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  1. tomnky

    Oregon Replacement Spindles

    Has anyone used Oregon Replacement Spindles on their deck? If so, What kind of service have You had with them? I am contemplating replacing both on My Deere GT242 after 16 years of use, One of the present ones sounds like it has a rough bearing in it.
  2. tomnky

    Pressure Testing a BX2200

    I am getting ready to pressure test My BX2200 , for the many times mentioned annoyance of running warmer than it should. My question is this: How many have actually pressure tested their system and if You have, What adapter have You ended up using to fit the radiator? I have already talked...
  3. tomnky

    Dixon Zero Turns

    Does anyone on here have personal experience with the Dixon Zero Turns? Especially the Commercial Models. How do they rate?
  4. tomnky

    Befco Hop spreader

    I am looking for a 3 point spreader for My BX2200. Recently I got the booklet from Befco and am looking at the Model 206-121 . Does anyone know if this unit will fit the BX2200 properly in size? Can the spread path be changed to either side , right or left or center? The Dealers in close...
  5. tomnky

    Index usage in Forums Not working properly

    Well the old index problem is back this morning. When I use the index link to go back to a list of posts, they all show read.
  6. tomnky

    Index in Forums Problem

    When I am in a forum and hit index to return to a list of Posts , All topics appear as though they have been read , even though they haven't. Windows Xp with Internet Explorer 6.0 with Service Pack 2. It makes no difference which Forum I am in , They all do the same thing.
  7. tomnky

    Oil & Fuel Infamous Fuel Sending Leak on BX2200

    Well My BX has started leaking fuel again from the sending unit. How many have had this re-occur after installing a kit in them? I honestly am beginning to wonder just how many times this part will fail. This is the second time for me. The kit part # is as follows:K2561-96140 , priced at a...
  8. tomnky

    John Deere JX75 Mower

    I have run across a deal on a JX75, current year model, that the Dealer says he wants to get rid of because the season is ending and He doesn't want it in inventory. I have read about them on Consumer Guide , which gives it good marks. How about some first hand opinions on it? This one has...
  9. tomnky

    Deere GT242 Hood

    Well if it wasn't for bad luck sometime i think I would not have any luck at all. While servicing My GT242 the Xenoy hood fell off, Yes that is right fell off! The weak spot in these is where it hinges next to the muffler at the bottom. I had to use their readily available repair kit on one...
  10. tomnky

    Replacing Fan Belt on a BX2200

    Have any taken a good look at what is involved to replace the fan belt on a BX2200 OR BX2230? Due to the way the engine is mounted in the machine it looks to me like a Major undertaking. I haven't looked under it but, from what I see the lower sheave has the input shaft attached. Do My eyes...
  11. tomnky

    Lawn Core Aerators

    How many have the 40" or 48" inch lawn core aerators? Will they do a decent job and hold up as well? Any & all input is appreciated.
  12. tomnky

    Lawn Mower Front tires

    I have a John Deere GT242. The front tires on it are Dico Turf Trac R/S 2 ply ( inner tubes installed after the fact)that originally came on the mower but are pretty well worn. The size on it is 15x6.00x6. I intend to put the Multi Trac C/S 4 ply on as replacements , because the rounded...
  13. tomnky

    Three Bond Liquid Gasket

    I am trying to find out where I can get Three Bond 1215 Liquid Gasket. It is a silicone gasket paste, If I can't find that I need an equivalent. Kubota Service Manual specifies this stuff
  14. tomnky

    Hour Meter location on John Deere242,GT275

    I am getting ready to order an hour meter kit for My GT242 and would like to know if anyone can tell me before I order this kit, just where it mounts. This would be from John Deere tot he tune of $71.00 I am thinking it is under the hood on the left side , as there is about a two inch hole...
  15. tomnky

    chevron's Recommendation on Coolant (BX)

    chevron\'s Recommendation on Coolant (BX) I e-mailed Chevron and asked what They had for a BX. Attached is what they sent me. I gave them the specs quoted in the manual (J1034,J814C), They told me this meets J1034 and that J814C is only a publication. <font color="red"> Thank you for your...
  16. tomnky

    Comparison on Temperature gauge

    I have noticed My BX2200 temperature gauge running quite a bit higher than it has in the past. I have cleaned the radiator, checked the fan belt, coolant level . All these appear to be fine. When mowing the gauge will go up about half way and not quite that with the deck disengaged. I admit...
  17. tomnky

    Wood Equipment Manuals Online

    For those who haven't found this yet and have Woods Equipt. Here is their address: Woods Manuals Online I hope this at least helps some.
  18. tomnky

    Bad Boy Zero Turns

    For those who are interested in a zero turn: I ran across this website and must admit these folks Zero Turn with a 28 hp Caterpillar Engine looks pretty good with a top speed of 15 mph. Bad Boys I do not have one of these and have never seen one but they look good.
  19. tomnky

    Lawn Equipment Tool Source

    Is there a Manufacture that makes tools specifically for Lawn Service? I want to add to My arsenal and wondered about this. Any Info will be appreciated.
  20. tomnky

    Tires Source for BX Bar tread tires

    In case anyone is interested I got this reply from Maxxis, a source to buy just bar treads for the BX. Thank you for contacting Maxxis. Yes, we make those sizes on our Power Lug model. Unfortunately, very few dealers offer this model. Please contact Pro Tire @ 423.629.4394 or Maxxis Wheel...
  21. tomnky

    Block Drain for BX2200

    Attached find a picture of the D905-E engine block,The bolt (ref.#220 ) can be replaced with a block drain in order to better facilitate the coolant change every two years. The Kubota part number for this drain cock assembly is as follows:15841-73020 approximate cost is around $3.65 each. I...
  22. tomnky

    BX Anti-Scalp Wheels

    I was at the local Kubota Dealership this morning and was looking at a BX2230 with the 60" deck. I immediately noticed that the anti-scalp wheels have zerks in them now..........Wonder Why? I went in and questioned the parts guy,lo & behold the replacements for all of use with the older...
  23. tomnky

    Ballast Used suitcase weights for a BX2200

    Does anyone know where I could find used suitcase weights for a BX2200? I would rather have the weights made for it if possible.
  24. tomnky

    Air Brush recommendations

    I am in need of an air brush for small painting jobs plus the other half wants one to use on crafts and the like. All You experts chime in here as I definitely want one to last. Thanks, Tom
  25. tomnky

    Rubber Grommets

    Does anyone know where I can find a Dealer for various sizes of rubber grommets both round and oblong?
  26. tomnky

    Kubota BX Front suitcase weight bracket

    Does anyone have a front weight bracket for a Kubota BX? I would like to get the dimensions so that I can have one fabricated rather than spend $90.00 to $100.00 for one , I also want to incorporate a means to tie her down on My trailer while I am into this.
  27. tomnky

    Canopy Tractor Canopy Site

    For anyone that is interested in a Canopy for thir tractor check this site out: Firebird Canopies To me this is as good -looking canopy as I have seen.
  28. tomnky

    Dimensions of L series Rops

    I need to know the width and thickness of the L series ROPS. Width I am talking about is the steel not overall width.Same for the thickness. Would someone out there please measure theirs ? Thanks, Tom
  29. tomnky

    Small trailer

    Several years ago I knew a guy that had a small trailer for hauling lawn mowers and small pieces of equipment. This trailer folded up where You could store it easily. Are these trailer made any longer? I would love to have a small trailer just to transport small stuff as My 10,000 lb. Big Tex...
  30. tomnky

    Non Ionic Surfactant

    I need some advice here. I am getting ready to order some Ornamec( selective herbicide) to spray Bermuda Grass . In the instructions it says it has to be mixed with a Non ionic surfactant for best results. I know this is a wetting agent and probably causes it to adhere better as this is a...
  31. tomnky

    Summer Hats from TBN

    I was wondering if TBN would offer a mesh style hat for summertime. I love the winter one I have but it would be way too hot for summer. Any thoughts on this? Who else roasts in summer with a full cloth hat ? How about it Muhammed? Is this possible or am I asking for the impossible?
  32. tomnky


    How many have bought from Agri-Supply? What kind of experience did You have with the transaction?
  33. tomnky

    Which Attachment to buy?

    I am going to use the complete Scott's program on My lawn this year. I am in a quandry as whether to buy a boom sprayer or an aerator as I can get one not both at this time. I am thinking by using the Scott's I may not need a sprayer this year as I already have a spot sprayer. What is the...
  34. tomnky

    Ballast Front weight bracket & weights for a BX

    Does anyone have the part numbers for the front weight bracket & suitcase weights that fit a BX?
  35. tomnky

    BX2200 or BX2230 Lift Capacity

    How much weight have you had on You Bx's 3 point hitch ? Was this with front end weights? Loader perhaps? I know what the manual says but I would like to hear some of the real figures.
  36. tomnky

    Mix rate for TSC 2-4-D

    Does anyone know what the mix is on the 2-4-d that Tractor Supply sells (pasture spray)? I need to know this so I can decide which TeeJet Nozzle to use.
  37. tomnky

    Blackstone Oil Test Results

    I thought I would post the Oil Test results for My BX2200. True enough I change it often , anyways here goes.
  38. tomnky


    Has anyone ever dealt with Agro-Chem Located in Wilmington,Ohio or Wabash Indiana? They Manufacture Sprayers: Agro- Chem I am in negotiations with them and wondered if anyone has dealt with their equipment.
  39. tomnky

    Annual Scotts Program

    How many have used the Scott's Program for lawn care ? I am more than interested in the results while being used on a Turf Type Fescue Lawn. What kind of results did You get? Did You have to use additional weed killers? I would like to hear from as many as possible to know what to expect as I...
  40. tomnky

    Royal Purple Synthetic Oil

    Alright all You Oil gurus, How about giving us an opinion on Royal Purple Synthetic for Diesel. Particularly 15w 40. Pros and Cons let flow Please.
  41. tomnky

    Cat O & limited Cat I Hitches

    Cat O & limited Cat I Hitches I know the pins are different but what else is different? Does anyone have the exact dimensions to compare?
  42. tomnky

    National Farm Machinery Show

    National Farm Machinery Show How many fellow Kubota Owners are going to the National Farm Machiney Show in Louisville,Ky? My CFO has suggested I make a one day trip there and was just wondering who might be there.
  43. tomnky

    Painting prep for a Concrete Garage floor

    I would like to hear opinions on what would be the best approach to prepping a concrete floor in My garage for painting. The dimensions are 24ft. x 46ft. The concrete appears to have been previously sealed but I have it in My head to paint it with some sort of epoxy paint.(similar color of what...
  44. tomnky

    Chains BX 2200 Tire Chains

    I am debating on getting a set of chains for My BX. I already have both sets(turf & bar) and wondered if anyone has had any kind of clearance issues on the rears of the BX 2200 or BX2230? I think the rears are the same size as ATV tires, at least that is what it seemed to me after looking on...
  45. tomnky

    Kits for Blackhawk floor Jacks

    I have a floor jack (Blackhawk) Model #67502 that has developed a leak from the cylinder when under load. Does anyone know where I can get a kit for a rebuild or know of a place that rebuilds them? I have already emailed a place in Chattanooga,Tn. and am waiting on a reply from them. Any help...
  46. tomnky

    Tires Manufacturer for Kubota Tires and wheels

    As I just bought a set of bar tires for My BX2200, I thought some might like to have the link to the Manufacturer of the tires and wheels. Kubota tires and wheel manufacturer They also offer foam filling it looks like. Here is the contact information: OTR Wheel Engineering, Inc. 6...
  47. tomnky

    Ballast Part Numbers for BX Front weight Bracket & Weights

    Does anyone have the part numbers for the front weight bracket and weight for the BX2200?
  48. tomnky

    Sprayer Scorpion Sprayer

    Has anyone had any experience with these sprayers? Manufacturer of Scorpion Sprayers Is the Quality there?
  49. tomnky

    Cruise Control On BX2230's

    Cruise Control On BX2230\'s I would like to hear from the BX2230 Owner's On their opinion of that particular feature. Any and all input is greatly appreciated.
  50. tomnky

    Sprayer Manufacturer of 3 Pt. Sprayers

    Has anyone heard or had dealings with this Manufacturer? P-K Manufacturing I wonder how their equipment is as far as Quality. To me their attachments look close to those sold by John Deere.. Anyone with knowledge of them ,Please give me some input.