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    Looking for more aggressive tires for Kubota Z411-48

    I really like my z411, but I am getting tired of slipping sideways on our many hills, or getting stuck --especially when it's damp--which it is a lot of the time here in western Washington. I'm not concerned about leaving tread impressions. And I do lots of maneuvering around trees and beds...
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    Why did my tractor start?

    I don't understand... I have a Kubota BX25D, about 1500 hours. Today I worked it for several hours, using the loader and the backhoe to extract a stump and move dirt, roots, etc. Temp in the low 40s, no rain. I started (normal, no hesitation) and stopped it several times while using saws...
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    BX steering--something to watch out for

    Just a caution for all you BX owners: The other day, I started backing my BX25D out of the shed, and all of a sudden there was no steering. I looked down and saw that the left front wheel was pointig sideways. The vertical kingpin that connects the tie rod to the wheel had come out of its hole...
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    FEL bucket curl cylinder bounces

    Should I worry about this? On my Kubota BX25D, the curl cylinder bounces in and out a little at the end of its travel when I curl it, and also when I'm driving with a load in the bucket. Since I added an Add-a-Grapple lid to it, this motion is accentuated. In other respects it works fine.
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    Add-a-grapple source

    I'm looking at buying an Add-a-grapple, made by Precision Manufacturing, to attach to the stock bucket on my BX25D. I have a Piranha toothbar on the bucket.. It looks like the most economical way to get a grapple function for moving brush and logs. I have already ordered a 3rd function kit from...
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    Pin to QA conversion for loader

    I'm thinking about converting the loader on my Kubota BX25D from pin-on to quick attach, so that I can change easily from the bucket to a grapple. (I'm leaning toward the Westendorf Brush Crusher, which doesn't require additional hydraulics.) Can anyone recommend a conversion system which could...
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    Irritating new ads

    Anybody besides me finding the new video ads on the top right of the screen unbelievably annoying? You can't stop them. I'm about ready to quit using tbn.
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    Loader Popping sound

    Lately, when I dig into a pile of something heavy, or a dirt slope laced with roots, with the loader bucket, I sometimes hear a metallic pop when curling the bucket up. It's almost as if a rock rolled back to hit the back of the bucket, but I don't have rocks in the bucket. Any ideas? Something...
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    Tire Selection Kubota z411-48 tire replacement for better traction

    I am thinking of replacing the turf tires on my kubota z411 mower with something more aggressive to reduce sliding on hills, especially when it's wet. I would be happy to find my adventures elsewhere, and it would be nice not to have to assure my wife that I didn't mow her plantings through...
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    Bro-Tek wheel spacers are great

    I know I'm not the first to say this, but I am so pleased with my new 3" rear wheel spacers on my BX25D that I wanted to give a public compliment to Richard at Bro-Tek. The improvement in stability on my hilly property here in the rainforest of western Washington has been remarkable. I work the...
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    Is bleeding necessary after replacing hose?

    I need to replace a damaged hose on my Kubota BT602 backhoe, leading from the block up through the boom. It controls the dump function of the bucket. I'm going to get a new one made up. I've never done this before, and i wonder if I will need to bleed the air out afterwards, and if so, how to...
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    BX25D / backhoe BT602 steps keep getting brokeb

    I wonder if anyone else has had this problem: The steps on mt backhoe seem really vulnerable. I have broken both sides about three times, by backing into things. I'm getting tired of welding them back together or back on. Am I just clumsy? At least my welds are getting better. ? Or should I...
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    Kubota dealers in western Washington

    I own a Kubota bx25d, which lives on my property near Snohomish, WA, and I am considering adding a larger tractor. I like my bx, but my local dealer in Everett has become problematic. When my wife and I bought the bx, it was from Sound Tractor, an old-time business owned by the same guy for...
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    Valve inaccessible. Slipped tube?

    The valve stem on one of my rear tires has assumed a really awkward position: pointing at the rim so tightly that I can't even get the cap off, let alone check the pressure or add air. The tractor is a Kubota bx25d with industrial tires. A couple of years ago, I ran over a stray piece of pointy...
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    BX reverse linkage fix- a few helpful details

    I have just fixed the apparently common problem of slow and powerless reverse on my bx25d. I have put almost 900 hours on the tractor, and the problem has been gradually getting worse during the past 50 hours or so. I am very grateful to all those who posted videos and text posts on this...
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    BX tach needle sticks.

    I have a BX25D with about 650 hrs. When I start it up, the tachometer needle goes way up, as usual, then down to zero, then stays there instead of going up to slightly above idle (where I set the throttle to start). At the same time, the battery light stays on. Both of these persist until I...
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    Bx skid plate causing mechanical noise---and how to fix it.

    Maybe this will help someone else: My bx25d has been making a rhythmic, but irregular clunking noise that seemed to come from the front end when in 4wd, and particularly in reverse. I was afraid it was a front axle problem, or maybe a u joint gone bad. I took off the skid plate (made by...
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    bx25d noise from front u-joint?

    When going in reverse, or sometimes when turning sharply in forward, and especially with a load in the loader bucket, I hear an intermittent clunking noise from somewhere up front. The only strange thing I find easily is that there is a shiny bare spot that has been scraped on the yoke holding...
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    leaking backhoe hose

    I have a Kubota bx25d, with about 230 hours on the clock. Recently I noticed that hydraulic fluid is leaking from something around the backhoe valve block, and accumulating on the horizontal surface below it. It happens only when I am operating the backhoe, not if I am just driving the tractor...
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    can't see photos on TBN

    I know this doesn't belong here, but I submitted a ticket and got no response. I will rely on your friendly help instead. Instead of thumbnail photos in posts, I suddenly saw a change to little blue boxes with a link to jpg files. When I tap on them (using my android samsung phone, as usual), I...
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    tractor therapy

    We all know how a good day working on the tractor can improve your state of mind. I have found that it can perform physical therapy, too. On Sunday I was working in our woods, clearing logging slash and brush; and I got off the tractor (a bx25d) to move some stuff so it would be more...
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    slow stabilizer on bx25d backhoe

    I have a 2014 Kubota bx25d with the standard Kubota backhoe. I have put about 150 hrs on the tractor, and the backhoe gets a lot of use. Since it was new, the right stabilizer has gone up and down much more slowly than the left one. Sometimes I can motivate it to move somewhat faster by...