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    Waiting on LX2610 Rops

    I'm waiting on an LX2610 Rops with the smaller r14's. I'm trying to clarify how many ply the rear tires are. All the specs I can find say 6 but I would like to varify with someone that has received an LX2610 with the smaller r14's from the dealer. If this has already been stated i have not been...
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    Should I say something

    Back story- I recently sold a Kubota (model left out purposly) "as is for parts due to a concern for metal in the transmission". The machine was running well at the moment and looked great even after 22 years of owning it. I sold the machine to company that buys equipment services and resells...
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    BX 905 engine

    Does anyone know reason why Kubota is putting a different engine in the BX 2300? The BX 23 TLB still uses the tried and true 905, the same engine that is in my B 1700 and many other applications. I'm thinking of downsizing but a brand new engine makes me think twice.
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    Backhoe Backhoe Dolley

    Here are a few picts of the dolley I made for my 4672 BH. When the BH is removed it takes up too much floor space,and in the winter I put tractor behind my two veh.. Have to pull truck out before using the tractor for snow, but it keeps everything out of the elements. The dolley is made from...
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    Condition of used tractors

    When I recieved estimates on landscaping I allmost passed out, so I figured I'd do it myself. I figured I'd pick up an old Ford 8 or 9n like my father had when I was a kid and go to work, was I surprized. After realizing the ford would be to big for my property(trees), I started looking at...
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    B1700 TLB to a BX2200

    I bought a B1700 TLB with the intention of landscaping my yard and then selling it. Well I like having a tractor much too much to be without one ever again. I only have one acre and after a little more work with the BH, I will mainly need it for mowing and snow removal. I have a couple of...