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    Masonry drilling

    Hi guys, I'm mounting square steel posts on the corners of my front steps for some handrails. The stair tread "cap" is bluestone, with brick underneath. I have no idea how solid the area inside the perimeter brick is. Maybe just rubble. I plan to use regular "red-head" anchors, probably...
  2. J

    Your Land is my Land

    I know RIGHT where every one of my 200 or so "corners" is! It helps that when you trace out the survey calls, the property line lines up along the creek bottoms, etc.
  3. J

    Backhoe Attachment for breaking bedrock

    There's a whole line of explosive products called "PowerTrench". Or there's a rocksaw. I don't know which would be more expensive.
  4. J

    Laid an EGG

    One of wife's hens gifted her with this monster yesterday. Biggest I've ever seen!
  5. J

    Droopy Chinese Dogwood

    Hi folks, We were given what I understand to be a "Chinese Dogwood". It seems to be thriving, but is quite droopy per the attached. Do these need to be supported or pruned when young?
  6. J

    7360 SS won't turn over ignition problem

    I'm not sure if this .png is "zoomable". My original is .pdf, but I only know how to make a copy of the whole manual, which is a rather large file.
  7. J

    Freeing up stuck upper side link mounts

    What a battle! Fortunately, my automotive tie rod/pittman arm puller just fit. It's a good-quality, very stoutly made item (K-D Tools?), which is a good thing, because with about 100 ft-lb on it, the link pin was not budging. I cannot imagine any way to put more force on this joint! I got...
  8. J

    Freeing up stuck upper side link mounts

    Hi guys, The retaining nuts on both sides of my sidelink upper mounts came loose just fine. Threads have some corrosion, but the whole pivot pin appears to be CAD plated. Unfortunately, the inner bushings of the links that the pins go through appear to just be regular and very rusty steel...
  9. J

    600' water line suggestions

    My contractor used the same stuff he runs miles of for the water utility district. SDR21. 20 ft lengths with o-ring joints. Water lines need to be able move just a little. They also put in 3 2" "sectionalizing" valves in little brick underground boxes so we can valve out a specific section...
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    Kubota Top-N-Tilt concerns

    There are actually THREE o-rings in between each valve pair and the supply/termination blocks. Two of them are regular round o-rings, but get squished into oval shaped recesses. Kubota says to stick them to the valves during assembly with heavy grease. If these didn't get seated properly, I'm...
  11. J

    Oil & Fuel Corroded drain plug

    Not sure what got ahold of this drain plug! I think it looks worse than it is. Not leaking any. I assume it is a tapered thread, so it seals on the threads and not the "rim". The allen innerds should still be fine best I can tell. Since it's behind the "split pin" I also assume that it is...
  12. J

    "Sticky" valve movement - can/should I flush with a U-hose?

    No, all lever operated. Part of the problem is that the levers are not really the stoutest, most rigid things out there. This one is before I reinstalled the levers.
  13. J

    Rear remote coupling plate

    Kubota supplied these with my L4330 "kit". Nice solid cast iron "sockets" with a heavy steel mount bracket that mounts to the rear up under the toolbox. Pioneer quick connects inside with a big snap ring in the back to secure them. Nice and neat, but pricey!
  14. J

    Looking at buying a used Kubota RTV 900 Diesel - NEED ADVICE, PLEASE!

    Mine is Polaris OEM. No idea or clue who actually made it. Evidently I got the very last one existence to fit my 2010 model. It is very simple; stamped, powder coated steel frame, regular "tube" clamps to mount it to the frame uprights, and the lower mounts have a swing-out mechanism.
  15. J

    "Sticky" valve movement - can/should I flush with a U-hose?

    Hi guys, Two of my 3 newly-installed rear remote valves are both very "tight" (takes a lot of pressure on the levers) and seem to be "sticky" when they do move. Sticky enough that they don't return to center very well. Kinda have to be manually set there. The third (farthest outboard) is...
  16. J

    Top & Tilt Fitting Orientation

    Hi guys, I sent Brian at FitRite an e-mail, but he's so busy that his e-mail does an instant reply that it will be a few days. Good on him for both staying so busy AND for the notice instead of just leaving people wondering. I bet the TBN brain trust is *almost* as expert as Brian. So I am...
  17. J

    Slo-blow fuse removal

    Hi gang, The inside of the slo-blow fuse compartment on my L4330 was full of dust and crap, so I attempted to clean it. I blew it out with an air hose and sprayed contact cleaner all around the fuses, but could NOT figure out how to actually remove them for a proper cleaning. Gentle grabbing...
  18. J

    Kubota L4330 (et al) PTO safety and indicator switches - Very cheap fix for your PTO

    Hi gang, I've been working on adding 3 rear remotes to my L4330 (see thread in "Hydraulics"). As I'm putting everything back together, I notice that the PTO dash indicator doesn't light, and I assume (didn't actually do a visual) that the PTO is not engaging. I figured I had reversed the...
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    Chicken hay in garden

    Hi gang. Wife has been at least temporarily piling "used" hay from the chicken coop cleanings in the raised garden bed. All the beneficial chicken poop has been rinsed off by now. Any reason to remove the loose hay, or should we just till it in as compost?
  20. J

    rear remote kit

    Buckeyefarmer just a posted a couple great pics over in his similar thread. I got a few soggy ones. Back of the valves. Harder to see than Buckeye's because of the hoses. But you can see what I mean about attempting to tighten those 22mm collar nuts! :mur: Bulkhead/connectors/bracket...
  21. J

    Harbor Freight Tools that don't suck

    Drew, I built one that I think is what you'd like, quite inexpensively from some Amazon parts - a universal battery, a decent solar panel, a cheap charge controller and a nice sealed box. Maybe $60-$75 in the whole thing. I use mine to power a driveway alarm. You can select whatever...
  22. J

    Bacon Grease

    A paper towel liberally dipped in it is the BEST non-stick grill coating ever! Here's another question; where do you keep it? We've always loved our old-school countertop container. Found it in an old hardware store several years ago. Everything now is stainless. This is aluminum. It's not...
  23. J

    rear remote kit

    If anyone is still following this old thread, I finally had a bit of energy this afternoon (and a very helpful wife), to try to work the valves (3) up in under the fender. By snaking the tubing UP from underneath, behind the 3pt lever, They went right in, no problem. No 3pt lever disturbance...
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  25. J

    Subaru service event

    Figured this goes better in here than in "Parts & Repairs"? And sorry, this is a long story to get in all the background. Our 2015 Subaru Forester has had a driver's side wheel bearing going out for a month or two. Growling gradually louder and louder, and at a wider range of speeds. It's...
  26. J

    Can you identify a hydraulic control valve with a float position visually?

    The float detent caps/springs on my Kubota rear hydraulic valves are VERY prominent. Can't miss 'em. Big cylinders on the right.
  27. J

    Caught my Kubota safety electrons napping

    Now that it's finally turning too cold outside to work, I decided to try to finally install my rear hydraulics. Got the tractor snuggled up behind the garage and pulled the seat/mount off to access the hydraulics. Of course, right after that, FIL walks over and asks, "hey, our heat pump...
  28. J

    Harbor Freight Tools that don't suck

    I bought two of the 30 bin racks when they were on sale for $15, but have yet to mount them. Gotta clear up some wall space. They'll be used mostly for all those 1lb boxes of trim screws, deck screws, Tapcons, etc.. All my screws/bolts/nuts/washers go in clear plastic jars (mayo, pickle)...
  29. J

    What are good concealed carry choices for women?

    My NAA is always in my pocket (in a DeSantis Nemesis) and always has a shotshell as "1st up". I may have said before; I consider the SAO with the NAA "safety notches" to be as safe to carry as any other action.
  30. J

    Metal cutting of clean painted square tube

    I'm pretty much OUT of tool storage space! Already struggling to fit in the compound miter and the tile saw. The new power bandsaw wouldn't like being out in the weather. I thought about calling Fortress to ask them for recommendations, but c'mon guys, they just manufacture it in stock-size...
  31. J

    Metal cutting of clean painted square tube

    I guess I should have expected such clear consensus here on TBN! I think you guys have almost got me convinced - a metal cutting band saw. EXCEPT, that I think I'll use short 10"-11" long sections of blade fastened securely in a frame. A good secure clamping fixture, a little stick lube...
  32. J

    Metal cutting of clean painted square tube

    The welding forum wasn't quite right and there's not a metal working forum, so I guess my question goes here. I'll be installing a bunch of pre-fab iron railings that I'll need to cut to length (Fortress FE26). The rails to be cut are about 1-1/2" square tube with a (supposedly) super-durable...
  33. J

    Halloween - Proud of our little town

    Went with our new (16 mo) grandbaby to a couple of the local Halloween events last night. I was both ASTONISHED, and very proud of the family values of our little town of Cookeville, TN. For the last several years, they have had a Halloween event on "the historic west side", a commercial...
  34. J

    Keurig and calcium

    Ugh! Spent over 3 hours yesterday tearing into the Keurig machine to try to locate whatever is causing it to clog. Wonderfully complex design that is almost impossible to get into! Amazing that they can sell it for around $100 considering what goes into one. I managed to remove several of...
  35. J

    Rotating Chipper Chute Clogging?

    My chute rotates (Morbark Busy Beaver 125). It has clogged only when I try to chip large volumes of wet, punky wood. That doesn't really "chip" into nice air-floatable pieces, it is more like wet sawdust. The airflow is just not enough to vigorously blow that out of the chute.
  36. J

    Who rides motorcycles?

    It is with great sadness that today I will be loading up my bike for the trip to its new owner.
  37. J

    Battery Explosion! What Happened?

    I have not been able to figure out what happened to this one in my electric ATV. It stayed on a six-stage charger mostly continuously. At most times on just trickle charge. It was still reading over 12vdc! The vents were clear and open. There was no "boom" that we were aware of, but it's...
  38. J

    Apollo solar gate operator/battery failure mode

    Hi guys. So I've bragged on here several times about the great service I've gotten from my Apollo 1550 ETL solar gate operator AND the Sam's Club "Duracell" battery I've been using in it. Almost 4 years now. The control board did have one glitch where the "OK" button in the controls quit...
  39. J

    1/2" high power drill

    The only saving grace with these monsters is that the rpms are low enough that the operator is only slung in one or two full circles before the cord is jerked loose and it stops. When I have had to use it, I try to be sure that there are not solid objects in the path of where I will be slung...
  40. J

    Video editor

    Hey guys, I've seen that some of y'all on here are very good with video work. I have a few "raw" videos that I'd mostly just like to "trim" some bits out of the middle of. Every editor I've tried makes it (seem to be) extremely difficult to do this. Any good, easy, video editor apps to...
  41. J

    Ants in access control keypad

    I musta caught mine just in time. The edges of one of the boards are a tiny bit swollen, but after cleaning, everything works. Everything about the keypad EXCEPT the boards is now saturated with Ortho Home Defense and Triazicide. I mounted mine on a nice "rustic" cedar post. Perfect...
  42. J

    Barko Forestry Mulcher

    Rode along beside one of these beasts for a bit on the interstate - Industrial Wheeled Tractor 937B | BARKO Holy destruction! 380 HP of mulching madness. The head appeared to be about 8-9ft wide and festooned with big carbide teeth kinda like on a flail (think "molars"). Looks like you could...
  43. J

    Ants in access control keypad

    Hi guys. I just discovered hundreds of ants inside my gate access control keypad. It is a Millenium 950/951, which is relatively well sealed, but there is a small gap around the outer edge so that it can be opened for battery changes. It's mounted on a flat board, so all the normal...
  44. J

    How do you organize your tools in tool boxes? need suggestions

    I was blessed with a LOT of blank concrete wall, so all the "specialty" little things go on the pegboard I put up there. Commonly used handtools go in the Craftsman roll-around chest. I built a lower shelf on the tool bench specifically for larger power tools in cases. Other larger stuff and...
  45. J

    2017 Total Solar Eclipse...

    A better trace - Returned right back to 90.1 deg at 3:45
  46. J

    2017 Total Solar Eclipse...

    Temperature trace from the weather station (red trace) - starts at 90.1 deg at 12:34 pm and drops to 81.1 deg at 1:54 pm before beginning back up. Last is at 85.1 deg at 2:21. We had 2:33 min of totality and PERFECT atmospheric conditions in central TN. An occasional thin cloud. I really...
  47. J

    Propane Barbeque grill dos and donts

    Not sure if this should go in the Safety Forum or in some other sub-forum appropriate for Darwin Award nominees. Florida couple transporting grill injured after SUV explodes when woman lights cigarette | Fox News
  48. J

    Indestructable Rural Mailbox?

    At severe risk of jinxing myself, I am pleased to report that our "just regular" mailbox has survived untouched by vandals for over 5 years now.
  49. J


    I have a Super Redhawk, so when a matching .44mag Winchester 1894 came up at a local auction I decided I needed to have it. I believe it's about a early '80s "Trapper" model. Short 16" barrel so it's quick handling and light. Only problem, evidently several other bidders had also decided they...
  50. J

    The most toys?

    Is this ONE cylinder or FIVE?