltz

    Anybody know what kind of tractor this is

    Sorry if I posted this in the wrong place. Anyone know what this is or what its used for. I saw it out on the highway. It appears to be gas powered.
  3. Hiltz

    Trailer build

    That's kinda like I was thinking Xfaxman. Right now the trailer is almost balanced right over the tires, maybe just a tad toward the tongue. As long as the load is somewhat close to center it should be safe to perform the dumping cycle. Just gotta be sure to watch the hitch flying upwards when...
  4. Hiltz

    Trailer build

    Any of you guys ever start what your thinking is a small project then somehow it turns into something bigger? Well this was mine for this winter. Needing a small trailer for my tractor as sometimes the bucket is just not quite big enough. Having some steel scrap around, a set of really wide...
  5. Hiltz

    Westendorf Brush Crusher

    Anyone comment on this attachment that has used one. It seems promising for smaller tractors by not needing a third function remote. I would also be interested in prices as their website does not list cost.
  6. Hiltz

    What do I have here?

    Rodgers Sales Co company in Lyon Ms is where I got mine. Its in kit form an you simply buy a piece of pvc pipe and some glue, layout the position of the holes and drill away. The kit has excellent instructions. I did find it better to drill the pvc pipe with a step drill. It does the job a lot...
  7. Hiltz

    Miller Multimatic 200

    Im looking to upgrade to a little more power. Anybody use one of the Multimatic 200's. Not a whole lot of information on the interweb about them. Any opinions on this welder.
  8. Hiltz

    PTO Airpump

    Just saw a John Deere PTO air pump on the local craigslist. Anybody know anything about these. How well do they work and what kind of air pressure do they produce. Are they a usefull tool?
  9. Hiltz

    Tractor "Tiers"

    I see on here from time to time people mentioning "Tier 3" , "Tier 4 " tractors. Could someone explain that one to me. Was there a 1 and 2 also? Thanks
  10. Hiltz

    Hand touchup over existing technical drawings help

    Ive seen postings on here where people have made simple different colored lines and drawings over actual photos. I think I had that software already downloaded on one of my desktop computers from years ago but my new laptop does not have it. Can someone steer me in the right direction for a...
  11. Hiltz

    Sadara chemical plant construction

    Guys, I just took a tour of the Sadara chemical plant construction site in Jubail Saudi Arabia. This is the largest single phase chemical plant construction site in the world. After I picked my lower jaw off the ground all I could say was wow. I took a couple of photos but they really don't...
  12. Hiltz

    Let's See Your Workbench

    I hope these are here. I mumble thru this whole interweb thing.
  13. Hiltz

    Let's See Your Workbench

    [ATTACH=CONFIG]349318[/ATTACH Here are two of my benches. The first one is solid magnesium. It measures 2 feet by 8 feet in length and weighs approx. 400 pounds. I tried to get a good picture of a polished corner but it didn't turn out well. The second bench was constructed years ago with 2x4's...
  14. Hiltz

    Weed Wiper

    I had some nasty weeds sprout before my clover this fall and I needed a way to get rid of them. I did some searching on the interweb and found farmers having the same problem used a weed wiper. What a cool idea. Further searching I found instructions on how to build your own as ready made units...
  15. Hiltz

    Hats off to Everything Attachments

    Just assembled a pine straw rake I ordered from Everything Attachments. It went together easy and everything fit as it should. (I had already got my drill and drill bits ready just in case but I didnt need them). Also I had ordered it last Sunday and it arrived before I was ready on Wednesday...
  16. Hiltz

    Beach cleaner, sand sifter

    I have been looking online off and on for years for an affordable tow behind or 3 point beach cleaner. Jez......these things are really expensive. I have even found used ones but even these are way out of my budget. I was searching again the other night and found a Barber Sand Man TT 3 point. I...
  17. Hiltz

    log splitter relief valve shims to increase pressure

    Guys, Im trying to increase the pressure on my log splitter. I have a pto driven pump (not sure what it is, its old) that is plumbed to a Gresen model 400 control valve. After searching online I found a manual for this model. It describes how to add shims to the relief valve to increase the...
  18. Hiltz

    Log Splitter Power question?????

    Hey guys, I just bought a old homemade log splitter off Cragslist. Sort of a Rube Goldberg looking contraption but the guy said it worked. It was a really good deal so I took it home. It did work great until I blew a hose. Since all the hoses were cracking I replaced them all, emptied and...
  19. Hiltz

    Harbor Freight metal bandsaw stand

    Just bought a Central Machinery bandsaw on local Craigslist for $100.00 From all the reviews I have read its a very useable saw "for the money". I thought I would upgrade the stand, so the first project for the saw was to build a better one. I used some 1 1/2 x 1/8 angle and laid out the table...
  20. Hiltz

    Getting Rid of Mice in my shop ?

    Hey Guys, I have a mouse problem in my shop and have an idea of how to get rid of them without messy traps or dangerous poisons. See what you think. I thought I would simply start up my John Deere 790 and let it run for an hour letting diesel fumes and carbon monoxide kill the litttle critters...
  21. Hiltz

    Permenant trailer ramps

    Any you guys ever build any drive on or permenant ramps for you trailor. I have a beaver tail trailer (car carrier) with ramps that store under the trailor on slide-in guides. I was wanting to fab up some sort of semi permenant ramps that slide in where the trailer ramps fit. They would have to...
  22. Hiltz

    Cheapie Cab Heater

    Hey Guys. Ive been needing a little heat for my cab this winter but I really didnt want to spend alot of money and time. Im not in my tractor much in the winter other than clearing alittle snow for me and my neighbors. An hour or two at the most after it snows is all I do. But I need just a...
  23. Hiltz

    Welding question.....HELP!!!!!

    Hey guys, Im a self taught welder and kinda learn by doing. Sometimes I can make really nice looking welds and then the next bead will look like krud. I mean within minutes its like a three year old did the welding. I dont change the settings, wire speed, gas, or anything. Am I holding my mouth...
  24. Hiltz

    Beach cleaner

    Anybody out there ever build a beach cleaner. Ive searched all over this site and the internet with no luck. The commercial tow behinds are really pricey and thought maybe one of you guys have come up with a cheaper tow behind solution...............thanks
  25. Hiltz

    Welded up some bracketts for a rake

    Hi All, over the winter I welded some bracketts to attach a hydraulic cylinder to my seven foot Land Pride rake. It was a real pain to hop off the tractor everytime I wanted to adjust the angle of the rake so I fabricated this (see below). I noticed after much research on this site there are 3...
  26. Hiltz

    another custom cab pictures

    Hey Guys, I was able to set my cab on my JD 790 for some final tweeking and took these photos. I still need to find a handle (saw a paddle latch with a handle on one side a while back online and of course now I cant find it again). I was also able to see where to line up my bracketts for...
  27. Hiltz

    Another custom cab

    Please see below pictures of a cab I built over the winter for my JD 790. I have enjoyed this site for a couple of years now and got alot of good ideas for the cab and other projects. I built this from straight grained Fir using epoxy for all joints. Also all joints are half lapped and taped for...