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    Anybody attempted to remove skid steer tires that have been foamed?

    I put new tires on my 2007 skid steer when I bought it in 2015. Now it is time to change the tires. Any suggestions on how to remove the old tires for the rims will be appreciated. Tim
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    Got a new Duromax XP10000EH Generator, propane question

    Hey all, I was gifted a new DuroMax XP10000EH dual fuel generator. I would like to run this on propane. There is a note on the box that says it requires liquid propane. I believe there is a regulator on the generator that you just hook a hose to. My question is do I need a special tank with a...
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    5' or 6' skid steer mounted brush buster?

    Good morning all, I am about to acquire a brush buster (generic term) for my skid steer. This will not be a super heavy duty machine, more for knocking down brush than trees. My skid steer is a NH L190 with an enclosed cab. I have rented these units before including the monster ones so I have...
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    Modifying a tandem disk

    Anyone had any experience changing the width of a Tandem Disk? I would like to narrow a 12' or 14' Tandem down to 10'. An 8' is too small and I may have trouble pulling a 12'. I found an old 10' that someone wanted $3500 for, felt like that was more than I wanted to pay for an old disk. Ran...
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    Hey all, New to the snow plowing forum. I live in West Texas so snow is rarely a problem here. Except today. Snowed all day yesterday, got about 6" of snow. Normally we get 1"-2" of snow per year usually in one snow event if it snows at all. This year we have two snow events within a week of...
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    Need recommendations for a hydraulic motor for a shredder/brush cutter conversion

    Hi All, I have acquired an older 5' Modern 3 pt shredder that I want to convert for use as a light duty brush cutter on my skid steer. My problem is finding the right hydraulic motor to use. My skid steer is a New Holland L190 (early model). The specifications say that the Hydraulic flow on...
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    disk chisel?

    Anybody ever see or better yet use a Disk Chisel? Saw one on craigs list a while ago. 10' wide, one row of pans in the front and 8 chisel points behind. Nice solid looking plow. I don't think its going to take the place of a chisel and a tandem, what do y'all think? Tim
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    NH L190 water pump removal

    Hi all, I have a 2007 NH L190 Skid steer that needs a new water pump. Does anyone know if the water pump can be removed from the side of the machine or does one have to remove the radiator and oil cooler and get at it from the rear? Thanks in advance, Tim
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    Grading Using the 3 point hitch in an unconventional manner

    Hey all, I have a NH TN70D. The lower arms on the three point telescope to make hooking it up easier. Also the right arm can be lowered or raised independently of the other via a screw adjustment. I want to use my 6' Rhino box blade to crown a dirt ranch road. I am thinking about hooking up...
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    Build/buy a skid steer brush cutter or cobble one up from an old brush hog?

    Hey Guys, I need a front mounted mower for my skid steer. I don't need one often enough to spend $2500 - $4500 to buy one. A few years ago, I drew one up that I figured would cost me around $1500 - $2000 in materials plus labor. Still a large investment in time and materials for no more than I...
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    Absolutely new to haying, need some advise

    Actually, my son in law and grandson want to try haying. They have a 60 acre field and a 18 acre field available to them for this grand experiment. They are going to have to acquire some equipment to get started. I was wondering if anyone uses a shredder (rotary cutter) for cutting hay. I have...
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    Mowing Tractor mowing/shredding/bush hogging sub forum

    Muhammed, as it is about time for the grass and brush to start growing again at least here in West Texas, I would like to (once again) propose that you create a sub forum under the Tractor Projects and Tasks for Tractor Mowing/ Shredding. There are a large number of posts that are scattered...
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    New shoes for my tractor

    I finally bit the bullet and bought new tires for my TN70D. At 15 years in I replaced the front tires (Titan) with some Deestone tires. I was hoping the Deestones would get me through until I needed to replace the rears. They didn't. So, at 18 years I replaced the Titans (original on the...
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    Hydraulic wheel motor repair

    I have a New Holland L190 skid loader that I think one of the wheel motors is leaking badly. Is it possible to repair one of these motors at home?
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    Question about tandem disk plows

    Hey all, I have been eyeballing tandem disks for awhile now, looking to buy. I am looking for a used 8' to 10' drag type disk. I have noticed that some of them have a smaller disk on the outside. What is the reason for this? Tim
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    Loader When you are working on a tractor, which is the right side and which is the left side

    Had to remove the lower hyd cylinders for service the other day. Today I was re installing them and realized that the yoke that the lower pin attaches to is marked R and L. Ok, is this as if you were sitting in the tractor seat looking forward or standing in front of the tractor looking towards...
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    Odes Utv

    Hey guys, anyone have thoughts or experience with Odes utv's? Good, bad or ugly? I have looked and am thinking about the 800cc Dominator.
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    OT sort of Changing engines on a wheelbarrow compressor

    I have a Ingersol Rand wheelbarrow compressor with a 5.5HP Honda GX160 engine on it. The Honda is shot. I am considering installing a Predator 6.5hp engine from Harbor Freight in its place. Why would I do such a thing you might ask? $345.00 plus shipping and tax for the Honda motor vs $115 for...
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    Traction TN70D stuck in 4WD

    Hey all, I have a 2000 model TN70D that I bought new. The tractor is stuck in 4WD. Best I can tell, the 4WD mode is actuated hydraulically. It is my understanding that if this solenoid fails, the tractor goes into 4WD. I have found what I thought was the solenoid on the right side of the...
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    NH TN70D stuck in 4WD

    I was mowing a few weeks ago with my New Holland TN70D tractor. As usual I was mowing in two wheel drive which I normally do unless conditions warrant otherwise. I was just about finished when I noticed that the 4WD indicator was lit. I determined that indeed the tractor was in 4WD. I tried...
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    How do i remove the cab roof on my NH TN70D?

    Hey guys, I am having trouble with my air conditioning on my 2000 New Holland TN70D tractor. The fan is not blowing much air. I think the evaporator is either clogged up or a piece of insulation has fallen down between the fan and the evaporator. This problem has just recently cropped up, not...
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    Hey guys, need a little estimating help

    I am bidding a land clearing job out in far West Texas. The owner wants 8 acres cleared of a low scrub brush and the brush hauled off. My plan is to use the dozer blade on my skid steer to scrape up the brush into piles and then use a grapple rake to shake out as much dirt as possible and load...
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    What is the best hydraulic ram arrangment for a dump trailer?

    Hey all, I am in the market for a new dump trailer. I have a 7-8 year old 6X10 dump with a 10,000gvw. It has worked well for me since I bought it new. I have carried my skid loaders in it on some rather long (3k mile) trips with no problems. I have traded up my skid loader to one that won't...
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    3M Tekk Headset review

    Hey all, I had been looking for a headset that I could wear on my tractor and in my skid steer to reduce the noise impact on my ears. Also so I could listen to Audible books and tunes while working. Ideally the headset would use active noise reduction (ANR) technology and would connect...
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    Pricing large acreage mowing jobs

    Hey all, I have been mowing/shredding for several years now. Most of the jobs run between five and ten acres. I am pretty comfortable pricing those. I just finished mowing the largest acreage (50 acres) that I've done to date. I was a little hesitant to take the job because of the relatively...
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    Tailwheel pin bent, needs repair

    Hey guys, The other day I noticed that the tailwheel caster pivot shaft on my Rhino SE7 rotary cutter was bent. I took it off this morning and the bend is right at the bottom of the pin where it attaches to the yoke. Should be an easy fix, just heat it and bend it back. The other thing I...
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    Bad day

    Had a bad day yesterday. I was clearing thistle and pear off of about 30 acres over in Brown county in my nice comfy skid with the enclosed air conditioned office when I punched out the glass in the door with a tree stump:eek: Had to finish out the day.
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    Which to buy, 10' tandem or 8' tandem?

    Hey guys, I have a bit of a dilemma, I have been looking for a tandem disk that I could afford for a few years now. I have finally found 2 candidates. One is a 8 three point disk, the other is a 10 drag type. The prices are $850 and $950 respectively. Both disks were built by Long Mfg. and are...
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    Burning brush piles

    Hey all, I am clearing my neighbors 5 acre lot ( one acre is already cleared so 4 acres of work) of prickly pear, medium to large mesquite and small scrub oak. The pear, I am scraping up with rake that I built for my skid steer (like a rake on a dozer but with 3" spacing between the tines)...
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    tractor making oil

    Hey all, I have a NH TN70D that is making crank case oil. I suspect the fuel pump or possibly the injection pump. I am wondering if there is a way for the hydraulic oil to migrate into the crankcase. Anybody ever heard of this happening? thanks, Tim
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    Mixing bias ply tires and radial tires on a tractor

    Hey all, I have ruined a tire on my TN70D and need to replace it to finish a job. I don't want to buy a new one yet as as I would like to replace all of the tires at the same time in a few years. I have found a used tire, a 420/90 R30 that a guy says is a good tire and he wants $100.00 for it...
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    What is a fair price for disking 15 acres?

    Hey Guys, I know that it seems that I am always asking what prices for different kinds of tractor work should be. I admit that I have gotten a lot more from this forum than I have contributed. However, I have contributed some and hope to contribute more as I gain experience, so please bear with...
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    Stump grinding, how do you do it?

    Hey guys, I may have an opportunity to grind around 60 stumps in a park area. The trees are dead from the drought and are being removed. The spec requires that the stumps be ground down to 3" below grade or more. Also all exposed roots beneath the canopy must be ground. Most of the stumps are in...
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    Ffeasibility of using a mulcher on piles of mesquite that was grubbed a few years ago

    Hi all, I am new to the land clearing forum. I have spent several enjoyable evenings reading through the threads. It seems that, on this forum at least, mulching seems to be the preferred way to clear or deforest land. I am not a mulcher. I do some grubbing and raking of smaller trees and brush...
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    What price for grubbing mesquite?

    Hey guys, I may have an interesting job going (for me anyway, I'm easily entertained:D). A fellow called me last week and asked me to give him a price to grub and rake mesquite on a 33 acre pasture. I have a single point grubber that fits on my skid steer (NH L190) to work with. I have grubbed...
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    Had an interesting inquiry about tractor mowing today

    Last Friday night I get a call from a guy who says he would like a price for shredding 10 acres near a little town about 60 miles from me. I think about it for a few minutes and say I will do it for $33/acre plus $60 for transport. We hang up and I don't hear any more from him. I called him back...
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    How do I modify my 3ph backhoe so that I can operate it from the cab of my tractor?

    I have a New Holland TN70D tractor which is a 70 hp gear driven tractor with a full cab and 4WD. It has a FEL with front mounted remotes and a quick attach plate on the fel. Several years ago I bought a Bradco 3509 3ph backhoe attachment. It worked very well. Now I would like to modify the...
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    New to me log splitter

    Hey guys, I may have lucked out and scored a log splitter My son in law and I were splitting some firewood yesterday on our 6 hp TSC special when we loaded some mystery wood. The splitter went ungggg!!! Never made a dent in the wood. This stuff has been laying on the ground for two years now...
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    Mowing efficency with a rotary mower

    Hi all, I was finishing up mowing 8.5 acres this afternoon that I had started yesterday. I got to wondering how efficient I was being in getting the job done. I've been mowing small acreages now for a couple of years so this is not my first rodeo. Some time ago I put together a spreadsheet to...
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    NH TN70D is not running right, need some ideas of what might be wrong

    Hey all, I have a 2000 model TN70D New Holland tractor that is losing power (rpm) when I am running at pto speed. The other day I was mowing using a 7' rotary mower, running the pto at 540 (tractor rpm was around 2300 or so) in light to moderate grass and brush when for no apparent reason I...
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    How do I clean out a stock tank with a skid steer?

    I have a small stock tank to clean out. It is about 200' in diameter. I have a NH L190 skid steer with a 1 yd bucket to work with. Can anybody give me some guidance as to how to get started with this job. It has been very dry here in West Texas. The tank looks dry in the bottom. I know that as...
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    Brush Cutter Build

    Hi All, I am developing plans to build a Brush Cutter to go on the front of my NH 190 skid steer and my NH TN70D tractor. The tractor has a quick attach plate on the FEL and Hyd remotes on the loader. I have seen several videos of these thing working and I rented a Rhino SM60 to use with the...
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    Questions about hydraulic motors for a front mounted shredder build

    Hi all, I am considering building a brush cutter that I can use on my skid steer and on my NH TN70D tractor. The tractor has a quick attach plate and front mounted hydraulic remotes. My question is regarding motor and gearbox selection. The cut width for the mower is to be 72". I intend to use...
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    Buying Advice Semi OT: Thinking about purchasing a Skid steer mounted rotary mower. Any opinions?

    I am considering purchasing a rotary mower to attach to my skid steer. I have watched the videos and looked at some specs, I would appreciate opinions from any of you that have experience with this attachment. I have a side business doing mowing/shredding and brush control. There places that I...
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    Looking for a new to me skid steer

    This may be a little off topic here, but maybe some of the collective wisdom can be of help answering my questions. I have a NH LS170 skid steer that I use around the house, in my business and for brush clearing and demolition projects that occur from time to time. During and extended...
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    Mowing Mowing, how fast?

    Ok, I know that this is another almost impossible question to answer because of all of the variables that come into play, but here goes anyway. How fast should a person be mowing assuming a tractor/shredder combination that is sized correctly, flat ground with no obstructions and mowing for...
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    how do you remove magnets on dexter 12" electric brakes?

    The brakes are not working on my 10,000lb dump trailer. I think the magnets are ruined. The magnets have a little cross on the face of them that contains some kind of clip, it is not apparent to me how it comes apart. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks, Tim
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    Sharpen shredder blades or buy new?

    Hello all, I have a 5 year old Rhino SE7 rotary mower that I need to either replace or sharpen the blades on. I have owned the mower since it was new. Up until recently I have only used the mower 3 or 4 times a year mowing less than 5 acres each time. I looked at the blades the other day before...
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    Loader Loader weight?

    Hi guys, I have a 2000 NH TN70D tractor with a 32LA MSL loader on it. I am trying to figure out what the combination weighs. I have got the tractor weight but I can't seem to find the weight of the loader. I have searched this forum, New Holland's site and a general web search, no luck yet. I...
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    Mowing Life of a tractor

    Hey guys, Is there a "industry standard" service life for and Ag tractor? Something like 5000 hrs or 10k hrs? Trying to do some life cycle costing for my mowing business. Thanks, Tim