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  1. Doofy

    Metric or SAE

    2017 LS XR3135H A long frame bolt wore a hole in one of the hydraulic hoses going to the hydraulic oil cooler. Does anyone know if the hose fittings are Metric or SAE? NAPA builds new hoses but they are as clueless as I am about hydraulic fittings. Thanks for any insight.
  2. Doofy

    Just Wishing...

    We have been sitting here all day listening to C-17s circling overhead (Arctic War Games or some other Cold Weather Training, we assume). There were three of them, all burning about 20,000 #s of fuel per hour or around 3,000 gallons each per hour. We just paid $4.05 per gallon for #1 Heating...
  3. Doofy

    Front axle Dipstick

    XR3135H. Does anyone know for certain how to read the front axle dipstick? From the screwed in position or the unscrewed position? These manuals are about as clear as mud an it could make a big difference. Thanks
  4. Doofy


    For the past month, I have not been receiving email notifications to subscribed threads. I have sent a couple of trouble emails to TBNs contact address with no results. I have tried different settings also. Any ideas? Thanks for any insight or help.
  5. Doofy

    My Amazon Prime Deal of the Day!

    $7.58. This is all I could think of that I needed since I have a Service due on the Tractor. I had a ten dollar savings bonus for buying something today.
  6. Doofy

    What am I Missing? 1991 Ford F-350 hood latch

    I am at Wits end, or maybe just Half-Wits end but I can't figure this out. 1991 Ford F-350: The hood won't latch and I can't tell if I'm missing a part of not. I've spent hours on the internet and pouring through old Motors Manuals and can't find a single picture of the underside of the hood...
  7. Doofy

    Questioning Lift Angle

    Any Mechanical Engineers or Math Wizards here to answer a question? I rebuilt my Snowplow A-Frame and made it one foot longer than it was, hoping to get a better angle. Question: Is the Lift chain at to great of an angle to the pump? Would a straighter lift, say to the center cross brace be less...
  8. Doofy

    Misplaced Dreams

    I recently had an epiphany and that I missed the boat for a very interesting career. The skills and aptitude of a Machinist that is good at his craft is truly amazing. What they can machine out of a chunk of metal is art. Our one and only local Machine Shop will soon be gone due to the ageing...
  9. Doofy

    The Decline of America

    Every day, one more thing that diminishes our once great country: In New Looney Tunes, an Iconic Gun Is Missing
  10. Doofy

    Using Pallet Forks

    Received my new 48" Erskine Quick Attach Pallet Forks and find myself needing information. Tractor is an XR3135HC and the problem with having a cab is limited visibility for certain tasks. How can you tell when the forks are level when you can't see them? The loader buckets level indicator rod...
  11. Doofy

    Life's Embarrassing Moments

    First time in a brand new church, during the prayer, my son stands up in the pew and very loudly and clearly sings the "I See Your Hiney, So Bright and Shiney" song! :duh:
  12. Doofy

    Traction Adding battery to rear of garden tractor for weight + more power. CCA Question?

    Tired of wimpy "Lawn Tractor" battery in my Suburban Lawn Tractor with 36" Snow Blower with electric lift. Old car battery I want to use reads 12.5 volts after charging and holds a charge well. The CCA rating on the battery is 540 and when tested with the tester, it says "Bad" with a actual CCA...
  13. Doofy

    Security & Theft Added a Battery Master Disconnect Switch

    This afternoon, I installed a Battery Disconnect Switch to the Tractor. The tractor sits idle for long periods of time and the battery was always discharged when I wanted to use it. As you can see, the switch is located beside the battery and is up side down. The knob is rather well hidden...
  14. Doofy

    Brain Tumor

    Does anyone have first hand knowledge about tumor removal (on pituitary)? Apprehensive, to say the least. It would be nice to know what I may be getting myself into. Thanks for any info on or about this subject.
  15. Doofy

    This is how we Fish.

    Flickr We live 20 miles from the mighty Copper River, the home of the world famous "Copper River Reds" red salmon. Sure beats rod and reel or dip net.
  16. Doofy

    Nasty, Nasty, Nasty!

    Mosquitoes have to be the filthiest and most annoying insect on the planet! I have 3 Mosquito Magnets that require a cleaning and rebuild every couple of years. Today, my oldest machine an original Liberty was acting up and the fan sounded like it was hitting something hard. Tore the beast...
  17. Doofy

    Carbide chainsaw chains

    Does anyone have experience using carbide chainsaw chains? I am looking to cut willows to ground level and standard chains dull to quickly. I will keep any new shoots pruned off for a couple of years until the trees die and then I will remove the stumps after they begin rotting and at my...
  18. Doofy

    Almost threw up!

    Just had a little 7.3 Shaker. Made me a little queasy and scared the dog. House survived. Whew!
  19. Doofy

    Show me yours!

    The sight still fills me with pride!
  20. Doofy

    It's a Boy!

    Actually, not! The Wife says that they are "Manly Man Toys". I agree and can't wait to go play...err...Work, I mean. These arrived this morning: EA 60" Wicked Root Grapple, Agri-Ease Subsoiler, Post Hole Digger and 9"x48" Auger. Woo Hoo! 8
  21. Doofy

    OMG What a Pile!

    Loaded up my old pile of lead-acid batteries today for a trip to the battery recycler. Actually, there is a tote at my local landfill and when it is full gets hauled in for recycling. 55 years of battery collecting amounted to about 70 batteries and weighed around 3000 lbs or more. My truck is...
  22. Doofy


    This today from my sweet sweet wife: I'm sure you can all relate.
  23. Doofy

    Tractors with Cabs Question

    Having a problem getting used to having a cab. As an example: when using the backhoe, when time to move forward I could just reach back and raise the fel slightly and push myself forward with the boom. Now, I must climb down from the hoe, open the door, climb up and raise the fel, drive ahead...
  24. Doofy

    Bumper Sticker of the Day

    I'm sorry I called you an as*hole. I thought you knew.
  25. Doofy

    Snow Question for all you Snow Blowers out there...and Plowers

    What do you use to keep your chutes, blowers and plows slick, to better sling and shed snow? I ran out of silicone spray and have resorted to stealthily sneaking out with the wife's "PAM" cooking spray. It works well but there has to be something better. Thanks!
  26. Doofy

    Snow Has anyone seen my truck?

    If this weather keeps up I fear I won't find it next time.
  27. Doofy

    Perils of retirement

    Far to much time at home and everything you do seems to irritate THE WIFE! Oh My God, there are toast crumbs in the butter! Is this actually a sin that I am blissfully unaware of? Could I be banished to the barn? Sheesh...
  28. Doofy

    Anyone use ice studs?

    Just curious if anyone studs there tractor tires for winter use? I have just always hated tire chains. Tractor Tire Studs - Tractor Ice Studs - Tractor Snow Studs |
  29. Doofy


    Have a Wonderful and safe Thanksgiving!
  30. Doofy

    Thank You!

    A big and heartfelt "Thank You" to all Veteran's out there. Your service is much appreciated. God Bless!
  31. Doofy

    Any Beagle Loving LS Tractor Owners out there?

    Our 7 year old Beagle suffers from SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder). When we lose our sunlight in the winter he gets all sad and melancholy. I thought his tail had been broken because it never rises above half staff from mid-winter until spring. As soon as the days get longer and he can lay...
  32. Doofy

    Earth auger... 3pt or Backhoe mount?

    Any thoughts or experience with either/or? I have used a 3pt auger but the backhoe unit looks like a better idea and possibly a cheaper option. A man needs a post hole digger! Looking at a 8-12" auger capable of about 4' deep.
  33. Doofy

    Is this true?

    Owners manual states that the exhaust outlet should be covered when the tractor is parked outside. This is to prevent the wind from turning the Turbo and ruining the bearings due to lack of lubrication. Is this really a problem? Does anyone actually do this? Puzzled!
  34. Doofy

    Tree Pullers

    Has anyone used a "Tree Puller" on their LS Tractor? I'm trying to buy attachments that offer me the most bang for the buck. Since the main purpose of buying the tractor is land clearing and stump removal the hydraulically actuated tree puller looks like a great investment. The video's I've...
  35. Doofy

    New Member LS XR3135HC

    Greetings All, Impatiently waiting delivery on my new tractor. Has a loader and backhoe, just waiting for the box blade to come in. I am an old, retired Alaskan Homesteader and look forward to learning new things on this Forum. Have very little experience with tractors and none with "Smart"...