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  1. Zebrafive

    M5040 what transmisioon?

    A friend found an ad for a 2010 Kubota M5040 open station 4x4 tractor. the ad says 8x8 transmission. Can anyone provide any more info? Like how many ranges, how many gears? Can this be shifted (with clutch) on the move ? Or must you stop before each gear change? How about for forward to...
  2. Zebrafive

    New JD Gator, are dealers discounting?

    Any new JD gator buyers? Were you able to get dealer to discount? Percent off? :confused:
  3. Zebrafive

    Any Can Am Defender HD5 or HD8 owners Reviews wanted

    Title says it all! What is the good or bad for the Can Am Defender HD5 or HD8? I am looking for something for utility use, not high speed trail riding or mudding. Limited winter use, no plowing, I have a truck for that. I am also considering Kawasaki Mule Pro MX or FXR, and Textron Prowler Pro XT
  4. Zebrafive

    Anyone have a Cabelas Tracker 800?

    Looks like a Textron/Arctic Cat Prowler Pro XT
  5. Zebrafive

    Farmall cub, how to install starter field stud.

    A friend bought a Farmall cub. The starter field stud was changed to bolt and they installed solenoid and push button. He wants to convert back to the mechanical switch that mounts on the starter with a pull rod. We bought the replacement field stud. It came with a bunch of different washers, 3...
  6. Zebrafive

    2030 diesel leak injection pump

    My JD 2030 USA built has a leak, diesel fuel, at the injection pump. It looks like at the "throttle" lever. I looked at JD parts. From the drawings it looks like maybe the top cover has to come off (drawing 3) to remove the shaft to replace the shaft o-ring.(drawing 1) I can't tell from the...
  7. Zebrafive

    Ford 800 series is it an 850 or 860?

    A friend bought a Ford 800 series. Is there an easy way to tell if it's an 850 (transmission PTO) or 860 (live PTO)? Such as PTO shaft will turn when in neutral (by hand) on 850, but not 860???? (I have not tried this, just asking for an easy way to tell) Front emblem say Ford 800. Thanks!
  8. Zebrafive

    Maintanence items for John Deere x495

    Looking for consumables for a John Deere x485 L&G tractor. Filters mainly. If you sold your L&G tractor and still have items for it LMK Title is WRONG! I meant x485, NOT x495. I could not figure out how to edit the title.
  9. Zebrafive

    front brush guard for John Deere x485

    Looking for the front brush guard for a JD x485 L&G tractor. BM20880 or BM24375
  10. Zebrafive

    How much $$ does AWS add to L&G tractor?

    Does AWS (all wheel steer) add anything to the cost of a USED L&G lawn & garden Tractor? Such as a 445, 455, X475, X485. X495, X724, X744 verses two wheel steer. How much more should I expect to pay for AWS verse 2WS on the same model? Or does it not command any extra $$ ?
  11. Zebrafive

    6415 torsion damper

    I now have the parts to install a new oil cooler (see 6415 vs. a 4" diameter log and lost). I bolted in the oil cooler than went to install the driveshaft that goes thru the oil cooler and connects the engine to the transmission. I could not get the bolts that go into the torsion damper to...
  12. Zebrafive

    Finally put together a this to check pressures

    I used a Tee between two quick couplers. I can either just connect to a remote, or "tee" into something. The only reason for the 90 bend in the hose at the tee is Surplus Center had this hose for 1/3 the price of a std hose the same length. It took one more adapter to make it work. I just can...
  13. Zebrafive

    6415 vs a 4" diameter log and lost

    Freak accident. While in reverse an approximate 4" diameter x 4' log got kicked up and hit the trans/hydraulic oil cooler. It felt like I hit something, but I did not see anything behind me. I shut it off and looked behind, nothing. Got back on and would not start. Got off and looked...
  14. Zebrafive

    285 L&G tractor, replacing throttle cable, new knob too?

    I have to replace the throttle cable on my JD 285 L& G tractor. The outer cable housing broke. Do I need to order the knob too? Can the old knob be transferred, or will it not survive being removed from the old throttle lever? You have to buy the lever as part of the cable. Key #1
  15. Zebrafive

    Need a measurement from a tractor with Skid Steer Quick Attach on it's loader

    I am going to build an adapter for my loader for skid steer quick attach. I ordered the Quick Tach Conversion Assembly. The measurement I need is; with no bucket/implement on your loader, the loader lowered to the ground, the SSQA mount plate vertical. Distance from the ground to the top edge of...
  16. Zebrafive

    If you have a JD 563 or 673 loader with the global carrier.....

    And are looking for the global latch system BW15503. See my "for sale" in the marketplace.
  17. Zebrafive

    Forestry Cage

    I saw this on Machinefinders. Not sure if it's homemade or factory. Thought it might give someone some ideas. Its for a 7000 series John Deere tractor.
  18. Zebrafive

    Spacing? Pole barn lights

    I plan to use 48" T-8 Flourescent lights, 2 bulbs per fixture, fixtures with reflector. Pole Barn is 30' x 54' with 10 foot ceiling height. I plan to have three switches, dividing the the lights into three zones, front, center and rear. With front to rear going the 54' length. Front would be...
  19. Zebrafive

    Accumulator Question, just got a Loader Suspension System.

    I just bought a LSS (Loader Suspension Systen) for the JD 640 loader on the JD 6415. It's missing the switch, but I can order one from the dealer. My question, can I have the dealer charge the accumulator with Nitrogen, before I install the system on the tractor? I know it comes without...
  20. Zebrafive

    What to use to seal hole in concrete wall

    At my Mother's house she has leak in the basement. I went and looked. It's where the water line comes thru the poured concrete wall. It looks like a motar of some type had been used and has cracked and fell out. About 3/4" gap around the pipe. Dirt and water has come in from the recent rains...
  21. Zebrafive

    How to ID 80 degree CV drive shaft?

    I found a used Bush Hog 3710. Looking on Bush Hog's website it says there is an optional drive that allows up to 80 degree turns. Std drive is also CV, not sure how tight of turns it allows. Anyone know how to determine which drive it has? Or how to ID the 80 degree drive?
  22. Zebrafive

    Pole Barn Loft...framing size questions

    I want to build a loft in my pole barn. I would like it to be 30' wide and 12' deep. My plan is to attach a 2 x? board across the rear wall for 30' to attach joist hangers to. Then on the side wall attaching to the first post will be a 2 x ? laminated beam (built on site) , 30'. It will be...
  23. Zebrafive

    ? Question for Diesel Gator Owners

    For the diesel Gator owners that live in a cold climate; any starting problems when it's cold out? Does it have a starting aid (glow plugs, air heater grid, etc) ? Again when its cold out, after starting does it have to warm up, will it keep running OK? Reason I ask I am thinking of up grading...
  24. Zebrafive

    Hydrualic Toplink Holder

    I bought my toplink from Fite Right Hydraulics. At 25 lbs a bungie cord would not cut it for a holder. So I made my own. More bought it than made it. The handle/holder is the same as used on my original toplink. I bought it from the dealer along with the two spring pins that hold it in place...
  25. Zebrafive

    Installing a MultiCoupler on a JD 640 SL Loader.

    After adding the third function to my JD 640 SL loader it had SIX quick couplers to deal with when removing/attaching the loader. I decided to "bite the bullet" and change to a MultiCoupler. The hardest part was paying $500 for the MultiCoupler, then $50 for adapters. My 640 hoses were JIC...
  26. Zebrafive

    Transporting a 10' wheel disc by trailer

    I bought a 10' wheel disc two states away. I think it's a Case IH brand. What's the best way to narrow it to trailer it home? Take off the gangs on one side?
  27. Zebrafive

    Options to get with HD rear blade

    I see multiple options for HD rear blades. Hydraulic angle, offset & tilt cylinders; cushsion valves; side/end plates; skid shoes; rear tail wheel. Any "must have"? Any not worth getting? I am thinking Hydraulic angle and offset cylinders and skid shoes.
  28. Zebrafive

    Pressure OK on unconnected Quick couplers?

    I am thinking of putting 'Tees" in my 3rd function loader lines (after the valve) and adding a pair of quick couplers at the rear of my tractor, giving an extra set at the rear. The loader valve is a mid valve. As long as I only use one set at a time, does anyone see a problem? My only...
  29. Zebrafive

    SCV coupler dust covers

    I found individual dust covers for the SCV couplers for the John Deere M series tractors in green, blue and brown. My question is are there other colors available? I want to put green and orange on the 3rd function couplers on my loader boom. I know I can get green, how about Orange? If so...
  30. Zebrafive

    Discount on Bundles?

    A lot of tractors and implements have "bundles" that let you customise your order. I am wondering if I can buy just a "bundle" I know bundles are ordered thru sale, not parts. Should I expect to get the 15%-18% off list buying a bundle? Any one done this? I never get a discount from the Parts...
  31. Zebrafive

    JD 500 Backhoe engine

    Is there an AG tractor engine that is the same as used in the JD 500 backhoe? I've seen listing for a couple with "bad" or need "repair" engines.
  32. Zebrafive

    Hose size for toplink cylinder?

    Make any difference what size hose I use? Cat II 3pt. 3" cylinder. As short as these hoses will be cost is not the deciding factor. So 1/4", 3'8" or 1/2" ?
  33. Zebrafive

    O-Ring material

    Viton or Buna-N? Which is better for hydraulics? Viton costs more, is it worth it? Planning on stocking up on ORFS and ORB O-Rings.
  34. Zebrafive

    JD Loader Suspension

    Anyone have any experience with the John Deere Loader Suspension? It's a nitrogen charged tank that connects by hydraulic hose to the lift hose (tees in) of the boom cylinders. Has a valve to shut the system off. I am not sure if there is something (like a bladder) that keeps the nitrogen...
  35. Zebrafive

    Source for rocker switches

    Any one found a source for rocker switches to fit JD tractors with 1 7/16" x 7/8" rectangular hole, that snap in. I do not need any labels. Factory switches are too expensive.
  36. Zebrafive

    Loader Need some measurements 563 673 S.S. loader.

    I need some measurements from any one with a John Deere 563 or 673 loader. I have a John Deere 640 loader. S.S.Q.A. Skid Steer Quick Attach carrier was never available for it. I am wondering if I could adapt the S.S.Q.A from a 563/673 loader. Before I buy I need some measurements: 1 Width of...
  37. Zebrafive

    Rake Thinking of buying a 72" Ratchet Rake?

    RUN don't walk to TSC! I went there today and the 72 inchers were on clearance for $199.99. Smaller sizes were NOT on sale. I wish I had a 10% off coupon too, but $160 off is good enough :D:thumbsup:
  38. Zebrafive

    Rotary Cutter Differences, Bush Hog 280 & 290 series

    I am trying to figure out the differences between the Bush Hog 280 & 290 series. Comparing the two, 290 series rated to cut 1/2" more, slightly bigger 1-2 inch width & length, gearbox rated 20HP more. Side bands 5" taller (any advantage to this), 150lbs (6') 200lbs (7') heavier. Looking at the...
  39. Zebrafive

    I need an electric diagram for JD 6415

    What l specifically need is a diagram for the backup alarm on a JD 6415 with Power Quad Trans and Reverser. I bought a backup alarm kit said to be for a JD 6415 missing a few parts. l thought all l needed was a pressure switch and the adapter fitting to install in the trans. Turns out there...
  40. Zebrafive

    CAT II Ballast box (3) questions

    I am going to build a CAT II ballast box. How High should I locate the center of the top link pin hole above the box so it will still work with a quick hitch? I plan to weld the bracket inside the box on what will be the side closest to the tractor. What should the vertical centers be between...
  41. Zebrafive

    Semi mounted vs 3pt for 8' rotary mower

    Looking to buy an 8' rotary cutter. Rough cut, not finish. I know I do not want a pulled type (don't want to deal with backing and the extra length). So what are the advantages/disavantages of semi mounted? Or 3pt mount. I have plenty of 3pt lift capacity so that is not an issue. Looking at...
  42. Zebrafive

    Power Beyond (boost)(bleed)

    On eBay there are two Power Beyond spacer/blocks. One is marked "boost" the other "bleed" both are said to work on my tractor. What does boost and bleed mean? Ebay item numbers are 220766176258 & 32068251646. John Deere numbers are BW15378 & BW15379 I know what Power Beyond is, but not boost or...
  43. Zebrafive

    JD ag dozer blade model 534

    There will be one at auction next week. 8' wide was on a JD 4020 Ag tractor. Anyone have any experience with these? I know I would have to adapt it to my JD 6415 MFWD. Tractor size and power should not be a problem if a JD 4020 could handle it.
  44. Zebrafive

    Buying Advice % off MSRP what about freight?

    I am considering an MX8 RC mower. Should 10-15% off MSRP from build your own be what I pay? Or will there be a freight charge on top of that to the Dealership. I can pickup there. I know I will pay sales tax. I want either the 3pt mount, semi mounted, or semi mounted with hydraulic offset...
  45. Zebrafive

    Surplus Center QC tip

    Is the Surplus Center hydraulic quick coupler tip item 9-5923 compatible with SCV couplings on a John Deere 6000 series tractor? I like the fact it has SAE 8 threads which I take to be the same as ORB, O-Ring Boss.
  46. Zebrafive

    Wanted JD loader latches for bucket

    Wanted John Deere loader latches for the attachment as used on 600 & 700 series loaders.
  47. Zebrafive

    540/1000 PTO as Economy PTO?

    If I put an adapter (1000 to 540) on my 1000 rpm PTO and run it at a lower rpm, would this work as an E-PTO? Or is this a dumb idea? Any thoughts? I should note that my tractor shows the PTO rpm on the dash when the PTO is engaged. I have not checked at what engine rpm the the 1000 PTO would be...
  48. Zebrafive

    Strange light problem on the 6415

    I went to move the tractor and when I turned the key ON the right turn signal arrow on the dash and the right yellow hazard light on the ROPS came ON. Just ON, not flashing. First I checked the turnsignal switch, it was OFF. Then I tried the right turn signal. Only the right taillight flashed...
  49. Zebrafive

    School me on liquid filled tires

    I am told my new to me tractor has liquid filled rears. I have not tried to check yet. Special pressure guage needed? If so how does it differ? When checking pressure does it matter where the valve stem is? Like at 12 o'clock. Same for adding air? If long term storage do I need to park valve...
  50. Zebrafive

    Twine around the front hubs

    Just got a mfwd JD6415. There is some baler twine wrapped around the front hubs. I tried to unwrap/pull it off and it just breaks. I want to get it out out before it takes out the front hub seals. I am worried if I disassemble and disturb the seals they may start to leak anyway. So far the seals...