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    Kubota L39 neutral switch

    Hi TBN friends. My Kubota L39 will go into neutral but the neutral light will not come on and I have to find the "sweet spot" for the starter to engage. I would guess this has to do with the transmission safety switch either gong bad or some adjustment. Can anyone offer suggestions as to its...
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    L39 neutral safety switch

    Hi Friends, I haven't been posting much lately though I've been on the forum for years. I have a problem with my Kubota L39 and this is the first place I would look for suggestions. My tractor will go into neutral but the neutral light does not show and I have to catch a "sweet spot" for the...
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    Stuck Quik-Tach Pins

    The quick attach system on my Kubota loader is the BobCat Quik-Tach type of system where levers engage pins that attach an implement to the loader frame. Well I have not dropped the bucket in a good while and I can't get the pins to disengage. I have been soaking them with PB Blaster for the...
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    Any tricks to find an underground water leak?

    I have county water at my place that runs about 800' feet of 1" PVC from the main to my house. Somewhere along the way I have developed a leak. My water bill makes that obvious. We have had rain off and on for the last few weeks so it has been impossible to find any wet areas that stand out...
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    Cost for cylinder rebuild

    Hi all, hoping you hydraulic guys can help me with a guess on what to expect to pay for a cylinder rebuild. The cylinder is 3 1/2 x 24" on a log splitter. It is what I think is called a "tie rod" cylinder, the type with long bolts on the exterior holding the front cap on. The cylinder is...
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    Posting Observation

    I have notice that when doing a "quick reply" that it is taking much longer for it to post and I have ended up with double posts several time. I don't believe I am doing anything different so I thought I would mention it in case there is a problem. MarkV
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    Verizon 4G Mobile Hotspot

    We are rural enough that our Verizon wireless modem has been our form of internet connection for the last few years. My wife is interested in adding another computer so we are looking at the Mobile Hotspot from Verizon. Was wondering if anyone here has had an experience with them that is good...
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    Rural Road Names.

    Anyone have interesting or funny rural road names in your area? We have been traveling the county lately looking at examples of the work some local loggers do as we select someone to log a timber stand my MIL owns. A couple that have made me smile are "BOOGER HOLLOW RD." and "BOOZE MOUNTAIN...
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    A Question About DEER.

    We live on 32 acres of mostly wooded land in NW Georgia. Seeing deer, not the tractor type, is common around our place and something we enjoy. Normally they will take off when the wife is walking the trails with the dogs but not today. There was a small doe, from what the wife says, that our...
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    New Member Introductions question

    Muhammad I have noticed that many new members introduce themselves as well as pose a question in their introduction that is more appropriate in another forum. With the thousands of threads to read on TBN not all of us have the chance to address every new member question. I am wondering if a...
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    Spreader atv lime spreader

    Does it have an auger system or is it just gravity feed? MarkV
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    Heat Pump shopping

    The heat and air system in our house is 37 years old so it is time to go shopping. What kind of questions should I be asking as I look at proposals and estimates? I hope some of our HVAC professionals will jump in as well as you that have done research in the past. The house is all electric...
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    Rheostat Question

    Happy New Year everyone. I have a fireplace insert with a built in blower that is controlled by a rheostat. What I would like is for the blower to run at about half the speed of its current lowest setting. Can I add another plug in rheostat at the wall socket to reduce the fan speed? Are...
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    Fence Specification Help

    Hi all, I need some help. A logging crew working next to my MIL's property removed 660' of fence during their logging operation. Unfortunately we have not been able to resolve the issue over the last four months and it now looks as if we will are going to court. I am hoping someone has a...
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    Wait 30 sec's for post

    I am finding that 1 out of 3 or 4 posts I get a message that says I have to wait 30 seconds between posts. The problem is I am just hitting the "submit post" on "quick reply" and doing one post when the message kicks up. If I use the back arrow the post is there. MarkV
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    Rotary Cutter Bush Hog FH174 Flail Mower

    Anyone have any experience with this mower? I haven't been able to come up with the specs, Bush Hog no longer makes Flail mowers, and have my eye on one that may be a good deal. About all I know is that it is a 6' off set mower that runs two tail wheels. Thanks, MarkV
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    Problems with a logger

    Hi all, I am wondering if anyone has any experience with how to handle damage done by a logger. Here is the story. My MIL, late 80's, has a nice tract of 120 acres that we pretty much manage these days. An adjoining property was just logged and the loggers remove about 400' of her fence and...
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    Chimney leaks water?

    Hi all. I have a brick chimney that services a wood burning insert and has a single tile flue with a cap running in it. The cap only covers the flue leaving around 1 1/2' of chimney top on either side of it exposed. Those areas are covered with mortar and have a good drain slope to them...
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    KK stump jumper removal??

    Hey guys I need some help removing a stump jumper on a KK rotary mower. The last time I mowed I happen to notice that the gear box seemed loose and to access the bolts that hold it on you have to remove the stump jumper. I have gotten the large retaining nut off but there must be a trick to...
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    Going Mac...maybe.

    We are not very knowledgeable computer users and just can't seem to keep a PC running well. Seems that every 3 or 4 years we buy a new PC when we give up trying to make the old one work. By then Microsoft has changed everything and we start a whole new learning curve. This time some friends are...
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    Broad Band options, Help!

    Many of you are very computer knowledgeable and I am just the opposite so I am hoping you can give me some advice. We are on old phone lines with dial up internet service and little hope of the phone company up grading in the near future. My wife’s company has changed their system and it is...
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    Drip Irrigation System

    We are in a heck of a drought here in Georgia so I am putting a drip irrigation system in for my vegetable garden. The components of the system are from and include two control valves, filters, fittings and 700’ of ½” drip line with built in emitters every 18”. Each of my 14...
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    Replacing hoe pins and bushings

    Hi guys, I know some of you work equipment for a living and thought you could offer me some insight on backhoe pins and bushings. I have a Kubota B21 TLB with 1300 hrs that has had a rough life working the backhoe in rocky conditions. It has taken a toll on the pins and bushing and I am...
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    Buying/Pricing/Comparisons= slow loading

    The general “Buying/Pricing/Comparisons” forum loads about 10 times slower than any of the other forums for me. Was wondering if that is on my end or the nature of the beast? I am on a bad dial up connection so you really notice those types of things. MarkV
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    Small Rifle help

    I have to start by saying I do not know very much about guns so feel free to talk down to a beginner’s level with me. Or I should say, please talk down to me I don’t understand the calibers and terms very well. We have a minor problem with muskrats and beaver in our pond at times. The game...
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    Portable Saw Milling

    Need some advice about having a portable saw mill come and mill some pine trees for me. I have about 25-30 lumber grade pines that have to go for a new barn site. In this area that isn’t enough trees for a logger to bother with and I hate to just cut and burn good trees. I do think I can find...
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    Bad Nail Gun Day

    Had one of those “How did I get in the middle of this” type of days yesterday. I have been installing oak floors in four houses for one of my regular builders the last couple of weeks. Yesterday his labor was on the flat roof of a house I was working trying to nail some 2x4’s under a shallow...
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    Water line under drive?

    I know we had a discussion about running a PVC pipe under an existing drive and I can’t find it with a search. I need to get a ¾ PVC pipe under an eight foot concrete drive to tap into the county water line. Can anyone tell me how that is done using water to jet the pipe through? What I can’t...
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    Tow Vehicle Project

    I get real dense when it comes to figuring out vehicle towing capacities and need some help. I have a truck I would like to turn into my tow vehicle and before I start putting money into it I want to make sure it is up to the job and will be legal to work with. The towing would be local...
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    New mower help

    I need new mowing equipment and after a new tractor last year it looks like $3000 is all I can sneak past ‘she who hides the check book’. I am mowing about 11/4 acres of finish lawn that is relatively smooth and flat. I’ve been using a 17 hp Murray with a 42” deck that we bought used when we...
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    Puter Guys Help Me

    Puter Guys Help Me My darn cursor acts like it is having a seizure the way it is jumping around. Wants to keep going to the scroll bar on the right. If it wasn’t so hard to use it would almost be funny. You have to time your hit on the mouse button as it flies past the subject line you want...
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    BushHog SBX720 Box Blade

    Any one know the going price for one of these new? I found an almost new used one and I am not sure what to offer. Thanks, MarkV
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    Prescribed Forest Burning

    Hi all, hope you are having a great holiday season! Does anyone have experience with prescribed burns for the betterment of forest and wildlife health? We are in the pine tree zone of the Southeast and have about 75 acres of family land that the foresters tell us needs to be burned. About 10...
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    Afraid to ask?

    I have a Gear vs HST question but NOT which is better, I run and hide from those discussions. So please leave those opinions at the door or move on to one of the more heated discussions. My HST tractor now has 1200 hrs and I put another 800 on the HST tractor before it. My new tractor has...
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    Bushhog 5' Squealer model

    Bushhog 5\' Squealer model Anyone have any current price quotes on the 5’ light duty, Squealer series, Bushhog rotary mower? Just curious to see how competitive a new local dealer is. Thanks, MarkV
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    Wet Trail Fix

    I have a trail through the woods on our place that the wife likes to walk and visitors like to drive the ATV on. There is one small area (100’) that stays to wet where the stream and run off feeds the pond. I am thinking of cutting trees in 6 or 8’ lengths to lay perpendicular across the trail...
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    Spraying small pines?

    I need some ideas on what to do with small pine trees. Here is the situation. My in-laws are at that point in life where the wife and I are taking care of most things for them. They live on 120 acres of forested land which was 60% logged about 8 years ago. After the logging we had several...
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    Raise the Roof

    Any thoughts out there as to how to Raise the Roof on my out building? The place we bought came with an existing out building that is block construction and measures 19’ 6” x 38’ on the exterior. The roof framing is trusses with a 4/12 pitch on 16” centers with ply sheathing and a shingle...
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    Having trees milled?

    Anyone have experience bringing someone to their property to saw logs with a portable mill? I have about 20-30 mature pines that I need to take down for a new barn site. There aren’t enough trees to interest any logger in this area so I was thinking about having someone mill it. These are...
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    Landlord Experiences?

    We are considering buying some rental property and I have never been a landlord before. I know some of you own rentals and some I would bet have gotten out of owning rental for one reason or another. Though you might share some of what you have learned and your experiences. For some...
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    Rural Mortgages

    I am one of those city transplants to a rural area and don’t understand part of rural mortgages. Last year we bought 32 acres and a house in the country. The previous owners had resurveyed the property into a 5 acre tract with the house and 27 acres of undeveloped land to make it easier for...
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    CDP backhoe or thumb experience?

    Anyone have experience with "CDP" thumb kits ( for backhoes and excavators? These are laser cut thumb kits that you weld up yourself and they also sell some backhoe kits. I have wanted a thumb for brush, stump and firewood moving but there just don't seem to be that many...
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    Inernet help, please.

    We have made our final move to the country and just love it except for our Internet connection. The step back to a dial up connection after having DSL seems painfully slow. We signed up for Joi Internet hoping their ads of "DSL like speeds" would be somewhat true. Well it isn't much like my...
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    Mowing B21 Mower?

    I have a B21 TLB and need to get a rotary mower. For those of you that are unfamiliar with the B21 it is Kubota's smallest heavy-duty tractor/loader/backhoe seen more in commercial applications. It is 21 hp with a heavier front axle, stronger hydraulics and a massive sub-frame to accommodate...
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    Worm Farm?

    Here is something I never thought I would ask about. Someone gave me an A-Z type of book about rural living for Christmas and they had a short section about small-scale worm farms. It was geared towards what great soil amendments worm casings made for flowers and gardens. Well my wife saw the...
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    Garden Soil Help.

    I sure could use some help from you gardeners. We are in a new home in Northwest Georgia and finally have some room to start a good size garden. Any of you that know our soil in the Southeast know that clay is the main ingredient. I would like to start improving the soil in the future garden...
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    Damp Basement ???

    We have a new house that was built in 1973 with a full basement and block foundation. In the last couple of months that we have owned the house the basement has been dry but it is obvious from the stains on the block that moisture has penetrated the foundation in the past. The visual signs...
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    Poison Oak remedies.....HURRY!

    Sure could use some help with a good poison oak remedy. We have a new property now and have been doing a great deal of clearing. The wife got a case of poison oak and I was thinking how glad I was that I never get poison oak or ivy. Well, for the first time in my fifty plus years I...
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    Craftsman Lawn Tractor

    I should wait to post this until I have all of the information but may be I can get an idea of everyone's general thinking. We are buying a new place and the present owners have a 1 or 2 year old Craftsman lawn tractor they are offering for sale. I have seen the mower but didn't pay a whole...
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    Super Star Member

    Well Bird has reach 10,000 personal posts and the amazing thing is they are all valid useful posts that the rest of us have learned from. Congratulations Bird! I look forward to your next 10,000 and learning more about tractors and life from you. I will also continue to watch and learn from...