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  1. hugo454

    Sold***Woodland Mills WC-68 chipper, 32189, Florida Sold***

    2800 for the chipper OBO
  2. hugo454

    Scam Artists have found us,be careful

    I have 2 posts where I am looking for a flail mower and a separate post where I am looking for a headlight assembly for a cub cadet 6284. Well lo and behold a "new member" with only 2 post and they were both to me,they had the flail mower I am looking for in almost new condition and selling it...
  3. hugo454

    6284 rear pto cylinder seal needed

    I have a 6284 tractor that needs a seal for the rear pto lift cylinder.I can't seem to find the part # on any of the schematics.Any help would be appreciated even though answers pertaining to this particular tractor are far and few between.
  4. hugo454

    Headlight assembly for 6284

    Anyone know where I can find a headlight assembly for my tractor?
  5. hugo454

    ISO, small flail mower

    I am looking for small 48" or less Flail mower I am located in N.Florida
  6. hugo454

    In search of small Flail mower,North Florida

    looking to purchase a flail mower.I am located in North Florida.
  7. hugo454

    6284 rear rim replacement options

    6284 rear rims