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  1. RalphVa

    Lost lead lens on signal light

    Something knocked off the leading left signal light lens yesterday on the B2601. I've seen grills for these. Where does one get them? Guess it's the dealer for another lens? Messicks? Think some have replaced bulbs with LEDs. Source? Work okay? On our old 1983 Benz, its signal light system...
  2. RalphVa

    What not to feed a woodchipper

    When I had the MacKissic shredder/chipper I'd get bags of leaves from town and dribble them into the big chute for the hammer shredders. One time a pair of hand pruners came slamming back at me. No damage to me, but after than I wore gloves up to my elbows and a full face shield. The hand...
  3. RalphVa

    ATV tires on a Zero Turn?

    Yeah. Same thinking. Intuitively, you want to push the oars forward if the front is rearing up. Could be a case for learning how to do wheelies on the flat to learn to counter by pulling back. Wonder if the joy stick now on some Ryobi models would be better?
  4. RalphVa

    Rennovating a garden

    You've gotten some pretty good advice. I had a 50x75 garden in the creek overflow area down below. Had about 2 or 3 feet of topsoil. Only used a Gravely rotary plow once to turn over the thick vegetation. Four years later, I ran over it with an old JD M soil ripper similar to the multi tine...
  5. RalphVa

    ATV tires on a Zero Turn?

    Put these Carlisle Super Lugs on the Ryobi ZT480e. MUCH better traction. I have since turned them around: even more traction such that I did a wheelie going up a steep slope, and it came back on me. I kicked it to one side, and it landed on its right side. Works fine, but my back muscles...
  6. RalphVa

    Eradicating moles

    Wonder if the smoke bombs used normally for groundhog holes would work.
  7. RalphVa

    Free up Amtrol ball valves

    Got an answer from Amtrol. They haven't made them in over 15 years. Referred me to Watersoft. Got an immediate answer from them. Ordered a new valve from this web site: Plastic Bypass Valve with Yoke $74.99 with shipping. Called our local well service place that replaced the pump that started...
  8. RalphVa

    Shelf Life of Oil

    Should still be good.
  9. RalphVa

    Caught 4 small feral hogs at a time, this morning

    Time for a pig roast.
  10. RalphVa

    Eradicating moles

    That's the stuff I could not remember the name of: a form of BT, organic treatment for caterpillars in the garden. That was what we in the extension office recommended first. Then they had some trap options. Have never heard of anyone using traps and getting them to work. I'd be inclined to...
  11. RalphVa

    Eradicating moles

    The treatment is a form of BT used for caterpillars and worms in the garden. Should not harm the earthworms.
  12. RalphVa

    Free up Amtrol ball valves

    We've had our Amtrol soda ash unit bypassed since June of last year because of water hammer. Been monitoring the pH. It has been well above 7 since around September of 2018 until recently. Then it turned 6.9 two weeks ago and 6.7 yesterday. We have copper pipes. Need to above 7. One of the...
  13. RalphVa

    Suggest a grass collection system?

    Best way to mulch is to block discharge and use 2 crossed blades. This is what our Honda gas mower has and is what the Ryobi 21 inch 40v mower has. The new Ryobi ZT battery machines have cross cut blades.
  14. RalphVa

    Is 25hp enough?

    25 hp should be fine.
  15. RalphVa

    Suggest a grass collection system?

    Why? Just plug off the discharge to cause it to mulch. My Ryobi ZT 48v came with a plug for the discharge. Immediately removed that silly chute and put the plug on.
  16. RalphVa

    Plows versus tillers?

    I'd rent. Only use once.
  17. RalphVa

    Plows versus tillers?

    Plows more or less turn the soil over. Tillers churn it up. They make the soil almost a powder, probably destroying all micro-organism paths, etc. I used a rotary plow on a Gravely ONCE. Then did no till. Used a soil ripper on the JD 4010 ONCE, then did no till.
  18. RalphVa

    Something I don't understand about applications of below 40hp tractors

    I plowed my big garden along the creek in 2000 or so with a 12 hp Gravely using a rotary plow. I'll bet most MCUTs could pull a single bottom plow. Too bad they don't make a rotary plow for any of them. Even a 1500 BX could probably plow with a rotary plow. A friend's JD M was 18 hp...
  19. RalphVa

    Should I even think about 2 wheel drive

    You have hils. ABSOLUTELY need 4wd engaged ALL the time.
  20. RalphVa

    Pressure washer

    We've had something called a Black Cat electric washer for a number of years. The chamber to put stuff into has never worked but everything else is fine. Think it was bought at Lowes. Not sure.
  21. RalphVa

    Recommended Tractor for 4.5 acres

    I had a 1025R for less than 2 years. Admitedly, it was a lemon but not much more than the 2025R I got after. I highly recommend the B2301 with FEL. That is what I wanted because I wanted the equivalent of a 2 series JD but really only need about 19 hp based on having a JD 4010 the first 9...
  22. RalphVa

    Modern Fluids in Old Tractors?

    The Gravely 5665 that I had specified 10w30 motor oil for the engine and gearbox. Think 75w gear oil is probably around 20w motor oil.
  23. RalphVa

    Glow plug bad?

    That's about the age that we had to replace the glow plugs on the Benz 240D. I had it done by the dealer, but it should be no more difficult than replacing spark plugs.
  24. RalphVa

    Change e-mail address

    Get an email with one of the free ones that work with any others, like gmail, hotmail, etc. Don't tag yourself to your internet provider. I had a heck of a time convincing my wife to get us off CenturyLink to Comcast because of slow speed, etc. because she was afraid of changing her email (had...
  25. RalphVa

    Best truck under $10k?

    Get the pickup bed version of this.
  26. RalphVa

    Modern Fluids in Old Tractors?

    Have no problems using modern fluids in old tractors or other vehicles.
  27. RalphVa

    Rant on shipping

    We put in one of those self assemble boxes a little ways from the mail box and have a sign on the mail box to put deliveries in the box. Works well.
  28. RalphVa

    How far would you travel for the right tractor?

    Travelled 2 hours each way last January to get my B2601 Kubota with FEL. None of the 3 dealers closer to home had tractors with loaders. Winchester Equipment. Had to travel 6 hours each way in 2016 for our Mazda3 6M. Local dealer said none available and even said this car was not there...
  29. RalphVa

    Help with roundup mixing.

    For poison ivy or English Ivy, you need full strength and the special Roundup with a bit of tri-chlorp in it.
  30. RalphVa

    How to decontaminate my tire gauges from calcium chloride

    I've a tire gauge that will take liquid. However, my favorite is one from HF with a reasonably long limber line to the round gauge. I just use it and then blast it clear when going to the next tire.
  31. RalphVa

    Oil & Fuel Add 20 year old oil to motor?

    Agree with LS tractor owner. Also a chemical engineer who worked in lube oil industry for 31 years.
  32. RalphVa

    Initial attachments to get with new Kubota L3560LE?

    See my comments on orange tractor talks.
  33. RalphVa

    Did I mess up the measurements on my PTO cut?

    I removed the drawbar as well as the PTO shield. Stored if I need them. Won't need the shield.
  34. RalphVa

    Did I mess up the measurements on my PTO cut?

    Think my chipper instructions were to measure the distance between the click points on the PTO and on the implement. Do same on PTO shaft pushed to minimum. Deduct 1 1/2 inches from length on tractor PTO to raised implement. Cut both ends and plastic shield. Should be 2 1/2 inches because...
  35. RalphVa

    I hate grass raking! How can i avoid it? do i need a new tractor?

    I immediately removed the discharge chute and affixed the cover onto the hole on the Ryobi ZT480e. So many times when I first moved here, I stopped when I saw people mowing with discharge chutes up and advised them to close them, as they could kill someone. Idiots have no idea.
  36. RalphVa

    Rotary Cutter - Gear Box Lubrication?

    I extracted the oil from my Frontier RC2048 last year. It did have some water in the bottom. Put JD GL5 75-90 as noted above.
  37. RalphVa

    I hate grass raking! How can i avoid it? do i need a new tractor?

    Think the Ryobi was $4200 (last year). Not aware of difference in controls between the Ryobi and Ego. The ZT480e has the 2 "oars" to each side of you. A couple days ago, I had a vibration from the blades. Stopped and went to the garage and lifted the front with my floor jack (using that...
  38. RalphVa

    Manual vehicle transmission to HST issue

    Contrary. Some, like Mazda, are putting sticks on top of the line models. All we have are sticks. The wife once drove my father's big automatic car with them in it. She hit the brake when going for the clutch. Another time with a rental, she kept jamming the gear selector for the automatic...
  39. RalphVa

    I hate grass raking! How can i avoid it? do i need a new tractor?

    I've never raked grass unless I want it for mulch somewhere. Use all mulching mowers. Latest is a Ryobi ZT480e, 48v lead acid batteries. Will mow up to 2 acres on a charge. If you got an Ego with extra batteries, you could do 3 1/2 acres. However, gotta ask why you're mowing that much. Mow...
  40. RalphVa

    Water distribution to a bunch of newish fruit trees?

    An older master gardener told me what to do. Put down an old hose and drill a 1/8 inch hole where the tree is along the hose. Bury the hose just a tad and let grass grow over it.
  41. RalphVa

    Manual vehicle transmission to HST issue

    Biggest problem I had was use of the reverse treadle pedal on the Kubota. Never had a problem with brakes on left even though ALL our over the road vehicles are stick. My wife has A LOT of problems in driving auto trans vehicles.
  42. RalphVa

    Never plant Bradford Pear

    Here in Master Gardener world, we call the Badford Pear.
  43. RalphVa

    new ranger review?

    Hope they've improved. The 1994 Ford Ranger was the worst of the 4 pickups we've owned.
  44. RalphVa

    Milkweed Control

    24d is very volatile. Never spray it when very hot and never spray when there is any wind. It can volatilize and do for miles to condense again and kill whatever is there. Had LOTS of calls at the extension office about this. Just mow it. Think it needs to seed to propagate despite having a...
  45. RalphVa

    B2320 jerks on turns

    No. I'd say to use 4wd all the time. Only take it out when you're on a long paved road. Unless you're on completely flat land. Extremely dangerous to go downhill with only 2wd.
  46. RalphVa

    Green Bean Time!!

    Asparagus beans have started the last couple weeks and go on until frost.
  47. RalphVa

    B2320 jerks on turns

    In 2wd, the HST is only working the rear wheels. Same problem in going downhill. Rear tires will slip, possibly allowing tractor to slide sideways and then flip.
  48. RalphVa

    B2320 jerks on turns

    All my 3 JDs did this. Have only noticed it on the Kubota B2601 one time. Think its front/rear tires (R14Ts) are well matched. DO NOT take it out of 4wd or maybe only do it on pavement. I only ever noticed the problem on paved surface. BE SURE to put back in 4wd on soil/grass. In 2wd, you...
  49. RalphVa

    Green Bean Time!!

    Best beans are asparagus beans. Other beans just quit in the heat. They just keep on bearing.
  50. RalphVa

    Water in fuel causes $10,000 damage to my Kubota Grand L6060

    Mr. Funnel is supposed to be good for removing water. It makes refueling rather slow though.