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  1. Have tractor will travel

    Price Check Appraisal

    Two suggestions 1) Get on the internet and find many of the same make, model for sale and print the offerings. Take the average and provide the lawyer the supporting documentation. 2) Prepay, to your account) $1,000, and commit to the dealer, in writing, that you will pay $100 an hour (or...
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    Bush Hogging 8 acres - pricing?

    Who appointed you the Membership Participation Nazi ? Just because you don't agree with Jeff, you think he should drop out ? So, since I don't agree with you, shall I wear your "Nazi" hat and invite you to drop out ? Jeff has made tremendous contribution to this website over the years. At...
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    Bush Hogging 8 acres - pricing?

    SKramps - how much do you want to make an hour ? Unskilled labor around here is $25 an hour and pushing for $30 I think you've got to get no less than $45 an hour, and high end $60 an hour, including time to load and unload. Add the cost of the tractor and fuel. Not less than $15 an hour...
  4. Have tractor will travel

    Deere 950 drinking coolant

    My understanding of the way the reservoir works is hot coolant expanding flows from the radiator to the reservoir, which acts as a storage tank. Then as the coolant cools (contracts), radiator vacuum pulls water from the reservoir back into the radiator. By your filling the reservoir when it's...
  5. Have tractor will travel

    Thinking about purchasing a mini Excavator for the farm ?

    You are in the same position as was I, 7 months ago. My Kubota B3200 has the same type of back hoe as your tractor, and I had jobs the tractor/backhoe could not attempt. I bought what I believe is a well cared for Yanmar mini. Driving around the farm, I continue to be glad for the backhoe for...
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    Oil & Fuel Add 20 year old oil to motor?

    I first investigated this in conjunction with purchase of Shell's special oil for high mileage cars (meaning, already have a lot of miles on the engines). The only place I could find that stocked it was a distributor in Texas and that company had 90 cases. I lived in Alabama, and was going to...
  7. Have tractor will travel

    Troy Built Horse

    Agree with all 2manyrocks says. Harbor Freight has comparatively great prices on tubes. As you consider alternatives, learn what company, and at what charge, tubes can be added to your tires/wheels. Not every tire company can work on small wheels and that company may not be willing to...
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    Oil & Fuel Add 20 year old oil to motor?

    Using old oil was better than nothing. However, I take a divergent view than the others. Oil additives begin to lose their effectiveness in five years. OK to use in a low value motor, especially mixed with a greater quantity of new oil. But do not use by itself, and I'd not use it in an...
  9. Have tractor will travel

    1978 Ford 5600 Transmission Dipstick Length

    This will get you started, pending a better answer from someone, or receipt of your dipstick 1. Measure the distance from the top of your cap to where the dipstick would begin if it were still affixed to the cap 2. Measure the same distance on a website picture of the dipstick. That gives you...
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    I hate grass raking! How can i avoid it? do i need a new tractor?

    Because the blades are longer, the roots deeper, roots access more water which will continue growth during drought. Supposed to cut no more than 1/3 of the blade length. So if allowed to grow to 6", cut two, But if grass length is 4", then cut 1.3". Takes longer to grow 2" than to cut 1.3"...
  11. Have tractor will travel

    I hate grass raking! How can i avoid it? do i need a new tractor?

    Expect to mow every four days. That's the short answer Your big box mowers almost certainly cannot be made to cut 4", but that's the length you want. Don't rely on the setting - measure from a flat, concrete surface. Long grass makes for long (deep) roots, which will better survive droughts...
  12. Have tractor will travel

    Dixie Choppers brand (zero turn ride on mowers)

    Anytime I see a business changing hands a number of times in a short amount of time, moving here and there, or not sticking to their core business, I become suspect of income, management expertise, and application of business principles. I've linked below just to what Wikipedia has to say. Me...
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    Elastic bandages by the foot?

    You're going after the problem (twisted ankle), not the solution (stop twisting ankle). Get some good boots with a 10" shank. Something like combat boots.
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    Just like a car dealer, they don't want you to shop by phone. As it used to be said "You can't sell a car over the phone." You've got to go to the dealership. The further away you are from the dealership, they think the less likely you are to purchase from them. Less face it, what you want is...
  15. Have tractor will travel

    Fruit tree puzzle???!!!

    Call Virginia State Forestry. Depending on your acreage in woods, they'll either come out, or you can text pictures. If pictures won't give you a diagnosis, then send leaves, and slash of bark, maybe a slab of wood. They'll set you straight with the problem, AND the solution. Good luck with...
  16. Have tractor will travel

    How to make asphalt millings smooth and nice black colour?

    Egon suggests sand. I'm guessing that is to serve as packing material - to lock the millings together. Fines would be better, as the particles would be larger and the irregularity of the fine would help to lock the particles together - unlike sand which would stay loose. Also consider ground...
  17. Have tractor will travel

    Guy uses fake check to steal Massey tractor...recognize him?

    Not good for Ed's Machinery, and hope someone recognizes that fellow. For anyone in same selling situation, require a copy of the cashier's check be sent to you, the day before the transaction. Then contact the issuing bank. With a copy of the check before the bank official, and the control...
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    Hydraulically driven PTO

    It won't do you much good, but it'll serve to keep you looking. I own an ingersoll, which is all hydraulics. I did find (but did not purchase) a hydraulically powered 1-3/8" 6 spline PTO. It would have require mounting it, which I couldn't solve. That may mean it does not meet your...
  19. Have tractor will travel

    Questions about geogrid and cinderblock wall

    I like what Cadplans had to say. I'll add - While you say you've got lots of drain holes, I can't see them. I'd like 2" diameter. May we assume you drilled through the block AND the poured filling cement (grout) ? I'd lay geotextile fabric against the earth wall that remained after you...
  20. Have tractor will travel

    plywood with black facing

    Black Film Faced Plywood is made from poplar veneer, overlaid with Dynea coated paper, edges and sealed to give a moisture resistant board. It has a high load baring capacity and due to its strength it is ideal for formwork and will keep its shape regardless of changes in humidity. I'd say...
  21. Have tractor will travel

    Mowing Fed Up w/ BX Drive-Over Deck. Making a Change.

    My L2550 had a MMM, but I continue to use my Toro Timecutter. Consumer's Reports rated the Gravely best, and Toro 2nd best, of all zero turns rated. I paid $3K for the Toro vs about $5.5K for the Gravely, a year ago, so your option doesn't have to cost $8K. Unless you've got some steep hills...
  22. Have tractor will travel

    Pole Barn Lighting Options

    You're using the wrong measurement for a scientific determination of your lighting needs. LUX is the measurement for light provided at the work surface. An office needs 500 LUX, and examination room needs 1000 LUX and an operating room needs 9300 LUX. Don't put in the 9300 LUX - you risk sun...
  23. Have tractor will travel

    Rotted barn posts

    dvan Outsourcing and being laid off is a bummer. There is a date 1966 on your photo's, which I guess is birth year. It can be tough finding new work at that computed age. Good luck to you as you re-arrange your life. Is the reason the posts rotted is because there was a joint between the...
  24. Have tractor will travel

    Smaller rear tires to lower tractor ROPS so I can fit into my trailer when hauling

    If you change rear tire size, do not operate in 4 wheel drive on dry pavement. It's a real Rube Goldberg solution, but maybe you could cut out the floor boards where the tires rest while traveling. Support the tires with planks screwed to the underside of the floor. That would pickup some...
  25. Have tractor will travel

    Why not sugar water in tires instead of beet juice?

    etpm You've discovered something really interesting. From google search At what temp will sugar water freeze? If it is pure water and pure sugar (glucose+fuctose) then it will freeze at or about 22F or -5.5C. At 2:1 it will freeze at 12.5F or -11C.J A 2:1 ratio would work for most of...
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    Experience at Kubota dealer - central Florida

    nrosario - You encountered at Kubota, what so many of us encounter at car dealerships. There is so much profit to be made in either type of dealership (to wit, their number and ostentatious presence) that the "trade' attracts ground dwelling reptiles. That is not the Mom and Pop, that got into...
  27. Have tractor will travel

    Would You Loan It Out?

    Repeat after me "Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me." You had fair warning over the $50 non payment. This guy is not (going) to be your friend. He simply lives near you. Why in heaven's name would you think to loan him your tiller? Last year, you loaned him your time...
  28. Have tractor will travel

    Boy has this been a Major project !!

    Stuff crumbled newspapers (remember them ?) in both (all) compartments. Let them stay for 3-4 days and remove. Then spray with Zorb-X (available Lowe's)
  29. Have tractor will travel

    How are my turf tires going to handle this job?

    No-one has addressed your query regarding opinions of the King Cutter Pro. I had a look at specifications and could not find a weight. I think you're right to get 72" to cover the tire tracks. Generally, with ground engaging attachments, weight in your friend. Especially with a box blade...
  30. Have tractor will travel

    Huber maintainer-anyone got one?

    google the company They're making Maintainers in North Dakota.
  31. Have tractor will travel

    Frontier Overseeder--Any Good?

    npalen - I agree, information is hard to come by. An overseeder is the only way to go. It needs to be heavy, but I couldn't find the weight. Based on the unit I've used unsuccessfully, I think you need 125 lbs a foot, and a tractor that can handle the weight. I believe the unit under...
  32. Have tractor will travel

    Gravely or Cub Cadet

    Cub was made/owned by MTD a mass market manufacturer of many, many brands of mowers. Now it's owned by Stanley/Black and Decker - read mass market, home owner grade. Gravely is owned by Ariens, which makes commercial and hi-end consumer lawn products. Gravely makes commercial and hi-end consumer...
  33. Have tractor will travel

    Carpenter Bee Season in the SE

    Hawkins - Thou doth tease us by only half revealing your magic. A spray and a powder? Whatever can be their contents ? This year I'm using...
  34. Have tractor will travel

    The End of Great great grandpas old barn

    Great for you to have roots on that farm that go back 4 generations. As I read your post, I was thinking "Gee, he should have saved it." but when I saw the pictures - too far gone to save. Your 2nd paragraph - the posts and beams. 1. put down a vapor barrier first - 20mil plastic, metal...
  35. Have tractor will travel

    Mahindra dies after turning it on its side

    Kevin - I was flabbergasted at your comment. Here's a new member, has problems, writes a well constructed, fully informative post, and you write what you wrote. Apparently you mother never taught you "If you can't say something nice (contributory), then don't say anything at all." Did you think...
  36. Have tractor will travel

    Members in their 70s?

    1. Marry not for your love for her nor for her sex. Marry if she 1) loves you without qualifications or limitations; and 2) will bring acceptance of your means and capabilities. Appraise what she will bring to the union - good health, sharp mind, hard worker ? if you fail to marry as a young...
  37. Have tractor will travel

    Extension cord question

    I'm taking a different tack at solving this issue. At a storage facility, I think the service entrance is in the main storage building, and I'll bet, since it's an outside run to provide RV's with electrical service, that the owner specified aluminum, because it's cheaper than copper. I'm also...
  38. Have tractor will travel

    Need to move an 800+ pound concrete slab.

    I'd use chain, not cable. Edges of concrete slab may cut individual cable strands. On this old farm, which used to use horse power, I found a number of 4" diameter dowels about 4 feet long, which I believe were placed under heavy objects. As the heavy object was moved off of one dowel, it was...
  39. Have tractor will travel

    Toddler drowns in post hole.

    jaxs - I've got to take exception to your instant post. I'm new to farms (and post holes), and don't have any experience with toddlers. I never would have guessed a toddler could drown in a post hole. I believe jmc's post is worthy as a stand alone. I'm glad he posted. Many on this forum...
  40. Have tractor will travel

    So I am in the market for a compact excavator, maybe

    Kleetus, My Kubota with back hoe is 32 hp., so somewhat smaller than yours. My excavator is 45 hp, which is a little larger than what you are considering. I've got 150 acres, so about 1/2 of what you have. 1. I use the backhoe about every 3 days. It can do most everything the excavator can...
  41. Have tractor will travel

    Plowed garden with gravely

    Gravely built their own engines until the 70's. 4" bore and 4" stroke+/- it had tremendous torque - just what was needed in a walk behind tractor. Simple and with a reputation for being indestructible Parts still available from Gravely. I don't know what engine is in your C8 Gravely...
  42. Have tractor will travel

    Cleaning out Drain Pipe

    And rScotty A 700 foot run is a long run. JJT, If your problem is with roots (as is rScotty), here is the solution. I developed this for use in sewer lines in RV parks, and so have converted the "formula" for use in drain lines, which do not have the acid of sewer lines. Get crystal copper...
  43. Have tractor will travel

    Cleaning out Drain Pipe

    rScotty - I owned and operated RV parks for years, and cleaned more sewer lines than you or I ever wish to see. makes the machine we used. For sewer lines, they make 2 diameter snakes, in 8 or 10 foot lengths. I can't remember the sizes, We had both, and the greater diameter...
  44. Have tractor will travel

    2004 B7800

    I have a B3200, which was Kubota's replacement for the B7800. I've found it to be a grand tractor. It was equipped with factory back hoe, which meant a 4 point hitch with a sub-frame. You do not want to do any heavy work with a 3 point hitch backhoe, which may well be how that Woods backhoe is...
  45. Have tractor will travel

    Bolt Size of the Tie Rod for Kubota BX1800

    To confuse the issue more - there is a Japanese Industrial Thread. And I'll bet, that's the thread. I lost a Zerk fitting on my Kubota. Couldn't get metric or SAE to fit. Ordered one from the Kubota dealer which threaded in just fine.
  46. Have tractor will travel

    K1 kerosene in tractor?

    Kerosene is blended with diesel fuel to improve winter fuel operation. Kerosene blended diesel fuel is mixed with ratios from 80 parts diesel, 20 parts kerosene to a maximum 50 part to 50 part mixture depending on the severity of cold weather. While kerosene has an ignition quality similar to #2...
  47. Have tractor will travel

    Cool Or Creepy Things Found In The Bush Or On Your Property

    I am sure you are right about family income. That provided a way to stay in college and avoid the draft. Yes also, to the 77% who were not black. But I did say, and do remember, it was known as the Black Man's War. While 77% were not black, as the statistics show, 11% of the general...
  48. Have tractor will travel

    Cool Or Creepy Things Found In The Bush Or On Your Property

    Trad: I "went there" because based on the neighborhood, almost certainly that 19 year old Marine was black. because that's how the war was known, during the later years of the war. and because By the following year, Black soldiers made up 16.3% of those...
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    Cool Or Creepy Things Found In The Bush Or On Your Property

    Like dmccarty, I wondered. In the early 80's I was driving through Florida and stopped at a fast food place for breakfast. Wandering around to stretch my legs, I crossed the street and walked down an old untraveled dirt road which soon petered out, but not before a disused driveway split off...