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  1. HarryN

    Bobcat 763 Fuel Issues

    My 763F does not have a check valve. This version never did. You have something stuck in the line. If it has never been replaced... do it now. Change the pick up tube as well as the fuel lines. You won't know if you have a check valve in yours until you pull it out to have a look. Some people...
  2. HarryN

    Would like to see a video of LS backhoe with thumb

    Been checking all around to see if anyone has done a VIDEO of any LS tractor using a LS made Backhoe with thumb. Even the LS factory website does not have one to watch. (other than a picture) Nothing on YouTube either.... My understanding is they do not make an optional thumb. After market only...
  3. HarryN

    Rotary Cutter Do brush hogs come with 4 blades instead of two?

    Wondering if brush hogs / rotary cutters come available with 4 blades instead of the two? Any advantage between them? Never saw one with 4 blades. So, not sure if they even make them!
  4. HarryN

    Post Photos of your Pole Barn / Stick Barn and Ideas

    Built a "Miracle Truss" 30 x 50 myself. With the exception of the slab, I built it alone. I had to rent a fork lift for a weekend to set up the trusses. Took a couple of months (on weekends) Make sure you have water and a electric hook up. Still looks like new 15 year later! Can't think of...
  5. HarryN

    Kill 'em all !

    How often do you use the GrazonNext? I use Grazon (great stuff), but have not used GrazonNext. It has been a few years since I had to use. Do you need an applicators license to apply? I had to show mine when ever I bought some at our local feed store. My sprayer is similar to yours...I love it!
  6. HarryN

    tractor shelter

    Here is what my S Logic shelters look like. They last about 4 years. One finally gave up after a severe wind storm. But after 4 years I feel it was worth while.... I replaced the fabric, but that cost about $70 on sale (when I bought 2 at a time) and used the same frame last year. Even though I...
  7. HarryN

    Using metal conduit for a deck railing?

    That should work fine. Here's what I did for horse stalls years ago. Same idea if I'm understanding your question......
  8. HarryN

    Posthole Digger Posthole Digger storage / attaching

    Of all the implements I have, my post hole diggers is the biggest pain to put on the 3 point. Short of hanging on a tree to make it easier to maneuver it around to attach it, how do you all handle it? How do you store it when your done with it? Looking for suggestions and ideas.......thanks
  9. HarryN

    Battery disconnect switches on batteries....

    Does anyone use a Battery Disconnect on their tractor / Bobcat, etc.?? If so, have you found it to be helpful? And, would you put it on the negative or positive side of the battery cable? I guess if you have clocks and radios that need power for memory, it's not a good thing. Was curious if it...
  10. HarryN

    1999 Bobcat 763 service manual?

    I bought a 1999 Bobcat 763 skid steer. It didn't have any manuals with it. Would any one care to "share" their service manual with me? Thanks, Harry
  11. HarryN

    Bobcat 763 gauge panel very dim

    Hi, This is my first question. I just bought a used Bobcat 763. The instrument/gauge panel in the upper right corner is very dim. Can barely see it. I believe it is lit up in an orange color, showing the fuel gauge, etc. Anyway, is there a way to make it brighter? Is there a "rheostat" like a...