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    GST vs HST during a shift change

    where is torque multiplied in an hst. is there torque converter?
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    Dump trailer direct wire?

    i have an electric forklift battery connector by my 7 way light connector. #1 wire from battery. frame ground. my liftgate is on the same wire. do a voltage check at the hyd motor to confirm 11 volts when starting to dump a heavy load.
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    When is it time to repalce the tires

    That is what I do. I never could guess when a tire will fail. The belts provide strength. If they have enough tread and the tube can hold air use them. I would not run down the road at 15 mph with a bad tire, but in a field at 5 mph the tractor will fall in the dirt.
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    Thoughts on GST transmissions

    I have used 3 gst and 2 hst and two gear shifts. The gst models all behaved a little different possibly based on wear. For precision the hst is best. The hst units were very similar. The gst is a manual shuttle transmission with a hydraulic clutch between the dry clutch and transmission. The...
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    Kubota BX2380 Backhoe Subframe from a BX22- Can it be swapped

    It has been done. you have to buy some parts of a bx tlb model and have to fab the bottom adapter. Some back hoes had three hoses and early ones had two hoses. might have to adapt the top mount also. if i had to do it I would sell them and get a small B. I have a bx23 tlb and had a b2650.
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    Kubota bucket tries to dump when raised all the way up

    You might have a leak in the control valve and hydraulic fluid is leaking from the lift circuit to the dump circuit.
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    Just discovered my Kubota has skid steer front tires.

    After my tires crack and leak air through the cracks I put tubes in them and use them until they are all worn out. I just don‘t drive the tractor around corners at 50 mph. Also the belts provide the strength not the rubber.