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    PROBLEM FIXED! Can I pull the valves out of this switching block?

    This block switches between the trencher and the vibratory. The trencher works at full power but the vibrator never gets fully up to speed and looses all power when the drive wheels are activated. Also the trencher slightly spins then the vibrator is selected making me the the switch valve isn't...
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    Meet BB my new machine.

    76hp turbo duetz, 4x4x4 with a 6way blade, plow and trencher. Putting it to work tomorrow. BB stands for big b#$%h. Lol.
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    Anyone in Parker, South Dakota want to check out a machine for me?

    I'm willing to pay you for your time. Send me a pm or reply to this thread. Thanks, Keith
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    Anyine in/near Lapeer, Michigan?

    If so would you be able to look at a ditchwitch I'm thinking about buying and having shipped to me. They are supposed to be getting me videos of it running and operating but I'd feel more comfortable dropping the $$$ if I had some eyes on it. PM me if you're interested in helping. Thanks, Keith
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    Kubota gas engines.

    It's my first timing running one of these. Not bad but burns up some gas. 46hp 88ftlbs. I use about 8-10 gallons with the 46hp Kubota gas engine in the vermeer vs about 5gallons in the 45hp diesel ditchwitch.(per day) The ditchwitch is older and I think the current comparable model to the...
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    The missle.

    Lives up to it's name, but unfortunately it has no guidance system so once you send it off you pray it going straight and true!
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    Excavator communications bucket build.

    In the process if making my 4th bucket for the excavator. This one is for digging narrow trenches and digging/cleaning under other utility lines. This is for places the ride on trencher can't go because if space or possibility if getting stuck. Also useful for cleaning out any trench cave ins...
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    Kiester cooler.

    I'm going to be putting in fiber all summer for rural internet. Going 36" deep is slow. This means I'll be sitting in a vinyl chain trencher or excavator seat for hours on end. Any solutions for being cooler? Taxi driver bead seat covers? Ice packs for the butt lol? Any kind of 12v butt fan...
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    If you thought tractors were expensive...

    Try shopping for a vibratory plow/chain trencher/boring unit. Dang!
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    Great customer service, Summit Hydraulics!

    I bought a diverter valve in February to switch between hydraulic thumb and another function on my excavator. Friday while on a job it got stuck in the ON position even when un-powered. Talked to tech support we tried a couple things and they said we're sending you a new valve and you'll have...
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    Homemade scandi buckets

    Just wanted to show off the assorted buckets I have for the mini+excavator. The 24" and 18" scandi buckets I designed and made myself. If you've never used a scandi they are amazing. Cut in good and you barely have to curl at all to move materials, can scoop up and move the plate...
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    Diy timber beams, it's slow.

    I wanted to turn the pine tree into a 32ft beam but I gave up(at least for today, probably for good). It's actually cutting square and straight, just going way too slow.
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    Where are they going to house them?

    Read some books and turn off the TV.
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    Art of the dump trailer

    Just got a 12' dump trailer to go along with the 16' equipment trailer I've been using and there is definitely a learning curve. I've made about 14 dumps so far and I'm figuring it out. So far all of dumps have been good expect the last two. One before last I loaded too tail heavy and things...