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  1. BakoJ

    Jammed 3 point now won't lift

    LS MT225s I dropped my backhoe and went to attach my 3 point quick hitch. One of the hydraulic quick connect fittings came loose and jammed the 3 point control arm. I was able to loosen the quick connect, dislodge it from the controls and tighten it so it is up and out of the way. However, now...
  2. BakoJ

    Tractor quit and won't start

    I have a MT2 25S that I've had for a couple of weeks. I'm on it most days. I spent about 2 hours on it yesterday, everything went well. I dug out a really large concrete collar with the backhoe and that was a ton of fun. Today, we were going to lift the collar with the backhoe onto the trailer...
  3. BakoJ

    Cutting edge for LS MT2 25S FEL

    Hi there. Has anyone here added a bolt on cutting edge to the FEL of this machine? The bucket has five bolt holes and is 54" which is smaller than anything I'm finding online or locally.
  4. BakoJ

    Howdy from Northern Utah

    Hello to all. I've recently moved to Northern Utah with an acre of property at home. After budgeting equipment rental for our workshop build along with clean up (it's a fixer upper home/ property) and completely new landscaping, we decided to buy a new tractor. We are in the market for some...