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  1. Peter 315

    Converting Unleaded Gas Transfer Tank To Diesel

    No. Did you try heating up the sticker with a heat gun or hair dryer and peel it at the same time.....
  2. Peter 315

    Backhoe Bucket Compatibility..

    I would just use what you have and get some sand to put over and under the gas line.........
  3. Peter 315

    RX8030 leaked water from air vent

    My guess blocked drain.....
  4. Peter 315

    FEL lubrication - has to be a better way

    I just grease that's all.............
  5. Peter 315

    Kubota 3 Point

    I will start the bidding 20 bucks free shipping....;)
  6. Peter 315

    NH TC30 Radiator Isolator bushing question

    Looks welded to the mount.....
  7. Peter 315

    Hello Everyone. New to the forum.

    Welcome to TBN...:)
  8. Peter 315

    NH TC30 Radiator Isolator bushing question

    Did you try to unscrew it from the bottom of the radiator bracket the nut might be welded....
  9. Peter 315

    NH TC30 Radiator Isolator bushing question

    Whats the new part (16)look like does it have a threaded stud through it....
  10. Peter 315

    What does this lever do?

    It locks the loader joy stick....
  11. Peter 315

    Leaking front axle seals, advice on the proper way to disassemble nut?

    I would use a punch and tap it out of the keyway....
  12. Peter 315

    LK 3054 parts cracked shift cover

    You need more than a cover the trans is also cracked...
  13. Peter 315

    When do you replace tires?

    If it was mine I would replace all 4 tires....:)
  14. Peter 315

    Cable excavator at work.

    Cool,thanks for posting
  15. Peter 315

    $500 surcharge for tire kickers and lowballers

    Good luck...........:D
  16. Peter 315

    Tractor Won't Stay Running Post Diesel Algae Bloom

    Check and clean the vent on your fuel cap.....
  17. Peter 315

    Insight on buying a mini excavator vs renting

    Sometimes there in the hyd tank...
  18. Peter 315

    High capacity skid steer bucket for my FEL?

    No I don't have one I try to use what I have and not have a yard full of attachments. I might go look when I take out the mc if I had the truck it would be to easy to get one.....:)
  19. Peter 315

    High capacity skid steer bucket for my FEL?

    Did you look at these buckets on Cl...New 6', 7', 8' Snow and Material Buckets Commercial Grade - farm &...
  20. Peter 315

    Manure spreader T-Rod link

    Any pictures? Maybe a welding shop could make you one.....
  21. Peter 315


    I would get a 9mm or 45acp ammo is cheaper than 357sig or 45gap..If somebody is shooting at you with a 22cal your gonna duck.... :)
  22. Peter 315


  23. Peter 315

    What tool do I need?

    I have 3 rakes 2 york brand 7 foot landscape rakes and a EA pine straw rake..I use the york rake more I just adjust the wheels to just scrape the surface.. The pine straw works ok for hay but just scraping up manure piles everywhere not so good...
  24. Peter 315

    Tractor is

    Did you check the ground cable to the frame....
  25. Peter 315


  26. Peter 315

    Insight on buying a mini excavator vs renting

    Nice excavator......:)
  27. Peter 315

    Tractors and wood! Show your pics

    The roads are posted down here 33,000 GVW....
  28. Peter 315

    Mitsubishi D2000iiFD/Satoh Bull replacement ignition key

    Try out this site....
  29. Peter 315

    Birds in the Barn

    You don't seem like a cat guy.......:)
  30. Peter 315

    Hydraulic line sleeve/abrasion protection : what do you use?

    I use the heavy duty plastic spiral wrap you can put it on with out taking the hoses off. It can be a pain in the butt to do sometimes...
  31. Peter 315

    Fuel bowl plastic shrinking?

    Did he cross thread it and wreck the threads. Some have a o-ring seal also....
  32. Peter 315

    Trailer Size

    Yes get the bigger trailer, your second tractor might be bigger.....
  33. Peter 315

    RK 37 HST 50 hour initial service

    I don't own a RK tractor but do all my services and use factory oem filters not that much of a price difference on my tractors...
  34. Peter 315

    GC2300 Brush Guard

    Try the dealer or this place.....Massey Ferguson Front Bumper Grille Guard GC2300 Tractor
  35. Peter 315

    Bucket Level Rod

    Does the rod ride in a tube maybe its assembled wrong is it dealer installed?...
  36. Peter 315

    Subcompact for hilly 3-acre

    If you want a backhoe get it with the tractor at the time of purchase.....
  37. Peter 315

    Chain Attachment Point

    Forget the shovel it will just get run over.:D just pull it out......
  38. Peter 315

    Chain Attachment Point

  39. Peter 315

    Kubota U17 auxiliary hydraulic relief valve.

    If the machine was factory plumbed for a thumb its should have a relief valve already . The bucket should push the thumb back when you close the bucket and not bend the rod...
  40. Peter 315

    Oil film in engine compartment, 2018 4046r

    That's not normal........
  41. Peter 315

    Now that the snow blowing season is over,

    I just clean up the rust spots and paint where somebody hit the metal fence post.....:rolleyes:
  42. Peter 315

    REAL Cowboys

    I have one horse that has a hot brand and a freeze brand...
  43. Peter 315

    Oil & Fuel Hydraulic and Motor oil questions for 2210D

    We run 15w 40 in all the trucks and machines.....Brand new and old........
  44. Peter 315

    Used 2017 Deere x750, 72 hours: what should I check out before buying?

    Why trade yours still has a lot of life left... I guess just look at the sheet metal/plastic for dents and cracks check all the fluids and a test run.....Good Luck.............
  45. Peter 315

    FS: new BORA 4" rear Wheel Spacers JD 6 Lug Wheels

    I guess you could go to the web site and see if the part numbers are the same.....
  46. Peter 315

    Now that the snow blowing season is over,

    I touch up the paint , grease , oil the chain and spray it with Fluid Flim also grease the pto shaft and leave it in two pieces so it does not rust solid...
  47. Peter 315

    REAL Cowboys

    No cowboys around here just truckers wearing cowboy boots...:)
  48. Peter 315

    Identity theft. What a nightmare

    Same thing also to my daughter and wife's sister.
  49. Peter 315

    Toilet Mystery