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  1. NoTrespassing

    Oil Back Ordered

    I just tried to place an order with MSC Industrial supply for Vactra #2 way lube that I've been using for over 40 years. For the first time in those 40 years it's on backorder. They say they have outstanding orders for over 2000 individual gallons. It's available elsewhere but for a premium...
  2. NoTrespassing

    Steer on the loose.

    Yesterday my wife was on her way home from work at 7am when a steer came charging across the field toward her SUV about 1/2 mile from our house. She had to take evasive maneuvers turning into the neighbors driveway and driving behind his house. The steer looked to be pushing 1000 lbs. and was...
  3. NoTrespassing

    Sun Joe 24V-X2-TLR14 I would call this a cultivator. I just bought one and wondered if anyone has used one. It will be used to remove weeds after the garden is tilled and plants have emerged. We till with our 6 ft. 3 point...
  4. NoTrespassing

    Lyme Disease The demographic that's most at risk is men over 50 who live in rural areas. The region where Lyme disease is most prevalent is Central Europe, with about...
  5. NoTrespassing

    Pennzoil 5w30 shortage?

    My father who just turned 80 and is still driving a car with over 330,000 miles on it, is looking for Pennzoil 5w30 conventional motor oil. He drives 80 miles per day on his rural mail route and changes oil every 3000 miles. Suffice it to say he goes through A LOT of oil. As one can imagine he...
  6. NoTrespassing

    Not a good time to buy a car

    As everyone probably knows, it's a terrible time to purchase a vehicle. We went SUV shopping yesterday and it was a joke. One new car dealer we stopped at straight out said, we are marking up all new vehicles a minimum of $4000 over MSRP. That was Hyundai and Honda. The Ford dealer claimed they...
  7. NoTrespassing

    Car Accident Question

    Hi All, I have a question regarding responsibility for providing a rental car by at fault drivers insurance. My wife was t-boned at a 4 way stop yesterday. The other driver was at fault/ticketed failure to yield and our car is at the repair shop waiting for an estimate. It may be a total loss...
  8. NoTrespassing

    Replacing hydraulic hose

    Hey all, I developed a leak in the hydraulic hose going from the tractor to the loader yesterday on my l3710 Kubota. I probably lost a quart of fluid. I managed to get the loader off the tractor and finished snow plowing. I got a replacement hose made and bought some fluid. Quite a bit of fluid...
  9. NoTrespassing

    Extended third party warranties

    Who buys these warranties that people keep trying to sell me? Extended car and house warranties in particular is what I'm talking about. I have no idea what the rates would be but I'm sure it's difficult to collect on them. Kevin
  10. NoTrespassing

    My better half has been offered a job!

    Hey all, I've been the sole breadwinner in my household since I was about 25 years old and I'm 57 now. Prior to that I had roommates. My wife came to the US in 2007 and did work at an entry level job for about 2 1/2 years before our son was born almost 10 years ago. That income was so small I...
  11. NoTrespassing

    Rabbits Rabbits Everywhere

    Hey All, I don't know about anyone else on the forum, but here in East Central Illinois there seems to be a rabbit population explosion this year. In 21 years on this property I've never see close to as many as we have this year. I suppose it could be due to a drop in coyote population but I...
  12. NoTrespassing

    Invisible Fence Wire Break

    Hey All, we installed an invisible fence about 8 years ago. We've had one wire break and were able to repair it several years ago. It seems we have another break now but we're having difficulty locating it. We have a locator kit which includes a very cheap AM radio with horrible tuner. It's...
  13. NoTrespassing

    Finding a loader for an older L series

    Anyone, A friend of mine has a late 90's L3600 he inherited. It never had a loader on it and was only used to mow. What are the chances he could find a loader to fit the tractor? I don't know if it's even plumbed for one but I doubt it. Kevin
  14. NoTrespassing

    Solar battery tender

    Looking for a solar battery tender set up advice. Will be used on L series Kubota. Need about 16' lead from panel to control and at least 6' from control to battery. What panel size, control, extension wire, etc. Can you recommend. I'm electrical novice, plug and play would be best option...
  15. NoTrespassing

    Quality Gardening Tools

    Hey All, Is it possible to purchase quality garden tools in the USA? I'm talking about shovels, hoes, rakes, etc. Last year I bought two garden hoes and both are made from junk steel that won't hold an edge or even take one for that matter. The same is true with the shovel I bought this year...
  16. NoTrespassing

    We could have become a statistic

    Hey All, Luckily I'm able to send this message today. About two weeks ago we had a smell in the house that we thought was a dead mouse. It was coming from one of the furnace vents in the floor. We even got a second opinion and we all thought "dead mouse". Well, our propane tank was under 5% so...
  17. NoTrespassing

    Cleaning Carbide Tipped Saw Blade

    Hi All, How would you clean a 10" 80 tooth carbide tipped saw blade? I've been cutting a lot of willows around a pond and the blade is really gummed up. I was going to try wd40 first. I also have gasoline, brake fluid, and several other chemicals to choose from. Kevin
  18. NoTrespassing

    Rantoul Half Century of Progress

    Half Century of Progress Show - Home
  19. NoTrespassing

    Penfield Illinois Historic Farm Days

    Historic Farm Days
  20. NoTrespassing

    Blue Max 52623 Extreme Duty 2-Cycle Brush Cutter, 42.7cc

    So, after a 10 day wait, I finally got the Blue Max string trimmer/brush cutter and I have to say, I really love this thing! It's got way more power than my $300+ husqvarna 324l ever had. The Blue Max is a 2 stroke 42.7cc and I only paid about $140 for it. First off I have to say, the trimmer...
  21. NoTrespassing

    Amazon taking their time

    So, I ordered a Chinese string trimmer on Amazon July 31st. I'm not a Prime member and I usually go for free shipping when not in a hurry. My wife is having probably 30 people over this Saturday and at least a dozen will be camping at our place. My string trimmer died which is why I ordered a...
  22. NoTrespassing

    Stihl Farm Boss

    Hi All, I was given a used Stihl Farm Boss by a friend who's moving into the city (SCORE!). He says it starts hard but runs well. It's well used by outward appearance. I'm tempted to take it to a Stihl dealer to have it serviced but I'd like to know what they would do to it. Maybe I should just...
  23. NoTrespassing

    low voltage fuel solenoid?

    Just a question. I have a 4x6 Cub Cadet Big Country with a 20hp Honda engine. The battery has been dying a slow death over the past year but it's never failed to crank over and start. The dash display started showing battery voltage while running the other day. It was fluctuating between 8-10...
  24. NoTrespassing

    What were your best "Macgyver fixes"?

    I was having a conversation about emergency transportation fixes the other day and was wondering what other Macgyver fixes others had come up with. I will relate two of mine. In high school a buddy and I were on a road trip in my early 70's Mercury Comet and the throttle cable broke right...
  25. NoTrespassing

    Instilling a strong work ethic

    Hey All, Reading this forum, I constantly see complaints about a lack of work ethic in "today's youth" or the population in general. I waited a long time to start a family, I'm in my mid 50's now and I have a six-year-old son. I'd like to hear other's successful experiences raising a child and...
  26. NoTrespassing

    Pacific Ring of Fire activity

    Not really related to anything but I was noticing all the pacific ring of fire activity in the news overnight and wondered if it could all be related. There was an earthquake off Alaska, a volcano in Japan, an earthquake in Indonesia where a volcano has been active recently, and an active...
  27. NoTrespassing


    It amazes me the number of people driving full size trucks, some 4x4, every day to work and back. When I first moved to my current house I drove a 4 cylinder Ford Ranger and was getting about 25 mpg. I then went to a 6 cylinder F150 in the early 2000's and was getting about 21 mpg. When the...
  28. NoTrespassing

    Tire Dry Rot

    Hey All, Does anyone know of a tire treatment that works to stop "dry rot". I've got a set of Michelins on my old SUV that have started cracking. I bought them new about 5 years ago and they have about 30,000 miles on them, about half the tread life I'd say. The vehicle is parked outside 100%...
  29. NoTrespassing

    Pet vs $$$

    I realize a lot of people value their pets much more than our family. I guess it's just the way I was raised. My wife, being Filipino and raised poor, was raised in a similar way with regard to animals. In our family budget, people come first and that includes retirement savings. At the present...
  30. NoTrespassing

    Crazy Ford Brake Line

    Hey Fellas, Just wanted to relate my experience replacing a brake line on my 2001 F150. The line that runs down the frame from the cab to the rear axle rusted out and luckily I was almost home at the time. I called my usual mechanic and he said he doesn't do brake lines anymore because of...
  31. NoTrespassing

    Does this DIY weed killer work?

    Has anybody tried the Dawn, Epson Salt, vinegar DIY weed killer? Thought about trying it but why waste my time if someone already proved it doesn't work? How To Make DIY Weed Killer | How To Instructions Thanks, Kevin
  32. NoTrespassing

    Kids Swing, would this work?

    I'd like to make a cheap swing for my 5 year old. I was thinking about sinking a 14 ft. 6"x 6" in the ground about 4 ft. deep in pea gravel. I'd then put a cross bar, probably a 4 x 4 at the top with some bracing and hang a swing from one side and a climbing rope from the other. Do you think...
  33. NoTrespassing

    Identifying grass in my "lawn"

    Hey all, I'm trying to figure out what type of grass I have in my "lawn". Most of my yard is a mess of weeds, clover, and various types of grasses. It was originally a hay field when I bought the property. About 10 years ago I planted new grass seed in a small area, about 15' x 15' when I moved...
  34. NoTrespassing

    Solid Works

    Are there any Solid Works users here? Did you take a class or self taught? We have several seats available where I work and my coworker taught himself to use the program using a book. He's no expert but he's doing pretty well. I just bought a new laptop and plan to teach myself Solid Works. I'm...
  35. NoTrespassing

    Looking for Goose Breast Recipes

    My neighbor gave us about 10 lbs. of goose breast yesterday and the only way I've had it is marinated, wrapped in bacon, and grilled. It's very good that way but I'd like to find other ways to prepare it. Does anyone have any favorite recipes? If we find a good way to prepare it there's probably...
  36. NoTrespassing

    Midwest ICE STORM?!?!

    All the weather forecasters are predicting ICE for the next few days. Luckily I don't have to go out for anything in it. Power might become an issue since we don't have a generator. Let us know when you're getting ice and the result of it. The weather channel says there are about 10 million...
  37. NoTrespassing

    California Drought

    I thought about posting this in the appropriate regional forum but it seems pretty dead there. I've been watching news on the California drought for the past few years. To say it's been bad is an understatement. Northern California seems to be out of the woods but Southern California is still in...
  38. NoTrespassing

    Any Christmas morning "projects"?

    Merry Christmas, did anyone have to put together anything this morning or have stories from past Christmases assembling things? I got my wife a new Coach watch this year and with her tiny wrists I had to remove 2 watch band links. That's something I never attempted before. I ended up getting my...
  39. NoTrespassing

    Dish Network vs Direct TV

    Has anybody been a customer of both services and have an opinion on which one is better? I've been a customer of Dish for over 20 years. We've never upgraded to HD because I didn't want to start a 2 year contract and have always thought about switching to Direct for the new customer discount...
  40. NoTrespassing

    140+ Bushels of grass

    "Harvested" over 140 bushels of grass today. The Walker GHS holds 7 bushels per load and I filled it 22 times today. We've had a lot of rain lately and I let the grass get pretty long. I mowed as short as I can which seems like about 1 inch long and man did it make a lot of grass to put on the...
  41. NoTrespassing

    Jena Finally Killed a Mole!

    My lovely wife Jena has been trying to kill a mole that's been digging up her flower garden for quite some time and today she finally got it. I bought that new potato fork specifically for the task. My Grandmother used to kill moles that way years ago and the method still works. We also have a...
  42. NoTrespassing

    Picked up a Cub Cadet 6x4 Big Country Yesterday

    It's got 500 hours on it. Dump bed with 1200 lb. capacity. 20hp Honda engine. It weighs over 1500 lbs. and has a very low center of gravity. I got a pretty good deal on it from a friend, I only paid $500 for it. Has anyone every used one of these? Kevin
  43. NoTrespassing

    Mower Voltmeter in red

    This spring my Walker mower voltmeter has been running in the red at about 14 volts. The meter is red from 8-10 volts, white from 10-14 volts, and red from 14-16 volts. Would you assume that it's a bad battery in this scenario? The battery is several years old, it was still charged this spring...
  44. NoTrespassing

    Chains Off?

    Here in Central Illinois I'd like to take my chains off the tractor this weekend but we've had so much rain that the yard is soaked. I have to cross the yard to get from the tractor shed to my driveway so I better wait a little while longer. When do you take your chains off and where do you...
  45. NoTrespassing

    Anybody ever seen a zero turn with 33 grease zerks?

    My 2000 Walker literally has 33 grease zerks and another 30 oil points that I hit every spring. The engineers at Walker love their lubricants. This is not an April fools joke btw. When I first started shopping for a zero turn 3 years ago I inquired about additional maintenance for a zero turn...
  46. NoTrespassing

    Strange way to end up with a dead battery

    I went to start the Kubota one day and had a dead battery. The battery was relatively new so I was hoping there wasn't a problem with the charging system or a short or something. As I hooked up the charger the emergency flashers lit up and started flashing. It turns out a feral cat had stepped...
  47. NoTrespassing

    Thought we had a trespasser with flashlight last night

    I was watching tv last night and saw a light go past the window out of the corner of my eye. I looked out to see if there was a car in the driveway but didn't see anything. Then my wife saw a light pass by the kitchen window. She says, "hun, come here!", we both look out the window and there is...
  48. NoTrespassing

    1$/gal. gasoline? Maybe, but what does it mean really?

    I tend to watch the petroleum market very closely. I'm not sure why but it fascinates me, I guess because it effects the economy so greatly. 2015 was a very volatile year for the oil industry and it seems like the only place anybody is making money now is in tankers and storage facilities. The...
  49. NoTrespassing

    Rural Garbage Service

    After spending the day cleaning up some garbage that one of our dogs got into, I started wondering how much money I've saved over the years by not paying for rural garbage service. It's always been a bit of a pita but I still think it's worth the hassle of taking a bag of garbage to the dumpster...
  50. NoTrespassing

    Kubota's toughest job so far...

    I came home from work tonight and my old Border Collie wasn't there to greet me at my car door like she had been for 16 years. She'd missed a few times before but not many so I didn't give it too much thought. After dinner she wasn't there to get any leftovers and I figured something was wrong...