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    Half Page Issues Again

    This had gone away for quite some time, but has raised it's ugly head again recently.
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    What Kind of Weeds are These

    I had never seen these before moving to our current home. They are about 10' to 12' tall and the butterflies seem to love the blooms.
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    JD 20% Off Coupon

    The coupon in the attached link is good until the end of April. Found it while looking for info on material collection for my X750. Ordered a bagger for it yesterday and got $200 off. Riding Lawn Equipment Offer | John Deere US
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    Is My Browser Doing This?

    Seems like whenever a page loads it gets compressed to the left side of the page. I am sure it is on my end because my home computer does not do it. I was wondering what I could do to correct it.
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    Legacy Being Discontinued?

    I am putting serious thought to replacing my 20+ year old Sunstar. It needs some major work at the moment and I really don't want to have to spend the money for the repair knowing that I'll probably have to replace the thing in the next few years anyway. I called my local Simplicity dealer to...
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    x730 Vs. x750

    Hey All, After 20+ years my Simplicity Sunstar may be on the way out. Its been a great mower, but has started to nickel and dime me over the last couple of years. A couple of days ago it developed a major oil leak that may have convinced me to send it out to pasture. I...
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    Firearm Transport Question

    OK, so I've got my CCW license recently, chose and purchased my gun and holster, and have ordered lock boxes for my vehicle. Now I have a question regarding transporting my gun across state lines. Later this month I will be travelling to South Carolina for a long weekend. The only states...
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    Back Button Woes

    While surfing the pages here at TBN i frequently use the "back" button to manuever about. Here of late I intermittently have trouble and can't seem to use it. When I click on the "back" button I am not going to the previous page (I actually go nowhere). If I expand that "back" tab I see this...
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    Sunstar Head Replacement

    I am replacing one of the heads on my (early 90's) Sunstar and have a couple of questions that I thought you guys might be able to answer. I have removed the old head and gasket and am ready to install the new one. Do I need to use any gasket sealant. I'm pretty sure that this is a stupid...
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    New England Vacation

    We are spending a couple of days in Norwich, Vermont in the middle of June. After I am done with my business we would like to continue on for another week and explore New England. Initially I thought that we would head for mid coast Maine, get a place for a week and take day trips. After looking...
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    Patio/Outdoor Kitchen Project

    This all started about a year and a half ago with the simple idea of building a flagstone patio around our outdoor fire pit. As I went it grew into something much more, and I began to wonder what I had gotten myself into when I decided to take on this project myself. I had never done anything...
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    It's So Hot!!!

    It was so hot here in Ohio today, I saw a farmer feeding his chickens crushed ice to keep them from laying boiled eggs. It was so hot, on the way home from work, I saw a funeral procession stop at a Dairy Queen. It was so hot, I saw two trees fighting over a dog (oldie, but a goodie) but...
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    Please Keep Her in Your Thoughts Tomorrow

    Good evening all, This afternoon afternoon I received some terrible news, my stepdaughter, Stephanie, had been involved in a serious automobile accident. It seems a flatbed truck hauling roundbales had an insecure load. A roundbale fell from the flatbed and bounced once onto the hood and...
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    My Prize Arrived

    Just wanted to drop in and say thanks again. Got my TBN hat a coffee mug yesterday:thumbsup: Once again many thanks to Muhammad, Hakim, Ibrahim and anyone else that may work behind the scenes to make TBN possible. That goes for all of the forum moderators too (even the ones who have removed any...
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    What to do with Bad Gas?

    Please forgive the seemingly stupid question I am about to ask. We recently decided to start driving a car that has sat idle for the last 7 years. Needless to say the gas is no good, we started the vehicle and it ran very badly. I was advised to run the vehicle out of gas, but after a short...
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    Links Imbedded in Posts

    The last few times I've been on TBN I have noticed links to websites imbedded in various posts in threads I've been reading. I do realize that posters sometimes include links in thier posts, but this does not seem to be the case with these links. The links are simply a word in the text of the...
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    Land Lease Agreements

    Currently about 4 of the 33 acres we own are leased out to a local farmer. He pays us $50 per acre, per year, for the lease. This lease was in place with the prior owner, and when we bought the place I verbally told the farmer that we would continue for now with the arrangement that they had...
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    Zucchini Recipes

    To go along with Jimmyj's Green Bean and Potato Salad thread, I thought I would solicite some zucchini recipes from the ladies and gentlemen here at TBN. My cup runneth over with zucchini. Tonight we grated about 45 cups and froze it. I'll make zucchini bread with it when we run out of the...
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    Reputation Points?

    I was reading a post today and noticed that the poster had a small green square under their avatar. When I held the cursor over the square it informed me that the poster had more than 10 "reputation points". Further down, in the area where you can report the post there was an option to add to...
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    Scored Some Shrooms Dude

    Been looking for the last week with limited success. Hit it pretty good today, 73 morels. Just got done eating our share, sauteed in garlic sauce. Wish I had taken pictures, had a couple of real honkers:). Deeeeeeeeelicious:D Mark
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    My War on Poison Ivy

    Last summer I had my first unpleasant experience with poison ivy. Call me naive but I had never imagined that the vines and the leaves could be so large. Before that experience I had never had a rash due to poison ivy. I never thought that I was immune to it, I just stayed away from it. Last...
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    Ferguson AO 8001C Two Bottom Plow

    I know that there have been a lot of plow threads recently, but I have been unable to find any specific info on the plow in the title. I have been on the look out for a two bottom plow and found this one for sale recently. The price is $250 and it seems complete and in decent shape, but what I...
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    Jack Frost lives in Ohio

    Just sort of lounging around this morning and thought I'd post some photos of our Ohio winter. I threw a couple of wildlife photos as well. I haven't been too happy with my camera lately, I think it may need some attention. The picture quality just doesn't seem what it used to be. Mark
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    Slip Clutch Adjustment

    I recently had to replace the hub on the slip clutch of my 38" Simplicity rototiller. The casting was broken and looked like it had been cracked for some time. It looked to me like the original crack allowed the shaft key to "roll", this in turn widened the crack and broke the casting. I have a...
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    Boring Day

    Kind of a dismal, cloud covered, rainy day here in Ohio. I was down in the workshop and decided to take a few pics to share with fellow TBNer's. These pics are of my workshop/storage area. The two main reasons I joined TBN are also included. Thanks to all for the positive influence this site...
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    Back in February I asked all of you for help choosing a welder. Now it's November, the welder has been in the workshop for several months, and I thought it would be high time to say thanks. I also thought I would post a few pics of the welder, associated equipment, and a couple of projects...
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    What's wrong??

    I'm trying to post a couple of pics in a thread in the antique tractor forum. When I click on "manage attachments" nothing happens. Am I doing something wrong?:confused::confused:
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    CO-OP Tractors?

    Have a friend here at work who is looking into buying an old CO-OP tractor. Tractor has been sitting in barn on dirt floor for some time. He says there is quite a bit of rust, but the pictures he shows me don't look that bad. He was wondering about a ball park value, but is unsure of year or...
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    Weather Station Recommendations

    Been surfing the Net tonite looking at home weather stations. Seems like there are quite a few to choose from. I don't think I want to get too extravagant, just something to keep an eye on what's going on around us. Would like to have some memory capability, perhaps capability to connect to the...
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    Only a Test

    This is a test.........only a test.
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    Oil/Gas Well Help

    We recently bought a house and land in north east Ohio. The land has an oil well. There is a lease that allows our home to benefit from the natural gas at the well head, and the prior owners took advantage of this lease a few months before we moved in. We are now fortunate enough to have free...
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    Help choosing a welder

    My girlfriend and I recently purchased a beautiful home on 33 acres about 18 miles east of Canton, Ohio. Since then I have bought my first tractor and have been scouring the pages of TBN for useful advice to help me on my way. Now I need a little help with a purchase. I have a feeling...