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  1. Jerry/MT

    New Holland TS 110 PTO

    Normally the pto speed is determined by a set of fixed ratio gears. You can only get 540 rpm at one speed or a 1000 rpm at another. I don't know how a spacer would work to change that.
  2. Jerry/MT

    Bale spear problem; Quick attach easy with FEL/not with BS.

    In lower picture 2 (the one with the circle on the pin), the pin assembly dose not look like it is at 90° to the tab that the pin locks into. Perhaps you can determine why the pin assembly is not truly vertical. Some thing is bent.
  3. Jerry/MT


    If the valves were replaced, perhaps the stems need to be ground to adjust their length.
  4. Jerry/MT

    Should I even think about 2 wheel drive

    "A low centre of gravity is independent of stability." A low center of gravity will help stability on the roll axis.
  5. Jerry/MT

    Should I even think about 2 wheel drive

    If you are doing a lot of logging on steep ground, you may want to consider a dozer rather than a wheel tractor.
  6. Jerry/MT

    9n lift issues

    As was explained by the other poster you 9N has no position control. It uses the Ferguson System to control the three point hitch. It has draft control to control ground engaging implements like a plow or a sub-soiler. You can make a feedback device that will give you position control...
  7. Jerry/MT

    Tractor worked on by dealer today & won't turn off!!!

    Look on the injector pump. It's the device that has lines running to the top of the engine that carries the fuel. Is there a cable that runs to a lever. if there is, pull that lever back. there may also be a lever at the bottom of the fuel tank that shuts off the fuel.
  8. Jerry/MT

    Changed fuel filter - now won’t start

    You probably overheated the starter by too long cranking times trying to start an engine that wasn't receiving fuel. I hope you didn't burnup your starter. When it cools, see if it still cranks. You bled the filter, but you'll need to bleed through to the injectors. Do you have a manual? It...
  9. Jerry/MT

    TN70 wont start

    Make sure that the fuel cutoff, (it's probably a solenoid shutoff) is recieving power so that the fuel delivery systen can provide fuel to the injector pump. Otherwise start checking for fuel delivery blockage from the fuel connection at the injection pump to the screen at the bottom of the fuel...
  10. Jerry/MT

    2004 B7610 will not start

    Make sure the chasis ground connection from the battery (-) post has a good connection. Make sure the cables are not internally corroded.
  11. Jerry/MT

    2005 model Ford 55 hp 4wd

    Where did you get a Ford tractor built in 2005. Ford sold out to New Holland in the '90's and it was Ford New Holland until 1996. IIRC. What's the model number? Gotta' be careful around electrical components with a pressure washer. What's the specific problem? Starting, running after a start...
  12. Jerry/MT

    Workmaster 35, fuel gauge stuck?

    Sounds like a problem with the sending unit in the tank. Since the gauge moves a bit, that would indicate the electrical circuit is operating. There could also be high resistance in the wire to the gauge. Take the wire off the sending unit connection and momentarily touch it to a good ground...
  13. Jerry/MT

    Overcharging TC-40

    If it was charging at 16V then you probably overcharged the battery. The alternator output voltage should be around 14.0-14.5 V. Most likely the voltage regulator failed.
  14. Jerry/MT

    FE35 Goldbelly Petrol

    When you twist the switch is there a spring loaded part of the switch that goes to the start circuit and when you release it, goes to the run position? If so, you need to connect the ignition system to the run position as well as the start position.
  15. Jerry/MT

    Work master 70 PTO Issue

    I'd be surprised if it had a two-stage clutch. If it does, that could be the problem. Modern tractors generally have an independent pto which has a hydraulically actuated internal clutch mechanism in the pto drive line. If that is the case on this tractor, that's what is slipping and not fully...
  16. Jerry/MT

    John Deer 4300 left side plate broke off 3 point hitch center/stabilizer/upper plates.

    That piece should mainly have tension and compression loads to react from the top link ball/pin. The ball would allow a force componet side wise It looks like there was an applied side load. Nice weld!
  17. Jerry/MT

    Won't start when hot

    The starter does have some bad spots, but if you get past them (hear the click) it will go. I guess you can continue to "...get past them (hear the click) it will go. ", but it sounds like a worn starter/solenoid. If it were mine I'd rebuild it or get a rebuilt or a new one on the internet...
  18. Jerry/MT

    MT4501D PTO tiller spins but kills motor when under load.....

    Dying when put under load is a good indication of insufficient fuel delivery.
  19. Jerry/MT

    MT4501D PTO tiller spins but kills motor when under load.....

    With regard to the motor dying, make sure you have adequate fuel delivery to the injector pump (IP). Changing the fuel filter helps if the filter is limiting flow but crud can collect at the tank outlet, within the filter head, etc. You could have pinched or clogged fuel lines, a bad lift pump(...
  20. Jerry/MT

    BX24D Fuel Gauge Always Empty

    Most of these instrument panels are single unit with the tach, oil pressure, coolant temperature voltage reducer, and fuel level on one printed circuit board. You can look on ebay but Kubota is probably the best source. You may luck out and it will be a bad sending unit (most likely) which maybe...
  21. Jerry/MT

    Engine trying to shut down.

    Disconnect the fuel line at the lift pump (it's the pump ahead of the injector pump in most fuel systems). Crank the engine like you are starting it and you should see a CONTINUOS gush of fuel from the fuel line. If it dribbles or is intermittent work your way back to the tank and find the...
  22. Jerry/MT

    BX24D Fuel Gauge Always Empty

    The way these gauges usually work is when the tank is full the resistance in the circuit is a minimum and a small coil heats the spring in the gauge and causes it to go full scale. When the tank is empty, the resistance is a maximum and the gauge shows empty. Find the connection for the gauge...
  23. Jerry/MT

    Starting Problems - 2005 New Holland TC35A

    +1 or bad battery terminal connections or a bad chasis ground. Could also be a bad key switch.
  24. Jerry/MT

    Mahindra 2538 won’t start

    Do you have fuel delivery to the injection pump (IP)? Chaning the fuel filter won't cure the problem if the fuel delivery is obstructed at the tank outlet, a pinched or damaged fuel line, debris in the filter head, failed lift pump (if installed), etc. I would disconnect the line that runs to...
  25. Jerry/MT

    I have a Massey Ferguson 1533 year 2006 It's is overheating to a the max and past I replaced the Thermostat flush the sytem with water What else

    +1 Most gauges will show max temperature if the sensor lead is grounded. How do you know it's overheating? Is it by the gauge? Gauges can be wrong but you have to trust them until you can verify if they are correct or not. Use an infra red thermometer (~$20) and measure the temperature at the...
  26. Jerry/MT

    Downside to PTO overrun coupler?

    That big thump may be caused by the internal clutch on the pto shaft stopping the shaft and causing the rotary cutter blades to fold under the stump jumper. I use an over-running clutch on my tractor when I have a rotary cutter on it and have for 10 years. I do it to save wear and tear on the...
  27. Jerry/MT

    Ford 4cyl diesel trouble

    Stop using the ether. That's a good way to break the rings or crack the lands on the piston. Is their adequate fuel to the injector pump? Is the pump timed correctly to the engine? Is their adequate compression? (Should be greater than ~350 psig.) Is the air cleaner and intake system clear of...
  28. Jerry/MT

    Compression test on Massey Ferguson 35 petrol Standard 87mm engine

    Engine compression ratio is a volume ratio not a pressure ratio Engine compression ratio is actually a volume ratio not a pressure ratio. The equation I use to calculate the compression pressure is based on the isentropic equation pV^gamma=Constant (eqn 1) where p is the pressure, V is the...
  29. Jerry/MT

    Rotary cutter thumps when PTO turned off

    +1 The other thing that happens is that the blades tend to "fold" under the stump jumper when the pto shaft stops turning abruptly.. When you start up, those blades "unfold" usually with a bang. I have an independent pto and my cutter has a slip clutch. In order to keep the rotary inertia of...
  30. Jerry/MT

    New Tractor Problems

  31. Jerry/MT

    PTO over run clutch question

    Too much torque for the clutch pack to resist probably was the cause. Some of these are pressure actuated using the hydraulic system. I would advise a slip clutch on the tiller to save wear and tear on the internal pto clutch. I have an independent pto on all our tractors and I use an external...
  32. Jerry/MT

    1968 Ford 5000

    Try the Ford Forum at
  33. Jerry/MT

    Ford 6610

    Yeah go the Ford/New Holland Forum.
  34. Jerry/MT

    Ford 6610

    Does it have a mechanical lift pump in the fuel delivery system? If so, the diaphragm can tear and allow raw fuel to end up in the crankcase. Also what Jim says.
  35. Jerry/MT

    TC40 Hydraulic Pump Seal

    Take the old seal to a bearing supply place. They usually can match the seal.
  36. Jerry/MT

    Boomer 24 wimping out when plowing/tilling

    Make sure you have adequate fuel delivery to the engine.
  37. Jerry/MT

    Need filter

    Go to the WIX, Fleetguard, Baldwin, etc websites and look up the filters you need by OEM and model number. Then google search for price by part number. I think your tractor was originally made by TYM IIRC.
  38. Jerry/MT

    1996 JD 6200 Fuel Pump/Tank Filter

    Gosh only $100 for a JD part! Sounds cheap. You might try looking for a JD on-line parts catalog and see if you can get a part number there. Can you clean the existing strainer out and re-use it?
  39. Jerry/MT

    Need advise on starting a allmand brothers 425 tlb

    Very thorough prep! Glad it all went wall and started up.
  40. Jerry/MT

    Kubota Hydraulics not working after hose repair

    Did you check the fluid level?
  41. Jerry/MT

    Using Hole Digger In Hard Red Clay

    If you have to did into dry ground you are in for a tough go. Best time to ager holes is when the ground is wet in the spring. If you have to do it in dry ground start the hole, pour a couple of gallons of water in the hole and come back the next day. If you get stuck, pour more water and come...
  42. Jerry/MT

    Ford 1000 not getting Fuel to start

    Most likely it isn't the pump. Make sure that you have fuel delivery at the pump. There should be a gush of fuel if you disconnect the line that supplies the pump at the last element before it connects to the pump. Some pumps have inlet screens and they can clogg. The pump can't pressurize the...
  43. Jerry/MT

    JD 4600- cuts off when putting into gear or turning on pto

    Sorry I got the impression from the post it was running fine until you put it into gear and released the clutch and then it died. You do know that the fuel demand increases when you shift into gear and try to move the tractor don't you? If the fuel delivery is not adequate, the engine will...
  44. Jerry/MT

    Ford 4000 Clutch - Hard to Operate

    You have a 58 year old tractor so It's not hard to imagine that a bunch of crap and corruption might have accumulated on the transmission input shaft and/or the bushings supporting the linkage pins in the bell housing case. IIRC, the throw out bearing assembly rides on the input shaft so if that...
  45. Jerry/MT

    JD 4600- cuts off when putting into gear or turning on pto

    I'd start by checking the fuel delivery. Restricted fuel delivery will allow the engine to start and run but as soon as you up the power demand, the supplied fuel flow is too low and the engine dies. By all means check the electrical circuits that control the IP fuel solenoid because they can...
  46. Jerry/MT

    oil for Ford 545D 4WD front axle

    Just like the rear axle, if the manual says M2c134 oil that's what you use.
  47. Jerry/MT

    New Holland T4.75 Problem code 3842 - Exhaust Gas Temperature Sensor Circuit (Upstream Turbine) - High Error Engine

    Does this "error" effect the performance of the machine? It is most likely there to monitor the "turbine in" temperature of turbo compressor to either protect the turbine or to correct the fuel/air ratio during high power operation. These Tier IV engines with their electronic control systems...