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    Share Pics of People Hauling or Towing Something Wrong

    What's the best way to secure a moose?
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    You know you are getting old when:

    for those that have problems finding their 10mm sockets, this is why! Saw this on FB
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    Good morning!!!!

    Saw on FB Need to know where the starter fluid goes??
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    Good morning!!!!

    One for Oosik
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    Good morning!!!!

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    Komatsu Dozer wont start

    could this be the glowplug? Maybe flat bar is 12v? does it connect to a wire on one end?
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    Good morning!!!!

    Snow casualty, grader got my mailbox with wing.. was working to make sure he didn't leave a berm, folded wing up, eased forward, stopped (looked like it might hit mailbox), but instead of raising the wing, he dropped it and took out my mailbox.. I went out and took some pictures to submit claim...
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    2020 Siverado HD

    2020 Chev high country
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    Source for safety device to hold FEL up on Kubota L3130.

    I am looking for a source for the part that would fit over the FEL cylinder rod when loader is raised to hold it up for safety when working under the hood and also when storing for winter so FEL can't come down. I have heard of "U shaped pieces" that fit over the cylinder rod but don't know of a...
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    Who Uses CB Radios?

    top of the headache rack that protects your back window is a fine place to mount.. put your yellow flashing lights up there too.
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    Good morning!!!!

    For those thinking of a zero turn, consider what I call "Clint Eastwood, stay off my lawn!" version I saw on Facebook.
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    Share Pics of People Hauling or Towing Something Wrong

    Towed 100 miles home is the story on FB...
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    Share Pics of People Hauling or Towing Something Wrong

    Hope they are not going too far..
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    Invisible fence

    Picture from FB showing how subsoiler was modified.
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    Backhoe Show your 3 point backhoe

    I don't have a picture, but my 3pt backhoe has the normal 3pt hookup, plus a heavy plate mounted sideways on drawbar (the hitch sitting under the back of the tractor that sticks out with a hole in end). There are two adjustable links that go from same area as toplink but instead of going to...
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    Good morning!!!!

    You guys with Kubotas may want to get some of this..
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    Share Pics of People Hauling or Towing Something Wrong

    Just because it is legal to drive on the beach in Oregon, does mean you should or can.
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    Wildfires - smoke

    Washington state, where beef is presmoked and cured before going to the butcher. Oosik, heard on the news last night that the smoke is coming from Washington fires, but the wind over night might help, or it could bring more smoke from Canada. Well, we have more smoke. We are into skull and...
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    Good morning!!!!

    Looks like we will be living in the smoke for awhile..
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    Good morning!!!!

    My wife says nice quilts when I showed her pictures. I told her that I would post some pictures of her work if she provided the photos.
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    Good morning!!!!

    you mentioned Consew and one showed up in my Facebook feed on the marketplace..
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    Good morning!!!!

    Wife's sewing station, middle and left machines are embroidery units. The middle unit has software that runs on Windows XP. While we don't do much embroidery, she does quilt labels on them. Her serger is on dining room table along with lots of fabrics. She usually gets quilts ready to be quilted...
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    Dog pics

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    Good morning!!!!

    Made some more progress on shed yesterday and this morning. Glad my work schedule is flexible most of the time. The shed is 12x16, with 10' walls (plans for loft later). We leveled the site, compacted the dirt, put fabric down, then gravel, compacted gravel, 4x6 treated timbers for skids. Floor...
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    We are looking at building a 6x6 pump house below grade using concrete block

    We are looking at building a 6x6 pump house below grade using concrete block and need some pointers. We have not done block before and know it is some hard work, but really don't want to set forms and pour concrete either. Plan is to have well in one corner (sticking through sloping roof for...
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    New truck, looks pretty cool, wonder what the pricing will be?

    The Bollinger Motors B-1 is an old-school truck with a high-tech twist | Fox News
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    I like homemade tortilla shells

    I love homemade shells, we have done the thin mix poured in hot pan getting a thin nice shell, but it is a lot of work and is a bit of art. I love the shells at Azteca restaurant and at some locations, they make the shells in an area that has windows so folks can watch. Little balls of dough...
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    Mowing Landpride FDR1672 blade bolts stuck

    I knew I needed to sharpen my blades, but thought perhaps they would be okay for the first mowing of the pasture. Well, I got mostly done and now they needed sharpening for sure, leaving a streak behind one of the three blades. Figured, no problem, pull into shop, hit it with cordless impact...
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    You don't have a high speed Internet connection??

    Just switched from one wireless internet provider to another. $60 for 512Kbs (up to 2Mbs burst) to $55 for 10Mbs/4Mbs (down/up). Life is so much better. I am more productive for work and I can enjoy a Netflix movie when I want. The previous provider just did not keep up with the times. We were...
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    Motorola Canopy Wireless Internet..

    I have ISP with the Motorola system. We pay $60/month for 512Kb, with bursts to 2Mb. We only have one choice for tower and it is on ~6000ft mountain, 200' up the TV station antennae. We have used both the 5.7Ghz and 900Mhz radios, the 5.7 uses a dish like DISH network and has the fastest speeds...
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    Field Leveling

    You could always do it old school, marking elevations with stakes and moving the dirt and then checking and staking again. The amount of dirt you are moving needs more than box blade. You need something like this...if your tractor is big enough. Belly Dump
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    heavy ramps are too heavy

    You should be able to weld a couple of c-channel (open side towards each other) to form an easy storage place. Make sure to put something at the front to stop them from sliding too far. Latch is pretty simple, just a rod hanging down so it can't slide out, rod lifts up to pull them out when...
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    Living with Wolves

    Our "Shadow" is 11 years old (I think we have had her 10 years now) and has been around kids the whole time we have had her. The first owner could not keep her because she howls at sirens and he had moved to the city and she howled all night with the sirens. She has to be tied up so she doesn't...
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    JD 9630 discing and plowing

    The last couple of days, our neighbor's farmer (she leases her land out) came in with this big tractor pulling an enormous disc. I did not get a chance to talk to him, but looked up the tractor on the internet.. introduced in 2007 as the largest production tractor built, etc. I think it has...
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    Antique tractor pull at local county fair (sorry, no pictures)

    My wife and I decided to go to the local fair, I had read in this morning's paper that they were having an antique tractor pull in the afternoon... we looked tractors and some other antiques over and then I headed over to the stands to have a look at the tractor pull (wife joined me after...
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    Best way to seal asphalt after dandelions poked through?

    We had a new asphalt driveway done last year and this spring, we had a bunch of dandelions poke up. They caused bumps 2-3" round and cracked the asphalt in the bumps. They were difficult to kill completely but it appears they are finally dead and not coming back. I want to smooth the asphalt...
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    Small round baler?

    Found one on CL, If ad is still up Baler, IHI Mini Round Baler Baler Mini IHI 850, 2009year model, Three point hook up, Makes small round bales wrapped with twine around forty pounds, simple & easy to use, great for small hobby farm baling of alfalfa, only requires 18 hp, tractor pto to...
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    Gravely 816s died, won't restart ---- solved

    My Gravely 816S (repowered with P218) was running last summer (pulling tow behind sprayer), not a big load, just driving slow, spraying with hand wand... the motor died, no oil light, no click, no crank, nothing. It was hot out and I walked back to house and got a different Gravely, finished my...
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    Here's some pics I put together from our farming operation

    Yep, you got the right size tractors, now just need to get some proper tools mounted on top...
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    Any interest in Gravely 8000 with loader?

    I am looking to reduce my collection of Gravely tractors and wondering if anyone in the Northwest is interested in a Gravely rider with loader? I don't remember what the series is but can go have a look if someone is interested. What I know, It runs good (but currently I have to jumper...
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    Scotts 1642 w/Kohler CV16 dies

    My ~10 year old Scotts riding lawn mower is giving me troubles. It backfires and dies after losing power. It has been running great and last week, I shut it off to take a phone call, then within 10 minutes of restarting it, I lost power and after backfiring several times died and would restart...
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    Can 3 bottom be converted to 2 bottom?

    Can this Massey Harris 3 bottom plow be converted to 2 bottom plow? Would it be a simple matter of removing the 3rd plow?
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    Track your GM new car or truck order

    From another forum... Welcome to When you enter your information on the site you will not show a status for approximately 2 hours for Chevrolet vehicles or until the following business day for GMC, Cadillac or Buick brands. Production Tracking...
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    Flail Mower 48" flail mower, anyone recognize it?

    I am going to look at a 48" flail mower for sale, brand unknown. Supposedly it turns over fine and is complete. anyone recognize the brand/model? thanks.
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    ABS on tractors?

    I just saw this video... some interesting braking and turning. YouTube - New Holland, ABS SuperSteer?
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    Snow Kubota B2781 snowblower, what subframe kit is needed for B2710?

    A friend just bought a B2781 snowblower in new condition with subframe for different Kubota tractor. What subframe kit is needed to mount a B2781 blower on B2710HST? thanks.