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    Redback 120 volt battery equipment

    Has anyone on here bought and used any of Redback 120 volt outdoor equipment? Examples chain saw , hedge trimmer, leaf blower, string trimmer, lawn mower. I bought several of the tools before pandemic and really like them but apparently they went out of business. 2 of the batteries for the...
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    Rubber lip on snow blade

    How far below the metal edge of the snow blade do you have the rubber lip? I am going to use 3/4 inch thick rubber mat I got at tractor supply. I am going to mount it between the wear strip and the blade.
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    Slope mower tires and wheels

    Have any of you that have slope mowers converted from dual wheels to single wheels? If so what was your reason for doing it? And also what tire tread did you get? I am thinking of converting my 1845 dual wheels to single because if you run duals in snow you end up with snow build up between...
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    Kubota wheels and tires for sale

    Tires and wheels for Kubota BX series, listed on Tractorbynet items for sale.
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    KUBOTA Wheels and tires for Bx tractor

    I have 2 rear wheels and turf tires 26 x 12 -12 4 ply in like new condition and 2 18 x 8.50 - 10 front wheels and tires 4 ply . Fits Kubota BX series tractors. Rear bolt pattern 5 x 4.5 inches front 4 x 2.75 inches Tires and rims are like new condition, will sell front and rears separately...
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    When did you tighten center nut on your PT

    How often have you tightened the center nut on your power trac? It has been a while since I have been able to tighten mine. I have tried different times and have not been able to tighten it any no matter how hard I pull on the wrench. I notice when running it it seems like it needs tightened .
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    Chain saw bar length.

    If you have an 18 inch bar on your chain saw and change to a 16 inch bar how will that affect your saw or its performance? I realize it will effect the balance some but other than that what difference could I expect. Most of my cutting with it 16 inches is more than enough length and I have...
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    Mini truck utv

    Has anyone looked at the Japanese mini truck utv's that seem to be getting popular in place of the regular utv's. They are a little larger than a regular utv and some are street legal and the price is comparable to a utv.
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    Can radial tires be mixex with bias

    Can I put regular tires on the front of my tractor when I have radials on the rear ? It is four wheel drive and I don't want to damage the transmission or gear cases. Thanks
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    Anyone know anything about Turf Teq

    Has anyone owned or used a Turf Teq or Sidewinder??
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    Anyone use a power brush to remove snow from gravel driveway

    I was just wondering if anyone uses a power brush on their tractor to remove snow from a gravel driveway? If so how does it do , removes most of snow and how much of the gravel.
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    Best way to take calcium out of tractor tires

    I have ag tires on my tractor and they are filled with calcium, my question is can I take the calcium out myself or to I need to get a tire service company to do it? If I can do it how is the best way? Thanks for any help. Tire size 16.9 - 30
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    Power Trac snow blade

    Does anyone have the Power Trac snow blade with the rubber lip on it.? If so several questions how does it work on a gravel driveway? Also do you have the wheel kit for it and finally how does it wear and how far does it stick down below the steel cutting edge? Thanks
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    Cushman Trackster

    I am looking for a Cushman Trackster does anyone own one or know of any for sale. Thanks
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    Pennsylvania MAX 2 6 x 6 Anphibious ATV

    2002 Max 2 6 x 6 Amphibious ATV for sale Vanguard 16 hp 2 cylinder B & S motor, runs good with very low hours. Has winch, light bar top, rear and side covers, windshield, roll bar, rear hitch, Goodyear Rawhide tires. Will go on land or water. Ready to run right now. Located east of...
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    MAX 2 6 x 6

    Does anyone have a max 2 6 x 6 or any or the other makes Argo , Attrex if so what do you think of them and any problems to be wary of?
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    Pennsylvania Flail mower 48 inch

    I have a flail mower (mott mower) for sale it is adapted to my 422 Power Trac. It is in good condition with all new knives. I will take some pictures in the next few days. Will possibly consider trades. $675.
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    John Deere 550 dozer problem

    I have an older John Deere 550 dozer (year 1979) and it starts right up but after a few minutes of running it starts shooting water/antifreeze out the overflow vent where the cap is. I have filled it with water to the top of the radiator core and check it after running and it is down so I...
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    New Forks

    Last week I decided to try a set of clamp on pallet forks, I ordered them from Titan and they were here in a few days. I have only tried them briefly on my pt 422 and they worked ok. I used them to lift and move several ash logs about 8' long and 10" in diameter. I got them so I could use...
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    Just passed 3,000 hours on my 422

    Saturday I just passed 3,000 hours on my 422, no real major issues other than I replaced my Robin engine with a Robin engine I purchased used 8 years ago. Very pleased with the Power Trac performance and use over the past 20 years
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    Anyone have a good source for tractor tires and rims

    I am looking for some new tractor tires rear 16.9 x 30 and possibly rims as the current rims are getting rusted pretty bad around the valve stems and some on other parts of the rims as they are filled with calcium. The rims are bolted onto the hub in 6 locations. I am located in Pa.
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    Steiner 525 disel

    My son has an older Steiner 525 that he is having problems with right now it will start up and run till he engages the mower or goes to move it then it almost stalls out. We put a new fuel filter on it , still no difference. Seems to be a issue with tractor not getting enough fuel, any ideas...
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    Does anyone use tire chains on their UTV

    I have a Polaris Ranger 500 and I was thinking about putting a set of tire chains on the rears. I have some real steep trails and driveway . If anyone uses chains what type is best and is there any problem with clearances.
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    Has anyone ever tried pushing their Power Trac

    My 1845 is not currently running and I tried pushing it with my other tractor, (from the front) and it kept jack knifing even if I lifter the front while pushing it. The tow valve was opened and the brake was released, no matter what we tried it would not go straight very far. Anyone have any...
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    Power Trac's new web site

    Has anyone noticed that power trac has redesigned their web site, very nice I think
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    Cushman trackster

    Does anyone have a Cushman trackster and if so do you have any problems that you should look for when buying one. They look like a fun machine to have. I know they were only made in the early seventies and they are hard to find.
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    Hydraulic hose question

    I have a log splitter I run off my tractor and it runs fine at splitting the logs. Right now the hydraulic hoses are a little short for running off my other tractor , so I got 2 hoses to add on to the existing hoses with hydraulic quick attach fittings. The problem with the extended hoses is...
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    Power Sweeper

    Has anyone used the power sweeper to remove light snow from a gravel driveway, I imagine it would remove the snow and also a lot of the gravel, of course in the spring you could use it to put the gravel back on it.
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    Parker Hydraulic motor

    I need help trying to find information on a Parker hydraulic motor(parts listing) and specifications, pictures, etc. I could not find it on Parkers web site. The information on the motor is Parker , 00/4, MZG2AB113S1, Made in Italy. See picture attached. Found that it was last made...
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    Hydraulic motor help needed

    I bought a used flail mower for my 422 and the hydraulic motor for it is leaking at the shaft. The rubber seal around the shaft is worn through in one place. It looks like the seal is held in by a snap ring. The question is can the seal be replaced by just taking the snap ring off and...
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    Mini hoe thumb

    I have a question for anyone that has a power trac thumb on their mini hoe. Where is the ideal place to fasten it , how far from the bucket? I just had a local company make me one similar to the power trac one and I am not sure what distance from the bucket would be the best place to fasten it...
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    Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    What kind of fluid?

    I purchased a used log splitter and I am trying to figure out what was used for the hydraulic fluid , it is a light yellow color and has an odor not like motor oil. The guy I got it off couldn't remember what he used just that he got it at Tractor Supply. The reason I would like to know is...
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    Hydraulic log splitter

    Would it be possible or advisable to use the hydraulics on a power trac to run a log splitter. I am looking at a log splitter that the owner uses a Simplicity 12 hp tractor to run the log splitter by bolting the pump onto a pto shaft. I was thinking I could use the pto circuit to run the...
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    Hit 2,000 hours on my 422

    Yesterday I hit the 2,000 hours on my 422 which I purchased new 14 1/2 years ago with no major problems. Put a new battery in it this year and also 2 new tires, old ones had lots of tread left but they were starting to crack and lose air , so rather than put tubes in I just purchased new tires...
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    1845 Problem

    Does anyone that has either the 1845 or 1865 with dual wheels have problems with mud getting between the 2 wheels and packing in real hard.? If so is there any way to get it unpacked without taking the outside wheel off. ?
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    STEINER 525

    Does anyone have a Steiner 525 with diesel engine. I would like to know some information about it, like can dual wheels be put on it and with just the single wheels what is the maximum slope that can be safely mowed. Also what size mower can it handle and is there any sites on the internet...
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    Belt size of 72 inch mower deck

    Does anyone know the size of the mower belt for the 72 inch mower deck for the 1845, mine broke yesterday and as near as I can tell it is about 138 inches long and about 11/16 inches wide. I tried calling power trac but they were closed till Monday. Cannot find any belts that long in stock...
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    1845 on ebay

    Has anyone checked out the 1845 on ebay?
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    need advice on changing hydraulic filter on 1845

    I just changed the hydraulic filter on my 1845 and was in the process of bleeding the system. The bleed port is on the top with a tee, I connected the bleed hose to one side of the tee and cranked the engine and hydraulic fluid came out at first then just a little then none. I have tried several...
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    Snow Blade wheel kit

    How many of you that have the PT snow blade have the wheel kit for it? And how well does it work?
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    Will it work??

    I recently had an adapter made for my 1845 (which is the old 3 pin attachment), so that I could use several of my attachments from my 422. I want to be able to use the 422 bucket on the 1845 on certain occasions and also the snow blade which I had made wider. I plan to take the dual wheels off...
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    Caster wheel kit for snow blade

    Is the caster wheel kit for the snow blade worth the money?? Does anyone who has it think it works better than the blade without the wheels?
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    Has anyone ever had to replace the tilt seat on slope mower

    I am curious if anyone has had to replace the tilt seat or switch on their slope mower? My seat bracket is worn where it swivels and it seems to go all over the place when riding on slopes. The one mercury switch is like burnt colored and the other is clear. The hydraulic cylinder probably...
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    Can wheel hub be repaired?

    The front wheel on my 5660 Agco Allis four wheel drive is showing signs of a hairline crack around the 6 bolt holes. See Attached pictures. Can this be fixed any way or will I need a new hub? A new hub is $550. plus shipping , I have tried to find a used one with no luck .
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    Advice on tire chain type

    I am considering buying tire chains and am not sure what I should buy. I have ag tires with about 75 % tread. I would like to buy the ladder type as I run some on paved roads, but I have read that they do not do much good as they fall between the cletes. Any advice would be appreciated.
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    Need help finding nut

    Does anyone have any information on where I might find a nut off 422 wheel motor other than power trac? It is a 3/4 castle nut 28 thread per inch. I have tried NAPA , hydraulic repair shops, fastenal, surplus center without any luck. Can get it from power trac but $50. minimum order. Thanks...
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    Fertilizer Spreader

    Does anyone have the fertilizer spreader? I have a question on how the gate is attached to the spreader. Is it just attached on the one side with a 1/2 inch bolt and is there any washers or spacers? Thanks for any help.
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    Robin Ignition coil

    Has anyone ever replaced the ignition coils on their Robin engine? Mine started back firing the other day, Terry thought replacing the spark plugs would fix the problem, no such luck,checked and reset the valves still back fires some , the spark to the left cylinder is not steady, so we think...
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    Question on 1845 or 1850 slope mowers

    On the 1845 is there any heat shield below the muffler? On my 1845 1996 model with Deutz engine it looks like there was a bracket beside the starter that I wonder if it could have held a shield of some sort. If I run the tractor and the temp. gets hot it will not start for several hours unless...