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  1. J

    Masonry drilling

    Hi guys, I'm mounting square steel posts on the corners of my front steps for some handrails. The stair tread "cap" is bluestone, with brick underneath. I have no idea how solid the area inside the perimeter brick is. Maybe just rubble. I plan to use regular "red-head" anchors, probably...
  2. J

    Laid an EGG

    One of wife's hens gifted her with this monster yesterday. Biggest I've ever seen!
  3. J

    Droopy Chinese Dogwood

    Hi folks, We were given what I understand to be a "Chinese Dogwood". It seems to be thriving, but is quite droopy per the attached. Do these need to be supported or pruned when young?
  4. J

    Freeing up stuck upper side link mounts

    Hi guys, The retaining nuts on both sides of my sidelink upper mounts came loose just fine. Threads have some corrosion, but the whole pivot pin appears to be CAD plated. Unfortunately, the inner bushings of the links that the pins go through appear to just be regular and very rusty steel...
  5. J

    Oil & Fuel Corroded drain plug

    Not sure what got ahold of this drain plug! I think it looks worse than it is. Not leaking any. I assume it is a tapered thread, so it seals on the threads and not the "rim". The allen innerds should still be fine best I can tell. Since it's behind the "split pin" I also assume that it is...
  6. J

    "Sticky" valve movement - can/should I flush with a U-hose?

    Hi guys, Two of my 3 newly-installed rear remote valves are both very "tight" (takes a lot of pressure on the levers) and seem to be "sticky" when they do move. Sticky enough that they don't return to center very well. Kinda have to be manually set there. The third (farthest outboard) is...
  7. J

    Top & Tilt Fitting Orientation

    Hi guys, I sent Brian at FitRite an e-mail, but he's so busy that his e-mail does an instant reply that it will be a few days. Good on him for both staying so busy AND for the notice instead of just leaving people wondering. I bet the TBN brain trust is *almost* as expert as Brian. So I am...
  8. J

    Slo-blow fuse removal

    Hi gang, The inside of the slo-blow fuse compartment on my L4330 was full of dust and crap, so I attempted to clean it. I blew it out with an air hose and sprayed contact cleaner all around the fuses, but could NOT figure out how to actually remove them for a proper cleaning. Gentle grabbing...
  9. J

    Kubota L4330 (et al) PTO safety and indicator switches - Very cheap fix for your PTO

    Hi gang, I've been working on adding 3 rear remotes to my L4330 (see thread in "Hydraulics"). As I'm putting everything back together, I notice that the PTO dash indicator doesn't light, and I assume (didn't actually do a visual) that the PTO is not engaging. I figured I had reversed the...
  10. J

    Chicken hay in garden

    Hi gang. Wife has been at least temporarily piling "used" hay from the chicken coop cleanings in the raised garden bed. All the beneficial chicken poop has been rinsed off by now. Any reason to remove the loose hay, or should we just till it in as compost?
  11. J

    Subaru service event

    Figured this goes better in here than in "Parts & Repairs"? And sorry, this is a long story to get in all the background. Our 2015 Subaru Forester has had a driver's side wheel bearing going out for a month or two. Growling gradually louder and louder, and at a wider range of speeds. It's...
  12. J

    Caught my Kubota safety electrons napping

    Now that it's finally turning too cold outside to work, I decided to try to finally install my rear hydraulics. Got the tractor snuggled up behind the garage and pulled the seat/mount off to access the hydraulics. Of course, right after that, FIL walks over and asks, "hey, our heat pump...
  13. J

    Metal cutting of clean painted square tube

    The welding forum wasn't quite right and there's not a metal working forum, so I guess my question goes here. I'll be installing a bunch of pre-fab iron railings that I'll need to cut to length (Fortress FE26). The rails to be cut are about 1-1/2" square tube with a (supposedly) super-durable...
  14. J

    Halloween - Proud of our little town

    Went with our new (16 mo) grandbaby to a couple of the local Halloween events last night. I was both ASTONISHED, and very proud of the family values of our little town of Cookeville, TN. For the last several years, they have had a Halloween event on "the historic west side", a commercial...
  15. J

    Keurig and calcium

    Ugh! Spent over 3 hours yesterday tearing into the Keurig machine to try to locate whatever is causing it to clog. Wonderfully complex design that is almost impossible to get into! Amazing that they can sell it for around $100 considering what goes into one. I managed to remove several of...
  16. J

    Apollo solar gate operator/battery failure mode

    Hi guys. So I've bragged on here several times about the great service I've gotten from my Apollo 1550 ETL solar gate operator AND the Sam's Club "Duracell" battery I've been using in it. Almost 4 years now. The control board did have one glitch where the "OK" button in the controls quit...
  17. J

    Video editor

    Hey guys, I've seen that some of y'all on here are very good with video work. I have a few "raw" videos that I'd mostly just like to "trim" some bits out of the middle of. Every editor I've tried makes it (seem to be) extremely difficult to do this. Any good, easy, video editor apps to...
  18. J

    Barko Forestry Mulcher

    Rode along beside one of these beasts for a bit on the interstate - Industrial Wheeled Tractor 937B | BARKO Holy destruction! 380 HP of mulching madness. The head appeared to be about 8-9ft wide and festooned with big carbide teeth kinda like on a flail (think "molars"). Looks like you could...
  19. J

    Ants in access control keypad

    Hi guys. I just discovered hundreds of ants inside my gate access control keypad. It is a Millenium 950/951, which is relatively well sealed, but there is a small gap around the outer edge so that it can be opened for battery changes. It's mounted on a flat board, so all the normal...
  20. J

    Propane Barbeque grill dos and donts

    Not sure if this should go in the Safety Forum or in some other sub-forum appropriate for Darwin Award nominees. Florida couple transporting grill injured after SUV explodes when woman lights cigarette | Fox News
  21. J

    Freezing fresh corn

    I assume this question is kinda like "what oil should I use"? I also figured this question had been asked and answered a thousand times on here, but my attempts at search for freezing+corn didn't turn up any threads that looked right. Just stuff like "what internet to use". So what methods...
  22. J

    Reconditioning a twisted 4x4

    Hi guys. I didn't really think it was possible to "fix" a 4x4 once it twisted and was dried. I'm building another "flower box" like this and one of my long 4x4 band boards had about 15deg of twist. Just enough to look bad and make assembly really difficult. Since I had the holes drilled...
  23. J

    Furukawa FD45 Ignition Switch/Key

    Hi folks. I don't usually post in here, so hopefully I'm in the right place. And hopefully this will help any future searchers with similar problems. B-I-L lost his key for his little Furukawa FD45 dozer. I pulled the switch out and explored the net for one had that a similar terminal...
  24. J

    Cub (MTD) Starting issues

    I've seen lots of posts on here where engines will turn over slowly or "jerky", turning part of a turn and then stalling. It seems to be a common failure mode for single and twin cylinder Kohlers and Briggs. I acknowledge that this is sometimes due to inoperable compression releases, but I...
  25. J

    An ill wind

    Due to a cross-country job change, my daughter/S-I-L/new grandson are living with us for a while while getting settled. Also included is her geriatric (14yo) chocolate lab. Even after plenty of time to get settled and relaxed, something is causing him to have unbelievably bad farts. These are...
  26. J

    Skull ID

    Any opinions? Not many features left for identification, but we think it most closely fits raccoon.
  27. J

    Hookaroon/Pickaroon recommendation

    My wife and her dad do most of the firewood handling around here. I've heard y'all's comments about the immense usefulness of a Pickaroon, so figured I'd get her one (and some tongs). So what is a good one? I've always had good experience with Fiskars stuff; is this one a good choice...
  28. J

    Thread sealant for fireplace propane lighter

    I'm disassembling and cleaning my fireplace gas (propane) log lighter. It's mostly black iron pipe, but I think the "carburetor" (gas/air venturi) and the distribution pipe are stainless. The original threads are all ok, but very oxidized due to the high temps down in the coal bed where it...
  29. J

    Coyotes getting worrisome

    We've always had some coyotes around here. As years go by and the available food sources for them wax and wane, so does their population. But with several dogs and donkeys around, they have almost never been seen right up by our "populated" area and only heard once in a while. We live in a...
  30. J

    ID an old 7 ft disc?

    Hi guys. I've been needing a heavy disc, known around here as a "bog disc" to try to level out about 2-3 acres of my back field. This one came up on auction locally and looks like it might fit the bill. Especially if I chain down about 1,000 lbs of tree trunk on top. Anyone recognize the...
  31. J

    Removing a slight scratch in a blued gun receiver

    Looked at an otherwise gorgeous Winchester 94AE today in .44 mag. I can maybe get a decent price on it at auction because it has a slight scratch all along the right side of the receiver. Anyone know of a good method to "buff this out"? It is so slight as to be tempting to just leave alone vs...
  32. J

    Briggs & Stratton pressure washer pump unloader

    Couldn't find a pressure washer sub-forum but I know you guys all use em and maybe have some detailed repair experience, especially with the pumps/unloaders. B-I-L's TroyBilt PW with a B&S pump stalls right after starting, so I suspected the unloader was stuck. Pulled it apart and found its...
  33. J

    Scorpion mobility

    How can scorpions move about? Wife killed one in her bathroom sink last night. We cannot figure out how it got there. I don't recall ever seeing one NOT on the ground. Can they crawl up walls or swim through a sink trap?
  34. J

    Need a replacement "wall flange" like this

    This is actually a wall mounting flange for a closet hanging rod. About 2" x 1-1/2". I need one extra and the manufacturer doesn't sell this part individually, only sells the whole rod/mount. Can anyone think of something similar? All it needs is a 3/8" hole in the center, enough of a...
  35. J

    BushHog 286 w/B&P or Binnachi slip clutch - which disks?

    Hi guys. Per title; I know I have the Bondioli&Pavesi/Binnachi slip clutch since the center of the Flange Plate is solid (no hole). That doesn't help a lot - BushHog's manual tells me nothing about clutch parts. GermanBliss shows that there could be any one of 3 models of clutch. I'm pretty...
  36. J

    Briggs/Nikki overrev problem

    Hi gang. F-I-L brought me his TroyBilt rider with the Briggs&Stratton 17HP (9BSXS.5002VP) engine. It was running, but VERY rich; missing and black smoke, like the choke was stuck on. It has the crappy Nikki carb with the white plastic "metering plate" with the main jet pressed into it. NOT...
  37. J

    One reason (excuse) to get your septic tank pumped

    It's been about 4 years in the new house, but only really 2-3 of being here regularly. So its a little early to have the septic pumped, but I was curious about how it was doing. Plus, we use a garbage disposer (sparingly) and occasionally flush some of those "supposed to be biodegradable and...
  38. J

    Quality Long Life Yard LED Floodlights?

    I have 5 double-head outdoor floodlight fixtures up on the high eaves of the house. Currently 100w halogen in each of the 10 heads. Except for 1, they are all quite difficult and dangerous to get to. When we built the house 6-7 years ago, LED exterior lighting was just really becoming...
  39. J

    Drill bit sharpening

    I am guilty of being lazy and not first doing a search on here for previous posts.... but, has anyone had good experience with any commercial drill bit sharpening services? I have just a few larger ones, 1/2" to 7/8" that I don't trust myself to do a really good job on.
  40. J

    Battery tray protective coating

    Anyone have good long-term results with any anti-corrosion products for steel battery trays? I have an electric side by side with 8 large lead-acid batteries. The batteries sit on a poly tray, but that in turn sits on a steel tray which is beginning to corrode in spots. I've pulled one of...
  41. J

    World Naked Gardening Day

    Made me think of RalphVA... News Feed About World Naked Gardening Day | Facebook
  42. J

    Beekeepers on here? Lost a whole hive today

    One of wife's hives swarmed Sunday. She was able to get most of the swarm into a new hive. Opened up the old one today to find it was infested with some sort of larvae, but evidently NOT wax moths. No adults were present, only the larvae, and hundreds and hundreds of them, along with some...
  43. J

    Another tragedy

    9 year old boy killed, evidently due to faulty brakes on a 4-wheeler and just being in the wrong place. Page Not Found | Facebook
  44. J

    New HD Camera Drone (Quadcopter)

    Hi guys. I know from previous threads that there's a bunch of quadcopter fans on here. I lust after the often-mentioned DJI Phantoms, but the $1000 ante holds me back. I just ran across a new "toy" quadcopter at Costco: made by "Propel", their "Altitude 2.0" model. At the risk of sounding...
  45. J

    Dog Food recommendations

    We're picking up a new rescue dog next Saturday after the mandatory spay. A smallish lab mix, maybe 35-40#. Very laid back. Been many years since either of us has had a dog. What does the TBN brain trust recommend for a good dog food? I know, kinda like asking "what oil should I use"! I...
  46. J

    Electric wood splitter - anyone using one?

    I surprised myself that I didn't check for opinions on here first, but we just ordered a new 22 ton electric wood splitter. Wife does the splitting, but she HATES any engine that doesn't start easily, and I am sick and tired of having to tear down the ethanol-fouled carburetors in all the small...
  47. J

    (R)CR-123 batteries - Dakota Alert

    Hi guys. I believe that a lot of folks on this forum use CR-123-type batteries for various things, specifically high-end flashlights and Dakota Alert equipment, right? One of my Dakota Alert MURS is powered by my solar gate operator battery (group 34 automotive) and is awesome, but the other...
  48. J

    Nothing better than 125 tons of fresh crusher-run

    Except maybe the first few fall leaves brought on by cool evening temps! - Jay
  49. J

    Source for buckets of cheap grease?

    Anyone have a suggestion for a source for bucket-sized quantities of cheap grease? Water resistant. Maybe about a gallon or so. Not food-grade or edible, probably petroleum-based. Bad tasting would be a plus. Grease seems to work good on the bird feeder poles to discourage the rat bastard...
  50. J

    Cadet 7260 Air Filter Replacement

    Hi guys, I read several threads on here and elsewhere about trying to find a replacement for the OEM air filter on my FIL's Cub 7260 without much success. The Cub part, p/n MA-1031051120, is stupid expensive, $121. Wix cross-references this to their p/n 46483, which is NOT the correct...