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  1. RNeumann

    Cross Over or DRV adjustment

    I have a snow plow with a 2 hydraulic cylinder angle adjustment. I installed a cross over relief valve and would like to “properly” adjust the relief valve. Is their a way to do this with just Tractor hydraulic pressure? I know I can push one side against a rock and adjust the relief by “feel”...
  2. RNeumann

    For those with trail cams - cell upgrade

    Spypoint Cell-Link Cellular Attachment - YouTube They have a free plan (something like 100 pics a month if I recall) and obviously paid plans. You pick Verizon or ATT depending on what works best where you want the camera. It’s not tied to your existing phone so you can pick whichever. I have...
  3. RNeumann

    Snow Attachments Video- How a snow plow is made

    Video- How a snow plow is made How It's Made: Snow Plows - YouTube
  4. RNeumann

    Snow Attachments ATV and Vehicle Snow Blower

    I saw one of these the other day and am passing it along. FEL mounted, vehicle mounted, ATV mounted etc. Not cheap, but it is a good solution for some. SnowHogg 2 - YouTube Boss Hogg 40HP Snow Blower - YouTube
  5. RNeumann

    Buying Advice TU 2100 Upper Final Drive Gear

    I’m looking for the upper final drive gear. It’s in the front axle and is the one on the end of the axle shaft. Mine is stripped. Thx
  6. RNeumann

    New PVC glue

    While I’m not in the wholesaler everyday anymore, I do stay somewhat up to date on products. I saw this and it caught my eye. I have no association and haven’t used it personally. The EASIEST Way to Bond PVC Pipes and Fittings!! - YouTube
  7. RNeumann

    Joystick cable adjustment....maybe!

    I’m borrowing the neighbor’s tractor which is a 10ish year old Kubota probably in the 40-50hp range. It has two interesting things happening. 1- if the 3 pt control lever is all the way up the loader controls are very slow. Moving the lever down even a small amount brings back full loader...
  8. RNeumann

    Human powered log splitter.......not an axe!

    Well YouTube does it again! It has forgotten more than I know...... Amazing homemade manual wood splitter Best woodworking skills Ep4 - YouTube
  9. RNeumann

    Tractor Washing

    I understand a steam cleaner or pressure washer will do wonders for cleaning the tractor. I’m just wondering if someone has found anything else that is serviceable? Dawn soap, simple green, canned degreaser from the auto parts store etc.
  10. RNeumann

    Air Nozzle Tractor Inspection

    To start- I’ve always been one who looks over my vehicles (sometimes required by law) on a routine basis. I’d do the same with the tractor. I’ve caught a few things early that saved me some hassle later on. I’ve been doing some work in moon dust lately- it sucks! The first day I finished I...
  11. RNeumann

    71M MIG Wire

    Anyone tried the 71M wire for MIG? I do mostly tractor/farm type fab and repairs. This seems like a good fit.....on paper anyway. Just wondering if anyone has used it and could compare it to anything else. Maybe it’s more Like XXX stick or it’s not worth it for a homeowner or it’s the greatest...
  12. RNeumann

    Tired of the battery acid (optima battery)

    After constantly chasing spilled battery acid all over the front on my machine I fixed it. It seemed I was spraying neutralizer all the time with little luck. The latch even started showing signs of damage. Once the old battery was removed, I cleaned everything and repainted it. The Optima is a...
  13. RNeumann

    Box Blade Receiver Project

    This was fun little project. I have a little Jeep trailer I can pull around for firewood etc. I got the shackle mainly to keep dirt out of the receiver. The receiver is a Curt brand (made in the USA) and was available online. The shackle was also an online purchase. Total with both parts was...
  14. RNeumann

    Oil & Fuel 1533/1538 50 hour service

    Some tips for the 50 hour service. Mahindra 1533/1538 50 hour service - YouTube
  15. RNeumann

    Snow Equipment Owning/Operating Blade Wing?

    I have a CUT with a box scraper that stays on all the time and a FEL with SSQA. In the winter I attach a snow blade that has hydraulic angle. The setup has treated me very well! What I’d like to add is a “wing” or something similar to either the box scraper or front blade that would add 18” or...
  16. RNeumann

    Box Blade Hitch add-on

    I keep my BB on year round and would like to add a 2" receiver to move things around the yard. I'd also like to create a little cargo box to that I can attach to the BB when I want to carry the chainsaw etc. Anyone have photos of similar projects they have done? Looking for ideas- plus who...
  17. RNeumann

    Bleeding air or something else?

    I have a FEL that has had weak curl since new. It now has about 50 hours on it. The dealer added hydraulic top, tilt and rippers and third function- he was into the hydraulics. In my diagnosis I cycled everything several times- grapple, top/tilt/rippers, FEL lift and curl. I also swapped the...
  18. RNeumann

    Floor scraper- near useless?

    I saw this the other day on a demo job site. The steel structure is about 3/4" plate. The scraper edge has bolt on blades that can he changed by loosening the bolts and sliding a new one in. The blades are laying next to the attachment. This thing looks like it is used mainly for removing vinyl...
  19. RNeumann

    Weak curl function

    The curl on my FEL is weak. I can often lift but not curl loads. Every other tractor I have used has been the opposite. What are the basic diagnostic steps to determine what is causing this?
  20. RNeumann

    Mahindra 1533/1538 FEL Curl

    I posted this in the Mahindra section. They suggested I also post here.
  21. RNeumann

    Loader 1533/1538 FEL curl

    I have zero complaints about the lift capacity on my 1533. However, I've had a few incidents where I couldn't curl. In other words I could lift but couldn't curl. I've never been on a tractor that did that- it's always been the opposite. Before I go down the custom cylinder route I figured I'd...
  22. RNeumann

    Adding fuel from 5 gal container

    Posted the video in the Mahindra section but this applies to any tractor with the fuel fill in the hood. Mahindra 1538 add fuel to tractor - YouTube No Spill, Inc. Diesel Can, 5 gal., CARB Compliant - For Life Out Here
  23. RNeumann

    Oil & Fuel Easy option for adding fuel

    This is an option for adding fuel. It uses an "approved" filler. Mahindra 1538 add fuel to tractor - YouTube
  24. RNeumann

    Oh Deere

    Interesting article. I'm not sure which manufactures are doing this. Toward the end it looks like some states are taking legislative action to prevent this in the future. Tractor Hack: Farmers are harnessing hacked software for John Deere repairs | Fox News
  25. RNeumann

    Gate post metal type?

    I want to install a new gate post made of steel. I had access to "oil field pipe" where I used to live and it was great for fence building. It didn't rust to failure like the "standard" grade steel from the suppliers. I'm not sure the grade but I'm betting someone on here does! I'm after...
  26. RNeumann

    Snow Equipment Owning/Operating Serrated blades?

    I live in an area that stays frozen all winter and now is starting to melt. With melting, our roads get icy and nasty. The municipalities use a motor grader with a serrated blade to create groves in the ice. I've had good luck with my box scraper with rippers down. My question is with regards to...
  27. RNeumann

    3rd function kit

    Anyone seen and or used this kit? It appears to use a good valve and a simple, low cost switch. If you can have your own hoses made I don't see a downside.....what say you? Fasse Rexroth Third Function Hydraulic Diverter Valve Kit Model EH2KL
  28. RNeumann

    ORB to NPT

    I thought I recalled reading that an ORB/SAE male could thread and seal on NPT female as long as it was "hydraulic" style NPT threads. Is this so?
  29. RNeumann

    Wood Splitter advice

    I've been reading and watching a lot about wood splitters here on TBN and YT. I have always had a bit of firewood around and would use a wood stove while on vacations. However, my move to a cooler climate has me looking at wood as a "required" task instead of a novelty. I went to a box store and...
  30. RNeumann

    Crimping or field fittings for homeowner

    I'd like to put my toe in the water with regards to making hydraulic hoses. I haven't seen a good inexpensive press so was looking at the field made fittings. Anyone found a good inexpensive press or had good luck with the field fittings? I'm going to probably use 1/4" and 3/8" hose to start- I...
  31. RNeumann

    1538 fuel shutoff

    I added a shut off to make filter changes easier and it allows me to isolate the fuel tank from the rest of the fuel system. Mahindra 1533 1538 fuel shut off - YouTube
  32. RNeumann

    Grill cover for cold weather

    I made a cheap grill cover for my 1538. The radiator cover still allowed snow to enter the grill and get to the battery and air intake. This should help with those issues and help maintain proper operating temps. Mahindra 1533 1538 winter grill cover - YouTube
  33. RNeumann

    Snow blade DRV or Cushion/Relief Valve pressure?

    I am looking at the Prince DRV to add a bit of safety to my front blade. The hydraulics I'm wanting to use this with is the two cylinders used for angle. Does anyone know what pressure I relief I need? It appears they make them from about 1300psi to 3000psi.
  34. RNeumann

    Snow Equipment Owning/Operating Newbie plow tripping

    I am new to snow removal. I have a 38hp tractor and chains on the front tires. The blade has 2 large springs for the trip mechanism. It also has hydraulic angle. I used the thing for the first time today. I set the feet and was using the float feature for the FEL. It seamed like anytime I...
  35. RNeumann

    Oil & Fuel Hydraulic Fluid Choice

    My manual for my 1538 lists a few "approved" fluids but no standard, weight, spec etc. I have found the Chevron 1000 THF locally and was leaning that way. I asked about the THF in the general section and I didn't find anyone who has had issues with it. Just verifying that the Chevron 1000 THF...
  36. RNeumann

    Chevron 1000 THF

    My Mahindra HST manual has a few choices of hydraulic fluid in the manual. One of them is Chevron 1000 THF. Chevron has treated my engines well but I don't know much about hydraulic fluid. I see a lot written about Tractor Supply fluid but I don't have that option near me. I have Wally World and...
  37. RNeumann

    Block Heater??

    I have newer vehicles- both tractor and trucks. I've read a lot of posts recently about Engine Block heaters (''tis the season!!) I've visited the websites for a few heaters and they make the claim of reduced emissions (less time it runs rich) and that your heater will blow warm air sooner. But...
  38. RNeumann

    Rock Jaw?

    Anyone used this thing or something like it for rocks? I'd assume I would take my bucket off so I could lift more. Rock Jaw Rock Moving Equipment
  39. RNeumann

    Front-End Loader New Bucket or Tooth Bar

    I want a bucket with teeth. I'm seeing new buckets for about $400 bucks and another $200 for bolt on teeth. I also am seeing these tooth bars that bolt onto the side of the bucket and span across the front edge. Those are about $350. I bring up cost because they are close enough in price I can...
  40. RNeumann

    Snow Equipment Buying/Pricing Good source for chains

    I am looking for a good source to purchase chains from. My dealer recommended a place but what I received was so light duty I don't think I would run them on my SUV. I understand the advantages of different types- I'm just after a place that I can purchase from. Thank you!
  41. RNeumann

    Hose protectors

    I'd like to hear from folks who use hose protectors. What type? I'm assuming you use them anywhere a hose touches anything other than air- or am I paranoid?
  42. RNeumann

    Is this a scam? Just purchased Mahindra 1538

    Hope this helps someone. Here are a few links to videos of my attachments, added hydraulic top and tilt and third function and an overview. Mahindra 1538 - YouTube Mahindra 1538 Attachments - YouTube Mahindra 1538 Undercarriage - YouTube Mahindra 1538 hydraulic top and tilt, third 3rd...
  43. RNeumann

    Snow Blade Back drag front plow

    I'm new to the snow area and plowing and have a front plow question- I've had one dealer tell me you can't back drag with the front plow because of the spring release and another dealer tell me that back dragging is not an issue with the spring release. Those of you who use the front plow for...
  44. RNeumann

    Buying Advice Mahindra Implements?

    I am looking at a few of the Mahindra Implements. The HD box scraper looks solid. Has that been the consensus? I am hoping for user experience with the 5' grapple and or the offset rear blade. Mahindra is offering deals when purchasing implements with a tractor. I will be purchasing a 1533...
  45. RNeumann

    Dealer Montana Mahindra dealer?

    I am in an area of the country that is between a few different dealers. Anyone have experience with the Libby Montana dealer? Or the dealers in Spokane? I have also seen a dealer in southern Oregon who will deliver and talks about doing so all over the western USA. I'm looking to purchase the...
  46. RNeumann

    CK3510 pre purchase questions

    I am about to purchase a tractor and the CK3510 is a finalist. I have a few questions/concerns regarding the tractor- The Kioti is the only tractor I have found with a single hydraulic pump. All other brands us a dual pump- one to the steering and one to the loader. From experience has anyone...
  47. RNeumann

    Loader L series joystick FEL control

    Anyone converted/moved the L series loader control from the loader to the fender? I assume the easiest way to do this would be to use a cable controlled joystick but beyond that I have found very little. Thank you
  48. RNeumann

    T354 loader, dealers service etc

    First- thank you to everyone who posts and supports this forum! I have been looking at several brands of tractor because I have several dealers within an hour or so of me. A TYM and Kioti dealer was at the local fair. They seem to be a good dealer with a good long history so now I am also...