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    Trying to find some barley hay.

    I'm not sure where to find some barley hay. My SIL and Bil own a aqua poninics/hydro ponics farm in Florida and she is trying to find some barley hay I guess it works better for filtering than other hay. If anyone can help with locating some close to Davie FL. Please let me know in a feed back...
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    GC1705 mower deck

    Does anyone have the approximate weight of the 60" mower deck. I'm trying to figure out the weight of tractor, fel, and mower. I need to get it out to my MIL she has let her yard go and her mower will not handle the grass height. And I have some fel work to do too and clean up the property. It's...
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    Trailer hitch cherry picker combo

    Last year I made a what I call cherry picker for my GC 1705 bucket and by some of the comments from other tbn members of some modifications I finally got a chance to do them. But at the same time I decided to convert it into a 3pt. Hitch use also it seems to work okas both but I haven't really...
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    Roof over my head

    Got tired of sitting in the hot sun while mowing so got a old piece of roofing tin and 3 u bolts from TSC and made at least a sun shade
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    I have a question for anyone I have a GC 1705 and the other day I had to mow my MIL yard and her grass was about 1.5 ft tall and it gave my tractor a good workout. I was wondering if I could get a bush hog and knock the really tall thick grass down and still have the mmm on because l don't have...
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    Loader New welder

    Finally got a new welder and put a couple of hooks on my bucket.
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    Getting garden ready

    Finally getting the garden ready used the old disc harrow. Then I made a row hill maker using my counter weight without the weight it worked pretty good for home made
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    Pull type disc harrow

    I borrowed a pull behind disc harrow I was wondering if anyone can identify it. I pulled it with my GC 1705 no problem until I got in some really soft stuff but I had it in 4 X4 pulled it just to right thru. It has some green paint on it but it seems to be from the 60's
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    Are the linebach plows a good plow

    I have a chance to get a compact tractor plow for a good price I was just wondering if they a good plow for a GC 1705 it's a leinbach line plow 12 inch for a 150.00
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    home made attachments for 3pt. hitch and FEL

    Here are a few things my son and I made for my GC 1705 out of scrape metal laying around and acquiring from scrap yards cheap!!!!. We made the counter weight it has about 300lbs.on it. the chain in the bucket is held in by 2 pins for easy on/off, and my own design of land plane works like a...
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    Aux. rear hydr.for GC 1705

    I have a question? Has anybody heard of or know of a Aux. outlet on the rear of a GC tractors. I have a 2016 GC 1705 and i have talked to my dealer and he talked to the Massey tech support and they don't make a aux. for them. I sent a email to the Massey Ferguson/AGCO but haven't heard anything...
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    looking to get a Kubota or JD

    I 'm trying to figure which would be better where I live we have basiclly 2 dealers a Kubota and a John Deere. I 'm leaning more to the Kubota because of cost and quality of Kubota. I'm looking at the new L2501 its seems to be the size i need for what I need to do. can any body give me any input...
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    alt not charging on 12 volt conversion

    I m trying to figure out how to hook up the wires to and from alt it has alt and it does run but will not charge I have put a charger on or jump after it runs for awhile. Or after repeated starts does anybody know how to run wiring and if I need a voltage regulator
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    3-Point Hitch 3 point hitch jumping

    I have a 55 ferguson to 35 and just rebuilt engine. Tractor sat for about 2 years but the 3 point lift keeps jumping when under low lift pressure. Like bush hogging and grader blade. Is there anything I can do to keep it from jumping it is full of fluid. I was thinking it would quit after it ran...
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    timing question for a z134 engine

    i just rebuilt a z134 I got ti pop back thru the carb but I'm not sure which way to set distribiter forward or back one tooth to get fire and run if anyone has any idea please let me know thanks.
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    new member fron virgina

    thanks for the join of site hope to be of help with some info on a ferguson to 35 just got done rebuilding a z134 now trying to iron out the little bugs.