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  1. notaz3

    Adding external speakers

    I use wireless headphones connected to my phone. Cuts down the noise in the cab and works in or out.
  2. notaz3

    plain water in tires.

    My dad ran plain water in his backhoe for 35+ years and never had an issue with rusting. Having his kid get water squirted in the face when playing around trying to let air out is another story.
  3. notaz3

    Kubota L6060 Cabin Electric Outlet ?

    That's what I ended up doing. Taking a male/female from the set and just replacing the original plug.
  4. notaz3

    Kubota L6060 Cabin Electric Outlet ?

    If it's not to late you might want to cancel order. Just got finished trying to wire things up and, I have to retract my statement. The clips work; however, when you go to wire them the prongs are opposite sides and don't connect. Ended up just splicing new connectors on the tractor side.
  5. notaz3

    Kubota L6060 Cabin Electric Outlet ? It's the "2 pin" that you need.
  6. notaz3

    Anyone ever "delete" the dpf on a tractor?

    It's bad when you have to go through 117 comments to see discover that only about three of them answer the original question. Maybe everyone needs to heed Thumpers advice "If you can't say something nice, don't say nothin' at all."
  7. notaz3

    Latest grab by auto manufactures

    What do you have stuck in limbo? Maybe I'll take it off your hands and register it in a state without smog laws. My one experience with OnStar was having my truck stolen and them telling me "as long as it is running we will be able to find it". A year later they called and asked if I wanted to...
  8. notaz3

    No Kubota loaders?

    Been waiting for my LA805 loader since Aug 2021. Tractor came in last month, loader is who knows when.
  9. notaz3

    I jumped the gun... now what?

    My tractor is currently sitting in a shop waiting for the windows to be tinted. When it's done it will come back here and sit in my side yard and get little use for the next 2-3 years. I ordered the tractor last August because I had the funds, and I wanted to get ahead of price increase. It's...
  10. notaz3

    Loose wheel bolts

    Why did a 20 year old post get refreshed by a new member asking for lawsuit? Torque your wheels according to manual direction and if you are lazy use some "Tamper Detection Marker".
  11. notaz3

    Has anyone tried Carolina Reaper Chili Pepper Powder?

    As I sit here snacking on my Habanero BBQ Almonds. I like the hot chilies; however, there is a degree where the Scoville unit is irrelevant. Flavor seems to drop off as the pepper gets "hotter".
  12. notaz3

    Beware of Catalytic Converter Thefts

    We installed "Cat Shield" on the Prius because my wife works in a hospital where there has been 6 catalytic converters stolen in less than two months. Until the rules for scrapping catalytic converters changes or we change the EPA requirements for them theft will continue. We know there won't...
  13. notaz3

    lowe's wrong chain saw in box

    Saw someone returning a big pool at Costco last October. I know they used it all summer and returned it when it cooled off.
  14. notaz3

    Guy uses fake check to steal Massey tractor...recognize him?

    I love all the conspiracy theory's going in this thread. Don't tell my neighbor to the north of me that has large pot farms here in Central California and Oregon. His business is all cash because of Federal regulations.
  15. notaz3

    Share Pics of People Hauling or Towing Something Wrong

    I was riding in a backhoe bucket before I could walk. Tilted up more, and much higher. May not be OSHA approved; but, was fun.
  16. notaz3

    Guy uses fake check to steal Massey tractor...recognize him?

    You wouldn't happen to be around Fresno would you? My dealer was telling me a similar story a few weeks ago.
  17. notaz3

    Guy uses fake check to steal Massey tractor...recognize him?

    I had someone buy my enclosed trailer with a cashiers check. Even for $2,500 I took a picture of him, his drivers license, and vehicle license plate before I let him hook it up.
  18. notaz3

    Kubota still offering 0 percent financing

    Just took delivery of my tractor with 0% for 84 months. Price was agreed upon before financing was even discussed. Dealer doesn't care if it's cash or manufacture financed their price is the same.
  19. notaz3

    Anyone ever drove over plywood on soft grass or mud w their tractor?

    I've used plywood to cross a golf course section with a skid steer takes a little while moving the boards but it worked fine to keep from damaging green. Also used plywood to get 5th wheel trailers on/off the beach.
  20. notaz3

    Road Rage, revisited.

    Dash cameras are installed in all our vehicles. Horns are used in parking lots to alert pedestrians not in traffic. Easier to be patient and keep car dint free then try and replace it with todays "supply shortage" and incredible mark-ups.
  21. notaz3

    Trailers coming down in price?

    The rush to purchase "before prices increase" along with fuel prices going up who wants to buy a trailer. Recreation trailers should be dropping back to before pandemic time.
  22. notaz3

    Is new equipment really that hard to come by?

    Ordered my L3560 Aug 16, 2021. Just took delivery of the tractor yesterday and the dealer has no idea when the loader & bucket will be in. Dealer said he knows people who would give me $5-10,000 more than I paid.
  23. notaz3

    Mixing used oil with diesel in the tractor.

    Before 1989 I had no problems mixing used hydraulic oil with Diesel for our tractors. Would not do it with a modern system.
  24. notaz3

    Enticing Feral Cats to Hunt Locally

    Okay, I get it, you don't like feral cats. Depending on location and condition of cat I have two ways of dealing with them; 1. 22LR (or 223 if a little farther) 2. Trap, fix, and release Seen many a mice, sparrows, and pigeons become cat food. Since you seem to like adding links for reading...
  25. notaz3

    Enticing Feral Cats to Hunt Locally

    If we are worried about the damage to the environment I think the first thing we should start eradicating would be people. I'm not against dispatching any animal that is causing problems to native wildlife; however, many of non-native birds, excessive mice/rat population have been controlled...
  26. notaz3

    Shoveling out a dump trailer - really!

    Doubt you would want Diesel fuel mixed with your mulch, especially at the prices we have around here.
  27. notaz3

    Share Pics of People Hauling or Towing Something Wrong

    Not the case in California. I've seen people get tickets in church parking lots when the rest of the lot was empty.
  28. notaz3

    Enticing Feral Cats to Hunt Locally

    The only reason to entice a feral cat would be to trap it for spaying/neutering, then and only then is it okay to release them back to where you got them. I'm currently fostering 10 (started with 13) kittens that where left at a friends house when their feral cat had babies.
  29. notaz3

    fixing ruts in field with tall grass

    I would ask the people who built the barn to restore the ground to the condition it was before they started.
  30. notaz3


    Learned over 30 years ago, if the box doesn't have original seal it should be opened and inspected. We had people trying to return used oil and filters back when I worked at Chief Auto in the late 80's. The worse where the ones who brought their burnt out lights for attempted return.
  31. notaz3

    feeling stumped--advice needed

    I took all our big stumps and piled them up, covered them in dirt, and made a nice shooting range.
  32. notaz3

    Safety doesn't care if your forgetful

    I was taught bolts or pins are to be removed or fully installed, never left finger tight or "temporarily" put in.
  33. notaz3

    Share Pics of People Hauling or Towing Something Wrong

    [/MEDIA] That looks like someone was under the influence. If they did that to a company truck it should be criminal charges for intentional destruction of company property (I'm sure there is a legal term).
  34. notaz3

    Carry permit. Would traffic stop make police be more cautious? yea or nay?

    My Bond Arms makes a great little toy. Change out the barrel for whatever my mood is for that day.
  35. notaz3

    Carry permit. Would traffic stop make police be more cautious? yea or nay?

    My Sig P238 (times 2), P226, and P229 have all had thousands of round put through them with out any issues. The two Ruger LC9's have had a few hiccups and the trigger lacks a little. Walther P22 only takes High Velocity ammo.
  36. notaz3

    Calamansi Tang

    We have a calamansi tree that supplies all the juice we need.
  37. notaz3

    What TV did you watch as a kid?

    Didn't have TV growing up, still don't have one now.
  38. notaz3

    Best fuel additives

    When it red died fuel it will also stain the fuel water separator so authorities will know if you have used it in on-road application.
  39. notaz3

    L3560 orderd

    Tires are sitting on another pallet, I was so excited I forgot to get a picture.
  40. notaz3

    Yellow or Dijon?

    Nando's Peri-Peri Dijon if it has to be mustard.
  41. notaz3

    L3560 orderd

    Well after 9 months part of my toy arrived at dealer. Still waiting for the rear remote and loader. Good thing we're not in a hurry.
  42. notaz3

    Best fuel additives

    Neighbor had farm equipment (tractor, trucks, cotton pickers, and backhoe) that was over 40 years old and only additives he ever put in the fuel tank was Red die Diesel. Lasted until the state government forced him to sale it out of commiefornia.
  43. notaz3

    Here's the inflation-adjusted price of gasoline every years since 1978 to 2021.

    How I wish I could find gas at $3.13 here in Central California. Just paid $5.16 at Costco yesterday.
  44. notaz3

    Seafoam for real?

    I know this is about gas; however,
  45. notaz3

    A sign of the times

    Here in Central California Have no problem calling the advice nurse to get any treatment and get a phone appointment with doctor if needed. I get my flee / tick medication from the local feed store, no prescription required. Local quarry doesn't sale direct to public train or semitruck loads...
  46. notaz3

    Trailer options

    Giant BBQ trailer.
  47. notaz3

    Car Accident Question

    Hope the car isn't totaled. May not be able to find a replacement.
  48. notaz3

    Flea and tick prevention for dogs?

    I've used Advantage for many years with dogs, cats and ferrets. Never had an issue with fleas or ticks. Vet recommended NexGuard so we are trying it out on current dog.
  49. notaz3

    Where can I buy this phone/tablet?

    Isn't that the new rapid 3d printer phone?
  50. notaz3

    805 loader and bh92 delays

    Ordered an L3560 Aug 9, 2021. As of last weekend the dealer still had no idea when tractor would be in and 805 loader may be delayed until late summer. When tractor gets in I will take delivery and return it when loader arrives.