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    Ford 9N - Retrieve it or Leave it?

    There are several people that say using GL5 in the sump will damage the bronze but IMHO and many others that is pure BS. I have used GL5 in everyone of the old N tractors I have owned (mainly because it is easier to find than GL1) and never once had any damage to any of them. One thing for...
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    Ford 9N - Retrieve it or Leave it?

    I always used straight diesel to clean them out, fill it and drive it. I just DO NOT run the hydraulic pump more than a few minutes since I do not feel like diesel has sufficient lubrication for the pump. Diesel in a hand pump sprayer to wash down the upper case helps.
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    JD 5055 quick hitch

    I have the Pat's and so far they have been great, for me personally they work better than a quick hitch. To each his own, it can be a hard choice to make without having experienced each to find out what works best for you.
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    Flail Mower Let's talk flail mowers

    I am going to make a 'WAG' here and say that the idler pulley failed and they stuck whatever they had on hand and could make work, even if it was wrong. Redneck engineering.
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    Ford 800 172 engine sleeves--Overbore or Std 3.9?

    The seals should swell to seal that tiny bit of a gap BUT I still put a TINY dab of RTV in there to be safe. Sounds like you have beat it into submission and are headed on the downhill. (y)
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    We have a 9N, 8N, Jubilee, and NAA. Are interested in a Workmaster and what came after a Workmaster

    The 860/861 and the early 4000 (4 cylinder) are basically the same tractor other than the hood. Parts are completely interchangeable between the two. As a note the Workmaster is the 600/601 series tractor the 800/801 are the Powermaster.
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    Ford 861 Clutch Replacement

    Flywheel to crankshaft 75-85 Clutch to flywheel 12-16 No torque is specified for the block to transmission housing in the service manual, use a standard torque chart to determine the values.
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    48 8n wont start- Help

    I firmly believe in converting to 12V, I just do not believe in the electronic ignition conversions. Converting to 12V is child's play, a GM alternator, a little wire, battery and coil is all that is needed. No need to change the starter, everything else stays the same.
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    48 8n wont start- Help

    First you do have it neutral, right? Make sure all the connections are clean and tight. Next try by passing the solenoid and see if it cranks if it does the solenoid is bad and you must get a solenoid made for the 8N. They are different in that they are internally hot and the push button switch...
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    WICKED Toothbar will Transform Your Bucket

    Today I received the Wicked toothbar I ordered June 30, it may even be one from the video (Just guessing, I NEVER have been on or ever will be on Fartbook) I was going to wait to install it tomorrow but decided I couldn't wait. This thing should be called BEAST, heavy, very well made and fit the...
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    Ford 951 special brush hog, help. Can't remove drivetrain yoke from gearbox input shaft

    Since you say it uses a shear bolt, soak it with penetrating oil for a few days and smack it with a hammer every now and then as well, then run it without the bolt in. It will loosen up, probably just rusted up. Some yokes used with a shear bolt also had a small hole that a roll pin went in...
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    Flail Mower Let's talk flail mowers

    That is how I remove just about all races anymore, so simple and it really does not that big of a bead.
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    Help Identifying Finish Mower

    Looks awfully much like a LandPride I once had.
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    Beware of Catalytic Converter Thefts

    A fella I worked with got his wedding band and a wrench across a 12V battery. Almost lost the finger.
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    Some one wanted to know if we'd buy an EV tractor

    The thing being overlooked is that they can control the emissions from one power plant better than they can from hundreds or thousands of internal combustion engines. Years ago when I worked at the local coal fired plant each morning they would fly a small plane though what was coming out of the...
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    1959 Fordson Dexta colors

    Not a good pic but you can get the idea:
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    ford 800... need some support for steering box / power steering issues

    Glad you got it figured out... always a PIA trying to correct something screwed up by someone else.
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    Rotary Cutter Overrunning Clutch

    First as was mentioned by another it takes the strain off the internal brake (if equipped) on the PTO, the tractors PTO stops while letting the drive line coast to a stop without trying to turn the tractors stub. Also as I stated I have had a slip clutch NOT SLIP when it was suppose to due to...
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    ford 800... need some support for steering box / power steering issues

    The only way I know of and this applies to the later 8N tractor but should the same for the 850, is the sector gears have or should have a dimple or dot indicating the center gear tooth to line up the gears to each other. Another suggestion and probably the best would be to remove the orbital...
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    Rotary Cutter Overrunning Clutch

    First I prefer the PTO on the tractor to stop when I turn it off and not coast down with the cutter. Second its another weak link in the PTO drive line to fail before something expensive in the tractor gets damaged if happen to hit something that should not and not rely entirely on the slip...
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    Rotary Cutter Overrunning Clutch

    I like to run an ORC even on a tractor with an independent PTO but that's just me.
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    Best truck under $10k?

    Toyota replaced the frames of those affected with the rust problems, was a time you could see stacks of frames behind dealerships that had been replaced.
  23. J

    Best truck under $10k?

    I heard that both a Tundra and Taco are in the works, don't know how long will have to wait. I too might be interested but giving up my 5.7L Tundra would be hard to do. As for trucks under the 10K limit, I was looking for a 1 ton flat to use on the farm. After LOTS of travel (3 states) and...
  24. J

    grease in a rotary cutter gear box?

  25. J

    1025R Air Cleaner

    Never took mine back, cannot see loading it up for making two 100 mile round trips (once to take it and then to pick it up) for maintenance I can EASILY and should be doing myself and it has never had anything that required warranty or repair from the dealer. From what I have read on line...
  26. J

    1025R Air Cleaner

    I finally got a call back from my dealer, he said they only were doing the recall AFTER the valve cover had broke and they where then putting in a new engine. Makes no sense to me, refuse to replace an air cleaner system that cost them probably less than $100 but replace the engine when it...
  27. J

    1952 Ford 8n (w/clutch) clicking/ratcheting noise

    That is a typical noise made by the overrun clutch which you MUST have on the tractor if you run a bush hog or other similar type of equipment for yours and every ones safety. I usually replaced mine if/when they got to having a lot of looseness/slop. The way to make sure this is your problem is...
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    1025R Air Cleaner

    I have already ordered the parts ($230) to make the repairs myself, it just irks me that JD thinks so little of their customer base to treat us that way. I know I will remember this when I look for another tractor, will it stop me from getting another JD? Probably not but it might.
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    1025R Air Cleaner

    It has come to my attention that John Deere had a repair/update for the air cleaner mounting on the 1025R. Seems the air cleaner mount was breaking the valve cover allowing dirt and debris to get into the engine. This has apparently been know for sometime and John Deere was replacing the mounts...
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    Ford 800 172 engine sleeves--Overbore or Std 3.9?

    You'll get there, I'm wait for the post that says it's running
  31. J

    Any info on this disk plow?

    Know I prefer the disk plow to a moldboard.
  32. J

    Balancing flail mower rotor

    When I had work done on the New Holland 918H it was done by an old machine shop but then again they also did driveshafts too but I would check with any machine hop in the area, ya never know... might get lucky.
  33. J

    Removing cured concrete splatter.

    This is timely, I noticed concrete spatters all over one of my new garage doors last year after having some work done and have been trying different things to get it off. The Larry, Darrel and Darrel of concrete work were not very careful it appears but when that is all you can get living out in...
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    Ford 800 172 engine sleeves--Overbore or Std 3.9?

    Dry ice is your friend for keeping it cold and as for keeping the key in the shaft use a center punch and make dimples on the side of it, the part that sits in the cam. The dimples will swell it (key) slightly it will stay in better, I prefer this to peening the $$$ shaft. I, like you, think...
  35. J

    1025R Engine to Transmission Drive Shaft Grease

    I just did them on my 1025R yesterday and called it a LOT of names before I got everything just right to grease the one at the engine.
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    Ford 9N - Retrieve it or Leave it?

    My SIL had a near perfect 8N (one of the last ones built in 1952) he sold and I am still mad at him for doing it. The 8N is not a fancy tractor. It does not have all the bells and whistles of the new plastic machines, it is just a solid, nimble little tractor that can do most any job asked of it...
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    Equipment that's left out in the rain

    I do as well but prefer to have it all under roof, gotta add more roof if the price of things ever gets back closer to normal.
  38. J

    How much will that tractor cost, the true price of ownership.

    Can I deduct the tractors as a medical expense? physical therapy? I feel much better after spending a few hours in the seat, so much more effective than the chronic pain scripts I'm on.
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    Cool Nature Photos

    SWMBO putting out fresh hummer chow. Had about a dozen of them but hard to count when there is a dog fight going on for a seat at the buffet.
  40. J

    Chain Guards -- What Size Chain?

    I've used 1/4" chain on every one I have ever made, I had/have a LOT of old 1/4" chain layin around for some reason and it has worked well.
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    How to make a 12' to 15' light post?

    We have many solar lights, get for not having to run electric lines and they put out a nice bright light. When they quit working usually it is just a matter of replacing the battery. Some are over 10 years old and still going strong, just not with the OEM battery.
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    Dog pics

    Here it is nearly 6:30 pm and the temp is 95 with heat index of 108... pup wants OUT until she actually gets there then it's LET ME IN!
  43. J

    Dog pics

    Dead earthworms here, go figure...
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    Flail Mower Let's talk flail mowers

    After doing all that surely there is not much left to go wrong unless you have blown a gear box. I replaced the seals in a fine cut Mott SD74 I picked up and it has been a good cutter ever since. I did notice one of the roller bearings has developed slop but hey that's just part of the cost of...
  45. J

    Add clutch to rotary mower

    Should be able to pick up a clutch at your local farm store, most do carry them.
  46. J

    Cool Nature Photos

    Cell phone or not, still fantastic detail in that second pic.
  47. J

    1963 2000 134 ci fuel supply issue

    If it has been converted to EI then it must run on 12V, safest bet on the coil is to replace it with a NAPA IC14SB that does not require a resistor. I would suggest that if you have the points and condenser putting them back in to be sure the EI is not the problem. Putting squirting more fuel in...
  48. J

    breaking the rules, buttercups in the background

    It's just a fact of life IF you have livestock or any living animal in a fenced in area, whatever is kept in said fence WILL at some point in time get out.
  49. J

    1963 2000 134 ci fuel supply issue

    You have eliminated the fuel system components so I am going to go with it IS NOT the fuel system, run a wire directly from the battery to the coil (hot wire it) and see if it still dies after a minute. I am going to guess the problem is the ignition switch, ignition resistor or wiring is bad...
  50. J

    Cool Nature Photos

    I definitely got the "Who, who are you" from him.