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  1. Maxify55

    Brake Tensioner Spring

    I've got a project almost completed except for this one detail. When removing the brake tensioner I neglected to note the position of the tiny brake tensioner spring that keeps the shoe anvil in the correct position to engage when the foot brake is applied. Of all of the different models over...
  2. Maxify55

    Check Engine Light HR3037HC

    Check Engine Light (Icon) came on as the Regen light appeared tonight. So odd. I've never had an issue with the regen process....Not once. Was mowing engine oil checked out OK before venturing out with it...Old habit. I'd been mowing for an hour or two everything operating normally. Medium...
  3. Maxify55

    Lost Another Dealer

    Alachua/Gainesville, Florida has lost their LS Dealer. The closest dealer is now over an hour drive away in Ocala. I got hold of Corporate in NC and was informed that they were as shocked as I was. At least I'll finally get my owners manuals. I asked for a service manual for my XR3037HC for...
  4. Maxify55

    1985 John Deere 116H

    Guys, I've got to get up under my '85 Deere to replace what appears to be the factory hydro belt. It is quite checked and missing a few pieces of rubber on the belt, so, I'm sure it needs replacing. My dilemma is that I hope that change will stop the failure to even pull it's own weight...
  5. Maxify55

    Buying Advice New Tractor Delivery Hour Meter

    I've never been blessed enough to buy a brand new tractor until now. Without getting into brands of tractor and all that; I've been informed by my salesperson that my tractor being the last one of it's kind in this region has made the rounds to a couple of trade shows around this...
  6. Maxify55

    Cub Cadet 2185

    I've retired and thoroughly enjoy my job as general laborer on a farm I've purchased to assist my 25 yr old daughter in feeding her Equine Addiction. My job description further entails answering the call to anything that horses break or when any of the various machines I have purchased...