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    Something I don't understand about applications of below 40hp tractors

    Really ? Here is an example of what I'm talking about According to tractor data Ford 8n, 30hp, 27 pto hp = 2410-2717 lbs Modern Kubota l2501, 25hp, 20.5 pto hp = 2425-2623lbs Your saying these older under 40hp tractors were twice tougher than modern compacts yet they weigh about the same, how...
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    Battery based vehicles of today and tomorrow pt 2

    June 1 our electric company (West Penn Power) raised their rates 45% here
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    I don't understand something.

    My hour meter is cable operated. The faster the engine spins the faster it turns the cable. At idle speed it takes twice as long to = 1 hour on the meter. My previous tractor (JD 850 worked the same way)
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    I don't understand something.

    Exactly. When I first got my tractor I had a lot of projects I wanted to get done. The year we built our house I put over 200 hours on that year (building a driveway and digging all the utilities Etc.) For years I used the tractor to mow the lawn also, I now have 2 zero turns that do the lawn...
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    What years had bad ip gear

    Correct. 2005-2008
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    How hot is too hot?

    I'm guessing the 2 dots represent normal operating temperature. Your running a little high on temp, but not to bad. Cleaning the radiator fins very well might help.
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    Quick Attach Recall

    I know if it were mine, I would be asking the dealer if I can just bring him the QA plate and pick up the new one and mount it myself
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    Bad boy tractors any experience

    Kukje makes Branson tractors
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    Bush Hogging 8 acres - pricing?

    Same here
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    What does "oil - low pressure" light mean when it just barely starts coming on?

    If it were my machine, I would mount an oil pressure gauge so I could see what the pressure is.
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    Propane prices..

    I just prebought 500 gallons at $2.79 per gallon
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    Max 26 - finish mower size

    Years ago I owned a JD 850 (25 HP, 22 PTO HP) that had a 72" belly mower. Ran that mower just fine Go for at least a 60" rear finish mower IMO
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    Buying backhoe for CK2610 vs Renting Mini Excavator

    A mini x isn't the right tool for the job either IMO. Are you loading into something to move the dirt ? A mini isn't going to have the reach you need for a 60x30 pond. (unless you want move the same dirt multiple times to get it needs to be)
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    kioti running hot

    Now blow out the radiator fins and check the fan belt for wear/tension.
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    rear 3pt arms drop overnight?

    I don't have a Branson, but my 3 point has leaked off overnight for years. Never caused an issue while using the tractor so it makes no difference to me.
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    Yesterday. Would you buy and EV?

    Commercial EV zero turns are very pricey.,discharge%29%20%24%2032%2C632.95%20Call%20408-377-4496%20for%20a%20Demo...
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    ATV tires on a Zero Turn?

    Probably over inflated. Run lower pressure and I'm betting you will notice a difference I run 8-9 PSI front and rear.
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    ATV tires on a Zero Turn?

    I have those on my zero turns and never noticed a rougher ride. I run 8-9 PSI tire pressure
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    ATV Tubeless Tire Repair

    Exactly. Tubeless tire slips a little on the rim = not really an issue, valve stem is on the rim. Tube tire slips on the rim and the tube slips with it ripping the valve stem from the tube. It is a possibility at 4 psi.
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    Checking the front axle level

    My 2001 DK 35 has a dipstick.
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    Ferris IS2100z no power to left wheel

    I have a Snapper Pro s200xt with the ICD mower deck and did the exact same thing last summer. Stick went up over the mower deck and took the fan blades off my left side fan.
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    What would these 2 parts be called?

    Like was said earlier. The pin fell out is all you need.
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    Wacko Kioti Issue

    I prefer to have a lot less computer/electronics on my tractor. (no offense meant)
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    Snow plow on FEL

    I've been running a Fel mounted snowplow on my tractor for 20+ years now. (9' power angle plow) Works fine. I have my A frame running under my loader arms ( tucks the plow in much closer to the loader arms) You want trip springs to protect the loader/tractor 580844,634826
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    ATV Tubeless Tire Repair

    There is a chance at only 4 psi the tire could slip on the rim and rip the valve stem from a tube. (unless you have rim locks)
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    Riding mower RIO (Ridiculous Idea On the Onset)

    The answer is simple , Of course it doesn't
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    Z700 Series

    Congratulations. I've owned a Hustler Super Z since 2013. Very solid built mower, and never a single issue. (other than a couple flat tires)
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    has anyone ever heard such nonsense?

    Yea, I still have a 1978 Wheel Horse C-101 I bought used in 1986. Tough little machine and still running and working good. It got all new belts, paint job and stickers last year
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    I've been trying to tell you it's all been manufactured.

    Hardly anyone has worn masks in our part of the state here in western, pa for nearly a year. I know I haven't.
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    ZTR Insurance Question

    I have my zero turns on the same insurance plan as my tractor/implements. My homeowners will only cover a mower for up to $5000
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    Dk40se steering loose?

    Hydrostatic power steering doesn't have a solid gearbox, it is a fluid powered system. Your suicide knob will end up in a different position every time you use the tractor. Completely normal. Hydro-Static Power Steering System - Tractors PK.
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    Dk40se steering loose?

    It has hydrostatic power steering, the steering wheel orientation can and will change during use.
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    Today, would you buy an EV vehicle.

    Just got a notice here a couple weeks ago our electric prices will increase 44.6 percent (West Penn power) starting June 1. Our water bill increased 25% the week prior
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    Gravely Pro turn ?

    The low profile suspension seats tension can also be turned up or down for different operator weights. (I have one on my tractor and they do work OK)
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    Gravely Pro turn ?

    Shows a low profile suspension seat in the brochure.
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    Gravely Pro turn ?

    You have a suspension seat. First thing I would do is check your tire pressure (to high will make for a rougher ride) I run my zero turn tires at 8 or 9 PSI to help the ride.
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    Gravely Pro turn ?

    You will get the hang of it. My wife hated a zero turn at first, now she mows fast as it will go and has fun mowing.
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    Gravely Pro turn ?

    I think you did fine. And yes the 3200 hydro gear transmissions are serviceable
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    Gravely Pro turn ?

    Problem is that puts you in the $10,000 and over price tag they didn't want to do.
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    I have no idea what to buy

    I just looked at the Bobcat Zero turn home page. Bobcat Zero-Turn Mowers - Bobcat Company They offer the Hydro gear ZT transmissions every model I looked at same as most other MFG.
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    Gravely Pro turn ?

    I'm not familiar with the Gravely Pro turns, so I looked it up. Seems they have several different models/specs of the PRO turn line. Not sure which one it is. Zero Turn Lawn Mowers | Gravely Lawn Mowers
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    Comparison The Bitterness of Poor Quality Remains Long After the Sweetness of Low Price is Forgotten

    My previous tractor was a Deere (JD 850). I had it for years. It was a reliable machine. When upgrading to a new tractor in 2001 I looked a Deere ( the 4300 and 4400, nice unit. I also looked at the 790 but I didn't like anything about it) . Also the Kubota 3010 and 3410, also nice units. I...
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    LS or Kubota

    Who runs the lines outside the loader arms?? I've looked a lot of different brands and I don't recall ever seeing that
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    Oil & Fuel CK3510SE 200 hour fuel line & Power Steering line replacement???

    Just keep an eye on them. My DK 35 is a 2001 model with 2430+ hours I have replaced my upper/lower radiator hoses and fuel line once in 21 years
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    The high cost of cutting grass

    What a great idea. Buy the sheep, build a barn to house the sheep, get dogs to protect the sheep, fence the entire property, buy feed for the sheep through the winter months, bedding, feed for the protection dogs, vet bills, and the property taxes go up even higher for the barn I just built...
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    Ferris ISX800

    I have a Snapper Pro s200xt with the Vanguard 37 HP EFI (with oil guard) and 72" deck. It's basically the same as a Ferris IS3200 but without the suspension. My Snapper Pro does have a very cushy suspension seat.
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    Ferris ISX800

    Ferris, Simplicity and Snapper Pro are all owned by Briggs and Strattan
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    What is draft control

    Branson is made by Kukje (TYM bought Kukje a while back), but they are different tractors so far. I've looked at TYM and Branson, my opinion I think the Branson is a nicer/heavier built machine