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    Tank for on-site fueling?

    Here’s my set up for onsite fuelling. 300 gallon tank was free - It’s a ten-yer-old furnace oil tank from inside someone’s house. Around here insurance companies make you replace them every ten years. No such regulation for diesel storage. I added a used 25gpm pump (a little overkill) that I...
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    Wood pellet BBQ smokers such as Traeger ?

    I have a Green Mountain Grill. Ribs, steaks, burgers, chicken, and whatever we can think of. On my ribs I always to a dry rub, smoke them at just under 200 for 6-8 hours, and spritz them will apple juice once an hour. Moist and tender with a nice bark.
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    Picked up a GR2120

    Took delivery of a new GR2120 today. I christened it by blowing 15cm of snow from two lots. It’s quite the snow assassin! So far, I’m quite pleased with it.
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    Dual 195 loader

    This is where the filter should be.
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    House with a basement

    If you’re built into a hill like I am you can do something like this:
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    New Tractor Fuel additive

    I just wanted to provide some information here, just so it's clear that there are indeed components within the fuel pump that rub against each other.
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    Transmission fluid

    Finally found this:
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    Thermostat crapped out

    Well, it looks like my thermostat crapped out. I noticed recently since the cold weather that my 08' DS4110 wasn't getting up to temp. The other day it was -5C (23F) and the needle wasn't even rising after warming it up for 1/2 an hour. I cut a sheet of solid plastic and replaced the debris...
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    Kioti Parts Cross-reference

    Hopefully a mod will make this a sticky. As I'm sure you've all found, sometimes getting replacement/service parts from the dealer is really expensive, and most aftermarket parts sites do not have a cross-reference to Kioti parts. So, please if you have come across alternative parts that also...