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    Jon Boat motor

    A jaxs said 9.9 is the limit on many lakes and revivors which raises the price of them. I bought an older 20 hp for half the price of a 9.9. That gave my 14' semi v a real giddy up.🍻
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    Evolution Metal cutting saw blade replacement.

    To fast a feed rate will also kill a blade. Like xr said thin material must be well supported so you don't pinch the kerf. That will pop the teeth right off. I use stick wax for lube seems to help the blade last longer. Diablo steel demons have served me well. 🍻
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    which sanding pads?

    What is the brand and type of stain. Stains weather oil or water soak into the wood and should never peel. Only top coats peel. Does it have a sealer in the stain? Show pictures of what u want to remove. Most outdoor stains are made to be reapplied many times over without sanding between...
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    Rail roads and their tracks.

    Good to see everything was wrong with a Vega start to finish. 🍻
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    What have you hit with your mower lately?

    At least 1 black racer per year. Moles and shrews here and there. Small plethora of lacrosse balls. 🍻
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    BIY tooth bar - CRS/Mild Steel ok? abbrasive resistant metal a must?

    Made my removeable tooth bar with buying bucket teeth $50 a piece and a piece of scrap steel laying around the shop. It's easily removeable with 2 bolts that tie into the sides of the bucket. Couple hours work, couple of buds, worth its weight in gold. 🍻
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    EC35 new holland

    Digger in work had one which I ran numerous times. Liked the machine a lot, plenty of power, roomy cab, switch between cat and Deere controls. They are known for having electrical gremlins. I would rather have a Tak or Yanny but opinions are like a hole everybody got one. If the price is right...
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    Share Pics of People Hauling or Towing Something Wrong

    Dam Amish think can build everything. 🍻
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    Where are the locations of any zerk fittings on a 2002 TC40?

    More Zerks, more grease, longer the tractor will live. Cheap chineasum crap you barely see any zerks .Thats one way of telling a well-engineered piece of equipment from a POS. 🍻
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    TC45DA ROPS Lights

    Long lane tractor in Elizabethtown PA. is a NH graveyard check with them. 🍻
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    Excavator v. Skid Steer for Hobby Farmer?

    One thing missing from the Mini telehandler infomercial is rocks. I would like to see it dig like that when you dig down 6" and start hitting rocks the size of that bucket like in these parts. Anything can dig in soil like that. 🍻
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    New Holland TC45D opinions?

    Did not come with telescoping links or brush guard. Brush guard was an option on every model even d's and da's. Lucky you have a remote right now their asking $1500 a piece for factory remotes. Long lane tractor in Elizabethtown PA. is a ford NH salvage yard that specializes in that type of...
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    New Holland TC45D opinions?

    S means it was the basic standard model. No tilt telescopic steering wheel, No floor mat. No tool boxes. No extra crap you really don't need.🍻
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    Identify this Truck?

    Had one of those bought it in 85 with 120 k miles drove it to 500 k miles then the 351 m gave up the ghost. [yours is a 400m which is a 351 m with larger heads] Best thing on mine was the ford sticker on it that said non catalyst. No pollution crap. I yanked the 351 and put in balanced...
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    New Holland TC45D opinions?

    40a is a manual transmission ,40d [deluxe] is a hydro. 🍻
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    New Holland TC45D opinions?

    Lots of old threads about them and lots to learn . I bought a 04 tc45 a year ago and researched the shit out of them . The d's are older than the da's . D's have very thick fiberglass sheet metal. DA's went to plastic and were prone to cracking by the fenders. D's have a screened vent on top of...
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    Excavator v. Skid Steer for Hobby Farmer?

    Just to put another option out there is a Mecalac skid steer excavator. I think they are pretty new and cost a pretty penny. 🍻
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    Snow Equipment Owning/Operating Pictures of your snow weapons

    Not me . I hate the summer already. 🤬 95o 95% humidity framing outside in the sun can't wait for the winter. Snowy pictures are giving me a warm and fuzzy. Keep the going please.🍻
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    New Holland tc33 wiring harness

    Try tractor junkyards long lane in Elizabethtown pa. specializes in ford and new holland tractors. 🍻
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    Looking for a dump trailer like this one for a Kioti DK6010SE.

    The mutts are toy compared to the pronovost carries 3000 lbs. m 2000 lbs. p 50"x 70" m 72" x 44" tappers down to 26" . p weight 660 lbs. m weight 420 lbs. 🍻
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    1999 F250 7.3 running like dog crap after running out of fuel and new lift pump

    If you ran it dry you probably sucked up a bunch of shit from the bottom of the tank and clogged the filter. 🍻
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    How to "undercoat" mower deck.

    I tried the tsc Teflon paint on a plow blade didn't last the winter. I stick with whatever left over paint I have from projects I have done. Worked for the last 24 years hopefully the deck will last another 24.:unsure:🍻
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    One Heckuva Crane!

    I like the Liebherr video of a crane picking up a crane, picking up a crane, picking up a crane, about 5 cranes. Thats a lot of engineering. 🍻
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    Excavator communications bucket build.

    What do you think of your Takeuchi? Looks like a Huckleberry. Want a old tb135 for my next toy. Can't imagine digging in sand like that , looks like a day at the beach. My parts 3" topsoil the rest is shale and rotten stone. 🍻
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    Knee replacement

    My dr. said you only get 1 back take care of it. We can give you all the replacement knees and hips you need. 🍻
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    Milwaukee cordless Grease gun owners

    I have both 12 in work where all the machinery is ss not in the weather. 18 home where the stuff works in the dirt rust collects. The 18 will push grease through were the 12 won't. 🍻
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    Cracked bell housing in a 2006 110TLB

    The search on this website sucks since it was updated awhile back. 👎 There were many threads about the cracked bellhousing, but they are hard to find. If you find the members that are in this thread that have had this problem, then find their multiple threads you might find more info. A few...
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    Excavator communications bucket build.

    (y) 🍻:cool:🍿(y)🍻
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    Knee replacement

    3 Knee surgeries were a walk in the park compared to back surgery.🍻
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    Excavator communications bucket build.

    Show us the other 3 buckets and the action photo's next.🍿🍻
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    Knee replacement

    Got both done in 2010. Had to get the right one redone in 2017. What changed were the drugs the use of nerve blockers. Biggest thing was the insurance companies not wanting to pay for hospital stays and rehab. Not the basic procedure. Thats from the doctors and a friend that processes medical...
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    Knee replacement

    I can't see how sawing off your knee joint and then pinning and gluing on a new metal one can be less invasive. 🍻
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    F250 4x4 6.2 vs 7.3?

    Had a few 250's 350's with the 460 . Great engine past everything but a gas station. Seriously thinking about 7.3 gas whenever their available to be ordered again. Ford A plan is a great thing. Employe pricing is the only way a new truck can be affordable to me. 🍻
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    Expandable tracks stuck in narrow position

    Nice when you can fix them yourself . (y) Usually only takes a little investigating and desire to get r done.🍻
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    Expandable tracks stuck in narrow position

    We use to have a bobcat that did the same thing . Sometimes we' get it to work by trying the controls to work in different combos. Slew ,curl tracks in Etc. But finally it had to go in to shop developed a bad leak . They said it was a solunoid that stop the track from moving ...
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    Differences between TC45DA and Boomer 3045 HST

    Iman Long lane Tractors in Elizibeth town Pa. is a NH wrecking yard and they should have a temp gauge that works for you. You could buy a cheap generic gauge and mount it under the hood if you don't want that rube Goldberg look . Just a thought. :unsure: 🍻
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    Hydraulic top link ball end liberated itself.

    Your father sounds like my kid . If he had a horse it would be dead in a week. 🍻
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    Differences between TC45DA and Boomer 3045 HST

    #1 make Shure the 3045 isn't a cvt I have seen people advertise a cvt as a hydro. #2 3045 will have dpf on it they have a limited life on it and it gets expensive to replace. I like early Tc d's not Da's they seemed to start cheaping out on thinks as they progressed 2000 d's had a heavy...
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    What the heck is making these holes?

    Go full on Wylie Coyte and get Dragon Breath!!!🍻
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    Share Pics of People Hauling or Towing Something Wrong

    Somewhere between Beverly hillbillies and Sanford and son.🍻
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    Rail roads and their tracks.

    use to take the kids there every year in the fall and take the steam train ride and spend the day taking pictures and reading the stories under each exhibit. If you have time at the end of the day, there is a coal mine about 15 20 minutes away that has a mine car ride and a guided tour. pretty...
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    Broke 2 Oil filter wrenches

    Those unitool wrenches suck . I bought one twenty some od years ago and never realy had success removing any filters with them. First the don't bite into the filter so unless the filter is big enough to take up the slack on the first few windings you have to hold the wrench and then turn it to...
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    TC45DA Trailer Plug 7 Wire

    Just looked at the wiring diagram for my tc 45d did not see any provisions for trailer wiring harness. If there was I doubt it would provide enough power for what u want to do. If it were me I would run my own dedicated circuit protected by a fuse directly from the battery. A 7 pin harness...
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    TC35D Floor/Platform Build!

    (y) (y) (y) If you got a new tractor built like that I might buy one .But for 60,000 now a days all you get is flimsy plastic and BS smog control.🍻
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    router bit recommendations

    I'm with sawyer rob . After 45 years of wood working the only router bits I buy is CMT and Freud . The have outlasted every other brand I bought buy light years . CMT being the sharpest quietest chip resistant bit I have found. I never foud a router table pre made worth the...
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    Case DX-34

    Long lane tractors in elizbeth town p.a is a NH. tractor grave yard. That's were I get parts for my TC. 's. Stones throw away from Messics. 🍻
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    Service manual on cd

    maybe I'm just old but i find it invaluable to have a hard copy manual of all my equipment right next to me when I'm trying to fix something. They usually run about $300 bucks but that is worth it compared to running in and out of the house to the computer or printing a bunch of loose sheets...
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    TC30 Opinions

    since I have a TC 29d and just moved up to a TC 45d I would say that a 30 is kinda on the small side. If you are going to use 6' implements they will tax your tractor any grade on the land elevation on weight behind it will also drain hp. If your heart is set on a 30 my TC 29d is...
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    Share Pics of People Hauling or Towing Something Wrong

    he's set , got a helmet on. 🍻
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    Share Pics of People Hauling or Towing Something Wrong

    Hopefully the kid didn't tell him it's raining. 🍻