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  1. George2615

    Towing 6 ton dump trailer with 6065

    If I was towing your 6 ton dump trailer with your tractor on steep hills I would definitely use a brake controller. 12K behind your tractor could easily push you down a hill which can cause a loss of control just as it could going up hill if you lose traction.
  2. George2615

    Change e-mail address

    It can be a hassle going to each site or forum where you use your email. There is no magic wand that will change them all. It's just time consuming. I've changed my Email once before and basically logged into each site and went to my user log-in settings and changed the Email addr. Took about 1...
  3. George2615

    Ssqa snowplow conversion advice needed

    I built mine from an old truck blade 7 1/2' as well. Got the QA blank plate from Titan, did my own welding, Bought replacement used cylinders at a local truck snow plow shop for $25ea. Installed a cushion valve in the middle where the hoses are attached. I ran 2 hoses from one of my rear remotes...
  4. George2615

    XR 4046 HC Diagnostic adapter

    Is that port you pictured located under the dash on the right side?
  5. George2615

    XR 4046 HC Diagnostic adapter

    Here's the adapter Here's another link to diagnostics
  6. George2615

    XR4041HC service and parts manuals

    A while back someone posted a link (or a source to the cloud or dropbox) to download the pdf manuals. I can't find the post using the search function. At the time I did download them but my previous laptop died and the files were not recoverable. Does anyone have the link?
  7. George2615

    XR3037H RPM up and down after a few minutes of operation.

    The difference is the XR3037HC (3000) series uses a Shibaura engine which was designed for regen every 5 hours. The newer 4100 series has the LS engine designed for regen about every 50 hours.
  8. George2615

    JIF Peanut Butter Recall,, Have You Tried To DECIFER The Lot Numbers??

    I had 1-40 oz jar. The number under the bar code matched one on the list. Wife took it back to store and they gave her a credit on her shopping order that day even though the recall said to just throw it out with no mention of taking it back to the store. The store had already removed all Jif...
  9. George2615


    Some of the older LS tractors have the Shibaura engine. The owners manual says normal regen cycle occurs about every 5 hours (+ or -). Newer LS tractors have an LS engine and normally does a regen about every 50 hours.
  10. George2615

    Used tractor. Title?

    And if the owner financed and paid off the tractor he will have a lien release and should give you a copy with the bill of sale.
  11. George2615

    XR3037H RPM up and down after a few minutes of operation.

    Cummins fault code advisor is a downloaded app for my android phone. I'm sure there should be other available downloads for other phones. Do a search on your phone for Cummins fault code advisor.
  12. George2615

    XR3037H RPM up and down after a few minutes of operation.

    Sorry, I missed your reply. Myself and the OP have older model LS tractors with the Shibaura engine. Yours has the LS engine. Shibaura engine regens every 5 hours, LS is supposed to regen every 50 hours.
  13. George2615

    XR3037H RPM up and down after a few minutes of operation.

    Its ELM327. I ordered mine off Ebay but it shows currently out of stock. Also link to Amazom also out of stock. See post 44 in the below thread. If I recall it was under $34.
  14. George2615

    XR3037H RPM up and down after a few minutes of operation.

    I'm not familiar with your Nexlink or how to set it up. I use an ELM plugged into the port (bluetooth connects it to my phone) and used a program Cummins Fault advisor (free download). It will read a lot of functions and most show a numerical value which I can take a snapshot and download on my...
  15. George2615

    Software for tractors

    a quick scan of the part numbers shows costs between $3800-4600. I suppose its not that much if you are a business but too much for the average hobby farmer.
  16. George2615

    XR3037H RPM up and down after a few minutes of operation.

    yes, the connector link I posted will work. Not all 6 wires are used.
  17. George2615

    Diagnostic code reader

    Here's the adapter I bought that does connect.
  18. George2615

    XR3037H RPM up and down after a few minutes of operation.

    Here's a link to the cable I bought that will connect to your LS. It doesn't have a keyed pin
  19. George2615

    Groan part quatre

    If I recall correctly, the keys Pixguy posted were used in the 60's thru 80's. 2lanes keys were used in the 50's. And FlyerDan is correct about the code stamped on original keys. My 57 Sedan Delivery has 3 different keys for, door, ignition, and tailgate.
  20. George2615

    XR3037H RPM up and down after a few minutes of operation.

    So far, only the LS dealer scanners can read codes. I found a program that will let me take a snapshot of my running engine but that's about all it will do. There is a whole other thread on scanners for LS tractors.
  21. George2615


    I find it hard to believe that LS would say regen every 2 hrs is normal. I believe the MT240E tractor has one of the new LS engines which is supposed to regen at 50 hr intervals. I haven't read all the posts but did this statement come from the dealer or LS directly? If dealer then its time to...
  22. George2615

    Trailer Purchasing Advise

    I have a PJ model TF 22' 14K tilt bed trailer for hauling my LS 3037HC, cars, trucks, etc. It is listed at 22' but the deck is actually 23'. It is a great hauler. I tow with a Chevy 2500HD. I've had tilt beds for the last 15 years and like them much better since I don't have to use ramps. My...
  23. George2615

    Shop Lift

    You have me beat by a long shot on property owned.
  24. George2615

    Shop Lift

    Me too
  25. George2615

    Welding Hooks to a front end loader

    I wanted hooks on my bucket but was unsure of the bucket top thickness. I fist welded on a 2x2x3/16" piece of angle then welded the hooks to that
  26. George2615

    Not a new LS tractor, but....

    I tried your link and it works fine with no privacy error.
  27. George2615

    Shop Lift

    I have a Challenger 2 post 9K lift, Sice tire machine, Coats computerized balancer, 80 gallon Air Compressor, motorcycle lift, and too many more tools, scanners, radiator pressure testers to mention. Good luck with your 4 post. A friend of mine has one and likes it a lot.
  28. George2615

    XR3037H RPM up and down after a few minutes of operation.

    I'm keeping my fingers crossed I don't get the problem you are having when I get to 500 hrs. or anytime for that matter. That's seems to be a big problem today with tractors going computerized making the user rely on the dealer for diagnostics and repair. The manufacturers should make tractors...
  29. George2615

    XR3037H RPM up and down after a few minutes of operation.

    Welcome to TBN..................... I'll be watching this thread for your solution. I've owned my 3037HC since new (I believe Feb 2014) but I'm only at 365 hrs. So far without problems. I keep mine in a semi heated garage (about 35-40 deg.F) and mainly use for snow plowing. I always keep my...
  30. George2615

    Tires Is rear tire width adjustable?

    Welcome to TBN...................... Usually, wheels that have R4 tires are not adjustable, only R1 Ag tire wheels have adjustment. How wide is your trailer between the wheel wells? Most are 82". A landscape trailer may only be 76" between the fenders. If your trailer is a landscape or plain car...
  31. George2615

    Share Pics of People Hauling or Towing Something Wrong

    His truck avoided hitting the white car but his trailer did hit it as seen in the last couple seconds as the white car hits the concrete divider.
  32. George2615

    New XR4155HC on its way!

    Here it is from an earlier post
  33. George2615

    Removing the Chains of Bondage...

    I have chains but didn't put them on this year. So far I haven't needed them. Just came in from plowing 6" and all was fine. A couple weeks ago we got a 12" snow and no problem moving it. My tractor is garage kept in winter so if I did need chains it wouldn't take long to put them on. I'm in the...
  34. George2615

    Grillo G110D tumble but won’t start (Solved)

    Welcome to TBN................. I'm not familiar with your model but since it's a diesel does it have a glow plug or an intake heater that must be engaged before trying to start. Since it is a 2020 is there a warranty still on it. Perhaps the dealer can help you. Also, your tires were mounted...
  35. George2615

    DIY tire changes- changers, balancers

    I bought my own Coats computer balancer and Sice tire machine about 10 yeas ago. No longer wanted to make an appt. wait, or risk damage to my wheels or worry if they were balanced correctly or over torqued. I bought my machines used. There's a local warehouse nearby that buys up equipment from...
  36. George2615

    Help fix my problem.

    Welcome to TBN That usually happens when there is air in the system. Try raising the bucket and continue holding the joystick. Then do the same with the curl function each way. It may take several times to get the air to bleed out. It's a self bleeding system
  37. George2615

    Glow plug actuator keeps blowing out.

    Not familiar with Solaris but most glow plugs and their controllers are similar in function. No apparent shortage? Have you checked each glow plug individually with an ohmmeter to make sure they aren't shorted to ground or opened. Shorted plugs could put excessive load on the actuator. On my...
  38. George2615

    Horsepower needed to run 8 ft 3 point snowblower?

    I hear you and know old arthritis very well. I've been thinking of selling my blower as well. Only use it a couple times a year (around Feb) when the piles get high and deep. Its just as easy to leave the piles and let them melt on their own. They should be gone by July. Also thinking of selling...
  39. George2615

    Horsepower needed to run 8 ft 3 point snowblower?

    I know this is an old thread but did you ever get a blower for your tractor? I run a 7' double auger on my 36HP LS. Usually I just plow snow as it is faster but now into Feb. the snow is starting to pile up. I'll probably be using the blower by the end of the month to get rid of the big piles.
  40. George2615

    Trailer Moving & Lifting Attachment - Ideas & Input Wanted

    I made a trailer mover to attach to my 3 pt quick hitch. Works very well. I don't have a gooseneck trailer so didn't make it with a ball on top. For lifting things I usually use my forks or I can lift with the bucket by hanging a chain between two hooks welded to my bucket.
  41. George2615

    Need help identifying these snow plow skids/feet

    I would guess your plow shoes were homemade since most snow plow shoes shaft diameters come in sizes from 3/4-1 1/4" and yours are 1 3/4" I would go to a local steel shop and buy new flat steel (1/4 or 3/8" thick). Cut your plates off the bottom of the shaft and weld new plates on. Then invert...
  42. George2615

    Should the community make the rules?

    I've been a member for quite a few years. I believe the owner / administrators should be the only ones to make the rules. I read a lot, but not all of the threads posted. If I have something to contribute I reply, if not I move on. We don't need to be confrontational. I do believe if a post is...
  43. George2615

    Diagnostic code reader

    Sorry to hear this John. I guess I've been lucky with mine. I bought mine new in 2014 and was worried about regen cycles and going into limp mode like yours has. Not sure where you are located. If you were close I could help you haul it to a dealer. From your description it seems like a dealer...
  44. George2615

    Diagnostic code reader

    John, If your XG3037 has the same Shibaura engine as the XR3037 that reader should work with it as well
  45. George2615


    Welcome to TBN John. Here's 3 links I've been involved with. You'll need an adapter and an ELM and there are a few programs that will let you read a few stats. My costs were less than $100. Other than the program the dealer has I don't know of any programs available to the public yet that give...
  46. George2615

    TIER 4 Questions

    Fortunately you are considering a newer LS which only regens about every 50 hours or so. I have an older LS that regens about every 5 hours. That's how they were designed. Mine is a 2014 and has been using home heating oil (dyed diesel) for its entire life without any problems just as my...
  47. George2615

    Transportation Chain and Binders

    Yes, 10'ers are plenty long. My trailer is 22' tilt bed (actually 23 1/2' with tail). It has a rub rail along each side plus stake pockets so I have several places to loop the chain through. I also have drop in D-rings I can put in the pockets. I also bolted D-rings on the front tractor frame...
  48. George2615

    Transportation Chain and Binders

    I have plenty of chain for securing loads or towing, dragging. Inherited a lot from my Dad. I did buy 2 20'ers and extra hooks at Tractor Supply (they are foreign made). I cut them in half, added new hooks and dedicated those 4 for securing tractor or vehicles. Plus more chain for implements...
  49. George2615

    Are you this old?

    Eddie Haskell, The beaver and brother Wally from Leave it to Beaver show.
  50. George2615

    Groan 3; the Sequel

    The last 3 posts had pictures for me to view.