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    44 inch JD snow blower for sale

    I have a 44-inch JD snow blower for sale. The snow blower was purchased new with an LA115 riding lawn mower in 2011 and I no longer use the snow blower. It could be modified to be operated with a gas engine using a roller chain drive and chain drive slip clutch by replacing the impeller...
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    JD snow blower for sale

    For sale: John Deere 44-inch snow blower purchased with LA115 model lawn mower in 2011, could be hacked to mount wider snow gathering wings, using an engine drive system for snow blower with a roller chain driven centrifugal clutch on a small sub compact tractors front loader bucket/ssqa...
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    used L3400 with power boost

    I wandered over to where I saw the Kubota L3400 with loader and power boost today. It has 1,345+- hours and turf tires and a front loader; the idiots have left it in the raised position without the boom lock pins no less. It apparently has spent its life outdoors. It has a cement counter weight...
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    kubota cars

    If anyone wants to go "kubota car shopping" there is a kubota tractor with a loader and turf tires but no belly mower at maguire ford in downtown Ithaca, ny. Its going to go fast. $15,999.00+ tax+dealer prep+plates+registration fees. HAA,HAAA; yes it was parked up front yesterday.
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    Truck to trailer wiring and the "issues"

    I have a 2 ton maxxam dump trailer and 2008 1/2 ton Isuzu I 290 pick up. The fellow that I bought the trailer from wants $300.00 to install a complete new braking system for the trailer and what ever wiring I need for it(He was not willing to install the wiring when I bough the trailer from him...
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    MK Martin self powered snow blower (2 model widths 47", 53" 13 horsepower engine)

    MK Martin self powered snow blower (2 model widths 47", 53" 13 horsepower engine) I saw the MK Martin self powered single stage snow thrower today. I am not going to throw stones at it just look at it honestly based on my past experience with snow removal. Seeing it discharge discharge 2...
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    Wheel Horse

    I have a an original wheel horse 244 hydro for sale with a mounted snow plow and wheel weights and V bar snow chains tractor needs a bit of TLC and a new seat and thetransmission needs wheel seals and cooling fan seal. send PM if interested
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    ez rake

    I have an towed motorized EZRAKE for sale. It needs a new set of spring tine teeth.
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    Stihl power tools for sale

    For sale; I have several Stihl power tools for sale including the following: Stihl 16 inch chain saw with energy storing starter rewind chain saw chains Stihl FS115 pole pruner with: short hedge trimmer head/thick branches/limbs long hedge trimmer head weed wacker head chainsaw head chain...
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    JD 44 inch snow blower for sale

    For Sale: John Deere 44 inch 2 stage snow blower It needs the JD V belts Fits LA115 and other models The snow blower could be used to build a motorized rear mount snow thrower project with some machining and welding $200.00 send PM if interested Edit: I also have a John Deere snow...
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    very good flail mower for sale

    I have a 1981-82 Mathews Company 48 inch Lawn Genie Pick up mower for sale. It is a towed flail mower and it has a hand crank winch to dump the loads of grass and leaves It runs well with the Original Briggs & Stratton Industrial 16 horsepower single cylinder gas engine with the cast iron...
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    Used BX1860

    I am looking at a used 2015 Kubota 1860 with over 700 hours and I was hoping that anyone with that year model could comment on it as I need a new mule since the lawn mower is on its death bed essentially and its a parts hog. It has no attachments and the dealer says it starts, runs and has no...
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    tractor shopping again

    Made trip to the simplicity dealer today on the way back from the car dealers for parts and I was not impressed. I asked about the drive train for the low end simplicity mules and apparently they are like the JD junk- held in place with e-clips. SO I then asked about the 42 inch single stage...
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    tractor PTO to implement diagrams.

    Can someone post a link to the tractor PTO to implement diagrams on the forum so I can download it and help other folks with their implements? I have been looking for it on the forum and I am getting a lot of eyestrain :eek: Thanks much and stay warm out there. Leon
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    LA115 snow blower options?, Ideas?

    Greetings fellow board members, I wanted to ask if any of you have purchased the Bercomac snow blower for thier JD lawn mowers? I looked at them and It has the same type of drive system as the RAD junk BUT the V belt drive is much more accessible to to change them, I am unsure of the actual...
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    2 three point hitch Land Pride flail mowers for sale

    I found these two flail mowers for sale in the October 5th issue of tractor house. The first one is from GINOP SALES INC. Kubota and New Holland Equipment Dealer For Tractors, Mowers, Utility Vehicles, Construction Equipment, Hay Tools, And More >> Alanson, Williamsburg, Hillman, Michigan...
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    single stage snow throwers and volume discharged per second

    I want and hope to provide a little more backround information for everyone as far as a single stage snow throwers capacity for clearing snow pack. Using the Riest 48 inch single stage snow thrower for the example I hope to show how everyone how efficient the single stage system is. The...
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    Winter 2018-19

    Greetings fellow board members, First please let me say Happy Canada Day to our TBN family members to the north. I realize its 1, July 2018 and extremely hot nation wide but as the weather is snow free here and its late fall early/winter time for our TBN members in the southern hemispere that...
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    used LA115 value?

    What would the trade in value be for a JDLA115 with 215 hours equipped with a snow blower, belly mower, snow plow and snow chains?
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    John Deere 44 inch snow blower impeller speed at high idle/wide open throttle?

    I am looking to find the Revolutions Per Minute speed for the impeller on the 44 inch snow blower as I am hoping to change it to an engine driven system mounted on the snow blower body with Hilliard Slip clutch with a V belt or a snowmobile clutch on the crankshaft using a wide cog gear pair and...
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    JD 44 inch snow caster

    With those of you with the 44 inch JD snow blower; With Dutch445's help we have seemed to narrow the problems down with my 7 year old JD tractor and 44 inch snow blower. The left V belt guide pulley under the impeller pulley is missing the belt retainer and it was shipped like that from The...
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    V belts for 44 inch JD/RAD 2 stage snow caster

    Would any of you happen to know where john Deere gets its gag, cough, wheeze, hack, very expensive ($150.00) V belts for its RAD 44 inch snowblowers for the LA series???? I really do not want to have to have the guide pulleys and the impeller pulley machined to receive an A117 belt. Thanks much.
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    Snow Attachments Berco

    Have any of you installed a motorized Berco 2 stage unit on a lawn tractor on the front or rear?
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    V belts for 47 inch JD/RAD 2 stage snow caster

    I wanted to post this today so I can help anyone with this snow caster to save money on V belts. I installed the Gates Series 1 Kevlar reinforced A116 V belt on the snow blower last year along with a new plastic pulley. I left the snow blower outside like I always do and I can happily report...
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    Dump trailer batteries )(*&^%&*()(*&^%&*()(*&^

    SO I have been doomed with the need for a 4th deep cycle battery for my 2 ton MAXAM dump trailer and well, its become expensive as I do not use the trailer the year round and the pump and 12 volt motor are still brand new after 5 years etc., etc. Would it be worth the effort to just use 4-0...
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    John Deere

    IS a John Deere Series One a mule that would be leased and returned?
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    looking at the walk behind snow casters at TSC yesterday

    I went to TSC on monday to find out if they were going to handle buckwheat coal this year and I waddled over the three snowblowers that they had from last year(cub cadet, husky)and It reminded me why I do not want them the chutes are plastic and they would not last a month with ice chunks from...
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    JDLA115 transmission (tuff torque 46?) lifespan?

    I have almost 200 hours on the LA115 , is there anything I can do to prolong its lifespan or am I playing the waiting game knowing that some time in the future its going to crap out and the tractor will stop. I had the transmission drive belt changed 2 years ago. I understand the transmission...
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    I am looking at selling my JDLA115 and just buying a replacement mower; and a separate walk behind Yamaha snow blower from a Canadian Yamaha power equipment dealer as they are not sold here. SO I have the following: JDLA115 with almost 200 hours New Briggs and stratton fuel pump installed...
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    Micro Mark sale

    To my Fellow "Flail Mower Nation Residents" and other member of the forum: The Micromark company is selling their low speed wet well tool grinder for eighty dollars and change now plus tax and shipping which is ten dollars less than last months price.
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    LA115 questions

    After doing more repairs to the LA115 yesterday and then traveling to purchase a new mower belt today I need a second opinion again. The mule has 185 hours on it and I am not sure how well the piston pump in the transmission is doing. I had the mower raised up to the 4 inch mark to mow the...
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    LA115 mower lift linkage

    The lawn mower lift crapped out on my LA115. I am going to have to remove the left rear wheel to access it as there is not enough room to work on it. Would any of you have an LA115 repair manual that they could upload? the local dealer wanted $75.00 for an LA115 parts and repair manual CD...
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    Single Stage snow throwers from Canada

    I chatted with the Reist Industries folks in Elmira, Ontario, Ca today to ask about their snow casters. The Series 1000 48 inch wide 540 PTO single stage snow throwers were $2,750+ options and taxes and freight. It comes standard with a manual chute rotation and manual adjustment of the spout...
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    snow etc.

    Not that I am trying to promote these snow casters but I forgot about these fellows in Ontario, Canada that make single stage 48 -60 inch snow casters that are ment for 15-40 horse power mules. Ah to dream, as they would fit all our mules with rear mounts and 540 RPM PTO as well as the front...
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    snow etc.

    Not that I am trying to promote these snow casters but I forgot about these fellows in Ontario, Canada that make single stage 48 -60 inch snow casters that are ment for 15-40 horse power mules. Ah to dream, as they would fit all our mules with rear mounts and 540 RPM PTO as well as the front...
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    snow etc.

    Not that I am trying to promote these snow casters but I forgot about these fellows in Canada that make single stage snow casters that are ment for 15-40 horse power mules. Ah to dream, as they would fit all our mules with rear mounts and 540 RPM PTO as well as the front mount skid steer crowd...
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    snow etc.

    multiple posts GRRRR please delete the first three :^)
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    JDLA115 44 inch snow caster

    For those of you that have the 44 inch snow caster for your mules. I have to deal with heavy wet snows and plow banks at times and hopefully the last set of repair parts will be it for a quite while. After installing the the new guide pulley and the belt retainer I ran the snow caster...
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    JDLA115 44 inch snow caster

    Well, after some work its fixed again. I found the Gates A116 series one V belts for the driven belt via an Amazon automotive partner and the 2 belts came in two days from Indianapolis. The belts with shipping were $42 and change and arrived in excellent condition. The guide V pulley was bad...
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    TSC belts

    I went to thr local TSC store top pick up the V belt I ordered for the 44 inch snow caster for the LA115 last week and for less than $25.00. I could buy 5 of them for the price fo one JD V belt. I now have a less costly spare V belt for it versus spending over $120.00 + tax, time, gas and a...
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    JDLA115 44 inch snow caster

    NOT happy, JD wants $120.00 and change for a lower snow blower belt on the 44 inch units!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can buy 4 of them from NAPA or Mcmaster Carr for the same money. Its off to NAPA with the belt in the morning and I have to see if I can get it in...
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    John Deere LA115 /Briggs and Stratton starters GGGGGGGGGGGGGGGRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

    I wadded a 144 and change on replacement starter in the LA115 as it croaked. The Sun Gear broke in half, the c ring fell off and the spring and cap fell off after I pulled the starter off. Wait it gets better!! So anyway, I paid for shipping to the house from the JD warehouse when I was over...
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    JDLA115 mowr deck??????

    I have a question about my LA115 and its mower deck. It seems as if the mower is doing very little to adjust the cutting height unless its at 2 3/4" or above. When I raise the deck all the way up to 4 inches the tractor makes a lot of noise unsure if the transmission cooling fan has something...
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    Is there any other JD purchasing option for the series ones? I do not have 2K for a down payment to get the $99.00 monthly payment and I am worried about my current mule dying in the middle of a snow storm and my being up snow creek with out a snow blower. I have shovels and 2 toro snow pups...
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    44 inch snow caster for LA115 garden tractor

    Well folks it seems as the dealer sold me the wrong power take off cable for the LA115 mule. It can only go on one way. I tried to attach it to the compression spring pulley arm and the spring is too long and well we have snow coming and the dealer is closed GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR...
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    dream attachment for ground breaking

    Put this on my dream implement wish list: 1.A three point hitch trailer mounted engine powered whirlwind terracer. 2. Power would be 9 cylinder air cooled Duetz engine with a Rockford clutch 3. gear reduction would be twelve to one driving four right angle 12 to one reduction gear boxes...
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    2305 discounted sales/excess inventory

    1025R discounted sales/excess inventory AS my LA115 is going on five years in age now and having recently had the drive belt replaced I have been shopping "somewhat". I have been looking at the 1025R (wanting three rear remotes) and a loader. I may be swayed into looking at a backhoe...
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    berta snow blower, droool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    :drool: Berta has done it once more with a two stage snow blower using a solid section cross augers-staying away from keyboard now to prevent shorting out the computer from drooling.:drool: All it needs now is a set of snow gathering wings and it would work very well on the small...
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    Berta snow casters

    I realise this is about snow casters but Berta has done it again!!! They now have a 33 inch two stage snow caster with the three point hitch mount and a solid auger, steel roller wheels or simple pas that are hand crank adjusted that replace the wheels. Its rated for a 14 horsepower 2 wheel...
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    older tractors???????

    I have a question I want to throw against the wall an see if it sticks; AT one time when tractors first had had power take offs was it possible that they were rotating in the oposite direction for the few implements that were built and used with the original power take offs in the...