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    Mystery solved with my JD 425, “IGNITOR” ?

    Post a pic of what the kinked connections look like. Not understanding how the ignitor can be hit by the deck.
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    New 4052m Hydraulic temp light.

    As long as you have dealer documentation, then I'd also just keep running it. But let the dealer know that you expect a computer fix to be forthcoming soon w/o paying for transporting to the dealer.
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    224ws square baler

    You can go back and edit your post.
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    Something I don't understand about applications of below 40hp tractors

    Couldn't be further from the truth. Only if you qualify the variables/specs on those conditions that might make that statement true.
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    New (to me) 4100

    Which of the two JD green paints did you use?
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    New (to me) 4100

    What was the treatment to the side panels before painting? They look great!!
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    John Deere 770 diesel/oil issue

    Welcome to TBN Hard for me to sort out what you are referencing. What I interpret is you are adding to your oil in the engine, and maybe it is coming from the coolant. Or maybe diesel fuel getting in the engine oil. Others may have it sorted out.
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    Mystery solved with my JD 425, “IGNITOR” ?

    Been there, done that. And the names used in different places led me down the wrong rabbit hole. Told a friend (when he asked if I'd replaced the ignitor) that I did.. but it was the ignition module I'd changed. When he then stopped by to help, his first question was "I thought you said you...
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    JD 990 power beyond no longer available

    We'd like to hear more about y our JD 990. What you use it for and what you are going to add to need power beyond. Maybe a back hoe? or a grapple to the FEL? Use my added 3rd SCV to activate the hyd. top arm, and then switch connections to run a Thumb on the forks. JD parts shows a kit...
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    JD 990 power beyond no longer available

    Get a few more posts and you will be able to use more of the TBN features.
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    JD 990 power beyond no longer available

    Send a PM to yandeereguy to get his attention. Otherwise he may not see your question. Has not been active in 8 years.
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    224ws square baler

    Brings back memories from a long time back, used a JD wire tie baler in the middle fifty's. Mostly used twine and at 14 ran a baler doing custom-work lined up by the farmer I worked for when a kid. Pulled by a JD G, baler was PTO driven. Uncle at that time had an old wire-tie baler that two men...
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    JD 630 PTO wont stay engaged.

    David Here is schematic of the foot pedal, and looks like there is adj. on the rod with clevis and lock nut. (key 16, 17, 18)
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    John Deere 3520 and 300CX Lift Problem - Help Needed

    Puzzling dilemma First I would separate the hyd. lines disconnects and reconnect them. Sometimes they don't get seated well at the connectors. Next, I would next pull the pin at the joint (red line) and isolate the quick attachment completely. Then see if the cylinders move okay. That will...
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    Can all tractors flip over easy?

    The 8N Ford is probably one of the least likely to flip backwards if you don't pull above the axle line. If using 3ph attachments like a moldboard plow, then little to no worry. Also the 8N Fords are quite stable on slopes so will not lay over easily. Stance of the wheels are important. The...
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    Back dragging: how aggressive?

    You or anyone else doesn't know where that line is drawn. Keep doing what you are doing, and hope you do not find out.
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    Looking for Experiences/Thoughts/Opinions on JD X380 and similar X series tractors

    Sorry for your experience. Not the norm for Deere.
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    JD 4600/460 loader - - Ideas for small on-board Chainsaw Storage?

    Two side pieces of 3/8 or 1/2" plywood separated by a strip of 1/2" plywood sandwiched/glued in between. Straps at diagonal on one side and straight on the other side with bolts to clamp. Think this pic shows both sides. Straps from what found laying around.
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    JD 5055 quick hitch

    No, but several like them. I went with the iMatch from Deere. Along with the hyd. top arm, the system can't be beat. IMO
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    JD 1050 - LABOR COST for cleaning and reinstalling injectors?

    If you know how to replace the injectors, then do it. But if you don't, then I myself would not, nor recommend to you, to do them. What was the reason/problem that the injector pump was replaced ?? Hopefully the dealer isn't just replacing parts and hoping to solve the problem. i.e. the...
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    JD 4600/460 loader - - Ideas for small on-board Chainsaw Storage?

    Made two scabbards for my 4300. For what it is worth, find them very handy and make a habit of not leaving the chainsaws on the ground when the tractor is moving. And when the snow plow is on, the FEL is off. Have an 18" and 20" bar Stihl saw. No drilling in the ROPS, just clamped on the ROPS
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    JD 4300 Hydraulic Fluid level

    John Deere hyd. red dye part # MT3668
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    New (to me) 4100

    In your final spray coat, be sure to use John Deere paint, not paint that says it is John Deere color. Such paint turns blue (bluish) after a year or so. Nice work on making this look new again. Look forward to pictures as you progress.
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    My jd 4410 won't go forward or reverse

    Maybe some oil is needed for the two pedals to move freely back to zero. Welcome to TBN
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    JD 4300

    I added the JD red dye to the hyd. fluid to be able to see the oil in the sight glass window. Helped a lot.
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    Tires Removing loaded tires

    Use the hoe to lift the tractor up, put blocks under it, then use the hoe to remove the tire (if the hoe isn't on the same tractor). On my 4300, I have industrial R4's so just jack up the tractor and keep the tire upright. They are liquid filled and heavy but not impossible to move around...
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    Total noob. Mowing with Toolcat on a hill vs Ventrac vs Kubota L3902

    Ventrac, but not Kubota or Toolcat.
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    cutting on a steep hill - pond at the bottom

    I mow the steep slopes with my 425 and 455 by sitting on the edge of the seat, but both have AWS. Previous 425 without AWS just would not work as well and would not stick to the slope. AWS holds much, much better on slopes and can go on a slope that the tires will not slip down the slope. At...
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    (2001) JD 5420 RPM loss under load

    Then this TBN member might be a big help to you. Give him a shout through a pm as he knows his stuff. thepumpguysc
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    (2001) JD 5420 RPM loss under load

    So it loses rpm but the throttle lever stays in the same set position ??
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    (2001) JD 5420 RPM loss under load

    Welcome to TBN From your description, sounds like the throttle is losing friction grip and just needs some adjustment so it doesn't drop rpm
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    Latest grab by auto manufactures

    Bought two GM cars (Trax and Trail Blazer) and don't pay for On-star. Where do you get this "forced to purchase" stuff?
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    JD 4300 grapple on forks

    New pics of the grapple "The Thumb" that I like a lot for moving brush and logs after cutting trees.
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    JD 7810 with Krone baler

    Good post for the TBN JD AG tractor forum ?? Maybe the admins will relocate this thread. Takes a lot of big equipment to lay out the hay crop to feed this beast. Big stuff for Big farms.
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    1960's John Deere 2010 utility tractor power steering issue

    klink Here is a link to the JD parts that covers the power steering.
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    JD Gator year/ model

    The filter is an add-on Have mine now to "add-on". Did it for someone else, but not yet on mine.. duh! My five-year old great grand daughter came for a one day visit from TX ... asked "can I drive?". So put her behind the wheel..
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    3 point hitch

    Looks like the swivel is not "swiveling". Needs some penetrating oil or lube.
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    Fel Hydrolics
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    LA125 Overhaul

    I wouldn't use a file. I'd put some wet/dry sandpaper placed on a glass plate. And use light oil or water with 220 grit paper. Something like this video shows.
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    5425 won't start - nothing

    Think that is true. Plug a 12v light bulb into the fuse slot. Then look for the short. When you find/fix it, the light bulb will go out and then should be safe to put a fuse back in the fuse slot.
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    Looking to buy my first tractor

    Best make friends with your nearest tractor dealer and work with them. One that is close enough to work on your tractor or be available for parts. Regardless of the brand name, this should be your first priority. Once you buy and start using the tractor, you will likely find need for different...
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    72 John Derre 820 3 cyl

    Just a guess, that crap in the fuel tank is plugging the tank outlet.
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    LA125 Overhaul

    Wow, you got right after that. Thanks for keeping us informed. Much appreciated.
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    Lucas X-tra heavy duty grease sold out?

    Amazon might be one place..
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    Can a propane tank be repurposed?

    Not sure how it would be done, but have seen other propane tanks used for different purposes. Experiment and set one up at a "safe" distance with a long pressure hose and see if your shop compressor can cause it to burst. I doubt you can burst it, but would be worth knowing that for sure.
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    John Deere 1070 disconnected wire

    Female connector, so probably meant to be "plugged into". A pic of that connector and what voltage it has when the ign switch is off and on. Tractor runs okay, sans the two gauge's ?
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    JD 345 Snowblower

    Did you look at the links ?? Apparently not. There are two different snowblowers for different s/n 345's. Suspect you have the later model 345.
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    JD 345 Snowblower

    What is the s/n of the 345? For early models For later models
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    JD Gator year/ model

    Pic of my 24 yr old 2001 4x2 Gator. It is like the energizer bunny.. just goes and goes and goes. Never a complaint but for the lift linear actuator stripped studs (easy fix). Attached S/N tag on rear frame. Attached engine tag as well. Looks to be the same engine FE290D-CS08, but an earlier...
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    John Deere 1020 died while driving

    Then suspect internal engine problem, sorry to say and have to consider. Drain the engine oil and inspect it for any metal debris.. and hope that there is still oil in it and it is like new oil as you said you changed it. Pls keep us informed.