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  1. RalphVa

    Lost lead lens on signal light

    Something knocked off the leading left signal light lens yesterday on the B2601. I've seen grills for these. Where does one get them? Guess it's the dealer for another lens? Messicks? Think some have replaced bulbs with LEDs. Source? Work okay? On our old 1983 Benz, its signal light system...
  2. RalphVa

    Free up Amtrol ball valves

    We've had our Amtrol soda ash unit bypassed since June of last year because of water hammer. Been monitoring the pH. It has been well above 7 since around September of 2018 until recently. Then it turned 6.9 two weeks ago and 6.7 yesterday. We have copper pipes. Need to above 7. One of the...
  3. RalphVa

    No Ujoint on driveshaft on Kubota B

    I did the 50 hour service on the B2601. So, while I was down there, I took a look at the Kubota's driveshaft from engine to HST. NO Ujoint there. There's a coupler that probably allows to/fro sliding to accommodate thermal movement, but no Ujoint. Cannot see the back. Probably none there...
  4. RalphVa

    Oil extractor on Kubota B

    I just did the 50 hour engine oil change on the B2601. Wonder if anyone has used an oil extractor to know which side of the pan the extractor empties? I should have done it, e.g. used oil extractor to figure this out. Then I'd only unscrew the plug that it does not empty next change @ 250...
  5. RalphVa


    On Facebook Farm Life.
  6. RalphVa

    New Ryobi ZT shoes

    Got new tires for the Ryobi ZT480e today. Went 1 inch larger width than the supplied 18x8.5-8 turf tires. The one shot shows the details on the Good Year Super Lug tires that are 18x9.5-8. They still clear the mechanism just inside the tire about the same 1/2 inch. The picture appears as...
  7. RalphVa

    QH not so quick sometimes

    Have a little bit of limbs to chip. So, I removed the bush hog and put the WC46 wood chipper back on. First, the QH didn't want to let go of the bush hog. Then could not get the WC46 to go on until I adjusted the top link out quite a bit. (Because the WC46 is up a bit on a dolly made from...
  8. RalphVa

    Still stingy on fuel

    The B2601 remains stingy on fuel. Up to 12 gallons now at 32.7 full up to fill tube: 0.014 gph/engine hp. This is vs. 0.025 gph/engine hp for 3 Yanmar JDs.
  9. RalphVa

    Extracted oil from bush hog gear box

    It's 8 years old; so, I extracted the oil from the Frontier RC2048 cutter gear box and replaced it with new GL5 stuff. There was some water initially at the bottom. I'd read posts on here before about folks saying they had milky bush hog oil. Guess it does not get hot enough to expel the tiny...
  10. RalphVa

    2 gallons of Hy Gard lo vis

    I've 2 gallons of unopened Hy Gard lo vis leftover from when I had my 1025R that I found in clearing out stuff in the basement of the carriage house where implements and stuff is stored. So, anyone in central Va area need some? Only $10/gallon.
  11. RalphVa

    FEL level indicator

    I did this on our B2601 Kubota but it would work on almost any machine that does not have a level indicator. Just took 5 ft of 1/2 inch PVC, short 3/8 inch eye bolt, 2 nuts, 2 big washers (B2601 had big holes on each side already), a screw hose clamp, elbow and 2 caps. Use level and mark with...
  12. RalphVa

    Electric top and tilt

    I tried looking up to find TnT online. All I found was a TBN discussion about it. You obsessed about electric having to be big and tough to be able to move the top link and side link while in motion. HELLO! When you adjust by hand, you don't do it in motion. Why expect an electric one to...
  13. RalphVa

    "Sharpened" the bush hog blades

    Took the bush hog blades off and "sharpened" them. Explained to my wife that the nuts holding the blades in place took longer to tighten up because I did not get the titties on the bolts lined up with the built-in brassieres in the bush hog hub. Broke one of the two 4x1/2 inch bolts holding...
  14. RalphVa

    The 2601 very stingy on fuel

    So far, even at 5.1 hours, it still will not take the rest of the 2 gallons of diesel fuel. All the JDs pretty much run at a prorate on engine hp of the 660 hour 4010's 0.46 gph. This one is far less, challenging the Isuzu's position for fuel sipper at our ranch. It's at 0.33 gph over 230...
  15. RalphVa

    One hp snow plow

    A one hp snow plow.
  16. RalphVa

    Used my lube shuttle first time yesterday

    Got the lube shuttle for Xmas. Used it yesterday to grease the wood chipper, as we had it open to clear a discharge chute blockage. Took a few pumps to get grease through it as it comes empty, of course. All I'd done when I got it was to screw in a new cartridge. The head and line are all...
  17. RalphVa

    Ssh! Don't tell.

    I removed the rear PTO shield. The combo of it allowing a tad less room than the JD 2025Rs and the refusal of the PTO to allow easy hand rotation was too much. The shield is off and will stay off. I'm a big boy and know not to put things in the way of a rotating PTO. Takes a 12 mm open end...
  18. RalphVa

    New B2601

    The B2601 was delivered this morning. $11.44k difference for it plus 5 ft box blade and added hydraulic on FEL and JD 2025R 2015 trade-in. $13k for the JD. He had a buyer up there (Winchester) for $14k. Retail on the 2025R is about $17k. Was MSRP on tractor. Gave $1,000 off on it and $400...
  19. RalphVa

    Wholesale price of my JD2025R

    I've determined that the retail price of my JD2025R with 429 hours is about $17,000. What is the trade-in or wholesale price I'm likely to get from a dealer? Attached are some pics. It's a gen. 1 2025R with the steering brakes, which are not available on new lower hp JDs. Have had too many...
  20. RalphVa

    Bolt on pallet forks

    Looking into bolt on pallet forks for lifting about 300 # of diesel containers on a pallet. One person says they're "junk". Yeah, for maybe heavier loads. Pallet forks are $1200 to go in place of the FEL, on the FEL lift arms. Bolt on ones are only about $90 and LOTS easier to store when not...
  21. RalphVa

    Cost of pallet forks

    What's the price of pallet forks to place on FEL lift arms/frame in place of bucket? Trying to decide on bolt on vs. buying pallet forks for new tractor. Gotta use something else to eliminate muscling 5 gallon containers for refueling the diesel generator. Went through muscling 7 of them...
  22. RalphVa

    Lessons from this year's snowmageddon

    Not a massive snow, but a very wet 9 inches that downed A LOT of trees and limbs. Power and internet were both out for just over 3 days. Here are some lessons learned: o Generator tank is only good for 50 gallons, not 60 that I thought we had. Ran out of fuel after 70 hours this morning...
  23. RalphVa

    Removing WM WC

    With forecast snow coming tonight, I took the WM WC off the 3ph to put the back blade on. Could not figure why it kept hanging up on the 3ph. After 2 seasons of chipping, I'd taken to rotating the discharge chute to inside the folded ROPS for transport. There, it is out of the way of...
  24. RalphVa

    Lube shuttle

    Saw it recommended on a video this morning. Wonder how it is from those who have it. Been looking at both air and battery units. Both suffer from having to use same replacements of grease with problems getting old cartridge out and leakage around the plunger leaving grease behind. So, how is...
  25. RalphVa

    3rd function use in 2 places

    Thinking about getting a grapple, which requires some hydraulic lines and connections up front. Wondering whether a tee could be put in the lines for the valve/buttons to work a hydraulic top link when grapple not needed.
  26. RalphVa

    Move B hazard lights to inside ROPS

    Has anyone done this. They are inside on the LX.
  27. RalphVa

    Contemplating a box blade

    I'm thinking about getting a box blade to level out soil. Anyone have/used the TSC ones? Otherwise, what's good?
  28. RalphVa

    Looking at B2301 and LX2601SU

    I've a JD 2025R. Good tractor but with some electrical issues, probably mostly solved now. 420 hours. At 660 hours, my 4010 (like a 2019E if made) front driveshaft Ujoint blew apart at 9 years. Had the 2025Rs greased at 200 hours. Supposed to be greased every 50 but cannot get to it nor...
  29. RalphVa

    Issues with the WM WC46

    Ran the chipper today for the first time since last season. Got 2 issues maybe others can chip in with their experience. Plan to cut another 1 inch off each PTO shaft. Followed the instructions and think it's too long when lifted and running. Had this issue last year, of course. Just was...
  30. RalphVa

    Skidsteer rentals

    A local outfit rents heavy duty skidsteer stuff. Usually come with a big FEL but also have a very heavy duty bush hog. Am contemplating rental, probably with the bucket first to get some big stumps out. Then have them come and detach the bucket and put on the heavy duty bush hog. How many...
  31. RalphVa

    Big bush hog

    How big a piece of tree/stump will this thing whack? It's a 4' wide bush hog that goes on a Skidsteer. Has 3/4" thick blades. Attached are details. Would rent it with its 50-60ish hp Skidsteer. Guessing it would whack 4" stuff.
  32. RalphVa

    L2501 with HST

    How does an L2501 work with brakes on same foot as the HST pedal? I've been looking a Kubota for my next tractor. Have pretty much set my mind on a B2301 but decided to look at the L2501 since it is so popular. Real deal breaker seems to be the brake pedals on same side as the HST treddle...
  33. RalphVa

    QH top link

    The hook on the HF QH has been problematic. In putting my bush hog back on after getting the tractor back from the shop, I could not get the 2nd pin in to secure the top hook. Looked at it and came up with this solution today: Removed the hook and then removed top pin from QH and extended top...
  34. RalphVa

    Stump grinder

    The wife was down below again, marking stumps. She bought another 100 flags and used them all up! Must be 200 stumps, mostly small ones, that we have to remove to be able to bush hog without keeping jamming them. Looking at buy vs. rental. Best buy seems to be the WM 24" one that goes on the...
  35. RalphVa

    2025R will not crank

    Battery is good at 12.5 volts on the posts. Lots of corrosion on the connections. Had bought some cleaner and protectant for that but decided not to touch the posts because it being an old (original 2015 or 2015 gen. 1) one that I might cause more harm in working on the posts. Seems as though...
  36. RalphVa

    Swimming Pool Cover Pump

    Anyone else have troubles with the so-called automatic swimming pool cover pumps? They only pump down to about the depth of the pump, leaving a puddle to later freeze and possibly damage the pump. I Gooped the 2 floats in the one I got from Walmart in the "up" position and use it in manual...
  37. RalphVa

    Goats ate the invasives

    Goats are a form of "equipment". They were here for 6 days and ate all the invasives. They especially love the native poke with berries and all. Had 57 mommas and babies. Think they're cheaper and far more environmental that large flails or bush hogs. We didn't have any big stuff. We got...
  38. RalphVa

    How many have wives who make work for you.

    How many have wives who keep finding work for you to do? First, it was my old slides and photos, a huge pile. Bought a DigitNow gizmo to scan them (much faster than my flat bed scanner than won't do slides anyway). Mostly only saved shots of people. Got that all done. Now, she's piled...
  39. RalphVa

    Chain drive

    This appeared on Facebook. Wonder what it is on? Ralph
  40. RalphVa

    Changed fuel filter

    Could not find the thread where the OP posted a nice picture of the fuel filter. Near 400 hours; so, I changed it on the 2025R. Gen. 1 only has the fuel bowl filter. Got 3 of them from someone here who'd gone to another tractor and had them left over. The ring came off relatively easy with...
  41. RalphVa

    Deck replacement

    We're at the point where our deck needs replacing again. Replaced the boards on the deck and rail top boards about 10 years ago. Two or 3 years ago, I had to replace several boards. Before that, I found that many of the torx screws had corroded and replaced more than half of them with SS...
  42. RalphVa

    New hand tools

    My Porter Cable circular saw's brushes apparently got too short. Then the recip saw blade would not eject. Time for a new set. Lowes didn't have the PC circular saw in stock. So, I went through Lowes' listings and liked a Kobalt set with near the same stuff as what I have but in 24v...
  43. RalphVa

    Beware! Yellow jackets are out.

    Normally don't experience them well into July and August, but yellow jackets got me mowing this afternoon. They actually moved some rocks in front of a blueberry bush and have a nest in there. Got a note to myself and told the wife to remind me to go out 6-7 pm and spray with wasp and hornet...
  44. RalphVa

    Keep Hooved Rats out

    Follow-up On Keeping Hooved Rats Out In an article about a year ago, I described some fencing methods that I had used to keep hooved rats out (not dear to a gardener). I mentioned that the BEST is 2 fences about 18 inches apart, with one being only a single strand of wire. However, I read on...
  45. RalphVa

    Santa Fe dehumidifier quit working

    Last night, I checked the dehumidifier operation. Humidity was showing 64%. No water was being produced. Bought September of last year. Will be calling Santa Fe's 800 # to find out what to do. Compressor obviously is not coming one. Unplugged it for a bit. Turned it all the way up. No...
  46. RalphVa

    Anyone found a source of 3 inch chlorine tabs

    3 inch chlorine tabs seem not to be available. I loaded the chlorinator this morning and started circulation. Have 3 tabs left outside the chlorinator. Ralph
  47. RalphVa

    Review of Ryobi ZT480e

    Home Depot's agent delivered the Ryobi ZT480e (battery powered ZT) yesterday after ordering on 30 Apr 2021. It originally wasn't promised until June 1, then May 24 and now yesterday. Stores cannot get or keep them. They wouldn't let me order from the store and get my veteran discount because...
  48. RalphVa

    Going gasless

    I stumbled upon the fact that the 20 and 21 inch self propelled Ryobi 40v mowers are top rated. So, have made the decision to go gasless. Took pictures of the 3 mowers(2 gas and one Kobalt 40v), Kobalt grass whip and the 3 gas cans/containers to advertise them on Nextdoor. Most will be cheap...
  49. RalphVa

    Time for a Zero Turn

    We did the lawn this afternoon. The wife was not supposed to be doing it (doc told her light duty for 2 weeks after doing her new tooth base), and she wasn't supposed to be pulling old barbed wire out of along the old maintenance road down below this morning either. Told her that I just could...
  50. RalphVa

    PTO will not start on 2025R

    Pulled the PTO button on the 2025R this afternoon. The bush hog blades did their thing, but then it sounded like the shear bolt went. No, the PTO just stopped and will not restart. The PTO light comes on. This leads me to think that it is the rear PTO solenoid. The PTO push-pull button was...