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  1. Maxify55

    Cub Cadet Yanmar SC2400 Help

    Like most things that don’t get used for long periods. They just lock up or slow their range of motion. Ask anyone over 60 [emoji6] The same theory applies, sadly
  2. Maxify55

    Fencing options

  3. Maxify55

    Help Identify this UTV

    It looks like a Taylor-Dunn airport or warehouse tug. Maybe an early E 451 {w/o overhead guard} with what's left of a trailer?
  4. Maxify55

    ?? For EddieWalker

    I'm at 40 yrs here in north florida: 20 - 12X12 stalls with center aisle and sliding doors We've modified it severely over the years but it's in fantastic shape.
  5. Maxify55

    Best commercial zero turn?

    We came to the same conclusion with uniformity in fuel use but chose owner/operator comfort as paramount concern {Right behind cut quality}. Ferris {IS2600Z} with Yanmar diesel was chosen for our farm use. It's so nice that I didnt use the 3-point 72" finish mower at all last year. What a sweet...
  6. Maxify55

    Cell phone holders in Vehicles ??

    I bought three of these for the various places I would need them, to hold my phone at face height for ID. I hate having to pick it up to authorize use but security is security. I put one in my ranger attached to the ROPS. So I could charge it while working around the place. Ditto, in the...
  7. Maxify55

    Rope, pole saw/high limb

    Here's my set up: Pallets forks on my LS Tractor SSQA Then this: Then whatever you feel comfortable with using in the basket for severing your limbs. My particular FEL lift height is: 7'6" at the base of the platorm {Give or take and inch or so} I've used a 2 cycle genny with an electric...
  8. Maxify55

    What air tool/nozzle do you recommend for blowing out radiators/coolers?

    I use this for cleaning the floor and other areas in need. The venturi effect is great but the air flow is all directed forward. A strip of duct tape across the end fixes that. Then remove it afterwards for general use, again. I'm not much for single use tools around the shop. Whenever...
  9. Maxify55

    3 Board Vinyl Fencing Project Question

    We installed Centaur fencing around our place. Pricey but well worth it. I haven't touched it {Except to pressure wash it} in years.
  10. Maxify55

    Good Zero turn for 6 acres?

    I beat my Ferris 1000Z for 15 yrs down here on my 7 acres. I think that there's around 1300 hours on the clock now but there might be a little less. It has severed us so well that, of course, I went looking for the same quality. Our fleet of machines here now is all diesel. So that's what we...
  11. Maxify55

    secondary fuel filter TZ22 New Holland

    What kind of wrench are you using? One of these: or one of these? The lower wrench will work better for you. I'll wager
  12. Maxify55

    Tractors and wood! Show your pics

    Thanks Hermine!! Like I needed to spend a couple of days at my son's place clearing his neighbor's oak that crushed the fence. It was tall enough that it out took a few other trees on the way down. What mess it made! My son is a plumber by trade and a lumberjack at heart. He's trying...
  13. Maxify55

    Mowing Clearing the radiator of debris

    We picked this up on Amazon. $30 delivered, as I recall. I just duct tape the end and blow out the side ports. You can buy them in assorted lengths. Guardair 75LJ12AA Long John with 12-Inch Aluminum Extension and Alloy Nozzle - Air Tool Hoses -
  14. Maxify55

    Man Lift revisited

    Do you mean one of these? Bought one last month from Titan Industries. Just love it.
  15. Maxify55

    Brake Tensioner Spring

    I've got a project almost completed except for this one detail. When removing the brake tensioner I neglected to note the position of the tiny brake tensioner spring that keeps the shoe anvil in the correct position to engage when the foot brake is applied. Of all of the different models over...
  16. Maxify55

    Check Engine Light HR3037HC

    Check Engine Light (Icon) came on as the Regen light appeared tonight. So odd. I've never had an issue with the regen process....Not once. Was mowing engine oil checked out OK before venturing out with it...Old habit. I'd been mowing for an hour or two everything operating normally. Medium...
  17. Maxify55

    Posthole Digger King Kutter Finish Mower?

    You didn't mention any wheel collars for height adjustment in the wheels. A lot of times when you buy used equipment the owners have used the wheel height adjusters on other equipment. Do you have any of item #18 on the mower? You can find them at any Tractor Supply location or agriculture...
  18. Maxify55

    PICTURES ONLY thread

    My son, a newly Licensed Plumber, asked to borrow the XR3037 to smooth some sand he'd had delivered. Little did I know that he'd been doing some major renovation to the drain field in his back yard. Complete with tree & stump removal, trench filling, finish grading and dumpster loading. He just...
  19. Maxify55

    Smartphone Photo of the Day

    My son stopped by today to finally pick up his boat and trailer. The tires were flat and hardly road worthy. It'd been sitting for far too many years under the oaks. He's got his first home and room for some of the things he left behind. It's only a 16' fiberglass. So there's hardly any weight...
  20. Maxify55

    3-Point Hitch Mitsubishi MT372 Keeps snapping shear pin

    The pic won't load for some reason. One more attempt before I give up. I can find more ways to own the names to which I earn the names I call myself. "Dolt" is one of the nicer, more repeatable ones
  21. Maxify55

    Adding a 3rd float rear valve

    I've misinterpreted your post. I, at first, thought that you wanted a third function for your front Bucket/Grapple. Then again, a third function on your joystick can be for what ever you wish it to function. Mine was purchased through my dealer here in North Florida, now defunct, and my...
  22. Maxify55

    Smartphone Photo of the Day

    I see all that white stuff on the ground there and turn around to see what I just finished. My dues card is fully paid. Spent 30 yrs in Cleveland, Ohio Spread 600# of rye grass last November. Forage for the horses Yeah! Retirement can be that good.
  23. Maxify55

    Lost Another Dealer

    Alachua/Gainesville, Florida has lost their LS Dealer. The closest dealer is now over an hour drive away in Ocala. I got hold of Corporate in NC and was informed that they were as shocked as I was. At least I'll finally get my owners manuals. I asked for a service manual for my XR3037HC for...
  24. Maxify55

    1985 John Deere 116H

    Guys, I've got to get up under my '85 Deere to replace what appears to be the factory hydro belt. It is quite checked and missing a few pieces of rubber on the belt, so, I'm sure it needs replacing. My dilemma is that I hope that change will stop the failure to even pull it's own weight...
  25. Maxify55

    Buying Advice New Tractor Delivery Hour Meter

    I've never been blessed enough to buy a brand new tractor until now. Without getting into brands of tractor and all that; I've been informed by my salesperson that my tractor being the last one of it's kind in this region has made the rounds to a couple of trade shows around this...
  26. Maxify55

    Cub Cadet 2185

    I've retired and thoroughly enjoy my job as general laborer on a farm I've purchased to assist my 25 yr old daughter in feeding her Equine Addiction. My job description further entails answering the call to anything that horses break or when any of the various machines I have purchased...