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    crush washer for ford 1710 fuel injector

    Might look around for a local diesel repair/supply business. I'd think most could get them with no problem. Also found some aftermarket one's online. This one is the most reasonable I found. Lower Injector Washer (Copper) For Indirect Injection - SBA131426010 - New Holland Compact Tractor Parts
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    2022 gardens

    Finally got my tomatoes, peppers, and cotton mulched last week, when we got a few cooler, and dry days. At least one less section of the garden to have to cultivate, and hoe around plants.
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    Case 1835-B

    Probably going to need a service/repair manual to get the diagram. Did a quick search for a 1835-B service manual, and more than several out there for sale, in PDF download, reprints and some OEM one's. Best looking deal I found pretty quick was a reprint set on ebay. $90 w/free shipping. I...
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    Pulverizer Pins

    Rebar may be a bit soft for that, even though it is 3/4". Those teeth are just spike harrow teeth, and you should be able to find them at a good farm supply. I had one of those 20 some years ago, and got replacements at the time, at Tractor Supply. Don't know that they carry them anymore though...
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    Case-IH 265 offset gr

    Call these guy's, they are in the heart of cultivating country. BURCH STORE TRACTORS-VINTAGE SALVAGE YARD,NEW AND USED,TRACTOR PARTS They could tell probably tell you if a set off a 100-140 will fit, at least the front. Being it has 3 pt. hitch, a simple 2" X 2" tool bar with shanks & sweeps...
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    Case 430

    Looking at the Case/IH online parts book, the 430 came with 16" rims, but different width's. Schematic, Manuals, Specifications and Diagrams for front wheels, general purpose and utility wheels, hubs and weights, prior to s/n 8262800 Case IH | MyCNHi US Store Being yours has 15", I'd suspect...
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    Rennovating a garden

    I too use leaves as mulch around set plants. Just leave them lay over the winter, and plow down in the Spring. They will pretty well be broken down into compost by then, and less chance to deplete N out of the soil. Night Crawlers and red worms love them, and will feed on them year round, if...
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    Backhoe lines - can’t get through frame

    Most hoses have a male/female ends, with the female/swivel end being larger. Male non-swivel threaded end should actually smaller than the hose, except for the hex "nut" where the wrench goes on, but should fit through the hole in frame. Never dealt with a C-C backhoe, but if like most...
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    MF 180

    It may not be that the power steering isn't working, but rather the bearing on the steering shaft just below the steering wheel, under the dash is dry, and seizing up. Spray some good penetrate down around the steering shaft, let it soak awhile, then apply more, and start working the steering...
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    Case 480ck crank pulley removal

    The nut is a RH thread. Heat until the nut until it is nearly orange, then let it cool, so as not to distort that 1/2" square opening. I used a 3/4" breaker bar, with 1/2" adapter, and still needed a 3' cheater on it, and I'm a good sized feller. It squawked, nearly the whole way off, every time...
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    brake diagram

    I didn't realize the VAC had 3 different series, within the same years built, and not sure the difference. Here is a link to the Case/IH online parts book, with all 3 series. Search VAC | MyCNHi US Store Select a series, an exploded view of the brakes is found under "power train" in the menu...
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    Finally bought my first ever tractor! International 674! Help a rookie fix it!

    Here are a couple links to the Case/IH online parts book, you may find come in handy, looking for parts for various function groups on the tractor, and engine. Select a function group out of the menu, then drill down, and open the particular exploded view of what you' be working on, and open it...
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    Case 480F Brake issue

    Your 480F brakes are a different animal compared to my 480C's brakes. It appears the slave cylinder on yours looks to be stationary, held in place by clips. Schematic, Manuals, Specifications and Diagrams for Transaxle, differential brake actuator | Case CE | MyCNHi US Store The slave...
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    Brake reservoir full but no pedal

    I used the NiCopp line on mine. It's been 10 years, and still work good. Hopefully bleeding the brakes will fix your problem. If the bull pinion seals are leaking, and have the brakes oily, that is quite another project. Mine just has the ROPS on it, the left side I could get from on top, with...
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    Waste Oil Handling, Got Grease?

    Me neither, but if you read the last sentence in the first paragraph of my reply, since he has no container large enough to hold the 12 gallons, the idea was to pump out enough oil in containers, to finish draining into a pan he may have, or fit under the tractor.
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    JD 116 carburetor kit

    First, you'll have to get the model/spec numbers off your engine. If it has the OEM Briggs in it, go to Briggs & Stratton parts. and enter your engines model/spec numbers. It should bring up an exploded view of your engine showing various function groups. Find the one for the carb. and open. It...
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    Waste Oil Handling, Got Grease?

    A buddy of mine has 2 oil extractor pumps he uses for auto's, and his tractors, and loves them. There are so many types, and styles, to pull oil out of auto's, and hold it, to larger one's that pump into a container. For 12 gallons worth, you could get one that pumps into a container, and at...
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    Anyone have an old Case parts book they can look something up in please?

    It's not as handy as it used to be. Several years ago Case/IH deleted a lot of items, like casting pieces they don't handle anymore. Really handy for searching for parts like that. I had an old 310B the top reverser transmission cover, with shifters was shot. Looked up the part number, and...
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    Anyone have an old Case parts book they can look something up in please?

    Here's a complete parts manual for you Case 430, on the Case/IH online parts store. Select hydraulics in menu at left. Several exploded views of the components of the system. Select the one that shows the filter you're looking for, and select it. Description, and part numbers to the right...
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    52 Super C Oil Pressure

    I hear ya'..!!
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    52 Super C Oil Pressure

    Yep, still plugging away at it here. I have a buddy 60 miles South of here that he and his family normally put out about an acre of sorghum every year, but heard no mention of it this year. Weather hasn't been the best to get anything planted this year. Still some guys trying to get some beans...
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    52 Super C Oil Pressure

    I may be doing that shortly here, to my Farmall 130 I bought 2 years ago. It carries great oil pressure, when just ginning around. I plowed the garden with it, about 5 weeks ago. Never really paid attention to the oil pressure, until on the way to the barn to put it away. The touch control arm...
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    Brake reservoir full but no pedal

    To be honest, I never looked at all of the schematics, but it is a lot different set up than my 480C. Personally, if it were me, I'd be getting a shop/service manual. I have one for mine, which is an OEM manual. It's like 4" thick, and covers every repair on the machine. They are well written...
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    Brake reservoir full but no pedal

    Here is a link to Case Construction for the 480F. Case construction king loader backhoe | Case CE | MyCNHi US Store Scroll down, and find the brake category, and it will show views of the components of the brake system. I have a 480C, and remember when redoing brakes on mine, I remember...
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    Case 850K vapor locking after 30 minutes of running.

    Might be a lot simpler to just buy a new fuel cap. I realize they are probably quite expensive through Case, but if you have the part number, I'm sure there are aftermarket one's out there for a lot less. If you don't have the part number, you should be able to find [email protected] Case Construction...
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    Good to hear you have the service manual. I'm sure you'll find it invaluable as you go along, if not already. I'd have to guess 12" may be enough space to get the flywheel, and pressure plate fingers out past the bell housing intact. Using the OEM part numbers from the parts book is...
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    Is this a bare tractor, tractor with loader, or tractor, loader, backhoe..?? If it's a bare tractor, it will save a lot of work. If it has a loader, and/or backhoe too, it would be a lot easier to work on the engine with the loader and backhoe removed. If it's designed like my 310B, the rear...
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    Grass Seeing Acreage (see pic)

    Once your grass is tall enough to mow, keeping it mowed will eliminate a lot of unwanted weeds from going to seed. The heavy seeding rate will also choke out a lot of the unwanted weeds, except the Dandelions, those suckers will come up in a crack of concrete. Like hosspuller mentioned, you...
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    Need Advice with Mud & Horses. Rookie

    Just going by the 2 pictures, it does appear you have some good slope for drainage. This is just my opinion, so take it for what it's worth. It looks like your biggest problem is water coming in to the paddock from the upper side. In the picture with the white outbuilding, it looks like a...
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    Disc Harrow rusteration (Ferguson A BO 22)

    I wouldn't worry too much about the axles, if anything give it a light coat of a quality grease, like a bearing grease, or the red tacky grease, after you clean them up to suit you. That will last longer than paint, which will get scuffed off on reassembly, and make it easier to go back...
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    Electric Fence?

    Sounds like a similar set up that I have. Mine is terminated at 2 ends, where it meets the pasture fence. My Donkey keeps them out of the pasture. I have an entry way, with T-posts set approx. 42" apart, and use the spring loaded gate handles, connecting the fence. I made another entry way...
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    Toro 328d front axle

    It appears to be a flex coupler, possibly driving a front mounted hydraulic pump..?? Definitely need a new yoke, and flex couple discs. If it was taken apart in the past, looks like the bolt may not have been tightened enough, and allowed to work enough to shear the bolt, and break the flange...
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    4 Wheel Drive Lawn Tractor

    Maybe something like a Steiner..??
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    Son working the David Bradley

    Great little work horses in the garden. I have 4 different one's I use, with various cultivators, for different plant sizes. Also have a disk, but turn them to throw dirt to the center to make hilled rows. for onions, etc. We've been gardening with them, since1953, when Dad bought a new one...
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    Parts costs

    Might want to try posting a "want to buy" ad here @ Tractorhouse: See top right of page. No cost to it, just register, and leave description/part number of what you're looking for, and contact info.
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    City kids do not leave keys in vehicles. . . It’s different out here...

    I live 25 miles from Columbus, OH. There's kids as young as 11 stealing cars. Yesterday, an 11 y.o, and 2, 13 y.o.'s were arrested for car theft. Police arrested them and took them to a "reception center" for mental health evaluation, and to get them some help. It's not a locked facility. They...
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    Seafoam for real?

    I've used Seafoam for nearly 6-8 years, with good results. My 2, '88 Wheel Horse 310-8's with Kohler engines have a check valve in the carb, to prevent drain back to the tank, if left setting for a few days. Ethanol laced fuel will cause that check valve to get gunked up, and let fuel run back...
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    Desperate need of 1620 Ford New Holland clutch input shaft

    Here's a list of 6 in salvage yards, although one appears to be a hydro. Hopefully one will have what you need.
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    Rotary Cutter Dearborn 2 disc plow parts

    I believe I'd just go ahead, and take it apart, and clean it up inside. From the looks of this exploded view, it's pretty easy to disassemble. For giggles, I went back up to that link, and looked at the tail wheel section. Schematic, Manuals, Specifications and Diagrams for Tail wheel...
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    Rotary Cutter Dearborn 2 disc plow parts

    I've never purchased anything through this place,but it always seem to pop up when doing a search for hard to find parts. Might be worth a call.
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    Rotary Cutter Dearborn 2 disc plow parts

    You may still be in luck. I'll assume it's a model 10-80 plow. Found the mosel number doing a search for Dearborn disc plows. Searched CNH parts, and found this exploded view, and part numbers. Schematic, Manuals, Specifications and Diagrams for Disc assembly -...
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    Rotary Cutter Dearborn 2 disc plow parts

    What is the model number on that plow..?? If the tag is still on it, search parts at New Holland, using the model number. Search feature is at the top of this page, search by selecting model at right, then type in model number at left. It's hard to see it in the gray block at the top. Get...
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    Repair of wallowed out rear wheel disk bolt holes

    Hope it didn't put you to sleep...
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    Ford 917 Flail Need Main Rotor!

    You might try placing a "Want to buy" ad on TractorHouse: Look top right, when the page opens. You'll need to register, and leave contact info. Then, give a good description of what you're looking for. Brand, model number, size, and part number is a BIG help. If...
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    Repair of wallowed out rear wheel disk bolt holes

    I made a set of new backup center plates for my old Case 310B backhoe approx. 10 years ago, out of 3/16" plate. They are load bearing wheels, so had to cut the center right on the money to slip over the end of the axle. Fairly easy to do with the plasma cutter w/circle cutting attachment. O.D...
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    Case 310 cooling fan

    Crawler or backhoe..?? They made both. If it's a crawler, what series 310, and you'll need the serial number off of it to be sure to get the right one. Here is a link to Case Construction, and a list of 310 crawlers. You'll have to pick which one is your model, and click on it. When the next...
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    Satoh Bison PTO Seal leak

    If that is the seal in the second picture, probably no reason to pull the shaft. Just get that seal out, and put a new one back in. Before installing the new seal, and probably before removing the old one, clean that pto shaft of dirt and paint. Before installing the new seal, wrap the pto...
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    Ford 101 plow parts

    You can try posting a "Want to buy ad" here: Look top right of page, and click on link. You'll need to register with contact info, and fill out form of what you're looking for. Part number(s) are a big help. I've found more than several tractor, and implement parts...