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  1. Sonny580

    Gravely C model

    Third lever and straight plug! lol! Ya,--- I downloaded all the manuals that I could find last year when I was trying to get the L and LI running. --- never did get them to go but have not had time this year to work on them. Found another 1 or 3 for the C models so copied them as well. Really...
  2. Sonny580

    Case 1835-B

    anybody have a wiring diagram for one of these??? This has the 188 diesel in it and seller says starter dont work. He tried to wire a new switch up in it and it looks like a mess. I dont have a clue as to where all the wires go to and need help. I hot wired the jumper pack to the starter direct...
  3. Sonny580

    Harbor Freight

    Lincoln or Hobart are the best rods I ever used for general purpose welding. as for HF rods,---never tried them, so cant give opinion on them.
  4. Sonny580

    Gravely C model

    anybody know if the mag from an L will fit the C?? got 2 L's here and mags were good last year so was wondering if they would fit the C. all 3 are wico, but may have different spec # on them.---I hate mags with a passion but I need to mow weeds and this is my only hope for a quick fix other than...
  5. Sonny580

    2022 gardens

    I leave the stalks on them to cure them. IF you cut them off,---they wont cure or keep very long. Ya if you were going to use them right away it wouldnt matter. We usually have a ton of cutoffs when we freeze dried the crop but this year we didnt run the freeze drier on anything. Too many other...
  6. Sonny580

    2022 gardens

    finished the onion harvest. got a lot of 2 pounders this year. all of the water carrying paid off for sure! We need rain! First planting of sweetcorn done, now to chop the stalks down. last planting might make corn but if it dont rain it wont pollinate so I might try the old water spray trick...
  7. Sonny580

    Big Cars are killing Americans

    Ya!-- AND us truck drivers were labeled as the bad asses, ----AND some of them are and have no business driving anything at all.
  8. Sonny580

    2022 gardens

    wind storm hit the other day,---did a number on the gardens and fruit trees.
  9. Sonny580

    Modern Fluids in Old Tractors?

    type F was replaced by dextronlll/mercon.--or thats what I was told so I run it in my 350 ford truck---trans in it is junk anyway so whats it gonna hurt? LOL!
  10. Sonny580

    Satoh S650G Problem

    Mine has a carb problem too and I think you might have gotten fine rust in the carb on yours. These carbs have a million tiny parts in them and are impossible to work on. I ran mine with the choke on and hooked a cable up so it was easy to operate. one hand on the choke, and the other on the...
  11. Sonny580

    Big Cars are killing Americans

    ban cell phones and crash rates will fall instantly! Drivers kill,--not cars/trucks.drivers not paying attention is the major problem today, then throw in the idiots on bikes and as stated JOGGERS with headphones runnin down the middle of the road! I have seen all of the stupid stuff when I...
  12. Sonny580

    This Bank is KILLING Me….

    I mow steeper ones that that here! z-turn works , also I have used the IH 185 with creeper gear, but my fave. is one of my Sunstar 20's with 60" deck. They have diffy locks in them and hang up the side's of banks like a magnet! lol! --- corse people say I am crazy for mowing the roadside in the...
  13. Sonny580

    Troy Built Horse

    what ever you do do NOT put that goop in the tires! It eats the rims up and even if it dont most of the brands ruin the rims cause you cant get it off later when you replace the tires and you will replace the tires!! Put tubes in them and go for years! --- you should see some of my horses...
  14. Sonny580

    “Abandoned” Case 310 dozer

    flimsy needle bearings go out and eat the shaft up and IF you were lucky enough to stop in time, the shaft is cut all to hell but if you didnt stop in time it breaks and takes out a WHOLE bunch of x'pensive gears! lol!
  15. Sonny580

    Cub Cadet Z-Force 48 main drive belt trouble

    That is another possible thing. Wrong clutch could throw things out big time! Will try to look into it and how its mounted. It sits way up in there and hard to get at. May have to remove it to actually see or find #'s, then see if they match up or not!
  16. Sonny580

    2022 gardens

    gardens are still hangin on. getting a light rain now. Been trying to haul water all summer. Weeds and bugs are a real problem this year too. a few pix of things at this point. Onions about ready for harvest/processing. carrots and beets starting to get ready. radishes long gone and turnips...
  17. Sonny580

    Cub Cadet Z-Force 48 main drive belt trouble

    a couple pix. 1 shows the step that they made the belt run from motor to deck. you can see how radical it is. Its hard to get good pix under there.
  18. Sonny580

    Never plant Bradford Pear

    po planted 2 of them here,---- after 5 or 6 years the wind snapped 1 off at the ground and last year the ice took 2/3 of the other one down and it looks kinda sick this summer so it will come down later. I never did care for them! I want trees that give me fruit!!!
  19. Sonny580

    “Abandoned” Case 310 dozer

    Transmission reverse idler shaft is out!! Never saw a 310 yet that wasnt or didnt shortly after purchase! --got one myself sitting in the junkpile cause there aint no more shafts to be had! Mine is a 310-g loader model. Been looking fo 2 years now for parts for it and they are hard to find and...
  20. Sonny580

    RE-POSTED : Zero-Turn Mowers (is there a separate topic, thread)

    Hope that model wasn't made by MTD!!!! IF it was I feel for ya buddy!!!! Got stuck with a cc Z-Force 48 and its JUNK!
  21. Sonny580

    Cub Cadet Z-Force 48 main drive belt trouble

    got the tag #'s off the mower Factory# 53AA5A7M710 Serial# 0D284Z00005 Item# 01009448 UPC Code 043033528745 I also looked at the parts pic. in the link above and #46 idler pulley shows a 1.0 od? both of mine are same and both are flat and run on the OUTSIDE of the belt. ---all line up except for...
  22. Sonny580

    Cub Cadet Z-Force 48 main drive belt trouble

    Bought this thing at an auction and found no drive belt from motor to deck,--deck belt there and good! O.k.,---whats up with this?--new idler pulleys also on it! HMMMM! so I go buy the 79.5 belt that dealer said it S'POSED to use and finally got it on,--way too tight but hey never argue with the...
  23. Sonny580

    Fruit tree puzzle???!!!

    didnt have many roots for a tree of that size! --I have trees here that do the same thing,--one day fine---next day dead! I was told its soil bacteria killing them. O.k. WHERE and when does this come from? I cant get real answers here from anybody!
  24. Sonny580

    Electric rad fan s650-g

    alt on mine is 35 a. --- the new fans are low draw so you wont have any trouble runnin it if you dont have any other stuff hooked up. lights/etc.
  25. Sonny580

    Is it worth it to buy the Echo CS-310?

    I have 2 of the 310 saws and use them more than all the others for what ever they can cut. Bigger saws cut the big stuff. 310 starts easier when you shut down and toss brush then pick it up and 1 pull your cuttin again! Sthil wont do that!
  26. Sonny580

    Drying up field ... does subsoiling really work?

    I sub soil 3 feet deep here every year and have never had water problems since, so in answer to your question--- YES it works!
  27. Sonny580

    Wood chips and composting

    At one time my compost/manure/wood chip pile was over 20' high, never got turned for a long time and was still hot. the piles do need turned a few times but not too often or you lose too much heat and it slows down the rot process .
  28. Sonny580

    Wood chips and composting

    worms, toads, frogs, unknown bugs,--you name it I got it in my high fertilized 4.5 acre garden! Always have had them and the wood chips and compost dont seam to hurt anything.
  29. Sonny580

    Wood chips and composting

    anything that will go thru my 16" Vermeer and gets chipped goes in the dirt to rot. If you leave it on top it takes longer but will work.---spread it med. thickness, plow under 18" deep and good to go! Mixing green material and manures does wonders to speed up the process. I add a lot of...
  30. Sonny580

    satoh 650G- head light switch

    Tractor dont run anymore so dont need to add any! lol! What I really need is a motor for it!
  31. Sonny580

    2022 gardens

    Cabbage and green beans do o.k. here under the trees, also radishes. The only thing that do do the best is tomatoes, they grow and turn red, BUT taste like store bought ones! lol!
  32. Sonny580

    satoh 650G- head light switch

    Mine just has a regular push/pull switch on it. --dont have any lights on it anyway since my tractor didnt come with any.
  33. Sonny580

    2022 gardens

    Ya, not everybody has ground like we do here and the tillage methods will vary as to what will work for you. We have the onion plants in hand and ground tilled up for planting --- BUT with 3 days of rain, planting is on hold! lol!
  34. Sonny580

    2022 gardens

    Trying to clean the onion garden off but got over 3" of snow last night so no gardening today! S'posed to get down to 6* tonight. Kinda tired of this crap!--time to hit the dirt and get planting!
  35. Sonny580

    What causes this pine tree problem?

    got 4 here by the road dying----a friend says its from some bacteria they picked up out of the soil. I have no idea. I planted a couple more 20 feet away from the dying ones and they too are showing signs just like the big guys! -- Well come hell or high water,--- I am going to have evergreens...
  36. Sonny580

    JD 630 3PH lift capacity

    Can you add some weights to the front like the tractor pullers use? a couple hundred pounds mounted out front 3 or 4 feet would do wonders ,--kinda in the way but IF it does the job,---- might be worth trying.
  37. Sonny580

    Florida County Restricts Lawn Fertilizer Use

    I agree with you guys on the "overkill" amounts that people dump on their yards,--- and for what useful purpose? Yard mowing is such a waste!--- Ya I know its a billion dollar business to the commercial lawn guys, but at what cost to the land?
  38. Sonny580

    JD 630 3PH lift capacity

    Narrow fronts are just as safe as wide fronts!--in fact safer! lol! wide fronts have ONLY 1 little center pin holding the whole front of the tractor up and it makes them more tippy than narrow ones! On narrow fronts you have heavy pedestal with 2 wheels together and a much wider footprint making...
  39. Sonny580

    What is the good Chainsaw for clearing?

    Non-alki gas here in Il. is hard to get too! --- SAD for sure!
  40. Sonny580

    Mid mount grader blade ??

    Allis model D roadgrader works good--not too big dont use much gas, already made, does a fair job,! lol Old Farmall cub will smooth out loose dirt but wont work on packed gravel at all. No small tractor will do hard gravel drives unless you rip up the hard stuff first.
  41. Sonny580

    What is the good Chainsaw for clearing?

    well,-- lets see,---Powerful?,--lightweight?,-- start on first pull????????????????? THAT rules out ALL chainsaws! lol! Better opt for a big dozer and be done with it!lol!
  42. Sonny580

    2022 gardens

    I made a plow that will go 24 inches deep, BUT takes a 5 bottom tractor to pull it that deep. at 18" one of the 560 will do the job. When we harvest a cabbage head, we use what is needed for 1 setting then put the rest in the fridge til the next day. One head per year goes into the freezer cut...
  43. Sonny580

    2022 gardens

    I have access to horse manure from 5 people in a 10 mile area from me. 1 is a 1 horse operation so a load or 2 a year but the biggest is a 14 to 20 horse boarding operation where its a load every few days. I stack it and stir it, ( IF I get time) and spread it and plow it under deep so it rots...
  44. Sonny580

    Must Tractor ROPS Be So High?

    The only thing here that has one is MOOSE, and its always in the way. ---just something to get used to. One of my 580's has the cab rated as rops and its a REAL pisser to get in and out of!
  45. Sonny580

    2022 gardens

    For the shade , we have good luck with cabbage and green beans. MOST veggies will do good in partial shade,--even tomatoes. We do 4.5 acres in the open gardens but have a "window" garden close to the house in partial shade and everything does good in it. The main thing is the low hanging limbs...
  46. Sonny580

    2022 gardens

    Time to be thinking about the gardens for this year. Please join in and post your gardens. All sizes are welcome, --anything from pots on the porch, containers, raised beds, in ground, ---- all are gardens. share ideas on equipment, tillage that works for you, what varieties you like, How you...
  47. Sonny580

    troy bilt

    dont grind on the shafts!! IF you do they will never stay tight and start eating away from sloppy fit. --- leave the rust on them and just put grease on them.
  48. Sonny580

    '58 Farmall 560 diesel...what's a good asking price?

    it will be the worst nightmare of your life!! LOL!! them 560 diesels are junk!--hardest thing in the world to start---hot or cold! ---fair price,--$500 for parts tractor. Now if it were a gas moror--then that ups the value a lot!
  49. Sonny580

    TroyBilt Horse tines!

    I use the 3-holers and have NEVER broke them! I have not only big rocks but chunks of junk of all kinds in my gardens. Even if you get them direct from MTD, they will be made in chimna most likely!
  50. Sonny580

    Should I buy this 1949 Allis Chalmaers C?

    Around $950. would be plenty for it. ---unless you know about all the problems the c's are notorious for,--- I would pass! And yes I have 5 of them and 4 b's, some wd's, wd-45's etc! lol!