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  1. Gordon Gould

    What is this lifting ?? tongs for ??

    Found this in the woods. I can see that it is for lifting something like an I-Beam maybe. It looks like it has a specific purpose. It was near a high tension power line ???? Someone knows what it is, Thanks gg
  2. Gordon Gould

    ATV Tubeless Tire Repair

    I got a ragged 1" long cut on a Sportsman 500 front tire. We have a lot of vertically grained shale here so it was probably a sharp rock, The cut is where the R1 type tread meets the side wall. I am going to tube it. It runs at 4 psi so there is a lot of flex I would guess. Should I patch the...
  3. Gordon Gould

    Thought This Was Funny

    I stopped in the local hardware/equipment store yesterday and saw this hanging prominently at the checkout counter........... gg
  4. Gordon Gould

    Red-Neck Mailbox ???

    Went by this today and thought it was worth a picture gg
  5. Gordon Gould

    Precision Loader Work - LOL

    The bracket holding the lower snatch block on my winch got tweaked so there was a bind when the block was at 0* (straight) I mounted the bracket on the winch and bolted a couple draw bars to it. Then applied just the right amount of pressure with the loader. Good enough for government...
  6. Gordon Gould

    Victor Edge 2.0 Acetylene Regulator Trouble ???

    One year old - bought almost exactly 1 year ago to replace my ancient Prest-O-Lite regulator. Apparently a bad move. I use it very sporadically. Today I tried. When I went to adjust the Acetylene pressure with the torch valve closed it was jerky not smooth. It would go putt and the pressure...
  7. Gordon Gould

    Roll Cage and Sweeps for the M5640

    Somehow last winter I got it in my head that I should build a roll cage and sweeps for my woods tractor. I spent a lot of time thinking about it and before I knew it I got started. I've been at it for a while working in spurts. The first thing I did was to modify/enhance my grill guard to give...
  8. Gordon Gould

    Burned a hole in Tractor seat - How to Keep from Growing ?

    Welding over head. Use a large wet towel for a blanket except this time forgot the wet part - Dumb. Finished the bead and saw smoke then fire. Anyway there is a hole burned in the black vinyl seat. The vinyl is adhered well to the inner sponge so there are no loose flaps. I don't really care...
  9. Gordon Gould

    Running My Manual Feed BearCat 554 Chipper

    I've seen some recent advise that a chipper w/o hydraulic feed is not desirable. My BearCat is manual feed and honestly feel hydraulic is not necessary on it. I have never run other brands so I don't know about them. I put a video at the end so you could see how mine works. The top of a...
  10. Gordon Gould

    Just Discovered that Pump Out and Power Beyond hoses to Loader Reversed at Block ???

    3 years ago I bought a used Kubota M5640 with 700 hrs on it. Since then I have added another 450 hrs. It has a L1002 Loader, a (WR Long ?) 3rd function valve, and a single Rear Remote. All part of the original package according to the seller. I am planning on adding some hydraulics and was out...
  11. Gordon Gould

    Replacement Snow Plow Cylinders - Quality vs $$ ??

    I want to replace the badly leaking angle cylinders on my old Fisher plow. A quick check shows a Fisher branded part for $120, Buyer's OEM part for $90, and RCMP replacement part for $76. All have identical specs. Having no experience with replacement cylinders, is there much difference between...
  12. Gordon Gould

    Anyone Familiar with Husqvarna 345R used as Brush Cutter ???

    I have a lot of finger diameter glossy buckthorn I want to cut and saw a used 345R . I am wondering what people have to say about it. Thank you. I can never beat the stuff but hold it in check by cutting. I am getting tired of the hand loppers and wonder about a brush saw. gg
  13. Gordon Gould

    Tried Some 1/16" 6013 Rods - I Like Them

    The arm rest on the control lever side of my dozer was wiggley - drove me nuts and I wanted to fix it while I was doing some other maintenance stuff. The rest is mounted on a hinged .065 (1/16") sheet metal bracket. You need to lift the rest to get at the transmission dip stick. I'm just a...
  14. Gordon Gould

    Mower Tires Crushed Flat for Shipment - Any Advise ????

    Ordered a pair 13 X 5.00-6 tires for my self powered bush hog. They came crushed totally flat to minimize the air space from Asia I guess. What a different world it is now. I got them pried open and put a ratchet strap on them to try to get them into shape. They are very stiff and really want to...
  15. Gordon Gould

    Plating Flaking Off of Float Needle Valve

    Just thought this was interesting - in a sick sort of way. I have never seen it before. My self powered bush hog has been giving me fits lately. Turned out to be a sticking float valve. Sometimes stuck open, some times closed, and some times just right. The plating on the needle is flaking off...
  16. Gordon Gould

    Looking for Insight/Advise on Weld-On Fittings

    I had a hard line rust out down in the bowels of the dozer so I need to replace two lines. Where they have to go and connect in there is no room for hose or compression fittings which I have managed to make work in the past. So this is my first try at weld/braze-on fittings and I am on shaky...
  17. Gordon Gould

    Line Leak Below Valve Drains Tank ????

    This is an off the wall question but I am just trying to figure out how this happens to get a better under standing. I have a small dozer and when I get a hydraulic leak in a line or hose down stream from the control valve it will drain the tank. Has happened 3 times over the years. Some times...
  18. Gordon Gould

    Speed Reduction for Old Drill Press

    EDIT: I couldn't figure out how to make the photos work but they are down in Post #7 all glumped together. Sorry. I have been running this Craftsman Drill Press since I was 14 years old. At that time, 60 years ago, it belonged to a man down the road who built metal tables with ceramic tile...
  19. Gordon Gould

    M5640 Lower Link - Actual vs Messick's Diagram Picture ???

    I bought a used M5640SUD Utility Tractor a couple years ago. I wish it had more adjustability in the 3ph. The previous owner told me he had the lower links switched over to the extension type for easier implement hook-up which was a Kubota change at Serial # 60,000. When I look at what is on the...
  20. Gordon Gould

    O/A welding tips ???

    I have been thinking of replacing my ancient Linde torch set. It has no arresters and needs new hoses plus tips are not available except used and abused ebay. If I look at a medium duty Victor set like the Preformer 2.0 it covers what I need as far a heat goes at not to much money but I need to...
  21. Gordon Gould

    Fisher plow P/T fuse blows - sometimes ??

    Not a tractor problem but a 3 cable Fisher plow with isolation module in my truck. There is a 15 amp inline fuse from the battery to the iso module labled P/T (Park/Turn) fuse. This fuse blows a couple time a season and I lose the directionals and parking lights on the plow but the truck lights...
  22. Gordon Gould

    Straightening My Free Fisher Plow

    I got a 7 1/2 foot plow last fall and mounted it on the M5640 tractor. It worked out well. So this summer it gets a new cutting edge and a paint job. The trip/cutting edge and mold board were bent pretty good so that it would bind when the edge tripped but still worked somehow. I decided to try...
  23. Gordon Gould

    Kubota M5640 Seat Belt Suddenly Won't Latch

    $86 for a new one. Can't see how to get it a part w/o cutting. So on the off chance that someone knows some tricks on fixing I ask for help. Other wise I will probably cut it open or improvise a new latch. If you have done that let me know also. Thanks. gg
  24. Gordon Gould

    Changing Hydraulic Filters w/o Changing Fluid

    On my M5640 I have to change the hydraulic filters once between Hydraulic Oil changes. The filters are at the bottom of the sump so I have to drain the oil and then put it back in after the filters are changed. I back to the top of a bank and place my oil pan connected to a 10' pvc pipe down to...
  25. Gordon Gould

    Trip Edge Spring Assembly Question

    I am going to do some rehab on an old Fisher plow and want to remove the trip edge springs, One of the spring assemblies has a rivet on the top of the bar which retains it on the plow. It can't see any purpose for the rivet but before I grind it off I thought it would be best to ask why it is...
  26. Gordon Gould

    How Would You Refinish This Blade ??

    Or wouldn't you ? I acquired this blade and used it on a SSQA plow I built last winter. The plan was to refinish it when plow season was over. It looks like it was used as a dozer blade and is also pitted but smoothed off. I don't care to much about the final looks but would like the snow to...
  27. Gordon Gould

    Do You Safety Wire your Tire Chain Shackles ??

    Just wondering because I lost two out of 12 on my tractor yesterday. I was using it hard pushing back high frozen snow banks on an icy based road. At first I thought I must have broke them but on checking the remaining ten I found two more that were loose. So not sure now but suspect they came...
  28. Gordon Gould

    A Setback or "underslung" SSQA Snow Plow Build Story

    I wanted to put a plow on the M5640. I found a guy who wanted to restore a '91 F150 and would give the plow to someone who would take it off the truck. So I did. The plan was to sell the pump, valve/control, head gear, and truck frame parts and start out ahead but that hasn't happened. I...
  29. Gordon Gould

    Another Simple Little Quick Connect Tool

    I built a tractor snow plow from an old Fisher truck plow. The angle cylinders were full of ancient ATF which I emptied out but I wanted to flush out the cylinders several times with tractor fluid before I allowed any to return to the tractor tank. I have 1/4" QC's on the cylinders so I can...
  30. Gordon Gould

    Helmet View Angle Question

    I have only had one welding helmet so don't know how others compare. It is an inexpensive self darkening Metal Man with a variable dark adjustment. Not knowing any better I would say it works great. However, in the dark mode the clear viewing angle is very restrictive. The plane of the lens has...
  31. Gordon Gould

    I Need to Custom Fit a TiTan SSQA Plate-Advise Welcome

    I bought a SSQA plate. It doesn't fit like it should. I think I know what I want to do but maybe there is a better way. Here are some pictures. First this is how other SSQA plates fit. Note the top pocket and how the plate fits flush against the loader mount. If I take the SSQA plate and hang...
  32. Gordon Gould

    Hopefully There are no Dumb Questions

    Question on when you are working with square tubing and most of the welds are on one surface. In trying to keep things straight/flat and limit the amount of deformation in general can you help yourself by putting the tubing surface with the seam in any particular orientation relative to the...
  33. Gordon Gould

    Fisher Plow Under the Hood Pump ????

    I posted this in the Snow Removal forum yesterday w/o much luck yet so I thought I would try here too. I have acquired a 1990 vintage Fisher Under the Hood plow system. I was after the blade and A frame but the guy wanted it all removed so I took the push plate, pump/tank, valve, and mechanical...
  34. Gordon Gould

    Fisher Under the Hood Pump ????

    I have acquired a 1990 vintage Fisher Under the Hood plow system. I was after the blade and A frame but the guy wanted it all removed so I took the push plate, pump/tank, valve, and mechanical joy stick too. It all works, at least it did. Now I am wondering what I might be able to do with the...
  35. Gordon Gould

    Private Message Alerts ???

    The last couple Private Messages I received I have almost missed because the New Message Alert does not come on when I open the Forums page. This is new. Maybe since I switched to Chrome a while back but really don't know. Do I have to reset a setting of some kind ???? I run Chrome and Window...
  36. Gordon Gould

    Wire Brushes for Rt Angle Grinder

    I like to use a coarse wire brush on my 4 1/2" grinder to remove slag. I have used Forney and DeWalt brushes which are easy to come by locally. They both seem to throw a lot of wires, at least to me. It never bothered me much until I got flat tires on both the one ton and another on a self...
  37. Gordon Gould

    Had to Replace a Hydraulic Hose

    I blew one of these hoses Wednesday last week. Decided to replace all three and had to break the connections in this box w/o putting to much torque on the old steel lines. I started spraying with PB Blaster 3 or 4 times a day. Ordered new cables from DisCount Hydraulics Thursday morning...
  38. Gordon Gould

    Reinstalling Loader Question

    I had my loader off yesterday and was just about to coat the retaining pins with a thin coat of Never-Seize before I remounted it. Then I thought this might not be the best thing to do - I better ask. It is 18 years old and the plating is starting to wear off in places on the pins. So leave them...
  39. Gordon Gould

    DisConnecting Kubota QD's - Suddenly a Problem ???

    This may seem like a dumb question from someone who has owned this tractor for 17 years but I need help before I do something drastic. The QD's on the rear remotes are the push in and pull to disconnect type. Always worked fine. I disconnected my side link and connected in a dump trailer...
  40. Gordon Gould

    Receiver Hitch Question

    I am putting a 2"receiver hitch in the 3/8" thick butt plate of my winch. I run it on a 30 hp L3010 tractor that weighs about 5000 lbs. My little dump trailer is 4' X 6' and is rated for a 3000 lb payload. Can I just weld the receiver tube into the plate with a circumference bead on both the...
  41. Gordon Gould

    Bed Protection for Firewood Trailer ???

    I have a trailer I use in the woods. I want to put some side boards on it and use it to TOSS blocked-up and/or split firewood into. The bed is only sheet metal so it will take a beating. It is less than an 1/8" thick, 0.104 or 12 gauge actually. I was going to use a piece of plywood as a shock...
  42. Gordon Gould

    Need Insight/Advise on Changing Well Pressure Tank

    Not a tractor issue but this is the best place I know to get solid advise on most anything. I need to change out my water logged pressure tank. I would like to be ready with everything I need and have it go smooth. I have a new tank that is exactly the same as the old. My initial plan is to...
  43. Gordon Gould

    Liking My New EverLast PowerArc 200ST

    I have only had it a couple days now and already love it. I've been picking away on a dump trailer rehab lately. Yesterday I put this trailer jack on. The first actual job with the new welder so I figured I would post it. I wanted the fold-up jack on the inside so it wouldn't get rubbed by a...
  44. Gordon Gould

    Trying to Understand Dinse Connector Options ???

    If I have a welder with Dinse-25 female panel connectors for the welding leads can I build or buy a set of compatible extension cables using AWG 2 wire ?? If I look at the Dinse sight it says their -25 connector will handle 25 square mm wire or AWG 4 max so #2 is to big. If I look at other...
  45. Gordon Gould

    Do DPOCV's Make Top Links Chatter ??

    I bought a used tractor a while back and it came with a Hydraulic Top Link. It has Dual Pilot Operated Check Valves on it from the looks. I just started using the TL. It runs smooth sometimes and chatters/jerks some times. It seems that the chattering occurs when very little or no hydraulic...
  46. Gordon Gould

    "Removable" Dump Trailer Sides - Not That Removable

    I bought a used Pronovost dump trailer a couple years ago. It is a great little trailer. It is advertised as having removable sides. I wanted to remove to sides to make a flat bed. "Removable" is a little misleading maybe. The corner posts are 1-1/4" square tubing and the corner pockets they...
  47. Gordon Gould

    Would Like Suggestion on Vertical Weld

    I want to weld a 2" X 4" X 1/8" channel to flat bed/floor and against a wall so I have some 2" vertical fillet welds at floor level to do. I have an AC stick welder. My question is what stick angle and weld direction should work best. I was going to try a down hill weld with a flat stick angle...
  48. Gordon Gould

    What tire pressure in Dump Trailer

    I bought a used 1.5 ton Canadian made Pronovost 503 dump trailer two years ago. It has Carlisle 18 X 8.5 - 8 field tires. They seem to be discontinued, I can't find them listed or any info on them. I would like to know what would be a proper tire pressure. Any idea ?? Thanks. gg
  49. Gordon Gould

    Does Anyone Braze Anymore ??

    I had to make a split bushing today so I could use a Cat 1 top link on a Cat 2 implement. I brazed the short bushing pieces to the washers so the parts would be easier to find in the tool box and easier the assemble. Brazing was fast and easy. Maybe 5 minutes. I never hear anyone mention brazing...
  50. Gordon Gould

    How to DeMagnatize Stuff ??

    I had to bring a hand full of small tools outside to work on the tractor. I thought it would be clever to stick the real little stuff to a good strong magnetic welding clamp so I wouldn't loose things in the snow. But I out-smarted my self as usual. Now I have a couple drill bits where it is...