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    Ferris ISX-2200 zero turn mower

    Went to the NC farm show this week and ended up buying a Ferris ISX-2200 with the Vanguard 28 HP engine with the oil guard system, I was really impressed with the superior suspension that Ferris is using. They had just about every brand of zero turn manufactures there and I was able to talk with...
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    Waste oil heater

    Anybody using one of these to heat your shop, if so I would like to hear pros/cons. Based on what I have seen they are right expensive to purchase.
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    Cracked steering wheel

    Within the first couple of years of owning my RX the steering wheel developed a crack, it was replaced under warranty. Now about 6 years later this one has 2 cracks, I believe what happens is the resin shrinks and causes it to separate. I'm in the process of attempting a repair with stick epoxy...
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    John Deere joystick grip part#

    I'm looking for the part number for the 3rd function grip with wire harness that I can install on my joystick.
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    Happy New Year to the Pack

    Happy New Year everyone, hope everyone has a happy and prosperous 2022. Thanks for all the help and sharing of your knowledge.
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    Resolving self leveling dislike

    After doing much research, measuring and comparing I have finally decided to eliminate the dreaded self-leveling (personal opinion only) loader function on my RX6010, I ordered 2 curl cylinders today that should work as planned. I will have to fab some brackets in order to accommodate the new...
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    Dealer no longer

    Well, I happened to be browsing my dealer website and see they have switched from Kioti to Branson but I see they are still selling Scag and Woods implements. It used to be called Tractor Hill in Mineral Va. now it's called Lake Anna Tractor and Hardware. I guess my closest dealer will now be...
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    Milwaukee Magnetic drill

    Milwaukee magnetic drill 240 volt new condition used only a few times. $400.00. Pics email [email protected]
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    BCS sickle bar

    I have a 30" BCS sickle bar for sale $200, email for pics [email protected]
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    W.R.Long 84" 4 in 1 bucket

    Ordered a new 84" 4 in 1 bucket today from W.R. Long, now the 10 week wait. Be here just in time for spring.
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    John Deere 3rd function handle/switch

    Has anyone used the JD switch/handle on their 3rd function setup for tractors other than JD? If so where did you purchase and a part # if you please.
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    4 in 1 bucket

    I am looking for a 4 in 1 bucket, checking W.R. Long and EA, does anyone have any good recommendations?
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    RX6010 3rd function choices?

    W.R. Long or Kioti 3rd function kit, that is the question. Any of you guys prefer one over the other? I was reading a few posts on the Kioti kit and it seems as though the instructions are not all the easy to understand.
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    Kioti RX6010

    RX6010 with cab, powershuttle, 2 remotes, ag tires, excellent condition, 535 hours. $32,500. Email: [email protected] for pics. Thanks No longer available for sale.
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    Paint quality

    How does the paint hold up on the Massey's? I have seen a lot of fairly new red tractors (different brand) that don't do well in the sun, hoping the Massey doesn't skimp on the paint.
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    RX6010 resale value

    2012 RX6010, loader, powershuttle, cab, 2 remotes, 500 hours, trying to get an idea of the resale value.
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    Pricing a 4709?

    I got a price on a 4709, cab, 4wd, power shuttle, 540/540E, upgraded loader out the door cash price right at $66k. I'm thinking that's a little high, any thoughts ?
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    Not a fan of Self Leveling bucket

    I have an RX6010 and the more I use the loader, the more I don't care for the self leveling bucket. I wish Kioti offered the standard loader as an option, I may have to get creative and fabricate some brackets to defeat the self leveling part. Randall
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    RX6010 second remote install

    I ordered the kit from my dealer part# T5245-A04000116 and did the install yesterday, it is a very nice kit with all of the needed parts for a very painless install. I paid $342 including tax for the kit which I think is a bargain. Randall
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    2400h purchased

    I bought a 2400h and will pick it up in 2 weeks and would like to hear from anyone that has any input on this model. It certainly looks like a nice well built unit and in my opinion equal to or better than other brands of the same size. Randall
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    TYM 254 input wanted

    I am looking at purchasing the 254 HST for my wife to use around the yard, don't need the mower deck, just the FEL. For those of you that have experience with this unit what are your thoughts? I would like to hear both the good and the bad (if any) they do seem to be priced considerably lower...
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    PTO pump

    I am in the hunt for a good 540 rpm PTO pump that will work well on my Bradco backhoe that needs 9-12 gpm, the reliefs on the hoe are set at 2500 psi. I have a Prince model 2A that pumps 11 gpm but the max psi is advertised at 2250 psi. The backhoe does not perform well with this pump (not...
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    Kioti RX6010 leaking rear axle seal

    Does anyone know if the rear axle seal on a RX6010 can be replaced by removing the rear tire and removing the 4 bolts and pulling the axle out or is it more involved? Randall
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    RX6010 Steering Wheel

    I jumped in the RX yesterday to split some wood and noticed a large crack in the steering wheel (rubber/plastic) it is separated approx. 3/16", you see these types of separations a lot on older vehicles. Called the dealer and he said he will get one in and call me when arrives. A big thumbs up...
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    RX6010 hydro filter interesting info

    My buddy just traded his new LS P7040 tractor in on a new McCormick T-Max110 and he brought a hydraulic filter over so we could compare it to my RX filter and they are exactly the same filter. The filter that he brought was for the LS which also fits the McCormick, that should make it easier to...
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    T-Max 110

    My buddy just ordered a new T-Max 110 and it should be in during the next couple of weeks. Does anyone have any first hand knowledge of these tractors, fit finish, reliability? Thanks
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    Jerky Power Shuttle

    I have an RX6010 that is an awesome machine but, am curious as to why it jerks forward when you let the clutch out. I was on a JD today with the power reverser and it was smooth all the way no jerking or lunging whenever letting out the clutch. I know their is a calibration switch for the power...
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    Operated a 5425 today

    I had the opportunity to load and unload 40 round bales today with a 5425 and was quite impressed with how it performed. The power reverser is absolutely awesome, no jerking just simply smooth all the way, the gear I used was 2 medium and it just seemed to fit perfect for the task that I was...
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    RX6010 update

    Just wanted to share some operating and satisfaction info on my RX6010, I have only put 20 hours on the clock and most of that has been pushing fallen brush/trees and some heavy digging with the backhoe. I am totally 100% sold on this machine, the power is great and the operating comfort really...
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    Pump pressure adjustable?

    I am wondering if the hydraulic pressure is adjustable on the Kioti units, I understand that it should only be done using a gauge to monitor pressure.
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    Installed Prince HC-PTO-2A Pump

    Installed the Prince HC-PTO-2A pump for my 509 backhoe and prelimanary indications are very positive, It seems to have plenty of power at low RPM's. I'll try it out soon with some hard digging as soon as it stops raining.
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    Prince HC-PTO-2A Pump

    I am looking for a good Prince PTO pump, going to use it for a backhoe attachment. The HC-PTO-2A looks like it will do the job, anybody got one they want to part with?
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    Backhoe retrofit complete RX6010

    I completed the retrofit and installation of the Bradco (Mahindra) 509 backhoe. I painted it Thursday, I was able to get the paint scanned by a local autobody shop and it matches pretty well. On my Mahindra I had it set in the top slots of the subframe bracket but, that is way too high on the...
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    Bradco 509 owners question on correct PTO pump

    I am looking at the Princo HC PTO 1A and HC PTO 2A pumps and would like to know what you guys think would be the better fit for the 509. The 1A is advertised at about 21 GPM at 540 RPM and the 2A is approx. 11 GPM at 540 RPM. I am leaning towards the 2A, what do you guys think?
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    Need Paint for backhoe

    I am in the process of retrofitting my RX6010 to accept my Mahindra 509 backhoe attachment. I am looking for the correct match paint and no one seems to have anything, I was going to just use spray cans if I could find a match. Does anyone know if the Kobota orange is the same color or do you...
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    Mahindra 509 Backhoe

    I posted this in the attachment forum, I have a Bradco 509 with reservoir and subframe(run off PTO pump) that I am thinking of selling does anyone have a good feel for what they are worth. Very good condition.
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    Bradco 509 Backhoe

    I have a Mahindra 509 hoe with subframe and reservoir tank 20" bucket, very good condition that I removed from my Mahindra 3510 before I sold it. My plans are to retrofit the subframe to fit the Kioti RX6010 but, if I can get a decent price for it I just might sell it and get one that is already...
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    Purchased RX6010PS today

    I purchased a new RX6010 today with the power shuttle, they are going to have it ready on Tuesday. I'm pretty stoked, I looked at the LS U5030C and the TYM T723 and felt like the RX6010 was better suited for me. I'm probably going to be asking a lot of questions from you guys and appreciate...
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    Does Kiot offer anything in the 70HP rage?

    I looked at their website and it appears to be a big gap between the (59HP RX6010 and the 90HP DX90), am I missing something? Thanks, Randall
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    New Member here looking at the T723 with some questions

    Hello all, I am new to the forum, I currently have a 2003 Mahindra 3510 which is an excellent machine. I am in the market to upgrade to a larger unit and the TYM line is quite impressive. I have been eyeing the T723 online but, have not looked at one in person my question is, from all of the...