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  1. dodge man

    Help with roundup mixing.

    So I use roundup on a gravel area I have and on things like poison ivy and honeysuckle. I buy the Roundup brand name and make about 4 gallons in a backpack sprayer. The first time I followed the directions plus added a little extra, the results were disappointing. The next time I doubled the...
  2. dodge man

    Hanging out at my shop.

    This little one was just outside the walk in door to my shop. Scared me when I left my shop flopping around in the bushes. It hung out about an hour before it left.
  3. dodge man

    Stihl blower spark arrestor.

    I have a Stihl leaf blower BG 86 that is 8 years old, maybe 100 to 200 hours on it. Today it wouldn’t start. It seemed like a sudden problem, it ran fine last time, although when you go back and look at the past maybe it wasn’t running quite right. I bought a new spark plug, in tank fuel...
  4. dodge man

    What were they farming?

    I wish I had got a picture but didn’t. I thought the field was winter wheat but I don’t think it was, but looked similar. They had already cut it and windrowed it but it wasn’t the usual hay. When I went by they were picking up the rows in something that looked like a combine, but slightly...
  5. dodge man

    Pats. Why bent washers?

    So I’ve had Pats on my tractor for a while. There are bent washers you use between the pin and Pats. Why are these washers bent?
  6. dodge man

    Dewalt 20 volt to 18 volt adapter.

    Anybody use these? How do they work. I have a drill and grease gun that are both 18 volt. You can still get the 18 volt batteries but I see the writing on the wall. The drill is getting some age on it but the grease gun is is just a few years old.
  7. dodge man

    How tight should your chain be?

    I’ve read the manual but want opinions. I always looked in the middle of the bar, pulled up on the chain, and want to almost see light under the chain and above the bar. I was cutting wood with a buddy and he was wanting to tighten a lot tighter than that.
  8. dodge man

    Seafoam for real?

    I’m one those skeptics when it come to additives. I’m not a fan of adding stuff to my fuels or oils unless it’s for a specific reason. For example I use Stabil in my gas that will sit around for more than a few weeks and I add anti gel additive to my diesel in the winter. Seafoam seems to be...
  9. dodge man

    Tell us something we don’t know.

    I’m 59 years old, I like to think I learn something every day, even if it’s useless. Share something with us we might not know. I’ve always been a bit of a star gazer but don’t know a lot about them. My daughter got me a telescope for Christmas. I was looking at Venus one night and I thought...
  10. dodge man

    Watch out for bicycles too.

    I recently got into biking again in my retirement. I’ve ridden a little over a 1000 miles in the last 4 months. Most of this has been on rural paved roads near my house. It seems like once a week someone does something stupid around me, usually passing where they shouldn’t be. Someone went...
  11. dodge man

    Problem sharpening a new chain

    I use this type of file guide for hand sharpening my chains although mine is Stihl brand. I don’t really want to buy a new system as this normally works fine. The problem is on a new chain something on the guide hangs up and doesn’t allow me to sharpen the chain with the guide install. Not...
  12. dodge man

    Don’t forget those spark plugs.

    You always see that, my engine isn’t running right or it won’t start. Everyone asks did you try a new spark plug? Problem is it’s almost never a spark plug problem, except when it is. I’ve had it happen exactly twice now. Once on a Stihl MS250 and today on a Lawn Boy 2 stroke push mower. The...
  13. dodge man

    Polaris Razor 1000, add that to my list.

    I’ll add it to the list of things I want but will never buy. We are spending 2 weeks in Steamboat Springs where my son spends most of his time working. We rented one of these yesterday for four hours in Kremling Colorado. They have miles of trails north of town with a lot of nice views that...
  14. dodge man

    E bike recommendations?

    Any e bike owners have any recommendations? We rented some for 4 hours yesterday while on vacation. I think the were made by Bulls and were running a Bosc electric system. I wasn’t expecting to think they were that great but really enjoyed them. I have a Trek bike and so does my wife but as...
  15. dodge man

    This was my first rodeo.

    I went to a rodeo while we’re visiting my son in Colorado. It was in Steamboat Springs. I already knew it but bull riding isn’t for sissies. There was about 6 bull riders and only one made it to 8 seconds. This guy was testing the flavor of the dirt after about a 2 second ride. In barrel...
  16. dodge man

    F150 on Moab Jeep trails?

    Any point in thinking of taking my F150 on the Jeep trails of Moab? Any easy ones and is it worth the effort? We are renting a house for a month and thought it might be fun. It a 2017 F150, 4x4, supercab, 6.5’ bed, locker in back. Stock height, good tires but not a pure off-road tire.
  17. dodge man

    Starting after hydro lock?

    No rollover here, just curious. I always see pull the injectors or the glow plugs. On my tractor it’s indirect injection so I don’t see that helping. Do the glow plugs screw directly into the head normally?
  18. dodge man

    Anything better than wire nuts?

    My skills at electrical work are a little lacking. I was replacing an outside double flood light today. I’ve never had good luck with wire nuts. I was trying to get the wire nuts to stay connected, get the wires stuffed back in the box, and get the fixture screwed back into the box while...
  19. dodge man

    Don’t forget those wheel chocks.

    So I was power washing my trailer on the driveway near my shop, not connected to anything. I stepped up on the rear of the trailer to clean it off with a leaf blower. My weight was enough to make the front skid come off the block it was setting on and the trailer started to roll and was...
  20. dodge man

    Tire won’t take air.

    I’ve got a tubeless tire on a hand truck, the kind you strap a fridge to to move it out of the house, that won’t take air. Both were totally flat, I hadn’t used it in years. One side took air, the other side the air just leaks out around the edges, no tube. Is there some trick to get it to...
  21. dodge man

    Bicycle inner tubes.

    So I have a Trek bicycle that is about 15 years old. The rear tire went bad but still held air. I got a new tire, put it on, but the old tube leaked. Took it to a bike shop and had a new tire put on the front and a new tube in the rear. The both leaked. Long story short the rear wheel had a...
  22. dodge man

    Metal roofing over firewood.

    I’m not sure how much firewood I have cut and split, maybe 2 cords. It is stored on a concrete pad in stacks, which was an old dog kennel. I have some old chicken coops that are falling down, I never used them. Would taking the metal roofing off them and laying them on top of the wood help a...
  23. dodge man

    New sprayer.

    Got this put together today and mounted up today. I’ve got it setup on one of those racks that’s suppose to mount on the hitch of your truck to carry extra stuff. It’s got a couple of broadcast nozzles and a spot sprayer wand. It’s from Amazon but sold by Northern tool, made in China of...
  24. dodge man

    My retaining wall project.

    Under the “Tractors and Wood” thread I posted how I helped a buddy load some power poles that were cedar and he had them milled into lumber. He gave me a few boards and I used them to build a retaining wall. This area had a shed on it and was a pretty fancy kennel that had deteriorated over...
  25. dodge man

    Air ratchet repair.

    I have a Chicago Pneumatics that is probably about 30 years old. Today it stopped working when it is under a load. It sounds like it’s working but won’t turn. This is the case tightening or loosening. If it’s not under load it spins fine. Can these be fixed or rebuilt.
  26. dodge man

    Poison Ivy

    I consider myself an expert at poison ivy, mainly because I’ve had it so many times, maybe as much as 30 times. I was cutting firewood and there was a vine on the tree, the kind about as big around as a finger and I knew this was poison ivy. So I worked on two trees like this at two different...
  27. dodge man

    Ethanol free gas?

    I know, not another thread on ethanol gas. I am aware of the issues and that’s not my problem. The issue is I had a source for 91 octane ethanol free. I used this on small engines, chainsaws etc. This station stopped carrying it. I can get ethanol free 87 octane. Most likely not a problem...
  28. dodge man

    Small engine trouble.

    It’s a Briggs 5 hp on an old Troy Built tiller. It was given to a friend and hadn’t run since 1982. We cleaned and coated the fuel tank, took the carb apart and got a new diagram and gasket. I think the carb is called a pulse jet. It starts easy enough and runs ok without a load. Turn the...
  29. dodge man

    Ski goggles?

    So I wear glasses and when working outside they will fog up some times. So when it痴 really cold, about 0 degrees here now, I wear a hat/face mask setup. I have to leave it off my mouth and nose or my glasses fog up. I can technically drive without my glasses but like to leave them on. The...
  30. dodge man

    Impulse tube?

    This comes under the heading I do not need to know, just curious. What is the impulse tube for on a Stihl chainsaw. Does it pull fuel into the area under the piston to lube the crank? Does it help get fuel into the cylinder? The truth is I do not know how these engines work. Years ago I...
  31. dodge man

    Yokohama Geolander AT tires.

    Just put a set of these on my F150. The factory tires were Goodyear Fortitudes. One of those tires from the factory that is not good at anything. I had a hole in one so I needed one new tire at the least, the spare was a full sized tire but a Pirelli. Why it was not another Goodyear I do not...
  32. dodge man

    Sharpening wrong

    So I did some noodling that last couple of days. Larger rounds that are a little too much for me to lift on my splitter. Yesterday it was cutting O.K. but a mix of sawdust and chips, no nice big noodles but it was cutting decent. I had just sharpened the chain to. So I checked the rakers and...
  33. dodge man

    I don稚 need to know but?

    I have recently retired and have volunteered on occasion to help out township road superintendent. Yesterday we put a new cutting edge on the big plow and the rubber flaps on top of the plow on their pick up plow. The plow is a Western plow. The superintendent was out working on the roads...
  34. dodge man

    Common sense and GPS?

    I live on a rural township road and a couple of weeks ago a semi truck hauling a load got stuck trying to make a corner that was to tight. Last night I learned the guy was following his gps and he was about the third guy to do it in the last few years. This road woukd probably be the shortest...
  35. dodge man

    Inquiries ignored.

    So I have been looking for a box blade for a couple of years. I do not need one badly, more of a want, so I am looking cheap. I see 5 foot wide at the local farm store for a little more than $600 brand new, so that is what I am basing my price on. Probably not the best unit but good enough...
  36. dodge man

    Stihl MS250 rebuild.

    So I have a scored piston on my MS250. I posted about this several months ago and the consensus was it was shot. I bought a MS261 to replace it. I would like to fix the MS250 as a backup. It looks like you can buy and entire short block for about $40 on Amazon. Is this fairly easy to take...
  37. dodge man

    Box blade for this project?

    I have a couple areas of my yard that are very rough for mowing. Probably around 1/3 of an acre total in two areas. I have fair soil, often described as timber soil in my area. Not clay but not prime top soil either. I have a JD 2025r, FEL, and a 72 rear blade now. Both areas are rough...
  38. dodge man

    Well problem. Worth $2300?

    We have been on a rural water system for about 8 years now. Our well is hooked up to one outside faucet that we use for watering landscaping. The well quit on us and we had someone come out to diagnose it. Probably the pump but they need to pull it to find out. The pump is probably at least...
  39. dodge man

    Mice a trailer wiring.

    So I have had problems with mice building nests in the boxes that hold my trailer tail lights. I believe it was someone on this forum who said pack them with steel wool. I did this a few years ago and can say it works. A separate question. My trailer has bearing buddies. I thought one of my...
  40. dodge man

    Motorcraft oil filters?

    Changed the oil in my daughters car a few days ago and the motorcraft oil filter had some gasket material inside coming loose. It was bright orange and round like and o ring and it was loose where the filter spins on. I would think this happened when it was removed. For reference this is the...
  41. dodge man

    Cutting a large log in half.

    I am not a big wood cutter, I would just guess a cord of split wood lasts me two to three years., but I am always trying to learn. I have an 18 bar on my saw and do not want to go bigger. So say you are cutting a larger log in half that is laying on the ground. So I will cut it into fire wood...
  42. dodge man

    Governor for speed?

    So I am working on a construction project as a surveyor and they are lending us a Polaris diesel UTV that has a front and back seat. I do not know the model number. Somebody dumped one on its side a couple of months ago a hurt his shoulder. They limited the speed and/or the throttle setting...
  43. dodge man

    Stihl MS250 mixture screws?

    I have a Stihl MS250 that is about 15 years old. I would call it occasional usage but over the years it has accumulated some hours. Newer spark plug and air filter. Problem has been going on for a couple years. It will idle badly but keep running if you goose the throttle a little. It will...
  44. dodge man

    First 3 months with my JD2025R

    Thought I'd write a short review of my JD 2025R. I got it about 3 months ago and traded in a 10 year old Kubota BX 2350. I'll make comparisons but its not a fair comparison since the 2025R is more like a 25hp Kubota B series tractor. The JD came with an end loader, auto connect deck, forks...
  45. dodge man

    My cost per hour.

    I recently traded in my BX 2350. I owned it about 10 years and had 760 hours on it. I had a rear blade, midmount mower and rear blade on it. Without going through the math but considering the residual value, fuel, and maintance on it I put my hourly cost at between $13 and $15 per hour.
  46. dodge man

    Might be going green.

    I'm going to look at a JD 2025R in a few minutes. Was going to look at a used one but they are giving a pretty good discount for a new one. End loader and 62" auto connect mower deck. I called a Kubota dealer on a used 30hp B model that didn't have an end loader but did have a 60" mowing...
  47. dodge man

    2025 Question

    I've owned a Kubota BX for about 10 years and would like to step up a tractor size if I can do it for the right money. There is a JD 2025R not to far away at a JD dealer. I have a couple of questions. I thought I had read somewhere that when using the loader you can curl the bucket, or lift...
  48. dodge man

    Would I be happier with a B series?

    So I've owned a BX2350 for a little over 10 years and have 760 hours on it. It does what I want but I often wish when I'm doing end loader work that it had a bigger bucket. I also feel the front tires are too small at times. I mow with it about half the time and have some side hills that push...
  49. dodge man

    Best gas engine oil.

    I know, another what is the best oil thread.:mad: I will explain. I have been on the Amsoil tread mill for about 10 years now and am going to get off it. I am convinced it is a high quality oil but am not sure I need it any more. We have three vehicles and my kids have two plus my tractor...
  50. dodge man

    Tires hanging in the air.

    I'm not trying to start another pallet thread, but I drove by something today that I can't wrap my mind around. There were about 50 tires hanging in the air. They spanned a very small creek or drainage way. Just guessing on the size here since my mind only took so much in, but they are...