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    b6100 HST Injector Info

    I was wondering if anyone here would have the opening pressure specs for the injectors in my old Kubota. After 2250 hours, they could use a little attention. I plan on removing them and checking them, but is pointless without the specs, which brings me here. Thanks, fellas. ZackaryMac
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    HST slow to neutral

    Mosy of the time when doing a lot of forward/reverse work, I find the HST not returning to center or neutral on it's own. It doesn't feel like a consistant decrease in speed, as the damper would do if gooped up, but more similar to a worn spot somewhere in the system. The pedal comes pretty...
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    3ph drops slowly

    I have a problem with the 3ph not staying up for very long, and was disappointed to find out viagra didn't help the Kubota. So I replaced the o-ring on the 3ph piston, and looked at the cylinder while at it, and it's scored quite a bit, and the piston looks scuffed also. I re-assembled it...
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    MMM identification

    Time to test the collective knowledge of this great group of people. My MMM has been painted by someone who has no clues how to mask off any decals, so I have no idea what brand/make this deck is. Perhaps with a little description, someone here may know what it is (or EVERYONE knows, and I'm...
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    HST reliability...

    I realize the HST vs manual subject is a hotly debated subject here, and likely for good reason. Since Kubota are such great machines, there has to be SOMETHING to debate! As a mechanic for 20 years, I can honestly say I have zero experience with HST, until I bought my B1600 3 weeks ago, and I...
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    Dropping 3ph

    The 3 ph on my B6100 will slowly drop when I'm using the tractor, ie: running my MMM fully raised in deep grass, the deck will slowly drop, about an inch every 5 minutes at the 3ph arm tips. They will drop without a load also, but obvoiusly not as fast. So I'm going to guess there is a leak...
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    B6100 HST-E question time

    Ok, here's a couple (probably more ) questions for you knowledgable and willing participants : 1) below and just forward of the seat is a oval knob with an arrow on it (looks like a knob) and a cap just beside it. What is it for? Hyrdalics, per chance? If so, 3ph hydralics? 2) I understand this...
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    Newbie saying Hi Guys

    After reading in this for a couple of days (just found this site then), I decided to join in. Less than 2 weeks ago I bought a B6100 HST-E with a MMM and 2000 hours on it. The main purpose for this is to mow grass, and gear up a front snowblower to do the long driveway I have. Plus anything...